BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1113


Chapter 1113 – Giving A Gift

When Desbarres heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Kid, you’re really careful huh. You actually looked them up on the internet. However, you can rest assured. After you become a member of the Bone Symbol Camp, you will know that this isn’t a problem. Even if you cannot look up those herbs online, this doesn’t mean that the Bone Symbol Camp had no way of procuring them. If you give this method to us, you can skip the academy and directly join the camp. Moreover, I will give you the best allowance as well as ten million machine coins, a good house, car, and everything you will need to live your life here. If you don’t want robots to serve you, I can also give you two maids. What do you think?”

When Margaret heard Desbarres, she couldn’t help but feel anxious. She was afraid that Zhao Hai would really want female maids. She didn’t know why, but she felt uncomfortable hearing that Desbarres would provide Zhao Hai maids.

Upon hearing Desbarres, Zhao Hai was shocked. Then realization dawned on him. The sheepskin scroll did indeed record plants in the Underworld. However, he was in the World of Cultivation where treasures are abundant. It wouldn’t be impossible to collect the herbs written on the scroll.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t regret his decision. Firstly, the method on the scroll was already proven to work. And second, this method was completely useless to him. Using this method in order to gain benefits was a very good decision.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai immediately replied, “Since the Camp Lord says so, then I will accept your offer. However, I don’t want the maids. Having the robots serving me is already enough.”

Desbarres didn’t expect Zhao Hai to accept the offer immediately. Moreover, he didn’t hesitate to accept the reward. This caused Zhao Hai’s image to be elevated in Desbarres’ mind. The fat manager laughed happily and said, “Alright kid, since this is the case, there’s no need for you to return to the academy. You can go to the Bone Symbol Camp immediately and receive your payment. Remember this, kid, you’re now a member of the Bone Symbol Camp.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Desbarres proceeded to stand up and leave. Margaret also stood up. She gave Zhao Hai a look before following Desbarres.

Zhao Hai suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Instructor, wait a moment.”

Margaret stared. Desbarres stopped as well. Zhao Hai looked at Margaret and said, “Instructor, will you be going back to the academy? If you will, can you please take the magic staff I bought for Dins and the others with you?”

When Margaret heard that it was about this matter, she immediately nodded and said, “Alright, since I will be returning to the academy, I’ll hand them over to Dins and the others.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then waved his hand, taking the magic staffs out and handing them over to Margaret. Seeing Zhao Hai take out staff after staff, Desbarres couldn’t help but feel amazed as he said, “Kid, are you a wealthy lord or something? What other things did you take with you from the lower realm? Come on, let me see them.” 

Zhao Hai wasn’t offended by Desbarres’ words. Instead, he couldn’t help but smile. Although Desbarres was quite rude, this also meant that he already had a certain trust towards Zhao Hai. Also, even if Desbarres wanted to make a move on Zhao Hai, he couldn’t since Margaret was here.

When she heard Desbarres, Margaret couldn’t help but frown and said, “Uncle, how can you be like this?”

Desbarres laughed out loud. After some time Zhao Hai laughed as well and said, “Camp Lord, now that you say it, I have some things I want to give you. I hope you won’t dislike them.”

Desbarres was just joking around. He was a famed character in the Machine Field, he had seen too many good things. So how could he covet things from a young ascender? He was merely teasing Zhao Hai. But after hearing the young man, Desbarres gawked. He couldn’t help but turn his head to Zhao Hai and saying, “Really? Good, good. Take them out and let me see.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then he waved his hand and took out two bottles of liquor. Then he handed them over to Desbarres, saying, “Camp Lord, these are liquor I brought from the lower realms. I saved them for a good occasion, so please have a taste.”

Desbarres expected Zhao Hai to give him money or treasures. He didn’t think Zhao Hai would give him two bottles of liquor. This caused him to look at Zhao Hai in a more favorable light. If Zhao Hai had given him money or some precious treasure, then that would make him too vulgar. With these two bottles of liquor, Desbarres’ appraisal of Zhao Hai became higher.

Desbarres laughed and said, “Alright, then I’ll accept them. Right, join me for a meal. Let’s drink this wine together.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I wouldn’t dare disobey your order!” Desbarres laughed as he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder. After that, he turned around and left. Margaret also gave Zhao Hai a nod before leaving.

When Zhao Hai saw the two leaving, he couldn’t help but smile. His experience in gaining favor was quite lacking. However, he had help. He asked Laura to help him out. Laura was a skilled businesswoman, a profession where gaining favor was essential. What to send and who to send to needed to be carefully considered. Laura was also very skilled in this aspect.

Zhao Hai went according to what Laura said and gave Desbarres two bottles of liquor. Seeing Desbarres laugh, Zhao Hai was very glad. Having Laura and the others was truly a blessing to him.

Zhao Hai didn’t go to the Space and just stayed in his own room, condensing magic formations. He was taking less and less time to explore lately. He looked like a cultivating madman. However, such actions only made Desbarres and the others relieved.

This isn’t to say that Zhao Hai was doing this for the Ashley Family. This was Zhao Hai’s nature. He didn’t like to attract too much attention, especially when his strength was still lacking. Otherwise, he would only attract unwanted trouble.

There were just too many magic formations in the Machine Field. Moreover, these magic formations weren’t just limited to ones in the Machine Field. The Cultivation Realm also shared some similar formations with Magic Theory. Because of this, even if Zhao Hai was condensing formations every day, he still didn’t know when he would be done.

However, his current accomplishments still made Zhao Hai happy. The magic formation sets in his mind were increasing. At this point, 100-layer formation sets that Zhao Hai could use had numbered over a thousand. The other formation sets were even more numerous. If one was a normal Mage, then even if they had these formation sets, they still wouldn’t be able to use them. It was impossible for any other Mage to learn all-element formation sets. They could only use formations that belonged to the elements that they were proficient in. It was just like how a warrior couldn’t master all of the techniques in the world. He could only learn those techniques that were compatible with him.

In the Machine Field, the level of a Mage didn’t rely on how many formations they mastered. Instead, levels were determined by how many layers a Mage could support. Even if you condensed a 5 or 10-layered formation, you would still be a level 2 Mage. And even if you grasped a 50 layer formation, you were still a level 3 Mage.

However, Zhao Hai’s situation was different. He can use the Space to cast these formations. And this wasn’t his only advantage. His advantage in fighting against an enemy was also very huge. He could use the most appropriate formation set during a fight. This would allow him to always gain momentum in every encounter.

Although Mage fights looked different than Warrior fights, they were essentially the same. The only thing that differed between the two were their styles. An example of this would be a straight palm attack. One could choose to defend against it or just counter-attack. Mages were also the same. If the enemy used an ice cone to attack, one could choose to use a shield to block or instead send a spell to counter-attack. All of these decisions relied on a person’s mindset. It was also impossible for a person to be fully calm during these encounters. In this case, experience would play a huge part.

But things were different for Zhao Hai. The Space could calculate the most advantageous way to fight. This would allow him to use the most appropriate method to attack. This would also allow Zhao Hai to be in the upper hand in most fights he would be in.

This didn’t mean that Zhao Hai was under the Space’s control. The Space was just used as a tool. The Space just provided Zhao Hai with these techniques. To Zhao Hai, the Space was a tool, the most convenient tool there was.

Zhao Hai practiced up until mealtime. He didn’t go out of his room at all. At this moment, someone knocked on his door. Zhao Hai opened the door and saw a robot on the other side. This robot looks like a Daoist. It’s body was covered with biochemical skin. However, it was bald. It also had a serial number on its forehead, informing people that it was a robot.

The robot bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, the Camp Lord asks for your presence in the restaurant.” Zhao Hai nodded and followed the robot to the restaurant.

The Dry Bone was a medium-sized ship. There were more than 100 people on board. With the addition of Mages, there were only about 200 people inside. Besides the compartments meant for cabins, weapons and ammunition, there was still ample space inside the ship. Because of this, there were things like restaurants, bars, entertainment areas, and other recreational areas inside the ship.

One must know that ships were usually travelling for very long distances. Travelling in Space for several months was a very common occurrence. Therefore, the crew needed places for entertainment. Otherwise, people would burn out from the stress.

The ship’s restaurant wasn’t well-decorated. It was only a white room without any side halls. It can be described as a huge cafeteria.

Although it was already time for eating, there were only a few people inside. Most of the crew were still working, they didn’t have the time to spend at the restaurant.

When Zhao Hai entered the restaurant with the robot, Desbarres immediately saw him. He waved to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, here!’ Zhao Hai proceeded to go over along with the robot.

The table was quite huge, enough for ten people to sit beside it. At this time, nine of them were occupied. The only free spot was beside Desbarres.

Also sitting on Desbarres side was Margaret. She was left of Desbarres while Zhao Hai was supposed to be on the right.

Zhao Hai didn’t become too polite as he quickly approached and gave a salute, “I have seen the Camp Lord.”

Desbarres laughed and said, “Alright, don’t be overly polite. Take a seat. These people are from my Bone Symbol Camp. Later on, all of you will be working together.”

Zhao Hai bowed towards the others and said, “Zhao Hai has seen everybody. Please look after me in the future.”

As he gave his bow, Zhao Hai saw that four of the people here were Mages while the other four were Warriors. Although they didn’t carry any weapons, they were full of vigor. One could see that they weren’t weak.

Zhao Hai also saw that the people in front of him were level 5. Whether they be Mages or Warriors, level 5 strength was already considered as an expert in the World of Cultivation.

When they saw Zhao Hai giving them a salute, the others immediately returned the gesture. They knew that Desbarres had a high evaluation of this young man judging by his sitting position. Moreover, they also knew that Zhao Hai was a genius. He was the hope of the Bone Symbol Camp. Therefore, they were being polite to him.

After exchanging greetings, Zhao Hai sat down. Seeing Zhao Hai salute the others, Desbarres was very satisfied. He heard that even if Zhao Hai was a genius, he wasn’t arrogant at all. But it was better to see it firsthand. 

Once Zhao Hai had settled down, Desbarres smiled and said, “Our main duty is fetching the Young Miss. We’ve already accomplished our duty. Additionally, Zhao Hai has officially entered the Bone Symbol Camp. This is a cause for celebration. And it just so happens that Little Hai had saved some liquor from the lower realms for me. It seems like we’ll be tasting something new today.” After he said that. Desbarres laughed. 

As soon as the others heard him, they couldn’t help but laugh as well. Zhao Hai looked at Desbarres and said, “Camp Lord, actually, I can bring more than those two bottles of wine. Those two bottles aren’t enough for all of us to drink. I’ll take out some more for us. These aren’t as good, but please do have a taste.” After he said that, he took out more bottles of wine. Just by looking at the bottles, one could see that they weren’t as good as the ones given to Desbarres.

Zhao Hai gave Desbarres liquor bottles made with crystal. They looked beautiful. However, the bottles he took out were made out of simple glass.


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