BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1112


Chapter 1112 – Treatment

Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside his room in the spaceship. This room was bigger than the one he had at the academy ship. Altogether, the room was 50 square meters. It was divided into the living room and the bedroom. The entire layout was the same as those seen on ordinary accommodations.

This room was inside The Dry Bone, Desbarres’ flagship. Zhao Hai was taken by Margaret to this ship while Kirk returned to his own.

Zhao Hao was only able to embark on the Dry Bone because of Margaret. After Desbarres saw Margaret, he didn’t delay for a moment and immediately had Margaret pack up to leave. But before they left, Margaret said that she wanted Zhao Hai to go with her to the Dry Bone. Otherwise, Zhao Hai would have been inside Kirk’s ship.

After Zhao Hai entered his room, he didn’t immediately enter the Space. Instead, he took his anti-surveillance device out to examine the room. Upon seeing that it wasn’t being monitored, he felt relieved.

However, he still didn’t enter the Space. There were a lot of powerful Mages inside the Dry Bone. These Mages would certainly pay attention to his room. If they managed to sweep his room with their spiritual force and found that he wasn’t inside, then he would be in trouble. Because of this, instead of entering the Space, Zhao Hai stayed inside his room and condensed Magic Formations.

At this point, Zhao Hai had no idea how many magic formations he had condensed. He now had very good control over his spiritual force, allowing him to condense a hundred formations at the same time. Such speed was quicker than before.

While he was condensing formations, Zhao Hai was also opening his computer. Actually, this action was merely a decoy. What was shown in his screen was the display from the Space’s monitor. Seen on it was Killer Fatty Desbarres’ room.

Desbarres wasn’t in his room at first, but instead he was giving instructions to the ship’s crew. But after the fleet departed, he returned to his room. Not long after Desbarres returned to his room, a knock was heard. 

Desbarres stared, then he said, “Who is it?”

Margaret’s voice replied, “Uncle, it’s me.”

When he heard that it was Margaret, Desbarres immediately opened the door and asked her to come in. After Margaret had sat down, Desbarres had his robot pour her some tea before asking, “Young Miss, why did you come here? Do you have something to say?”

Margaret nodded and said, “Uncle, I’m here to tell you something about Zhao Hai.” Desbarres wasn’t the only one listening to her, Zhao Hai was also eavesdropping.

Desbarres looked at Margaret and said, “Young Miss, is something wrong with Zhao Hai? When I heard that you killed 80 experts back in Tyro Planet, I began to feel that something is not right. Is this related to him?” 

Margaret nodded, then she said, “Actually, fighting in the tunnel was his idea. Moreover, I offered no help in killing the 80 Mages and Warriors. All of them were killed by Zhao Hai.” As soon as Desbarres heard this, he couldn’t help but be shocked. He knew that Zhao Hai was a level 1 Mage. How could a level 1 Mage deal with 80 level 2 to level 4 experts? How was that possible?

Margaret looked at Desbarres and said, “Zhao Hai is a Mage that specialize in Dark Magic Summoning. While in the lower realms, he was able to create ten thousand Undead. More importantly, these Undead all had the strength of rank 9 Apprentices. It was because of these 10 thousand Undead that he managed to kill all those Mages and Warriors. Then he turned all of them into Undead.”

As soon as he heard Margaret, Desbarres’ eyebrows couldn’t help but wrinkle, he said, “Young Miss, you mean Zhao Hai made those Undead in the lower realm? He killed more than ten thousand people?” Margaret nodded and said, “Last time, I asked him and he seems to recognize it. Not only did he confirm this, he also said that he has a secret method to refine Undead and turn them into these rank 9 Apprentices. In other words, he should have made much more than ten thousand undead.” 

Desbarres smiled faintly and said, “I didn’t expect a young man of his age to be vicious. Hehe. Interesting. If he can hand over the method to refine the Undead, then it would be a great boost for the Ashley Family.”

Margaret saw Desbarres’ reaction and couldn’t help but angrily retort, “Uncle, do you understand what I’m saying? Zhao Hai could have possibly killed more than 1 million people in the lower realm. He’s a dangerous character. Is a person like him appropriate for the Bone Symbol Camp?”

When he heard Margaret, Desbarres laughed and said, “Young Miss, you’re thinking into this too much. Which ascender doesn’t have their hands stained with blood? Moreover, ascenders of that age are rare. Being able to ascend at a young age meant that they have a huge background. Even if someone has great talent, as long as they don’t experience bloodshed, then they wouldn’t be able to have the mindset required for ascension. Zhao Hai’s formidable strength and talent, along with his vicious and merciless nature, is what makes him a worthwhile person to nurture. Also, killing a lot of people don’t generally mean that they aren’t good people. And even if he is a dragon, the Ashley Family is a den of dragons itself. The Young Miss doesn’t need to worry.”

Margaret knit his brows, but in the end she nodded. Although he didn’t dabble too much on family matters, she was still aware of the Family’s strength. Not to mention Zhao Hai’s ten thousand rank 9 Apprentice Undead, even if he has a hundred thousand, the Ashley Family still wouldn’t be afraid of him. If you want to rear a dragon, then you need to have the skills to kill one. And the Ashely Family wasn’t afraid to kill a dragon!

Desbarres saw Margaret nod and then said, “From what I can see, there’s no point for Zhao Hai to return to the academy. How about we send him directly to the Bone Symbol Camp and have him adjust to the density of spiritual qi there. After he adapts to the density, we can immediately give him something to do.”

Margaret paused, then she frowned and said, “Uncle, isn’t this too soon? Moreover, is it really appropriate to take him away from the academy?”

Desbarres smiled faintly and said, “Young Miss, special people need special means for training. And since Zhao Hai is a unique person, there’s no need to train him using normal methods. There’s no need to worry about this. Right, Young Miss, accompany me to visit Zhao Hai. I want to see if he is willing to hand over the method to refine undead creatures. It would be a huge help for the family if we can get our hands on it.”

Margaret frowned for a moment before nodding. Although she didn’t have that good of a relationship with his father, she was still a member of the Ashley Family. Naturally, she needed to consider the family’s benefit.

After listening to their conversation and seeing that they were coming over, Zhao Hai proceeded to close the computer.

If he hadn’t been to the Underworld, then he wouldn’t have a method to refine high-ranked Undead. But after he entered the Underworld, with notes from the Lich as well as the rare herbs found there, Zhao Hai was able to summarize a method of refining ordinary Undead into high-ranked ones. Moreover, after some experimentation, the method succeeded. Although it wasn’t as fast as just sending the Undead to the Space, it was still a proven method. Moreover, with this, he could conceal the existence of the Space.

Not long after Zhao Hai closed the monitor, he heard a knock on his door. Zhao Hai didn’t ask who it was and just opened it.

Seeing that it was Desbarres and Margaret outside, Zhao Hai pretended to be startled. Then he invited them in and poured them a cup of tea.

Desbarres looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Alright, Zhao Hai, don’t be so busy. Take a seat. I have something to ask you.”

Zhao Hai pretended to be curious, so he sat down and asked, “Camp Lord, I’ll do my best to answer.”

Desbarres smiled and said, “I heard from the Young Miss that when you were attacked, you released a large amount of Undead. Moreover, these Undead were high-ranked ones. Is this correct?”

Zhao Hai acted frowning as he nodded and said, “That’s correct. In the lower realm, I was able to come by a method to refine ordinary Undead. That is why I have a lot of powerful minions.”

Desbarres nodded and said, “Is it possible for the Ashley Family to buy this method from you? If you decide to sell it to us, then the family would make sure that you won’t suffer a loss.”

Naturally, Zhao Hai couldn’t just immediately agree. Such action would make Desbarres suspicious. Instead, he made an awkward expression before forcing a smile and saying, “Camp Lord, it isn’t that I don’t want to hand over the method. But I’m afraid that you won’t be able to use it.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Desbarres frowned. Then he asked, “Why wouldn’t I be able to use it?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, then he waved his hand, taking sheepskin scrolls out. Then he placed them on the table and said, “Camp Lord, please take a look.” Desbarres took the scroll and read it carefully. He discovered that the scrolls had existed for a very long time. It seems like Zhao Hai was able to preserve it well that the prints were still visible.

The more he read, the more Desbarres was surprised. Then in the end he was shocked. Then he turned to Zhao Hai and asked, “Zhao Hai, where did you get this method?” 

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “Back in the lower realms, I was being chased down. In the end I can only enter a forbidden region. There were a lot of Undead in this place and nobody dared to enter it. When I entered the region, I saw a very old Mage Tower. It was also inside that tower that I managed to get the herbs written on that method. Additionally, there’s a very strong density of dark energy present there. Therefore, I was able to succeed in making those powerful Undead. However, after I managed to escape that place, no matter where I went looking, I wasn’t able to see those herbs anymore. I also checked online after coming to the Machine Field and still wasn’t able to find those herbs. So even if I handed the method over, I’m afraid the Camp Lord would find it useless.”


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