BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1123


Chapter 1123 – Treasury

Zhao Hai was currently inside an elevator with Tao Wang. Not everyone can go inside this particular elevator. Without Desbarres’s permission, nobody besides Tao Wang can enter this place. If those with no permission force their way in, then the defense system will immediately attack them.

There were only two buttons that can be pressed in this elevator. Moreover, this elevator was headed towards an underground area. Only a few people were aware of it.

While he stood inside the elevator, Tao Wang turned to Zhao Hai and said, “This elevator’s sole destination is the camp’s treasury. Inside are things that the Bone Symbol Camp had accumulated for many years. The Camp Lord was always reluctant in using what’s inside. He always said that we could only use them during major situations. Besides me, the Camp Lord, and Tie Sheng, nobody else is allowed to enter this place.”

Zhao Hao nodded. He couldn’t help but feel warm inside. Desbarres and the others had taken very good care of him, making it difficult for him to pay them back. Zhao Hai’s principle was returning a drop of graciousness with a river of gratitude. Therefore, he will definitely pay Desbarres’s favor back.

Tao Wang continued, “The treasury is a kilometer underground. Above it are multiple defensive measures. One floor is built out of spirit-suppressing stone. There are also early warning systems, magical defense system, and even a self-destruct system. Anyone who dared to go to the treasury without authorization will be ruthlessly dealt with. And even if an extremely powerful expert comes, the treasury could blow itself up. The might of this explosion is equivalent to a hundred thousand nuclear bombs. I’m afraid that if the treasury truly explodes, then it would take the entire Dark Demon Planet along with it.”

Zhao Hai was startled, he didn’t expect a treasury defense system to be this formidable. It even has a self destruct mechanism that can destroy the entire planet.

Tao Wang turned to look at Zhao Hai and said, “The reason why the Bone Symbol Camp is rich was because the Camp Lord and our various brothers had desperately worked hard for it. The Camp Lord said that these things are shared by all of the brothers in the camp. Even if one of us is left, then they could still revive the camp. And if the Bone Symbol Camp cannot keep these things anymore, then the treasury might as well be buried along with our brothers. It can’t fall into the hands of outsiders.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He didn’t expect the ferocious looking but friendly Desbarres would actually be this ruthless!

The elevator descended for more than ten minutes before it stopped. Then Tao Wang left the elevator first with Zhao Hai closely following behind. Outside the elevator was a small room with three doors in it. Marked on the doors were the numbers one, two, and three.

Tao Wang led Zhao Hai to door number 1. Then he took a key no more than 30 centimeters long. Zhao Hai observed the key and saw that it looked very ordinary. However, it was made out of a material that was neither wood nor metal. It looked quite magical.

After walking to the door, Tao Wang softly knocked on it. After knocking more than 20 times, he stopped. Shortly after that, a magic formation began to appear on the door. When the formation disappeared, a keyhole was left in its place.

Tao Wang proceeded to insert the key and proceeded to unlock the door. The unlocking process wasn’t a one-directional action like rotating. It involved moving the key left to right as well as twisting it at certain angles, it looked very troublesome.

Tao Want used more than ten minutes to unlock the door. Seeing the door open with no problems, Tao Wang let out a long breath before he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Let’s go. The treasury is divided into four small storehouses. And in order to be safe, doors 2 and 3are false storehouses. If people went through those doors, then they would immediately be reported. And if the door is forcefully opened, then the self-destruct mechanism would start.”

As they were talking, Tao Wang and Zhao Hai entered door number 1. Upon passing through the door, Zhao Hai’s eyes shone brightly. This storehouse was 30 meters high, about ten thousand meters long and also ten thousand meters wide. There were a lot of shelves inside. These shelves were covered with glass containers. There were a lot of weapons on these shelves, both used by Mages and Warriors. There were even formation plates.

Tao Wang looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, “This is only the outside of storehouse 1. We won’t be staying here for long. Let’s go and see the other three storehouses. The good things are there.”

Tao Wang led Zhao Hai further into the storehouse. There were three other doors in this place, each about ten meters high and four meters wide. This time, Tao Wang didn’t use a key and just knocked a few times before the door automatically opened.

When the door opened, Tao Wang led Zhao Hai to go in. Then as they were walking, Tao Wang said, “This is one of the three internal treasuries of the Bone Symbol Camp. The three treasures are respectively named, Armor Treasury, Weapon Treasury, and Magic Treasury. We’re currently in the Armor Treasury. Deposited here are things used for protection. Armors present here not only included those for Warriors. There are also armors that Mages can use. You can look through each item to see their function. It’s much better than me introducing them.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he used his spiritual sense to scan the entire treasury. To be honest, he wasn’t expecting to obtain something useful here. With his staff, almost all of his problems were solved. If he wasn’t afraid of other people getting suspicious, then he would’ve already rejected choosing a weapon.

As he swept the area with his spiritual force, Zhao Hai discovered that not only was his spiritual force not suppressed, it was even amplified. This enabled him to see the armors more clearly.

After he swept the place, Zhao Hai saw that the armors here were divided into two types. The first type were those that were made in the Machine Field. A majority of these armors were made of metals with engravings on them. Some looked like iron cans. There were also a few that were inner armors, they were mostly made out of metal arranged in a chainmail configuration.

The other type of armors were armor that had been snatched or bought from the other realms. The styles of these armors greatly varied. Some looked like ancient armors while some looked like cotton garments that doesn’t seem like protective armor at all.

Zhao Hai wasn’t interested on those full body armors. Even if he received those armor by chance, he still wouldn’t use them.

Armors from the Cultivation Realm were further divided into two types. There were protection-type and garment-type. Protection types could recognize their owners by spiritual force. Afterwards, they could be nourished by their users. The longer they were nourished, the more powerful their protection would be.

As for garment-type armors, they were armor that can be worn outside. They could provide pure defense and also passive body cleaning. There were also those that can allow their user to turn invisible. But because of its nature, garment-type armors had much worse defense compared to protection-types.

At the same time, armors from the Machine Field were also divided into two types. First type were exoskeleton armors. These armors were those iron cans that Zhao Hai saw before. These armors were made with the combination of magic and science. When not in use, these armors would were like small devices. But once they were activated, they would surround the user’s body, including the eyes. There was also a computer program inside these armors. The armor itself had a magic formation that provided it with power. Not only could these armors provide protection, they could also aid its user during battle.

However, the downside of this armor was that it takes time for it to fully activate. Although it was only a fraction of time, this smidgen of time was enough for an Expert to take a life.

The second type of armors were these inner armors that looked like chain armor. These armors couldn’t cover the entire body and could only be worn as undergarments. Moreover, the manufacturing of these armors was very complex. Each chain in the armor had a magic formation engraved on it, making it good for defense. This chain armor could only play a defensive function and can’t be used for attack. It also needed a supply of spiritual force when defending. The more powerful your spiritual force is, the stronger its defensive ability.

To be honest, armors made in the Machine Field still couldn’t compare to those in the Cultivation Realm. Although the chain armor looked good, depending on it for defense at the very beginning was very dangerous. Armors from the cultivation realm provide for their own energy and can automatically protect their user. With the Cultivation Realm’s armors, regardless if the user noticed the attack or not, they would still be protected by their armor; which was almost a life-saving ability.

Zhao Hai scoured through the armors and analyzed them. He was favoring the cotton garments of the Cultivation Realms. Although their defense was quite poor, the functions were still very useful. It was also the most comfortable armor to wear in comparison to the others.

Just as he was about to pick a cotton armor for himself. Zhao Hai suddenly discovered something at the corner of the Machine Field section. It was a clump of mercury-looking substance. It didn’t look like an armor at all and instead it was a metal sphere.

Zhao Hai stared. This was because this metal sphere had no introduction, which was surprising.

Tao Wang had been paying attention to Zhao Hai all this time. When he saw Zhao Hai’s expression change, he couldn’t help but be curious. He didn’t know what Zhao Hai just discovered.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly said, “Big Brother Tao, I just saw a sphere of liquid metal. What is that?”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Tao Wang immediately knew what he found. Tao Wang smiled bitterly and said, “That sphere of liquid metal is actually very famous in the Machine Field. Nobody knows that it fell into our hands. But even if they did, there wouldn’t be too much of a reaction. After all, it is a failed product.”


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