BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1130


Chapter 1130 – Have Him Join the Ashley Family

Thunder Ashley nodded. Naturally, he knew about these matters. After all, they were related to his daughter. He just paid little attention to Zhao Hai in the past. And after Zhao Hai closed up, his name was never heard of again.

At this time, an Internal Hall manager asked with curiosity, “Desbarres. I know that the level of your Bone Symbol Camp isn’t good. Those spells used by the kid, I haven’t seen them before.”

Desbarres smiled bitterly and said, “Alright, are you mocking me or praising me? And what do you know about the strength of the Bone Symbol Camp? I can only say that Zhao Hai is a genius. He has a lot of formation sets in his hands, and all of it were created by him. The formations he used already existed, but the sets were all made by him. I have seen some of his creations and to be honest, they are really really strong.”

As soon as those present heard Desbarres, they couldn’t help but stare. Then all of them looked at Desbarres with shining eyes. Desbarres saw their reactions and he bitterly smiled as he said, “I know what you are thinking. You want other Mages to learn Zhao Hai’s formation sets? Forget about it. Zhao Hai is indeed willing to hand over his formation sets, but only a few individuals can study them. Don’t forget, Zhao Hai is an all-element Mage. His formation sets have two or three elements in them. Their might  is certainly huge, but if you’re not an all-element Mage, then those formations are useless.”

Everyone nodded upon hearing Desbarres. The formation sets Zhao Hai used were indeed from multiple departments. The power was great, but most Mages couldn’t use it.

Everyone couldn’t help but sigh. Thunder turned towards Desbarres and whispered, “Desbarres, tell me the truth. What is the kid’s strength?”

Desbarres smiled faintly and said, “He should be level 4. But even I won’t dare to fight him. I reckon I could lose to him.”

Desbarres was a level 6 Mage. When Thunder heard this, his eyes couldn’t help but narrow. Then he chuckled and said, “It seems like luck has finally come to you. You actually gained a treasure.”

Desbarres smiled and said, “Right, I really picked up a treasure. In fact, he has more than you think. Patriarch, I’ll report something to you later.” Thunder blinked when he heard Desbarres. But he nodded and turned to look back at the stage. Thunder now wanted to know what Zhao Hai had that made Desbarres value him highly.

Before long, the 35 battles ended. The competition’s first day had ended. All victors will rest for two days before competing again.

After the competition ended, Zhao Hai returned to his room to rest. Desbarres also issued a strict order stating that Zhao Hai shouldn’t be disturbed.

Desbarres didn’t return to the Bone Symbol Camp, instead he followed Thunder back into the family. Desbarres and Cadjo entered the study with Thunder. After Thunder waved his hand to invite everyone to sit down, he turned to Desbarres and said, “Fatty Des, tell me. There’s no need to be mysterious.” 

Desbarres smiled faintly and said, “Young Master, it’s good news. It is about Zhao Hai.” When outside, Desbarres would call Thunder ‘Patriarch’. However, when they were alone, he would call him ‘Young Master’.

Thunder nodded and said, “This Zhao Hai is very good.”

Cadjo also nodded and said, “He’s calm. And not too forgiving either. He’s a skilled kid.” 

Desbarres looked at the two and smiled, “Young Master, Smiling Demon. Remember the thing I have in the treasury? The item a Machine Field legend left behind?”

When Thunder heard Desbarres, his brows couldn’t help but raise. Then he asked, “You mean the failed product? You still have it? I thought you sold it because you lacked money.”

Desbarres smiled faintly and said, “It’s more useful to keep it. Young Master, that thing has been completed by Zhao Hai. He’s currently using it.”

Boom! Desbarres’s words were like a huge bomb exploding inside Thunder and Cadjo’s minds. Since the two knew what the item was, they also knew the conditions of completing it. They thought that nobody in the Machine Field could complete it. And now, Desbarres told them that it had been formed. It was no wonder that they were surprised.

Desbarres saw their reactions and laughed, “What? You might not know, but Zhao Hai already completed it and is now using it as his staff.”

Thunder stood up, he stared deeply into Desbarres and said, “Datty Des, don’t joke with me. Did Zhao Hai really complete it? How did he do it? You should know that a lot of people worked together in the past, but they still weren’t able to complete it.”

Desbarres nodded and said, “Zhao Hai has done it. But he took the clever route. He added a material in the production and engraved 131,490 formations in one go. This caused the final stage to succeed. Now, he called the thing Liquid Silver.”

Thunder gawked, “It really succeeded? People thought of this method before, but they haven’t found the appropriate material. What did he use?”

Desbarres smiled faintly and said, “Measureless Golden Sand!”

“Measureless Golden Sand! So it’s measureless golden sand? No wonder.” Cadjo called out in alarm. One must know that measureless golden sand was a very precious material. Who thought Zhao Hai actually had it.

Desbarres nodded, “Little Hai also gave me a bottle of it. I already stored it inside the treasury. But Liquid Silver is truly evil. After Little Hai completed it, it became his exclusive item. No matter what method we try, that thing is only a hunk of silver metal in our hands. But in Zhao Hai’s hands, it became ever changing. It can turn into all kinds of weapons, it’s godly.”

Thunder nodded and said, “Divine Artifacts always recognize their owners, that’s normal. Also, that thing had always been useless in our hands, it’s good if it can be used by Zhao Hai. This way, he could give benefits to the Ashley Family. But Fatty Des, is Zhao Hai loyal to the Ashley Family? Won’t he run to other groups?”

Desbarres shook his head and said, “Young Master, you can rest assured. After observing him for the past few days, I discovered that Zhao Hai is very sentimental. Since we’ve been treating him properly, he will not betray us. You don’t need to worry.”

Thunder nodded, “I have tried the refining method you brought back last time. Did you send a reward Zhao Hai? Right, I heard that he’s still living inside the camp’s building?”

Desbarres smiled bitterly and said, “Forget it, that kid is a training madman. I’ve already sent his reward over, but he had yet to move to his villa. He’s inside the camp every day, training. I don’t know how to handle him.” 

As soon as Thunder heard Desbarres, he nodded and said, “So it’s like this. But I still think he needed to be rewarded. Fatty Des, we need to make him satisfied with the Ashley Family. We can’t afford to have him leave.”

Desbarres smiled faintly and said, “Young Master, I have something in mind. But I’m afraid you won’t agree.” When he heard Desbarres, Thunder stared. Then he waved his hand and said, “Tell me. He has limitless future. I’m willing to pay anything as long as we get to keep him.”

Desbarres replied, “I don’t want to restrain him. Instead, I want to have him join the Ashley Family. Only once he becomes one of us would he never leave.”

As soon as Thunder heard Desbarres, he paused for a moment. Then his expression changed as he said, “You mean Margaret?”

Thunder and Margaret’s relationship wasn’t good. Of course, this issue was with Margaret. But even if Margaret wasn’t intimate with Thunder, Thunder still placed Margaret next to his heart.

Thunder had five sons and three daughters in his entire lifetime; with Margaret being the youngest. His two other daughters had already married while Margaret stayed single. Margaret was Zhao Hai’s instructor and had already experienced difficulties with him. This was the reason for Desbarres’s suggestion. 

Cadjo knit his brows and said, “Fatty Des, your idea is good. But with Miss Margaret’s temper, I’m afraid she wouldn’t agree.”

Desbarres smiled faintly and said, “Of course I know about that. But I wasn’t thinking of matching them immediately. Instead, we should let them develop feelings for each other. Also, the last time I saw them together, Miss Margaret already had little thoughts about Zhao Hai. Let’s have them meet more often and see what happens.”

When Thunder heard this, he relaxed. He always felt that he had been lacking towards Margaret. Because of this, he didn’t want to force Margaret into things for the sake of the family. So after he heard Desbarres, he nodded and said, “Alright, then let’s have them meet more often. Right, Fatty Des, don’t tell anyone else about Zhao Hai’s matter. We don’t want him to suffer any accidents.”

Desbarres nodded. To be honest, Thunder was being seen as a tyrant in the family. There are only a few people who he would listen to, among these were Desbarres and Cadjo. As for the others, he wouldn’t even hear them out.

Thunder stood up and said, “The Ashley Family had always been lacking during the past beginner competitions. With Zhao Hai, I hope that we can reach greater heights.”

All great families give priority to their benefits. If a person was useful for them, then they would give them importance. If they couldn’t be used, then they wouldn’t place them in their eyes. Thunder was the same person. If Zhao Hai cannot give him a satisfactory result, then he would deal with him with no hesitation. Then he would snatch Liquid Silver away.


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