BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1129


Chapter 1129 – Magnificent Performance

When Luo Zhi saw that Zhao Hai didn’t reply, even set-up any defense, his expression turned ugly. His eyes became cold. Then he directed his killing intent towards Zhao Hai. He knew that Zhao Hai was a newcomer. And for those who killed only a few, being hit with a killing intent as strong as his would certainly make them panic. Then as long as they lost focus, an opportunity would appear.

Zhao Hai continued to look at Luo Zhi despite feeling the killing intent washing over him. He didn’t care about the other party’s killing aura. To Zhao Hai, this kind of pressure was pitifully weak.

Seeing Zhao Hao remain unflinching, Luo Zhi’s heart tightened. Not responding to his killing aura only meant one thing, the other party was also used to killing. Such a person wasn’t easy to deal with. And after remembering Zhao Hai’s ascension, Luo Zhi’s eyes turned murderous.

Luo Zhi was a realistic person. He wasn’t a Warrior in the lower realm, but instead an Assassin. Because of this, he preferred his unusual sword.

Assassins experience a much crueler world than Warriors. In the world of Assassins, failure meant death. And you won’t only need to watch out for your enemy, you also need to watch your back against your allies. This was because if you can’t surpass your peers and become the most powerful person, then you would be left behind at any time. And being abandoned meant death.

Because of this mindset, Luo Zhi had always wanted to be the best. And if someone appears that might surpass him, then his choice was very simple. While the other party was still weak, he would kill them.

It was also because of this mindset that Luo Zhi became famous in the Ghost Symbol Camp. Those talents comparable to him were now dead. And now that Zhao Hai appeared, Luo Zhi began to feel a threat. He felt that Zhao Hai was going to surpass him, becoming a famous genius.

Although Zhao Hai wasn’t in the same camp as him, they were in the same family. With the internal competition in the family, Luo Zhi would certainly kill anyone who might become his opponent.

Luo Zhi looked at Zhao Hai and began to feel threatened. He took a deep breath. Although he was threatened by Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai had yet to protect himself. Luo Zhi saw this as the best opportunity for him.

Luo Zhi calmed down his mood and then began to slowly raise his sword. The tip of the sword was aimed at Zhao Hai. Then he exhaled as he gripped the sword with both hands. 

The build of the Luo Zhi’s sword was the same build as huge swords in the lower realms. The actual sharp part of the sword was only 30 centimeters from the tip. As for the rest, it was no different as a flattened spear, it didn’t have any cutting power at all.

Luo Zhi grasped his sword with his two hands as though he held a spear. He pointed his weapon at the calmly standing Zhao Hai. Seeing this stance, Zhao Hai finally opened his mouth and asked, “You want to kill me?” 

Luo Zhi stared. He thought that Zhao Hai wouldn’t speak to him. But now, Zhao Hai disrupted his rhythm by speaking. Although he had yet to attack, the mental battle had begun. Zhao Hai’s few words just broke Luo Zhi’s momentum.

Luo Zhi’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t know if Zhao Hai deliberately did this, but he didn’t answer. Zhao Hai looked at Luo Zhi’s expression and smiled faintly, “I saw the killing intent in your eyes. So do you want to kill me? Why? We work for the same family, why do we need to kill each other?” Luo Zhi coldly snorted and said, “We work in the same family. But you should know that if I kill you right now, the family will place more importance towards me, giving me more resources to cultivate quicker.” 

Zhao Hai nodded, then he replied, “So it’s like that. This isn’t the first time you did this? Killing people who seem to get in your way?” Luo Zhi coldly snorted and said, “Less talking, it’s time for you to die!” Before Zhao Hai could move, Luo Zhi’s sword qi was already stabbing towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and whispered, “Shield!” After he said that, a five-layer formation appeared in front of him. Then a giant metal shield flew out of the formation, blocking Luo Zhi’s sword qi.

A sneer appeared in Luo Zhi’s face. He was a level 3 Warrior, so how could a mere five-layer formation stop him? Zhao Hai must be dreaming!

However, something shocking happened. When the sword qi hit the shield, the shield only lightly trembled. Then the sword qi slid from the shield and hit the life and death stage’s barrier.

Luo Zhi stared. He couldn’t believe that his full powered strike was deflected by Zhao Hai’s five-layer formation. How was this possible?

It wasn’t only Luo Zhi, those who knew Luo Zhi were also baffled. They knew that Luo Zhi wasn’t someone who would show mercy. All of his moves were aimed with the intent to kill. He never sparred with another person, and those who asked to fight him were all dead.

After blocking Luo Zhi’s strike, Zhao Hai didn’t stop as he waved his hand, releasing a 10-layer formation. Then he whispered, “Turning Wind, Blade of Ice, Behead!” As his voice fell, a group of tornadoes began to appear. The tornadoes became bigger and bigger until they became 20 meters in diameter.

And inside these tornadoes were an uncountable amount of ice blades, all attacking towards Luo Zhi.

When he saw Zhao Hai’s attack, Luo Zhi’s expression changed. He immediately waved his sword and released sword qi towards Zhao Hai’s tornadoes.

Since Luo Zhi’s attention was on the tornadoes, he failed to notice Zhao Hai casting a 10-layer formation once more. The formation turned golden yellow and then it blinked with red light. Then Zhao Hai whispered, “Fire Arrows, Barrage of Ten Thousand, Release!” Just as Zhao Hai’s voice fell, the magic formation set blasted out and released an uncountable amount of red fiery arrows, blasting towards Luo Zhi.

Luo Zhi had just broken through the ice blade-filled tornadoes. When he saw the arrow rain that Zhao Hai shot out, his expression turned manic. He frantically waved his sword in order to block every attack coming his way. But just as he blocked a red arrow, it suddenly exploded!

This explosion wasn’t just a simple fireball. One should know that the arrow was made out of the metal element. That is to say that when the arrow exploded, shards of metal spread out. One of these shards found their way into Luo Zhi’s eye. Luo Zhi screamed, the sword in his hand forgetting to defend.

What happened next was easy to predict. Arrow after arrow hit Luo Zhi’s body, then they exploded. By the end of the rain of arrows, Luo Zhi’s body could no longer be seen. His long sword left behind lying on the stage.

The area turned silent. Zhao Hai and Luo Zhi’s fight was too short, not taking up even five minutes of time. Luo Zhi attacked first with his sword qi, which Zhao Hai defended and then Zhao Hai retaliated with two spells. And that was the end!

When the two began to move, the audience were loudly clapping. But by the end of the battle, everyone was silent. Nobody made a noise. This was because Zhao Hai’s magic was both mesmerizing and terrifying!

Nobody could deny that Zhao Hai’s magic was enchanting. His metal element shield, the icy tornado, and then the fiery explosive rain of arrows, all three were beautiful to look at.

And these three magics were as terrifying as they were beautiful. The shield was but a 5-layer formation, nevertheless it was able to fend off an attack from the level 3 Warrior. This showed how uncommon the formation set was.

The following two spells weren’t much worse. Although the icy tornadoes were broken by Luo Zhi, the pillars of wind with ice shards in them looked like revolving pillars that seem to turn wild at any time.

Normal people might praise the spell for its beauty, but for Desbarres and the others, what they saw was the terror behind the spell. If anyone was surrounded by the magic, then they would be shredded as though they had been sent into a meat grinder. Upon thinking about the outcome, anyone would feel chills crawling up their body.

As for the rain of ten thousand arrows, once one was overwhelmed, their outcome wouldn’t be good. This was especially true after the arrows exploded. The fire mixed with the fragments of metal looked much like fireworks.

And in the midst of these arrows was Luo Zhi, a level 3 Warrior. Upon receiving these spells, not even his body was left behind. Such spells were more than scary, they were terrifying!

I was a magnificent and terrifying display!

All those who understood what was going on couldn’t help but think of Zhao Hai’s spells as both magnificent and terrifying. It was like a beauty with a hidden terrifying trait. It was too scary!

The everlasting smile on Cadjo’s face vanished. He heard the conversation between Zhao Hai and Luo Zhi. To be honest, he wasn’t against Luo Zhi’s procedure. Those who wanted to raise their head above others needed to tread on top of countless corpses. Cadjo just didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this powerful.

If Cadjo didn’t know Desbarres, then he would’ve suspected Desbarres of bringing a level 5 Mage pretending to be level 1 for the competition. Those who can instacast ten-layered formations only belong to level 5.

Everyone inside the VIP room were also stunned. They didn’t expect Luo Zhi and Zhao Hai’s battle to end so fast. When Zhao Hai stepped down from the stage, Thunder turned towards Desbarres and said, “Desbarres, are you sure that he ascended four months ago?”

Desbarres smiled and said, “Of course. When he ascended, he was assigned to room number 2046. He memorized magic runes on his first day in the academy and then reached level 1 a month after. After that, he was sent for an exam to Tyro Planet. Patriarch should already know about all of these matters.”


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