BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1115


Chapter 1115 – External Hall’s Eight Camps

Zhao Hai has the Space, so he didn’t care about gaining something like authority. Additionally, he has a very good family. There was no reason for him to be sad.

However, humans were group animals. And after ascended to the Machine Field, the Bone Symbol Camp had been really good to him. Although he handed over some benefits, those things weren’t useful to Zhao Hai in the first place. Now, Desbarres was more willing to provide him with benefits, which was good for Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai also knew that huge families would have their own secrets. And these secrets would be very useful to him.

Desbarres saw that Zhao Hai had not spoken, so he couldn’t help but ask, “Little Hai? Is something wrong?”

Zhao Hai stared, then he shook his head and said, “There’s no problem. But Camp Lord, I have to ask for your help. I have two robots back in the Academy. Please help me to transport them to the camp. One of those two robots is made by Qi Yi. I also see Tinkle to be very convenient.”

Desbarres thought that Zhao Hai had some misgivings, so when he heard Zhao Hai, he laughed and said, “This isn’t a problem. That kid Qi Yi might not be good at anything other than tinkering with robots, but he’s really talented. Rest assured, after you adapt to the density of spiritual qi, everything you need will be taken care of.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Seeing Zhao Hai agree, Desbarres said, “Good, then go and take a rest. We’ll be close to the Bone Symbol Camp tomorrow.” Then he stood up and proceeded to leave. Zhao Hai also stood up and escorted him out.

Zhao Hai spent the rest of his day condensing formations in his room. He didn’t expect a simple academy exam to spiral into his present situation. Moreover, he was even able to prematurely enter the Bone Symbol Camp.

Recalling the experience, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to see anything improper. Although he showcased his terrifying ability, his true strength was still hidden. This was very important for him.

And Zhao Hai also needed to do this. When it came to the Machine Field, only when one shows off their strength would they get attention and benefits.

Imagine if Zhao Hai didn’t become a level 1 Mage just one month after ascending. If his strength wasn’t as strong as it is right now, if he was like Dins and the others who were old and had no potential, would Desbarres still be polite to him? Will the Bone Symbol Camp allocate materials so that he could cultivate? Certainly not.

Also, if other camps hear that Zhao Hai had the wine formula as well as the means to refine high-level undead, then they would definitely try and eliminate him. The Machine Field wasn’t a simple place. It was precisely because of this that Zhao Hai was careful in revealing his capabilities. Telling Desbarres that he was both a Mage and a Warrior was on purpose.

Zhao Hai discovered that the real essence of the Machine Field were the secrets of the various powers. However, those secrets could only be passed on to a family’s loyal members. Even those inside the family would find it hard to get access to restricted magic formations and formation sets, not to say ascenders. Therefore, Zhao Hai revealed that he was also a Warrior to Desbarres so that the Camp Lord would place more importance to him. Only then would Zhao Hai gain the qualifications to learn these restricted secrets.

The day quickly passed by. Besides inviting Zhao Hai over for dinner, Desbarres also brought Zhao Hai to the entertainment area to play around for a while. 

This entertainment area was for the crew to relax in. There were plenty of fun things to do inside the huge iron hall.

After playing around for a while, Zhao Hai talked to Desbarres and then returned to his room. Regarding Zhao Hai’s actions, Desbarres didn’t say anything. In his mind, Zhao Hai was a person who was infatuated with cultivation. Otherwise, his strength wouldn’t have reached this high in such a short time.

Nothing noteworthy happened that night. The next day was the same as the previous. He had breakfast with Desbarres and was told to prepare his things. They might arrive at the Bone Symbol Camp by evening’s time.

Zhao Hai nodded and returned to his room. Then he investigated the Bone Symbol Camp’s situation. He was able to know the location of the camp’s main base. Zhao Hai also discovered that the ascender academy was quite far from the camp’s base.

The city where the ascender academy was located was called Auspicious Cloud City. This was a city managed by the Ashley Family. About ten thousand li south of the city was a huge remote landmass. This landmass wasn’t any smaller than a continent. Altogether, the island was more than three million square kilometers. This island was the main city of the Ashley Family, named Lofty Demon City.

The entire city occupied the whole island. The island’s name was Lofty Demon Island. Surrounding the big island were eight smaller islands. These eight islands looked like soldiers guarding Lofty Demon Island. Stationed on these islands were the Ashley Family’s eight camps of the External Hall.

The eight camps had names that were themed with bones or ghosts. The Bone Symbol Camp was one of the four camps with bone in their name. 

The planet where the Ashley Family was stationed at was called Dark Magic Planet. The entire planet was the Ashley Family’s domain, their supreme headquarters.

There were more than ten thousand cities on this planet, with a population surpassing 10 billion. As for ascension points, there were more than a hundred of them. The area where Auspicious Cloud City was located was under the jurisdiction of the Bone Symbol Camp. The lands surrounding it also belonged to the camp. With the decline of the Bone Symbol Camp, the other camps began to target these lands. However, since these places were under Desbarres, they didn’t dare to be excessive. The least they could do was to poach talents away from the camp.

Although the eight camps of the External Hall were all under the Ashley Family, this didn’t mean that all of them had good relationships with each other. Conversely, the relationship between the eight camps wasn’t too good. This was because of the system of competition that the Ashley Family set up. There would be competitions between the eight camps each year. The financial support of each camp relied on the results of these competitions. Control over ascension points and recruitment also hinged on the competition.

Besides these things, it was also a matter of status. Each year, people on other camps want to be a step above the others. Those below would treat those above as their elder brothers.

The Bone Symbol Camp haven’t been in a good state in recent years. Although they weren’t at the bottom of the competition, they hovered at sixth or seventh place. When they see the other camps, they have to give a salute. Who wouldn’t be embarrassed with this?

The Bone Symbol Camp didn’t lack money. The robots that Qi Yi made already brought huge profits to the camp. Because of this, even if the family hadn’t been giving that much money to the camp, the camp was still quite rich. What the camp needed the most was status.

It can be said that the Ashley Family was a very famous existence in the Machine Field. One family controlling an entire planet was quite rare in the realm.

There were a bit more than 1000 livable planets in the Machine Field. Moreover, these 1000 planets were divided by the three major powers. And in these major powers were smaller powers. If each of these smaller powers wanted a planet of their own, then even 10 thousand planets wouldn’t be enough. Therefore, most planets were controlled by an alliance. Groups like the Ashley Family that controlled an entire planet were rarely seen.

After understanding the strength of the Ashley Family, Zhao Hai knew that they really weren’t simple. Controlling an entire planet despite there being only more than 1000 planets in the realm was a huge accomplishment. 

Before long, the fleet arrived at Dark Magic Planet’s outer space base. All in all, the Ashley Family had four outer space bases. These bases were used to protect the planet’s safety. The base they were in had ten large-class ships, more than 100 medium-class spaceships as well as countless small ships. 

Although the Dry Bone was a medium-class ship, it was generally used for reconnaissance duty, something that smaller ships would do. Because of this, the Dry Bone was able to enter planets. As for large and other medium ships, they weren’t permitted to enter. This was due to the disturbance that they would cause upon entering the atmosphere. It was very possible for them to cause natural disasters. Generally, only smaller ships could enter a planet. 

With Desbarres being the Patriarch’s trusted subordinate, he was able to move ten ships without reporting. Although the Dry Bone was on the smaller side among medium-class ships, even to the point where it can enter a planet and do tasks that only smaller ships would do, it was still a medium-class ship to its core. Its combat power was much stronger than small ships. And since it was made for scouting, its speed was extremely fast. This was the reason why Desbarres used it to fetch Margaret.

But even with the Dry Bone’s properties, it still wasn’t allowed to enter Dark Magic Planet. The only thing they could do was leave the ship on the outer space base and then transfer on smaller ships before entering the planet. 

Back when Zhao Hai headed towards Tyro Planet for the exam, he wasn’t able to see these outer space bases. This was because there was no need for them to go to these places. The academy’s ship was a small-class ship. They could use another route to enter and leave the planet. Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to see these bases.

But this time, they needed to stop on a base in order to transfer ships. Therefore, Zhao Hai was able to look at these outer space bases. Zhao Hai stared at the sight. He didn’t expect these bases to be so enormous. The entire base looked like a floating metropolis. Besides the base itself, it was surrounded by innumerable satellite ports. Ships were seen everywhere, coming in and out of the base.


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