BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1109


Chapter 1109 – The Guards Finally Arrive

Seeing Zhao Hai take his Undead back, Margaret began to relax. She can now affirm that Zhao Hai wasn’t the kind of person to kill people just to turn them into Undead. His current actions reflect what he did.

When Zhao Hai finished collecting his Undead, Margaret turned to look at him. It seems like Margaret was waiting for Zhao Hai to talk. Zhao Hai looked at Margaret and said, “Instructor, there seems to be 100 of them. 80 came after us and the rest went to the reception hotel. They’re planning on catching all of us in a net. Can the people in the hotel hold on?”

Upon hearing this, Margaret’s expression changed, then she said, “The reception should have some defenses of their own. But if the enemy has level 3 or level 4 Mages, they would find it difficult to defend. However, Sim is there. Although he isn’t very strong, he’s still a capable level 3 Mage. We should quickly head back.”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “Instructor, I have a spatial ability. We can use it to teleport back to the hotel. However, once we arrive, my strength would be completely drained. I won’t be able to help in dealing with the enemy.”

When Margaret heard him, her two eyes shone. Then she said, “Good, then let’s head back. Don’t worry about the enemy, I can deal with them.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he muttered some incantations before pointlessly waving his hands. Before long, a spatial passage appeared. Margaret followed closely behind after Zhao Hai entered. The next moment, the two were already inside the hotel.

As soon as they arrived, they immediately heard bursts of explosions coming from outside. Zhao Hai pretended to pale as he said, “Instructor, I need to adjust my breathing. I’ll leave this place to you.” Margaret nodded, then she turned around and went out. Before long, she arrived at the hall. Upon reaching the hall, Margaret knew where the explosions were coming from. The hotel actually had a defensive formation in place.

Defensive magic formations in the Machine Field were different than the ones back in the lower realms. In the Machine Field, defensive magic formations used crystals in order to operate. Because of this, the energy used in defending was much more powerful than defensive formations in the lower realms.

Upon seeing the crystal stones, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t expect the crystals inside the Space to be an important resource in the World of Cultivation.

Margaret looked at the shield that encircled the reception. Sim was standing behind it, occasionally firing spells towards the enemies outside. His appearance seemed to lack anxiety.

However, Margaret’s expression wasn’t very good. The fight in the reception lacked the presence of Tyro Planet’s guards. This meant that the people from Tyro Planet might have been bought.

Tyro Planet was an important mining site for mithril. The control of the three major powers over this place was quite strict. But now, attackers were in the city while the guards were nowhere to be found. This could mean that the guards were replaced, and that they were replaced by the enemy’s people.

If this was the case, then this action might not only involve the Fire Temple’s Zhang Family. The Zhang Family wasn’t powerful enough to accomplish this.

However, all of these things were just speculations inside Margaret’s head. She didn’t think too deeply into this matter. It was impossible for her to find out relevant information on her own.

After this thought, Margaret began to move. One must know that Margaret was a level 4 Mage. She might not like fighting and opted to teach and research magic formations, but she was still more skilled in using formations than most Mages.

If this was an ordinary fight, then Margaret might suffer a loss due to her inexperience. However, Margaret was in a defensive position, sending magic towards the opposing Mages. This was a different matter, she couldn’t be hit but she had all the avenues for attack. Naturally, it was the attackers who suffered losses.

The opposite party also discovered Margaret’s sudden appearance. Although they didn’t know how she was able to appear here, they knew that the assassination had failed.

Their main goal this time was to assassinate Margaret. They already surrounded the bar Margaret was in. They even prepared a back-up plan. If Margaret managed to break out of the encirclement, then she would definitely return to the reception. This was where another batch of ambushers would wait for her. 

But unfortunately for them, the ordinary-looking Zhao Hai that they neglected completely ruined their plans. Instead of returning to the hotel, the two went to the mining tunnels instead.

With their main force pursuing the two into the mining tunnel, those left behind decided to assault the hotel in order to kill the ship’s crew. However, they failed to take into account the hotel’s defensive formation.

However, they weren’t worried. In their mind, it didn’t matter if they were stuck here. After all, their main goal was Margaret. As long as she was killed, the crew being alive or dead didn’t matter.

But now that Margaret appeared, they couldn’t help but panic. They didn’t know why Margaret was here, but they were aware that their operation had failed.

With the defensive formation in place as well as Margaret’s presence, assaulting the hotel was no longer possible. Moreover, they couldn’t attack for a long time. Although they had bribed this region’s garrison officer, if the guards took too long to respond, the garrison officer would get into trouble. With no time to change their strategy, the attackers were completely defeated.

The attackers looked at each other before their leader nodded and waved his hand. The attackers immediately withdrew from the scene. However, Margaret and the others didn’t take the defensive formation down. They didn’t know if an attack would come once more.

After seeing the enemies retreat, Sim went to Margaret and said, “Instructor Margaret, what just happened? Where is Zhao Hai?”

Sim had a very good impression of Zhao Hai. The kid had a good temper and wasn’t arrogant. 

Margaret let out a long breath before replying, “Zhao Hai is fine. He’s just inside his room adjusting his breath. Are the crew fine?” Sim nodded and said, “They’re alright. However, some of them had yet to come back. They’re the ones Zhao Hai brought with him outside.”

Margaret thought about the skeleton that Zhao Hai had the crew follow. There shouldn’t be any problems on that side.

Margaret nodded and said, “They’re should be fine. Right, where’s Kirk?”

Sim replied, “He should be in his room. I told them to stay in their rooms and don’t come out.” Margaret nodded, then she turned and went towards the rooms.

Zhao Hai was also paying attention to what happened outside. Naturally, since he didn’t really need to settle his breathing, he could spare the effort to look at the scene. Seeing the attackers retreat, Zhao Hai felt relieved. Then he immediately informed the Undead leading the crew to head back. Meanwhile, he walked out of his room, still in his pale appearance.

Just as he came out, he immediately saw Margaret, then he asked, “Instructor, how is the situation below?”

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai, then she quickly replied, “Everything’s fine. The attackers had withdrawn. You can take a rest, there’s no need to worry.” Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s good. I just used too much energy. Meanwhile, I’ll immediately have the Undead lead the crew back.”

Margaret nodded, “I’m heading to Kirk’s room. You can come along.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he followed Margaret to Kirk’s room.

Zhao Hai knew that Margaret was now considering him as someone on her side. This was a welcome development, this meant that he could move more conveniently in the academy.

Kirk’s room wasn’t far from Zhao Hai’s. It didn’t take long before the two arrived outside. After knocking at the door twice, Margaret called out, “Captain Kirk, are you in? It’s Margaret.”

Just as her voice fell, the door immediately opened. Kirk looked at Margaret with pleasant surprise. He couldn’t help but feel glad as he said, “Miss Margaret, you’re back. Good, good. That’s fantastic. Mister Zhao Hai, you’re here as well? Good, this is good news.” 

Margaret nodded, “Rest assured, there’s no need to worry anymore. Right, call the others and gather at the dining hall. It’s almost time for lunch, let everyone eat what they want.” Kirk nodded, then he proceeded to call the others.

At this time, a siren was heard. This siren was different than the ones back on Earth; this one was more incisive.

Then suddenly, Sim arrived and then said, “Miss Margaret, the guards are here. Do you want to see them?” Margaret’s expression quickly turned ugly. She just encountered three attacks today, yet the guards didn’t appear even once. And now that the matter had settled, they suddenly appeared. Margaret sneered before she turned and went downstairs.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything and just followed behind Margaret. He knew that Margaret was about to say unpleasant words. However, he didn’t prevent Margaret from doing so. The Ashley Family isn’t a small influence in the Machine Field. Because of this, they need to have bearing. If they didn’t say anything about how the other party handled this matter, then they might appear weak to others.


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