BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1111


Chapter 1111 – Killer Fatty Desbarres

Zhao Hai was currently sat inside the Space, looking at spaceships. The Ashley family sent 10 ships altogether.

Upon seeing these ships, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but recall what happened yesterday. They drank too much, he didn’t even know how he got to his room.

He drank a lot yesterday. The crew were drinking alcohol like maniacs. This might be because they had just escaped possible death. Each one of them offered Zhao Hai a toast. In the end, Zhao Hai lost count of how many glasses he drank.

Zhao Hai didn’t use his abilities to dispel the alcohol. Although it would be easy for him, he wanted to become friends with these people. So he just went along and got drunk.

After Zhao Hai was sent to his room, he was immediately hauled over to the Space by Caier. Then after being filled with spatial water, he sobered up.

Now was the day after the event. The Ashley Family’s reinforcements finally arrived. There were ten ships altogether, each one bigger than the academy ship.

Zhao Hai began to understand the Ashley Family’s strength after seeing these ships. Being able to send ten ships at a moment’s notice meant that the Ashley Family weren’t people that could be underestimated.

Because of the planet’s atmosphere, the ships had to slow down upon its descent. While this was happening, Zhao Hai observed the ships. Printed on their side were emblems depicting a skeleton covered in dark clouds. This seems to be the Ashley Family’s emblem.

After that, Zhao Hai measured the ships using his eyes. The ten ships were 500 meters long, 200 meters wide, and 100 meters high. They were shaped like a shuttle, possibly because they were made for speed.

Zhao Hai also inspected the crew manning the ten ships. There were 100 crewmen on each ship. And besides the crew, there were about 500 Mages and Warriors divided among the ten ships.

These Mages and Warriors spanned from level 1 to level 5. The majority of them were level 1 while the level 5’s numbered only ten. This manpower was already astonishing.

Leading this group was a fat man. Although he was thinner than Zhu Dachan, he was still larger than average people. He wore Mage robes and had a ferocious face. It made one think that he was a butcher.

Zhao Hai knew who this person was, he was the Bone Symbol Camp’s lord. Zhao Hai saw him in the pictures. However, when he saw the images, he couldn’t imagine how a ferocious looking man was leading the camp with the least amount of deaths. His actions were truly the reverse of his appearance.

Actually, Zhao Hai’s impression of this fatty was very good. Not only did he publicly state that the Bone Symbol Camp would eliminate brutal eliminations, he also stuck to his decision. This alone was a good reason for Zhao Hai to look at him in a favorable light.

Moreover, from the information found online, this fatty wasn’t only the Bone Symbol Camp’s Lord, he was also the Ashley Family’s External Hall Manager. It can be said that he had a high position in the family. Because of this status, nobody dared to make a move on the Bone Symbol Camp despite its declining status.

Besides being the manager of the External Hall, he also had another identity. He was a loyal servant to the Ashley Family’s current Patriarch, gaining the Patriarchs deep trust.

However, one shouldn’t discount him just because he was a kind Camp Lord that eliminated brutal elimination methods. In fact, it was well-known to Ashley Family’s enemies that he was actually a fierce butcher.

Killer Fatty Desbarres was a very famous character in the Machine Field, famed for being vicious and merciless to his enemies. His character seemed contradictory, but he was actually quite similar to Zhao Hai. He would be caring to his own side while merciless towards his enemies.

It was also because of this that the Ashley Family’s Patriarch was relieved having Margaret join the Bone Symbol Camp. The Patriarch believed that Desbarres wouldn’t place Margaret in any danger.

Naturally, all of these were connected together by Zhao Hai. It was impossible to see everything just by searching online. However, his assumptions shouldn’t be far from the truth.

This time, Desbarres actually came here in person. This meant that the Ashley Family was attaching great importance to this event. Seeing that the ships were about to break through the atmosphere, Zhao Hai closed the monitor and prepared to head out.

Just as he returned to his room, Zhao Hai immediately heard a knock. Zhao Hai quickly opened the door and saw Kirk on the other side. Upon seeing Zhao Hai, Kirk immediately said, “Little Hai, come with me quick. The reinforcements that the Young Lady asked for has arrived. Moreover, it is personally headed by the Camp Lord.”

Zhao Hai pretended to be shocked. Then he quickly nodded and followed behind Kirk. Before long, they arrived at the entrance hall. Margaret was waiting for them there along with Sim.

Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, Margaret nodded and said, “Zhao Hai, you’ll come with us to greet the Camp Lord.” Zhao Hai nodded. After that, Margaret and Sim went out of the hotel first, Kirk and Zhao Hai followed closely behind.

While the group’s car was approaching the spaceport, they could already hear the faint sound of spaceships. As they got out, they saw several huge ships coming down.

Once the ships stopped, a cabin door opened on one of them. Then a big and fat figure came out and walked towards Margaret, this was Killer Fatty Desbarres.

After seeing Margaret, Desbarres said, “Young Miss, are you alright? You scared me to death!” Then he inspected Margaret, afraid that she might be missing a part of her body or something.

Margaret smiled faintly and said, “Uncle, there’s no need to worry. I’m fine.”

At this time, Sim stepped forward and offered his greetings, “Sim Pujian has seen Manager Desbarres.”

Zhao Hai and Kirk also stepped forward and gave their salutes. Desbarred only gave Sim a nod before he turned to Zhao Hai and Kirk. Kirk also only received a nod from the Camp Lord. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was being carefully sized up.

After Zhao Hai gave his salute, he proceeded to stand still. And although Desbarres was sizing him up, his expression didn’t move, he kept calm.

Some time passed, Desbarres suddenly laughed and said, “Good, good. Zhao Hai, I already heard about you. You’re a good lad. Right, let’s head back first before talking.” After he said that, he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder. 

Zhao Hai gave a short bow and said, “Thanks for the praise, Manager Desbarres.”

Desbarres waved his hand, causing the group to enter the vehicles and proceed towards the hotel. It was impossible for Zhao Hai and Kirk to ride with Desbarres. Because of this, they rode another car along with Sim. 

After boarding the vehicle, Kirk looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, “Now that the lord has praised you, you’re future in the camp will certainly be bright. And with the Young MIss’ support, you will certainly become an important member of the camp. When that time comes, I’ll have to rely on you.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “I haven’t entered the camp yet. Moreover, there are still more exams I need to go through. Let’s talk about that when it happens.”

Kirk actually laughed, “You don’t have to take them all. With your current strength, you are already qualified to enter the camp. And with just a few words from the Camp Lord, you can be exempted from those exams. Just like what the Young Miss said, as long as you adapt to the Machine Field’s normal density of spiritual qi, you will immediately be summoned to the camp.”

They didn’t hide their conversation from Sim. After all, this wasn’t a secret. While they were talking, the car continued to speed towards the reception. Before long, they already arrived.

The group entered the entrance hall. Sim tactfully asked to be excused. Zhao Hai and Kirk also asked to be excused, but Margaret stopped Zhao Hai. Kirk was able to return.

After the three had taken a seat, Desbarres looked at Margaret and said, “Young Miss, what happened? Tell me everything.”

Margaret nodded, then she told everything from beginning to end. She described the end of the exam, the attack in outer space, up to the attack on the hotel as well as the pirates’ retreat.

Desbarres listened carefully. And once Margaret was finished, he let out a long breath and said, “That was close. You’re lucky that Zhao Hai is here. If not for him, you might have been in serious danger.”

Zhao Hai just smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. Desbarres turned to Margaret and said, “Young Miss, you can rest assured, I will make sure to investigate this matter thoroughly. No matter who it is, I will definitely bleed them dry.”

Margaret hesitate for a moment. She didn’t say that Zhao Hai managed to interrogate the attackers. Now that she heard Desbarres, she couldn’t help but think whether to tell him or not.

Desbarres was a man who had seen a lot. So after seeing Margaret’s expression, he knew that there were still things that had not been said. So he immediately asked, “Young Miss, do you know anything? Tell me.”

After hesitating, Margaret finally opened her mouth and said, “After the attackers in the mining tunnel were killed, Zhao Hai turned them into Undead. Then from the Undead’s mouth, we were able to discover that they’re from the Fire Temple’s Zhang Family.”

As soon as he heard Margaret, Desbarres couldn’t help but stare. Then he said, “Fire Temple’s Zhang Family? How is that possible?”

Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, are you really sure that they’re from the Zhang Family?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I am. They told me that they’re people from the Zhang Family. The Undead can’t lie, so the information should be correct. Moreover, we killed 80 people this time. It shouldn’t be that hard to find some clues as to who sent those fellows.”

Desbarres nodded. He agreed with Zhao Hai’s idea. It was impossible to hide any traces of 80 people disappearing. As long as they looked, they would certainly find clues. With this thought in mind, Desbarres sneered and said, “Zhang Family, so it is the Zhang Family. Good, they’re quite ambitious.”

Then Desbarres turned to Margaret and said, “Young Miss, prepare to head back. The Old Master has placed great attention on this matter. It would be better if you see him as soon as possible.”


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