BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1127


Chapter 1127 – Life and Death Stage!

Dark Demon Planet, Lofty Demon Island, Life and Death Stage

Normally, only a few people were present in the Life and Death Stage. Only people hostile towards each other would duel there. In the Life and Death stage, injuries and deaths didn’t matter, only enmity was taken into account. Average people wouldn’t use the stage to take care of their enmity.

The Life and Death stage was a huge metal platform with a width and length of 100 meters. Each corner of the stage had a column with crystal stones, covering the stage with a barrier that won’t let energy go through. This way, the spectators on the sides wouldn’t be harmed.

Surrounding the stage were seats that could accommodate thirty thousand people. The VIP seats were based on the north side. People of status would sit in this area. Meanwhile, the other three sides were saved for the civilians. Anyone can sit on these three areas to watch the duels.

Usually, unless it was related to them, normal people wouldn’t come to this place. This was because the killing aura in this place was too heavy.

Lofty Demon Island’s area is huge, but the Life and Death Stage was placed on a small corner of the island. To be exact, the stage can’t be regarded as part of the island. Instead, it was on a huge reef just outside. It was only connected to the island by bridges.

This day, in the normally desolate life and death stage, were a lot of people. There were numerous cards stopped at its parking lot outside. The spectator area was also packed with people. However, the northern area was empty. Naturally, this meant that the Patriarch had yet to arrive.

Then at exactly 9 a.m, melodious bells began ringing. The original bustling life and death stage suddenly turned quiet. The members of the Ashley Family were too familiar with these bells. This was the Ashley Family’s World Bell!

The Ashley Family had plenty of special traditions, for example, there’s the World Bell as well as the Police World Drum!

The World Bell was used whenever people with influence arrive and the area needed to be quiet. As for the Police World Drum, this would be used to issue a warning whenever danger came. Then all of the family’s combatants would have 30 breaths to get ready. If they weren’t ready in 30 breaths, they would be executed.

Along with the Ashley Family’s strong regulations, as soon as the World Bell rung, the audience immediately turned silent. Those who dared deliberately open their mouth would be executed. 

The World Bell rang three times and then people began falling straight down from the sky. At the lead of these people was a man wearing a black mage robe and holding a black cane. He already had some white hair, but his face was ruddy, looking stern and defiant.

On his side were people with Mage Robes as well as Warrior Clothing. Desbarres was also among these high-level people.

The person at the lead was the Ashley Family’s current Patriarch, Thunder Ashley. There were eight people around him. Two of them were managers of the internal government, two were external affairs directors, and the other four were managers of various manpower branches. But there was something that was common among these eight people, all of them handled their own camp. They were all Thunder Ashley’s eight most trusted people.

The group stood on the life and death stage. Thunder Ashley looked around him and then announced, “Six Realm Beginner Competition, Ashley Family’s internal qualifiers, officially begins!” Then he moved along with his entourage towards the northern spectator area.

When the group entered their reserved seats, a transparent glass immediately emerged from the ground, separating them from other people. Some of the other core members of the Ashley Family also entered and sat on their own seats.

At this time, a middle-aged man appeared on the stage. This person was also a fatty. But compared to Desbarres’s ferocious face, this man was much more lovable, with a round face and a thick smile. He looked like someone you could fool. However, to those who knew this person, if you dared to make a fool of him, then you would die. This fatty was also quite famous. His name was Cadjo. He was someone Thunder Ashley grew up with. His current position was the Ashley Family’s general manager, he is also the Chief Manager of Desbarres and the others.

With Desbarres’s ferocious face as well as his kill count, he was named as the Killer Fatty. However, in the Ashley Family, there was another fatty with a much higher fame than him. This man was Cadjo. He killed more people than Desbarres, but his face wasn’t as ferocious. He was the type of person who had a smiling face with a terrifying heart. Because of this, he was given the nickname of Smiling Demon Cadjo!

As soon as one hears these nicknames, one would know its meanings. Desbarres was given the name Killer Fatty while Cadjo was named a Demon. From this point, one could see the difference between the two.

At the same time, one shouldn’t look down on Cadjo’s position of General Manager. He was the person Thunder Ashley trusted the most, his relationship with Thunder Ashley’s children was also quite good. Thunder’s children treated him with great respect. It can be said that, in the Ashley Family, Cadjo was the number 2 after the Patriarch.

Cadjo stood on the stage with his big and wide smile. On the other hand, everyone in the Life and Death Stage were giving him their full attention. Nobody dared to look at him in contempt. 

Cadjo looked around the stage before he said, “Today is a grand event for our Ashley Family. The Ashley Family’s talented individuals will go on this stage and fight for the family’s honor. I invite the 71 brave individuals from the External Hall’s camps to stand on the stage!”

Just as his voice fell, two teams came out into the Life and Death stage. Some of them wore Mage Robes while the others wore Warrior Clothing. On their bodies were badges with a dark mist skeleton emblem. This was the Ashley Family’s badge. However, there were small differences in their badges. For example, below the dark mist skeleton in Zhao Hai’s badge were two criss-crossed bones, making it look like a pirate flag. This meant that Zhao Hai was from the Ashley Family’s Bone Symbol Camp.

After the contestants entered the life and death stage, they quickly stood in groups according to their camps. The other groups had ten people while Zhao Hai stood alone, looking somewhat pitiful.

Cadjo also saw Zhao Hai, but he didn’t say anything and just said, “We’ll have the computer arrange everyone’s numbers.” Then after he said that, a ship appeared on top of the stage which released a light screen that formed a projection in mid-air.

Names began to appear on the screen, from number 1 to 71. Zhao Hai’s number was at the middle, number 36.

After the numbers were shown, Cadjo looked at the projection and said, “For the first battle, we’ll draw two numbers from the list.”

Just as his voice fell, the projection began to roll two numbers. Finally, two numbers appeared, number 2 and number 58. Not only did the names of two participants appear on the screen, their faces and details were also displayed.

Zhao Hai also looked at the screen and saw that both were three-year ascenders and level 2. One was a Mage and the other was a Warrior.

When Cadjo saw that both sides had been decided, he said, “Alright, I’ll have to ask the other participants to leave.” Zhao Hai and the others who were in the life and death stage left and sat on the seats reserved for them.

At this moment, people in the VIP room began discussing the battle. Desbarres was sitting next to Thunder. From this point, one could see Desbarres’s position in Thunder Ashley’s heart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sat this close to the Patriarch.

Thunder looked at Zhao Hai through the glass, then he turned to Desbarres and said, “Fatty Des, you’re too stingy in sending fellows. You protect your people too much. That isn’t good. And this time, you only sent one. Do you want to lose sooner to ease your worry? Also, I’ve read reports about this kid. He just ascended four months ago. Are you making it too easy?” 

Desbarres smiled faintly and said, “Patriarch, rest assured. I will not disappoint you this time. I might have sent only one person, but I can guarantee that you will be surprised.” 

As soon as he heard Desbarres, Thunder couldn’t help but stare. At this time, a nearby person said, “Fatty, there’s no point in bragging. Your camp hasn’t sent more than eight people to participate in the competition. And every time, you’re defeated early. This time, you even sent a young kid. I don’t even believe people who ascended for four months to be able to use spiritual qi.”

Desbarres didn’t need to look to know who was talking. It was one of the four managers, Dia. Dia was brought into the Ashley Family’s management 20 years ago. Him ad Desbarres had always disagreed with each other. The two were always fighting each other in the dark.

Nevertheless, Desbarres wouldn’t fight him too seriously. After all, Dia was also a member of the Ashley Family. If they were to fight for real, then the family would be heavily affected. For someone who grew up in the Ashley Family, this wasn’t something that Desbarres wanted to see.

Since Desbarres didn’t want to fight him head on, Dia began to think that Desbarres was afraid of him. Because of this, he would frequently make a jab at Desbarres during public situations. Seeing that it was difficult for him to retaliate, Desbarres chose to endure.

Thunder also knew about Desbarres thoughts. To be honest, he didn’t like Dia. Thunder and Desbarres grew together, so he understood his friend the most. Thunder was aware that the Bone Symbol Camp was lacking a super expert. But in terms of comprehensive combat power, the other seven camps couldn’t contend with the Bone Symbol Camp. Because of this, Thunder just turned a blind eye at Desbarres’s passiveness.

Upon hearing Dia, Thunder couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows. Desbarres gave Dia a glance before he sneered and said, “Dia, how about we make a bet. I bet ten million that Zhao Hai will take first place in the competition. If he gets first, then you’ll give me ten million. Conversely, if Zhao Hai fails to get first place, then I lose ten million to you. What do you think? Do you dare?”



  1. “There were numerous cards stopped at its parking lot outside” I know this is a typo, but the image of giant floating cards being ridden by mages and lined up in a parking lot is just too funny to not mention.

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