BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1118


Chapter 1118 – Level Up, Stellar Body Tempering Technique!

The people in the Bone Symbol Camp were aware that a new member had joined them. And that this new member was assigned a villa in the place where level 4 Experts live in. Although there was no point for them to go to the floor where the villas were, some of them still read about the floor. And when they heard the news, they couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, this new member seems to be a mystery. In addition to the time where he asked Tao Wang to give the members some wine, this person never appeared in the camp. It has been two months since then. And the number of people who had seen this new member could be counted on one hand. 

It was also found out that in addition to not exploring the camp, this person doesn’t leave his room most of the time. He would stay inside his villa every day. Besides his two robots as well as Tao Wang and the Camp Lord, nobody had ever gone to his villa. Also, Tao Wang and the Camp Lord were often seen visiting his villa once or twice a week. In the past two months, the two had visited the villa twenty times.

Also, every time Tao Wang and the Camp Lord left the villa, both of them would be red-faced, obviously drunk. This made the members of the camp even more curious about the person in the villa.

What the people in the camp didn’t know was that Tao Wang and Desbarres didn’t only visit Zhao Hai to drink. They were also monitoring how Zhao Hai was adapting to the spiritual qi.

Seeing the rate of Zhao Hai’s adaptation, Desbarres and Tao Wang were ecstatic. Others would take one year before adjusting to the density of spiritual qi, but Zhao Hai only took one month.

However, Tao Wang and Desbarres were clueless about something else. Besides adapting to the Machine Field’s density of spiritual qi, Zhao Hai’s strength had also experienced a breakthrough.

Zhao Hai had already adapted to the spiritual qi density a month after entering the Bone Symbol Camp. Moreover, he felt that he was going to break through. Because of this, he looked for a chance to go out of the camp and look for a desolate place. Then he arranged a spirit gathering formation and attempted to break through. The Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art’s piritual qi requirement for breaking through from the first layer to the second layer was simply terrifying.

After breaking through to the second layer, Zhao Hai’s spiritual force underwent a huge enhancement. Originally, the most he was able to use were hundred-layer formation sets. But after this breakthrough, he was now able to use one thousand-layer formations. This made him equivalent to a level 6 Mage.

This breakthrough didn’t only improve Zhao Hai’s strength. The second layer of the Stellar Transformations Art gave him a technique. The technique was a set of fist martial arts with an unusual name, Stellar Body Tempering Technique!

The fist technique with a peculiar name made Zhao Hai very curious. In the beginning, he thought that this set of fist techniques wouldn’t have any use to him. After all, he had additional abilities that made his body beyond what most people had. His crystal body as well as his ability to become liquid metal was already very good. He thinks that this set of techniques was a bit weak!

But after he carefully looked through the Stellar Body Tempering Technique, he began to take it seriously. The contents of the book was too formidable!

The technique would let the user absorb the strength of the stars into their body. And this absorption didn’t mean on the meridians or the skeleton. This was actually tempering on a cellular level.

According to the Stellar Body Tempering Technique, every human cell was a place to store energy. They were dependent and independent of each other in certain aspects. The Stellar Body Tempering Technique leads the power of the stars into a person’s body, making it more sturdy and allowing it to store energy. As long as one can persist on practicing, eventually, each cell of a person would attain the power of a star. When that time comes, they would truthfully be unparalleled under the heavens.

This technique was unprecedented. It was like those heaven defying methods from the novels Zhao Hai read before. If it wasn’t in his hands right now, then Zhao Hai might think that this method was too perfect to exist.

However, after seeing this technique, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but hesitate. Did a perfect technique really drop into his hands out of thin air? It doesn’t look like it.

By the end of the technique, its weakness was pointed out. And just like any body tempering technique, its disadvantage was the pain!

This body tempering technique requires one to use their own spiritual force to move the power of the stars and introduce it to their body. The power of the stars doesn’t temper the flesh, the blood, nor the bones, but a person’s cells, every cell in the body!

When practicing the Stellar Body Tempering Technique, one needed the ability to separate their consciousness and body. Otherwise, they would be in danger!

This separation between consciousness and body meant that one’s spirit was separated from their physical body. It was similar to a soul leaving the body, but not exactly the same. When one’s soul left their body, their body couldn’t move. However, the separation of consciousness and the body only meant that one’s mental intent was outside the body. In other words, while being outside the body, ones’ consciousness could still control their body as though it was a puppet. 

Although the Stellar Body Tempering Technique explicitly wrote the dangers of using it, Zhao Hai still practice it. He now felt that the technique would be a great use to him.

Zhao Hai thought that with his crystal body as well as his ability to become liquid metal, this body tempering technique shouldn’t hurt as much. However, he soon discovered that he made a mistake, a very huge mistake.

His body had multiple divergent abilities. HIs crystal body made his body incomparably hard, meanwhile, his liquid metal body made his body like mercury.

But because of this, Zhao Hai’s pain was elevated when practicing. If other people’s cells were like pieces of bread as it underwent the technique, then Zhao Hai’s cells were akin to iron balls. Tempering this iron ball made it red hot, and as it was repeatedly hammered, this iron ball would eventually turn into a refined steel ball.

When Zhao Hai began practicing the technique, he began to understand why one would need to separate their consciousness from their body during tempering. Unless one separates their consciousness from their body, they would experience soul-wrenching pain, endangering their mental state.

Upon directing the power of the stars to temper his body, Zhao Hai felt his every cell in his body burning from pain much worse than being burned alive. He wasn’t able to issue a punch before he fainted on the spot.

After he stopped practicing the technique, Zhao Hai began to think about how to succeed in practicing it. Separating his consciousness while controlling his body shouldn’t be difficult. He could have his consciousness fly out of his body and have Cai’er possess it. However, Zhao Hai didn’t do this. This was because he felt that achieving mastery on this process would provide him with a great advantage.

Zhao Hai used five days to fully achieve the separation between consciousness and body. But it still had to be said that he had Cai’er’s help with this. He would have Cai’er control his body in order to feel the separation. Then he would slowly control his body with his own thought until he was able to fully use it.

After achieving this step, Zhao Hai began practicing the Stellar Body Tempering Technique. This time, he succeeded with his consciousness in the air while controlling his body. He began to control his body to execute a punch, and this time he didn’t even feel a little pain.

This was where Zhao Hai began truly learning the Stellar Body Tempering Technique. However, practicing this method couldn’t be done for days on end. At most, Zhao Hai can separate his consciousness for two hours each day. This was also his limit in practicing the fist techniques.

Now, Zhao Hai’s daily schedule included practicing the Stellar Body Tempering Technique. Just as expected, this technique was really useful for him. After he began practicing the technique, his crystallization and liquefaction had been perfectly integrated to his body. In the past, when he used his crystal form, his body would become like crystal. And although he hadn’t used it in a fight, he saw that his liquid metal form would make him indistinguishable compared to a normal human form.

But now, when Zhao Hai used these two forms, his body wouldn’t undergo a drastic change. Although it would change his form a little, one could still see that it was Zhao Hai. Moreover, his body can now be as hard as diamond and also as soft as a mountain stream.

The advantages of the Stellar Transformations Body Tempering Technique didn’t stop here. It also had a huge benefit to Zhao Hai’s spiritual force. At the same time, his absorption of spiritual qi in practicing the Stellar Transformation Yin-Yang art had become much smoother and quicker.

Besides these harvests, in the past two months, Zhao Hai had also received the secret formation sets of the Bone Symbol Camp. When Zhao Hai opened the file, he saw that there were about 100 thousand formations inside. Using these two months, Zhao Hai was able to condense these formations. Now that Zhao Hai had broken through, he could easily condense ten thousand magic formations at the same time. His speed had become extremely shocking.

Not to mention the Bone Symbol Camp’s formations, even the entire Machine Field’s public collection of formations had already been condensed. At this point, the number of formation sets that Zhao Hai can use had reached an insane and uncountable amount.

But even if this was the case, Zhao Hai didn’t think that he was unparalleled. This was simply impossible. He was clear that Mages in the Machine Field still fell short compared to other people in the World of Cultivation. In the other 5 realms, their strongest weapons were the people themselves. But in the Machine Field, their strongest weapons were battleships.

Because of this, while Zhao Hai was still condensing formations, the majority of his effort was practicing the Stellar Body Tempering Technique. Although he could only practice for two hours every day, Zhao Hai could still visualize how the fist techniques were used. The more he visualized, the more he felt the novelty of this technique.

There were two ways to use this set of fist techniques. One was to supplement the tempering of the body itself. Using the set of fist techniques to temper the body would allow the tempering to be done with twice the results and half the effort.

But the other way to use the fist technique was to use the Stellar Transformations Art to enhance it. This would make the fist technique a top-level technique against enemies.

Zhao Hai’s Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art had now reached the second rank of the second layer. Each layer of the art was divided into 9 ranks. Before this breakthrough, Zhao Hai was stuck at the first layer, ninth rank. And now that he had broken through, he immediately barreled through to the second rank of the second layer. One could see how hard it was to break through from layer to layer.

Besides his cultivation level being promoted, the Space had also leveled up. Zhao Hai’s Space was now level 150. Moreover, the spiritual qi of the Space had become equal to the Machine Field. And because of the Hundred Spirit Tree and the Tree of Life, the level was beginning to surpass the Machine Field.

The reason of the Space’s upgrade was the increase of the spiritual qi density. As Zhao Hai adapted to the Machine Field’s spiritual qi, the Space was also undergoing changes. As Zhao Hai’s adaptation improved, the Space’s level increased as well. And in the end, the Space stopped at level 150.

Naturally, it was impossible for there to be no benefits when the Space reached this level. The Space had recognized the Machine Field’s spiritual qi to be medium-grade. So now, Zhao Hai can purchase medium-grade Cultivation Backgrounds as well as Science and Technology Backgrounds. As for Magic Backgrounds, Zhao Hai could now purchase advanced-level ones.

One shouldn’t underestimate these backgrounds. Zhao Hai had benefited a lot with this upgrade. The science and technology background now allowed him to make mechs and battleships. As for the Cultivation backgrounds, high-ranked herbs can now be planted there. It even reached the point where the backgrounds can produce magical treasures.

It was because of all of these developments that Zhao Hai stayed inside his villa for two straight months. He was continuously practicing in the Space.


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