BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1114


Chapter 1114 – Tell Me The Truth

Desbarres didn’t say anything. Instead, he just enjoyed the event. Moreover, leaders were supposed to receive better gifts compared to others. Even if it was the same gift, it needs to be shown that it was still unique.

Naturally, Desbarres wasn’t excused from this rule. Seeing that the wines Zhao Hai took out were different from what were given to him, Desbarres felt refreshed. He laughed happily and said, “Kid, you seem to have a lot of wine. It seems like you’re quite the drinker in the lower realm. Quick, pour us a cup.”

Zhao Hai complied. He opened the bottle and then poured everyone a glass. Naturally, this wine was made inside the Space. He was able to find out that people in the Machine Field didn’t have much liquor to choose from. What they drank was a version of fruit wine. Although the taste was good, it wasn’t easy to get drunk off of it.

 After Zhao Hai poured everyone a glass of wine, he didn’t make an address or something. Instead, he turned to look at Desbarres. Seeing Zhao Hai’s action, Desbarres’ smile turned wider. He secretly commented about Zhao Hai’s tactfulness. Generally, the first person who would propose a toast at the table would be the head of the family, the person with the highest status. And in this situation, even if this wasn’t a family, Desbarres was still the person who needs to raise the glass first.

Although Margaret technically had a higher status than Desbarres, she was a woman. In this case, the one who should propose a toast should be Desbarres.

Desbarres expected Zhao Hai to give the toast. However, Zhao Hai actually turned to look at him. Naturally, this meant that Zhao Hai was waiting for him to make the toast. This made Desbarres appreciate Zhao Hai even more.

Desbarres took his wine glass, looked at everyone and said, “Our operation this time is mainly to retrieve the Young Miss. However, we’re also here to show those people that our Bone Symbol Camp couldn’t be underestimated. We’re showing them that we aren’t afraid of war. Anyone who dares to step on the Bone Symbol Camp’s dignity will be put to death! I know that everyone has been feeling suffocated in the past few years. However, this isn’t the time for the Bone Symbol Camp to fall. As long as the conditions are ripe, the Bone Symbol Camp shall rise again! The whole realm will know and fear the banner of the Bone Symbol Camp!”

Desbarres knew that the overall strength of the Bone Symbol Camp was very good. However, what it lacked the most was a powerful expert. Most camps would have level 6 or level 7 Experts as deterrent forces. They were far stronger than a thousand ordinary experts. They were like nuclear bombs, but much more feared.

However, the current strongest expert in the camp was Desbarres. His strength was quite powerful, achieving level 6. He also reached the peak of his level by being able to use a thousand-layer formation. However, if he wanted to use his formations, he would need a long time to prepare. He gained his title “Killer Fatty” not because of his strength but because he killed his enemies using calculations and plots.

After Desbarres found out about Zhao Hai’s talent, he immediately regarded him as the camp’s hope. He needed to concentrate the camp’s efforts into cultivating Zhao Hai. This would enable the Bone Symbol Camp to rampage through the Machine Field once more.

Because of this, Desbarres had the confidence to declare the future rise of the Bone Symbol Camp. The people sitting by the table were also old members of the camp. Naturally, they understood what Desbarres meant. Everyone raised their glasses and cheered, “The Bone Banner approaches, the Bone Banner will be seen everywhere!” Desbarres laughed out loud and said, “Good, let’s drink!” Then he consumed the entire glass of wine.

“Drink!” Everyone simultaneously held their glasses and drank the wine in one go. But since they haven’t drank this kind of wine, they weren’t aware of how strong it was. The moment they drank the entire glass, they immediately felt the path from their throat to their stomach burn as though it was on fire.

There were some who couldn’t bear the smell of alcohol, there were also some who immediately coughed repeatedly. Some were even choked to tears. At this time, Desbarres let out a long breath smelling of alcohol and said, “Hah! This is good wine. It’s strong enough for me.”

The Warriors among the group had the same reaction as Desbarres. Upon drinking the wine, they couldn’t help but applaud its strength and fragrance. 

They didn’t need Zhao Hai to pour them another glass and just poured a glass on their own. After a while, the atmosphere of the table turned warmer.

But Margaret, who was on the left side, couldn’t help but hold her stomach upon drinking her first glass of wine. Then she stood up and ran away.

The proceeding meal went greatly. Desbarres and others’ capacity for alcohol was evidently better than Kirk and the others. Everyone drank a lot.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t drink a lot. He drank a few cups of spatial water beforehand. And even if he drank some wine, he didn’t consume too much. This way, the outcome with drinking with Desbarres and the others wouldn’t be the same as drinking with Kirk’s group.

Kirk and the others were just ordinary people. So if he drank with them and pass out, they would just treat it as normal.

On the other hand, if he drank too much and passed out while being with Desbarres and the others, then they might think that he was weak. They wouldn’t feel secure with a person who couldn’t handle liquor.

Finally, Desbarres and the others passed out on top of the table. Zhao Hai helped them return to their rooms before he went to his own room. Then he continued to practice.

The next day, when Zhao Hai appeared in the restaurant, everyone he knew and even those who he didn’t know gave him a smile. And as he sat down to eat, Desbarres entered.

One has to recognize that the wine made by the Space was very high quality. Therefore, even if Desbarres and the others passed out from drinking too much, they didn’t suffer from a hangover. Moreover, spatial water was used as the wine was created. Because of this, not only would the drinker not feel a hangover, they would instead feel more refreshed the next day.

Seeing Desbarres enter the restaurant clearly full of energy, everyone inside couldn’t help but gawk. Desbarres noticed that Zhao Hai was about to eat a meal and his two eyes couldn’t help but shine. He laughed and said, “Little Hai, you young people really know how to drink. You actually drank with us until we passed out. Hahaha”

Zhao Hai smiled and gave Desbarres a salute. Desbarres, laughed once more and said, “Come eat with me. That was the greatest drinking session I’ve been in. Your wine is very satisfying.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Camp Lord, if you want, I can hand over the formula so that you can make it yourself. Then we could share it with our brothers. We can also sell it to increase the Bone Symbol Camp’s income.” 

As soon as he heard Zhao Hai, Desbarres couldn’t help but pat his shoulder and said, “Good. Little Hai, now that you’re a member of the Bone Symbol camp, you can rest assured. When we start selling this wine, I’ll make sure that you’ll have one-fifth of its profits.”

When he heard Desbarres, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then he embarrassingly replied, “Camp Lord, that wouldn’t be good. I only handed over the formula…”

Desbarres waved his hand and said, “Stop right there, you don’t know how much your formula is worth. Rest assured, the Bone Symbol Camp would never treat our members unjustly. You don’t know, but the robots made by that kid Qi Yi have been mass produced by the camp’s factories and sold outside. He also gets one-fifth of the profits. This is the rule of our Bone Symbol Camp.” 

Hearing Desbarres, Zhao Hai had no way to decline. So he nodded and said, “Alright, I will accept it. But if our brothers need me to do anything, please tell me so that I can offer some help.”

Desbarres patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder. At this time, a robot came with Desbarres’ meal in hand. Then the two proceeded to silently enjoy their meal.

After having eaten his meal, Zhao Hai was about to return to his room before Desbarres stopped him. Then after going to Zhao Hai’s room, Desbarres looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, tell me the truth. Can you deal with people with higher levels?”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “Camp Lord, I think I’ll have no problem dealing with level 4 Experts. This is because in addition to being a level 4 Mage, I’m also a Warrior. I can wield a sword and attack like a Warrior. With my Undead and sword, I should be able to exterminate level 4 Experts.” 

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Desbarres actually stared for a moment. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You’re a warrior as well? You study battle qi in the lower realms?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I did. I just chose to ascend in a Mage Continent because I thought that Mages would be more valuable after I ascend. Therefore, I chose to ascend as a Mage.” 

When he heard Zhao Hai’s reply, Desbarres laughed and said, “That’s good, fantastic. I can understand your decision. Rest assured, the Bone Symbol Camp will make sure to properly cultivate you. Have you been using formations you found online? The Bone Symbol Camp has secret formations and formation sets that haven’t been released to the public. You will have access to all of those. Moreover, I will make you a weapon suitable for you. We’ll also provide you with everything you need so that you can grow into an expert as soon as possible. This way, the Bone Symbol Camp would rise sooner!”

If someone else said that, Zhao Hai might feel something off. However, since it was Desbarres, Zhao Hai wasn’t offended. This was because Desbarres wasn’t doing it for himself, he was doing it for the Bone Symbol Camp and the Ashley Family.

To be honest, Zhao Hai didn’t have any sense of belonging to the Ashley Family. However, he actually had a favorable impression regarding the Bone Symbol Camp. The one who approached him from the very beginning was Margaret. And up to the present, the Bone Symbol Camp had always gained Zhao Hai’s favor. Zhao Hai liked the Bone Symbol Camp’s people since they weren’t plotting against each other in order to gain benefits. Everyone had the same goal, and that was to make the Bone Symbol Camp rise. Everyone made sacrifices in order to meet this goal. This was what moved Zhao Hai the most.


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