BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1126


Chapter 1126 – Heading Out

Zhao Hai spent the entire month practicing inside the Space. Ever since the staff and the liquid metal fused together, Zhao Hai gave it the name Liquid Silver. Zhao Hai also took this time to get familiar with Liquid Silver. At this moment Zhao Hai could use 100 thousand-layer formations sets.

Since Zhao hai already told Desbarres that he needed to close up, Desbarres gave the word that nobody should disturb him. Besides hoping Zhao Hai to prepare for the beginner competition’s qualifiers, Desbarres also hoped that Zhao Hai could complete the liquid metal. Not only would this give Zhao Hai benefits, this advantage would also extend to the Machine Field.

In this month, Zhao Hai practiced the Stellar Body Tempering Technique and also familiarize himself with his new staff. At this point, Liquid Silver could no longer be called a magic staff as it was now closer to being a magic artifact. It was more of an item than a weapon.

Liquid Silver didn’t only have the Blood Ghost Staff’s ability, it also gained the liquid metal’s characteristics. The staff can be used both offensively and defensively. 

Zhao Hai wanted to see to what extent he could use the weapon. This way, he would know how to use his abilities more effectively.

Zhao hai could now use Liquid Silver to achieve 50 thousand layered formation sets. Even if it was 100 thousand, there wouldn’t be any need to spend too much time.

And just like what he expected, if he only used his spiritual force to use Magic Theory, then he could only use 1 thousand-layer formations. But with Liquid Silver’s support, his formations could reach 100 thousand layers. This strength was increased by nearly a hundred times.

In this one month, the Bone Symbol Camp was quite calm. Everyone did what they needed to do. Some of the less convinced members went to get tested. But after the test, they didn’t mention entering the Six Realm Beginner Competition anymore.

And also during this time, Tao Wang and Desbarres were in agony. Zhao Hai wanted to close up, so they didn’t dare disturb him. They didn’t know anything about the liquid metal’s progress. Without any knowledge about Zhao Hai, the two couldn’t help but get more sleepless as the time limit was approaching.

Unlike the Bone Symbol Camp, the entire Machine Field wasn’t calm. The Bone Symbol Camp didn’t have any competition for their participants. However, the same wasn’t true for the other camps. They could only fight, sometimes kill, their opponents so that they could progress further and be chosen as the representative for their camp.

Every external hall camp in the Machine Field was filled with bloodshed. It was precisely because of the Bone Symbol Camp’s calmness that it was considered unique in the realm!

The newcomers of the Bone Symbol Camp were also paying attention to these competitions. After seeing the number of casualties each camp had, they quickly lost their motivation to join the competition. The rewards might be very good, but you would need to take lives in order to gain it. And once they participate in the qualifiers, if they didn’t win, they would either be injured or dead. If this happened, then they would have lost everything.

The internal competition of the Ashley Family’s camps only lasted for three days. Three days later, the Ashley Family’s eight External Hall’s camps would proceed to compete with each other. Then they would select 10 ascenders to be the Ashley Family’s representatives in the Realm’s qualifiers.

One shouldn’t think that ten people from the Ashley Family was a very small number. Medium-sized influences in the Machine Field numbered several thousand. And if one adds those lower-sized powers, there would be even more participants. The Ashley Family having a quota of ten people was already an evidence of their status in the Machine Field.

The common language of the Six Realms was strength. The more strength you had, the more benefits, advantages, and favors you would gain. 

Every time the beginner competition happens, the Machine Field would have a 100 slots. Compared to the thousands of ascenders who want to participate, 100 slots was too small of a number. It was precisely because of this that the three major powers of the Machine Field carried on intense internal assessments for their representatives. In the end, each power was given a quota based on their strength. First-class forces could send 20 people to the qualifiers, second-class could send 15, third-class was 10, fourth-class was five, and then one for fifth-class.

Naturally, this metric wasn’t absolute. But changes to quotas could only decrease, never increase.

With this setup, there would be over ten thousand people participating in each realm qualifier. Selecting 100 people over more than ten thousand meant that the 100 left in the end would be the cream of the crop!

The Bone Symbol Camp didn’t gain any good results the last few times the Bone Symbol Camp participated in the Ashley Family’s qualifiers. In the end, they didn’t get any slots in the realm qualifiers. It was precisely because of this that people thought that the Bone Symbol Camp had fallen.

But in the past few times that the Bone Symbol Camp had attended, they would at least send five people. But this time, Desbarres only listed on person, Zhao Hai!

If the eight camps want to enter the family’s internal competition, then they would have to send their list of participants a month before the event. Moreover, it was prohibited to change this list. This was because once people find out which people were participating, then they might replace their participants.

The Ashley Family decided to do it like this because they want the eight camps to investigate the participants and get familiar with their fighting style. Besides the Bone Symbol Camp, all other camps sent ten participants. Only the Bone Symbol Camp would submit less than the maximum number of people.

In the last competition, the Bone Symbol Camp sent five people to participate, but this time they only sent one. This caused an uproar in the Ashley Family. Not only the Ashley Family, the other people in the Machine Field were also baffled. They didn’t expect the Bone Symbol Camp to only send one person. In their minds, the Bone Symbol Camp has truly fallen.

As the days passed, the day for the family’s competition approached. However, Zhao Hai had yet to come out. Desbarres and Tao Wang couldn’t help but worry even more. They sent people to stroll outside Zhao Hai’s villa every day. They want to see if there were any sounds inside. But to their disappointment, Zhao Hai was completely silent.

On this day, Desbarres was currently sat inside his office, his face showing his anxiety. At this moment, Tao Wang entered the room. Upon seeing his assistant, Desbarres immediately asked, “Did he come out?” Tao Wang smiled and shook his head and said, “The family qualifiers is happening the day after tomorrow. If Little Hai fails to come out, then he would miss his chance for the Six Realms Beginner Competition.” 

Desbarres let out a long sigh. He smiled bitterly and said, “If he missed it, then he missed it. It’s also good if he doesn’t join. With the brutality of the competition, he would be safer if he doesn’t join it. Moreover, since he had closed up for one month, then it means that the thing had some use for him. If he can make use of it, then it’s worth it even if he missed the competition.”

Tao Wang nodded, then his eyes shone as he said, “If Little Hai can use that thing, then it wouldn’t only be the luck of the Bone Symbol Camp. It would also be the luck of the Ashley Family and the Machine Field.”

At this time, Desbarres’s computer made a sound. Desbarres looked at his wrist, the name on it made him stare. It was Zhao Hai calling him.

Desbarres stared for a moment before he opened his computer and happily greeted, “Little Hai!” Then Zhao Hai’s image can be seen on the screen.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s face, Desbarres asked, “Little Hai, how is it?” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Camp Lord, I’ve completed it. I named it Liquid Silver. Right, Camp Lord, when will the family’s qualifiers start?”

Desbarres immediately replied, “The day after tomorrow. Are you done with everything? Me and Tao Wang want to see it.”

Zhao Hai understood what Desbarres wanted, he wanted to see Liquid SIlver. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright. I’ll prepare some food while waiting for you.” Desbarres nodded, then he closed his computer and turned to Tao Wang, “Let’s go see Little Hai.”

Then he took off with Tao Wang following closely behind.

Tie Shen has been busy doing tasks outside, so he was rarely in the camp. However, he was coming back. After all, the Ashley Family’s internal competition was approaching. For the camps, this event was very important. And now that the Bone Symbol Camp was only sending one participant, this means that this was the most crucial event for the camp in the last 20 years. This was something that Tie Sheng wouldn’t want to miss.

Before long, Desbarres and Tao Wang arrived at Zhao Hai’s villa. Zhao Hai was already waiting for them in the living room. Tinkle was the one offering everyone food, Zhao Hai just sat.

When Desbarrres and Tao Wang entered the room, Zhao Hai smiled at them. He didn’t say anything and just waved his hand, taking his silver staff out. The staff was more than 2 meters long. Its entire body was bright silver and at its head was a nine-layered silver lotus. On each tip of the lotus were small bells. 

Liquid Silver’s form didn’t differ too much from the Blood Ghost Staff. However, its aura changed. Now, the staff looked more holy compared to its fierce appearance from before.


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