BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1110


Chapter 1110 – Meatball Zhu Dachang!!

Just as Margaret and the others arrived at the hall, they suddenly heard a loud and arrogant voice, “Where is your manager? Get him out here! Let’s hear what he has to say.”

When Margaret heard this, her face turned uglier. She quickly walked towards the hall alongside Sim and Zhao Hai.

After arriving at the hall and seeing the guards, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. Just as he imagined, the leader of the guards was a fat, round-headed man. He was so fat that his neck was practically nonexistent. He had two small beady green eyes. His arms, body, and belly were round. He looked like a mascot for meatballs.

At this time, Sim took a step forward before giving the fat man a salute, “Garrison Officer Sir, what winds blew through you that you actually came to my broken place. You give me too much face.” 

The meatball looked at Sim, his eyes actually lit up as he said, “Sim, you old bastard. You have some explaining to do. What just happened?”

Without even waiting for Sim to respond, Margaret interjected and said, “Who are you to ask us for an explanation? It is you who needs to answer to the Ashley Family.”

After hearing Margaret, the meatball man turned to look at her. His beady green eyes blinked before it glared with intensity. He looks like a hungry wolf that just found a defenseless lamb.

The meatball immediately answered, “Is the beautiful lady talking to me? Well, I am the garrison officer of the western district of this mining city. Zhu Dachang!” 

“Hahaha”, upon hearing this name, Zhao Hai couldn’t stop himself from bursting with laughter. He looked at the meatball and said, “You’re actually called pig large intestine? Really? Hahaha. What a name!” 

Margaret was also about to laugh, but she suppressed it to the point where her face was blushed. Zhu Dachang was speechless, his face turned red, then he said, “My name is Zhu Dachang, not pig large intestine! Kid, you’re courting death!”

Margaret just met the meatball’s threat with a cold snort. Then she said, “I don’t care if your name is Zhu Dachang or pig large intestine. Where were you when we were attacked? And now that those people retreated, you conveniently arrived. Are you surnamed Zhu or are you a real pig? You actually have the gall to ask us for an explanation?” 

Zhu Dachang didn’t expect Margaret to be this impolite. He was stunned silly for a moment before he huffed repeatedly as he said, “You’re just an insignificant academy instructor. What gives you the courage to speak to me?” Upon hearing this Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. He was now sure that the Zhang Family had bribed this meatball officer. 

Zhao Hai coughed lightly and said, “Garrison officer, sir. Please allow me to interrupt. This is our academy’s Instructor Margaret. She is also the Ashley Family Patriarch’s sixth Miss. People just attempted to assassinate her. Has Sir thought about what would happen if the Ashley Family’s sixth Miss gets killed here? Will the Ashley Family let this matter go? Even if Sir has a backer, do they have the courage to offend the entire Ashley Family?” If he was speaking to a smart person, Zhao Hai might not have uttered these additional words. However, he needed to elaborate further so that Dachang would never miss any detail.

When Zhu Dachang heard Zhao Hai, his originally red face turned pale. Just like Zhao Hai said, he became the garrison officer because his brother-in-law was a Bishop of the Fire Temple. Although a Bishop wasn’t that powerful, he had enough pull to place Dachang in Tyro Planet to be the west district’s garrison officer.

Even if Dachang was as stupid as a pig, he still knew the Darkness Church’s Ashley Family. And they weren’t just a small force in the Machine Field. Although his brother-in-law was a Bishop, even he wouldn’t dare to make war with the Ashley Family.

With this thought in mind, Dachang couldn’t help but wipe a cold sweat. At the same time, he was cursing the person who bribed him. They didn’t tell him Margaret’s true status, they only stated that she was an academy Instructor. Because of this, he didn’t care about the repercussions. With Zhao Hai’s words, however, Dachang couldn’t help but be frightened.

Zhu Dachang wiped his cold sweat, then he turned to Margaret and with a stuttered voice, he said, “I have seen Miss Margaret. Miss Margaret, I truly apologize for not knowing that you’re here. What happened today was truly unfortunate. It happens to be the guard troop’s quarterly exercise. I ask Miss Margaret to forgive me for this mistake.”

Margaret coldly snorted, “Officed Zhu, no matter what happened, I was attacked here. You neglected your duties and that is a crime. So how can we solve this matter? Are you still asking me to compensate for what happened?”

Dachang quickly replied, “I wouldn’t dare. I just followed normal procedure and plan interrogate everyone on the scene. I wouldn’t dare let Miss Margaret suffer a loss. Miss Margaret, rest assured, after I head back, I will immediately find those responsible for today. We will definitely provide you with a satisfactory answer.” Zhao Hai nodded. Although the meatball officer was stupid, he wasn’t stupid enough to reveal anything. Moreover, his response and excuse was actually calculated.

Zhao Hai went to Margaret’s side and whispered, “Instructor, this is not the time to make another enemy.” Then he retreated after saying that.

Margaret pressed her anger down upon hearing Zhao Hai. Then she said ,”Since this is the case, I will not say anything. However, you need to give me an answer. Or else, the Ashley Family will make sure to investigate.”

Zhu Dachang wiped his sweat away and then said, “Yes, Yes. Miss Margaret can rest assured.” Margaret snorted before turning around and leaving. Naturally, Zhao Hai followed closely behind.

Dachang began to relax after Margaret left. As he wiped another batch of sweat, he turned to Sim and said, “Brother Sim, you protected Miss Margaret. For this, I must thank you. If I really allowed Miss Margaret to fall, then I’m truly finished.”

Sim smiled bitterly and said, “Sir Garrison Officer, even I’m unaware of Miss Margaret’s status. I just fulfilled my responsibilities here. Now that I think about it, it was quite scary. If Miss Margaret suffers an accident in my watch, then even my old bones won’t be able to appease the Ashley Family.”

As he wiped his sweat once more, Zhu Dachang said, “In any case, I need to thank you this time, brother. Alright, I need to head back and see which bastards decided to cause us trouble.” Then he ran out. Although he was unsightly, he wasn’t slow. In a blink of an eye, he disappeared into his car and before long, the vehicle was seen speeding out of the hotel.

Seeing Zhu Dachang escape, Sim sneered and muttered, “Thank me huh. Hmph. You think you can escape the Ashley Family’s retaliation? Stupid pig.”

After he said that, Sim left the hall. Before this event, Sim was truly unaware of Margaret’s status. If Zhao Hai didn’t say it, then he would’ve never thought that the common academy Instructor was actually the Ashley Family’s sixth Miss. With such an extraordinary status, an unimportant person like him couldn’t afford offending her.

Margaret quickly arrived at the dining hall. At this time, Kirk and the crew were already inside. After Margaret and Zhao Hai appeared, those who were nervous began to calm down.

At this time, Sim walked over to Margaret and said, “Miss Margaret, this old man is truly unaware of your status. Excuse me if I have ever offended you.”

Margaret shook her head and said, “Mister Sim, you don’t need to apologize. Instead, I need to thank you. If not for your help, the crew might have been in danger.”

As she said that, they suddenly heard footsteps. Margaret and Sim turned to look at the source. The crew that went with Zhao Hai had come back.

The crew were hidden by the skeleton in a small alley for two hours. Although they were afraid, the skeleton remained motionless so they didn’t dare to go out. Then after the skeleton left the alley, they knew that the danger has passed. Therefore, they immediately followed behind it and returned to the reception. Once it was in front of the hotel, the Undead vanished. And after they entered the hotel, they were informed by a robot to head towards the dining hall.

When Zhao Hai saw them enter, he smiled at them and ushered them over to the hall. And upon seeing that Zhao Hai and Margaret were safe, the crew felt relieved. They gave the two their salute before then entered the dining hall.

Seeing that Margaret was about to say something, Zhao Hai gave a nod before taking a seat.

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and didn’t say anything to him. Although she looked favorably at him, she knew that it wouldn’t be good to be enthusiastic at this time.

After everyone had sat down, Margaret looked at everyone and said. “It has been a very dangerous day. Me and Zhao Hai were attacked outside, and even the hotel was sieged. Fortunately, with the help of Mister Sim, we were able to survive. Also, there’s no need to worry anymore. There are 100 attackers this time, 80 of them were killed by me and Zhao Hai in the mining tunnels. Moreover, the clan’s help would arrive tomorrow.”

Upon hearing Margaret, everyone cheered. However, Sim was actually startled. He had fought with the attackers, so he knew how strong they were. He didn’t expect there to be 100 of them all in all. This was equal to the strength of a small power. But what made Sim surprised even more was Margaret killing 80 of them. 

Eighty level 3 to level 4 experts couldn’t be underestimated. Margaret was only a level 4 Mage while Zhao Hai was level 1. Sim was very curious about how the two were able to kill 80 experts.

Margaret waited for the others to calm down before she continued, “It has been a terrifying experience, but I expect that there shouldn’t be any danger from now on. I called everyone to the dining hall today so that we can enjoy a good meal and recover from the shock. Mister Sim, I have to trouble you. If you have anything delicious, please serve it.’

Sim laughed and said, “Today’s outcome is a joyful occasion. This is fate. This old man will take care of it. Everyone, wait for a moment.” Then immediately after he said that, Sim turned around and left.

Margaret turned to the others and said, “Alright, since we still need to wait for the dishes, I’ll have to ask everyone to have a couple of drinks. There’s no need to be polite. Captain Kirk, Zhao Hai, Mister Ken, Mister, Jing, please sit with me. I have something to say.”

Zhao Hai, Kirk, as well as the first and second mate sat at the table Margaret was gesturing towards. After everyone had sat down, Margaret said, “Today’s matter was too dangerous. I need to thank Mister Zhao Hai. If you weren’t here, then we might have suffered an accident.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Instructor is too polite. I’m now a member of the Ashley Family. Naturally, I will do my best to help. Also, if I don’t make a move on those people, then I would be the one who will perish.”

Margaret shook her head and said, “Even if you say that, I still need to thank you. If you weren’t here, then people would have died. You can rest assured, after you return to the academy, you will definitely be given the best grades. And once you enter the Bone Symbol Camp, you will be given the best treatment.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Then I’ll have to thank you, Instructor Margaret.”

Margaret nodded and said, “Zhao Hai, how long do you think you can get out of the academy? You should be getting more familiar with the density here, am I correct? It shouldn’t be long before you fully adapt.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Right. Just like Instructor said, I’m beginning to adjust to the Machine Field’s density. I should be finished in a couple of months.”

After hearing that, Margaret gave a nod and said, “When we return to the academy, I’ll be giving you some materials to read through. These are about the Bone Symbol Camp. I hope you can understand what it means to be in the camp.”

Just after she said that, robots arrived at the hall and began serving food. The atmosphere inside the dining hall immediately turned lively.


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