BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1122


Chapter 1122 – Resolution of Zhao Hai

There were ten thousand bone-armored Undead, each holding their own weapon, and were on battle formation. The undead surrounded the eight people. The eight knew that the test was over upon seeing all of these Undead. The undead were too high-level; each one of them were rank 9 Apprentices. Such strength with that number, they had no chance to resist.

Desbarres and the others also knew that the test was over when they saw this situation. Desbarres and Tao Wang looked at each other and saw a trace of excitement on the other’s eyes.

Zhao Hai’s strength and his use of magic formations were completely beyond their imagination. One shouldn’t just look at the layered formations that Zhao Hai used. For Desbarres, level 4 Mages could also use normal formations instead of layered ones. They were like cooks. If they only have a handful of recipes on hand, then it might not be appropriate to use those all the time. Sometimes, the chef needed to use ordinary dishes to serve his customers.

Level 4 Mages might be known for their multiple-layer formations. But during battles, they only use layered formations about ten to twenty times. It was impossible to use layered formations all the time. Although layered formations held great power, the speed of casting them wasn’t quick. And in battle, the faster you can release your magic, the better your chances of winning would be.

On the other hand, the magic that Zhao Hai used were all 50-layered formations. Moreover, he casted them in almost an instant. Not even level 5 or level 6 Mages could do this. Therefore, Desbarres and Tao Wang were very happy.

The other people in the room were also very happy. Zhao Hai’s performance far exceeded what they expected. They really didn’t expect a three-month ascender to have this strength. In their minds, Zhao Hai was the hope of the Bone Symbol Camp.

Now that the test was done, Desbarres and Tao Wang led the other people in the Bone Symbol Camp towards the training ground’s exit. When Zhao Hai came out, Desbarres laughed and patted his shoulders, then he said, “Little Hai, good, good. Everyone, let’s go to the restaurant. We’ll have a good drink together!” Everyone cheered. But some of them curiously looked at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t appear in the camp in the past two months; he just stayed inside his room. However, details about him were spread towards the camp. He only ascended for a month; then after taking an exam, he entered the Bone Symbol Camp.

To be honest, the people from the Bone Symbol Camp found this timeframe hard to believe. But at the same time, they also felt happy. They were somewhat looking forward to seeing this talent that Desbarres brought. They were anticipating what miracles he would do after closing up for two months.

And sure enough, Zhao Hai didn’t disappoint them. After closing up for two months, he really did bring forth a miracle. He actually ended a battle against ten people in such a short time. Although his undead practically ended the test, these Undead were part of his strength. Because of this, nobody thought that it was unfair.

Desbarres brought everyone to a large restaurant. This large restaurant spanned the first to third floor of the building. The entire place could accommodate ten thousand people at the same time.

At the end of each year, members of the Bone Symbol camp would come here for a meal. Everyone would participate. They would review what happened that year while also giving away bonuses.

After bringing the group to the restaurant, Desbarres also rung everyone currently in the camp. It didn’t take long before 5000 people came in at once.

Desbarres didn’t stop anyone. When he saw that almost everyone was here, Desbarres stood up from his seat and walked to the middle. He looked at everyone and said, “I reckon everyone already knows about today’s gathering. I’m officially introducing Zhao Hai. He joined the Bone Symbol Camp two months ago. And after closing up for two months, he is now officially joining the camp.”

Zhao Hai stood up as well. Tao Wang then pushed him towards the Camp Lord’s side. He bowed to everyone in the camp and was met with applause.

Desbarres waved his hand down and the crowd stopped. He looked around and said, “Besides introducing Little Hai to you, I also called you over for an announcement. I’ve decided to have Little Hai represent the Bone Symbol Camp in this generation’s Six Realm Beginner Competition!”

Upon hearing the Camp Lord, the entire room went abuzz. Theoretically, the Six Realm Beginner Competition can be attended by any ascender that had ascended for less than five years. However, most groups would have an internal test before deciding on who to send.

As for the Ashley Family, the eight camps of the External Hall would conduct a test among themselves. Then they would select the strongest to participate in the Machine Field’s own test. This time, there was no limit to how many joined. This matter will be decided by the Camp Lords; the family wouldn’t interfere.

Although there were quite a few newcomers who wanted to participate in the competition, they still have to pass Desbarres’s test. And according to the Camp Lord’s previous actions, he wouldn’t send the truly strong individuals. He was afraid that they would lose their lives in the competition.

Desbarres properly cared for these new members. Although those people might blame him, Desbarres didn’t want to make any risks. This was because Desbarres knew that their strength was still quite bad. Not to say about the Machine Field’s qualifiers, they might not even pass the test inside the family.

The Ashley Family adopted a very strict stance on competition. The relationship between the eight camps wasn’t good; and the competition between them was very serious. If these newcomers from the Bone Symbol Camp join the competition, then some of them might die. Because of this, Desbarres didn’t allow them to join.

If Zhao Hai didn’t pass the test, then Desbarres wouldn’t let him participate. Even if Zhao Hai wanted to, then it was useless. The test didn’t only test Zhao Hai’s strength, it also tested his combat experience. Seeing Zhao Hai’s performance, Desbarres knew that Zhao Hai had been in wars. So he was at ease.

Desbarres looked at everyone’s reaction. These people didn’t know Zhao Hai’s ability, so their reaction was normal.

Desbarres didn’t say anything and just stood quietly for a while. At the same time, when those present saw that Desbarres didn’t speak for some time, they also began to quiet down.

When the hall turned quiet, Desbarres said, “There’s no need to doubt Little Hai’s strength. Although he just ascended for three months, he had already passed the test I’ve prepared for him. He definitely has the strength to participate in the beginner competition’s qualifiers. If you aren’t convinced, then you can talk to his opponents.”

The people that Desbarres talked about weren’t embarrassed to be defeated by Zhao Hai in the test. On the contrary, they stood up and gave everyone a salute.

Desbarres continued, “The first competition is in one month. So nobody disturb Zhao Hai during this period of time, understand?” Everyone loudly complied. Then Desbarres led Zhao Hai to return to their table.

Desbarres’s table only had a few people in it. There was Desbarres himself, Tao Wang, Zhao Hai, and then a man dressed in Warrior clothing. This person was very tall and had muscles akin to forged copper. He had a bald head and radiant eyes. His pair of hands were particularly thick.

This person was called Tie Sheng. He was a level 5 Warrior whose weapons were a pair of hammers. He was also an Expert who knew how the camp worked and was Desbarres’s most efficient assistant.

Tie Sheng was on duty before and had just come back. He also saw Zhao Hai’s exam and understood his strength. Because of this, he was very polite towards Zhao Hai.

After Desbarres sat down, he looked at the three and said, “Now that Little Hai’s test is finished, A’Wang, take Little Hai to the treasury tomorrow. Let him choose a few weapons and armor. Those things have gathered dust for several years, its time for them to come out.”

Tao Wang gave a small nod before turning to Zhao Hai and saying, “Little Hai, although our Bone Symbol Camp is worse than before, when it comes to riches, no other camp compares to us. All these years, the camp has been collecting a lot of good treasures. I will go take you to see them tomorrow.”

Although he knew that these wouldn’t be useful for this strength, Zhao Hai still gave a nod. He doesn’t want people to know about this magic staff yet. Even if his staff was his exclusive item, people would still attempt to grab it once they know about its abilities. In their eyes, even if they couldn’t use it, they’d still prefer it if it was in their hands. 

Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to follow Tao Wang and take a few weapons for himself. After all, when in battle, it was always better to have more weapons in hand.

Everyone happily ate their meal. Naturally, everyone was talking about Zhao Hai. Desbarres and Tao Wang seems to be very happy as they drank a lot of wine and talked nonstop.

When the feast was over, Zhao Hai returned to his room and entered the Space. Laura and the others were already waiting for him to come back. After they saw Zhao Hai, they immediately provided him with spatial water. 

After Zhao Hai had settled down, Laura looked at him and said, “Brother Hai, how’s the test?”

Zhao Hai’s face was a bit heavy when he replied, “It went very well. Instantaneous casting of 50-layer formations are on a completely different level compared to lower realm spells. Although they look ordinary, I’m quite sure that even Addison wouldn’t be able to block them.”

As soon as they heard this, Laura and the others nodded. But then, Laura asked, “That’s fantastic. But why aren’t you glad?”

Zhao Hai let out a long sigh and said, “Although this power is already good in the Machine Field, we still fall short compared to the people in the other realms. Don’t forget, the Machine Field is the weakest one among the six realms of the World of Cultivation. Battleships are the king here. Experts defeated by battleships couldn’t be defeated by normal Mages. On the other hand, powerful experts from the Cultivation Realm could contend against a fleet just on their own. If we are recognized by Lu Wei this time, then we’ll be out of luck.”

When they heard this, Laura and the others turned silent. After a while, Laura said, “Brother Hai, what do you mean?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “It’s nothing, I was just thinking. We’ve already arrived here in the World of Cultivation. Additionally, with our current strength, we don’t necessarily need to be afraid of Lu Wei. Even if Lu Wei is a member of a sect, he still wouldn’t be able to do anything in the Machine Field. If we keep being afraid because of Lu Wei, then we wouldn’t be able to advance in this place.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Laura and the others stared. Then they looked at Zhao Hai in confusion. In the past, because he was afraid of being chased by Lu Wei, Zhao Hai ascended in the Atlanta Plane. But now, he’s no longer afraid?”

Zhao Hai saw their expressions and couldn’t help but smile faintly as he said, “Are you wondering why I’m afraid of Lu Wei in the lower realms but now I’m not? We’re already here, so why the need to be afraid? Why should we continue being afraid of Lu Wei? Since I decided to show my abilities, then we need to prepare for a fight. This time, I’ll make an impact so big that the other realms would understand that Mages in the Machine Field couldn’t be underestimated. And as long as we give benefits to the Machine Field, then the Machine Field will certainly guarantee our safety.”

Laura and the others were clever people, so they immediately understood what Zhao Hai meant. Laura nodded and said, “Alright. Since Brother Hai can now use thousand-layer formations, you will certainly get a high ranking in the beginner competition. As long as you have a good accomplishment, then the Machine Field will certainly ensure your safety. Even if Lu Wei chases you down, the Machine Field would still block him. If they don’t save you, then nobody might want to work for them in the future. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if it was Lu Wei, Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, or the Myriad Treasures Pavillion, we don’t have to worry about them.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Not only that, but I also want to use this competition to contact a huge sect in the Cultivation Realm. As long as I can enter one of them, I would truly be assured.”

The others nodded. Laura said, “Brother Hai will surely get to join one.”


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