BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1124


Chapter 1124 – Leng Wuyeng’s Shocking Talent

Zhao Hai asked, “Failure? Why would a failure be in the treasury?”

Tao Wang smiled bitterly and said, “Although it is a failure, the person who made it is very famous. He is the most renowned refiner in the Machine Field of all time, Leng Wuyeng.”

Upon hearing the name Leng Wuyeng, Zhao Hai was shocked. Leng Wuyeng was born 35 thousand years ago. He wasn’t an ascender and was a native of the Machine Field. He died 32 thousand years ago, living up to three thousand years old!

Naturally, Leng Wuyeng wasn’t famous because of his longevity. Instead, he was known for his refining ability as well as his contribution to Magic Theory. Leng Wuyeng was a natural genius. He also had a knack for Magic Theory. During his time, the Machine Field still wasn’t an independent existence. Instead it was a territory managed by the Cultivation Realm. It was a piece of wasteland where people that cannot cultivate gather. They could only study lower realm magic and battle qi. Because of this, they had no way to contend against those who use cultivation methods.

Leng Wuyeng was born to an ordinary Mage family. Even if both of his parents were Mages, their status was very low. Their family was pretty much living in hardship.

Because of his background, Leng Wuyeng swore that he would change the status of Mages in the World of Cultivation. He diligently studied Magic while also researching magic formations. During his time, runes were still unknown and the system of creating formations had yet to be made.

Later on, because of his talent, Leng Wuyeng joined a sect called Formation Gate and became a disciple. It was then that he started being in contact with true formations of the Cultivation Realm.

The formation system of the Cultivation Realm was a complete one. Each formation were comprised of runes. This made the formation easier to arrange and even more powerful.

After being introduced to this, Leng Wuyeng started to deconstruct magic formations. Then he used his results to systemize runes. His research was specially aimed towards runes.

When Leng Wuyeng reached the age of 2000, Magic Theory was beginning to take shape. And once Magic Theory was announced to the Machine Field, the entire realm seethed with excitement.

Although Magic Theory was unable to contend with cultivation methods, it was still a huge improvement for Mages. If a Mage was able to use a ten thousand or ten million-layer formations, then they would surely be able to contend with the top experts in the World of Cultivation.

This method didn’t only cause an uproar in the Machine Field. The effects of its creation rippled throughout the six realms. Afraid of losing control over the Machine Field, the Cultivation Realm began suppressing the Mages.

Having just studied Magic Theory, the Mages naturally couldn’t match the cultivators. They were defeated again and again. It didn’t take long before they were driven into a corner.

Leng Wuyeng didn’t expect this outcome since he was so focused on improving the strength of the Mages. He didn’t think that he would bring forth a disaster to his people. In the end, he didn’t hesitate to close up for eight years, resulting in magic formations that were now used inside mechs and battleships. And once the Machine Field began manufacturing mechs and battleships, they started their counterattack. After years of battle, the Machine Field was finally able to carve their own territory in the World of Cultivation. They were finally able to become the sixth realm in the World of Cultivation.

But Leng Wuyeng was still aware of the innate flaw between the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm. The Machine Field didn’t have peak artifacts that major groups in the Cultivation Realm had. With these peak artifacts, a person’s power would equal the might of ten million. They were the true ultimate weapons.

And at the same time, as they were repelling the Cultivation Realm, Leng Wuyeng began to feel the end of his lifespan. Because of this, he used his remaining time to leave a treasure behind. This way, the Machine Field would have a peak artifact capable of resisting the Cultivation Realm.

Leng Wuyeng closed up once more for refining. He used a large number of treasures that he collected his entire life, as well as a powerful technique in order to condense them together and form this liquid sphere. But this sphere was still a half-finished product. This was because it missed the most important step, condensing the formation.

Leng Wuyeng’s refining technique was different from the Cultivation Realm’s. In the Cultivation Realm, the final step of refining was the attachment of an artifact spirit. Only with an artifact spirit would magic treasures display their most formidable might.

However Leng Wuyeng’s method didn’t have spirit attachment. Instead, it was a three-step method divided into smelting, tempering, and condensing formation. Moreover, Leng Wuyeng doesn’t engrave formations from the Cultivation Realm, instead he used those made with Magic Theory.

In the Cultivation Realm, the influence of the first formation was big. The reason for this was because the five elements promotes and restrain each other. Some artifacts only allow a few formations to be engraved on them. Even if the material was good, the most formations one could engrave was 1890 formations. Moreover, this was a number most Cultivators wouldn’t reach.

Leng Wuyeng’s weapon allowed the engraving of 129,600 formations. Moreover, this weapon can be augmented with additional materials. And every material added, one could carve an additional 1890 formations. It was absolutely formidable.

Unfortunately, Leng Wuyeng’s lifespan ran out just as tempering was finished. At this point, it was impossible to engrave it with formations.

And because it was an original artifact, it had special requirements. One needed to engrave the 129,600 formations in one go. If one fails to do this, then engraving would not succeed. Only after the 129,600 formations were finished could one add materials and another 1890 formations.

Leng Wuyeng decided to create the weapon because he thought that he could still engrave formations on it. Since his lifespan was nearing its end, he wanted to squeeze the last part of it in order to engrave the 129,600 formations. As long as he finished engraving this formation, then other formidable Mages would be able to add materials and engrave the succeeding formations. With this setup, the weapon would get stronger and stronger until it would surpass any weapon in the Cultivation Realm. By that time, the Machine Field would no longer be afraid of the Cultivation Realm.

Unfortunately, Leng Wuyeng underestimated the time needed to smelt the materials. When he died, he just barely managed to finish tempering the weapon. He didn’t have time left to engrave the formations.

After Leng Wuyeng, although the Cultivation Realm still accepted disciples from the Machine Field, nobody was able to reach his level. Therefore, Leng Wuyeng’s weapon was never finished. In the end, it can only be placed here.

Zhao Hai wasn’t strange to the name of Leng Wuyeng. Although Leng Wuyeng has been dead for countless years, his position was still irreplaceable in the Machine Field. It can be said that the Machine Field wouldn’t have become this powerful without him. According to legend, Leng Wuyeng can release 50 thousand-layer formations, and maybe even more. Mages from the present Machine Field would find it impossible to reach this level. Only a few could use 1 thousand-layer formations, not to say 50 thousand layers.

But as for Leng Wueyng refining a weapon, Zhao Hai was completely clueless. Now after hearing Tao Wang, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be both shocked and happy.

He was shocked because Leng Wuyeng was actually a talent beyond comparison. By his own ability, he snatched the Machine Field from the hands of the Cultivation Realm. He single handedly gave the Machine Field its independence.

Zhao Hai was happy because Leng Wuyeng actually refined a weapon. Others might not find any use of it, but for Zhao Hai, this weapon was something that he must have.

Tao Wang stood beside the weapon and couldn’t help but sigh. He failed to see Zhao Hai’s eyes burning as they looked at the weapon. After some time, Tao Wang felt that something wasn’t right. Sensing that Zhao Hai was silent, Tao Wang turned and was shocked. Zhao Hai’s eyes were stubbornly stuck on the weapon made by Leng Wuyeng. Tao Wang was scared for a moment, Zhao Hai had the same look as someone who wanted something no matter what. 

Tao Wang stared, then he quickly said, “Little Hai, don’t tell me you want this thing? It’s useless. Although its materials are top-ranked, you cannot use it with Magic Theory. It would be a waste if you have this, choose another one.”

Zhao Hai turned his head to Tao Wang and said, “Big Brother Tao, can you give this thing to me? I want it.”

Tao Wang sighed and said, “Little Hai, you know that even if this thing can’t be used, it is still a sentimental item. So even if I give it to you, you still wouldn’t be able to take it out. If others see it, then they will certainly grab it. Listen to Big Brother’s words, choose something else.”

Zhao Hai firmly shook his head and said, “Big Brother Tao, I don’t want anything else other than this. I have a strong feeling in my heart that I must have it. Brother Tao, what do I need to do to get it?”

Tao Wang looked at Zhao Hai and couldn’t help but be moved. To be honest, from the establishment of the treasury up to today, there had been a lot of people who had seen this item, but not one of them had the same strong feeling like Zhao Hai. Tao Wang felt that he needed to think about Zhao Hai’s request even more.

Instinct was a strange and mysterious thing. Sometimes, you will have a strong feeling in obtaining something. This item might not be great to others, but when the right one gets it, it would be extremely useful for them. This magical feeling seems to be in Zhao Hai right now.

With this thought in mind, Tao Wang said, “Wait for a moment.” Then after he said that, Tao Wang went to a nearby wall. The wall had a communication device on it. Tao Wang called Desbarres and told him about Zhao Hai’s request. Desbarres didn’t say anything other than to wait for him. 


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