BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1108


Chapter 1108 – Fire Temple’s Zhang Family

Zhao Hai was calmly looking at the fight happening outside. He deliberately revealed that he had killed a lot of people, so he wasn’t surprised that Margaret knew. What he wanted to see was Margaret’s response.

Margaret was beside Zhao Hai. Although her eyes were directed at the fight inside the tunnel, one could see that her eyes were empty. It was obvious that her thoughts weren’t on the fight in front of her.

Zhao Hai’s words gave her quite the impact. She didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so casual about his character. He was actually able to refine a lot of people into his summoned undead.

No matter which realm, such a person was called a demon. Even in the Devil Realm, there weren’t a lot of people like Zhao Hai.

When she thought of this, Margaret couldn’t help but turn her head towards Zhao Hai. At this time, Zhao Hai was focused on looking at the battlefield. His expression looked a little disturbed.

Margaret stared, then she hastily looked at the battlefield, thinking that the Undead might be having troubles dealing with the enemies.

But when she saw the situation, she gawked. This was because the undead were overpowering the pursuers. They were performing excellently. So why was Zhao Hai looking disturbed?

What Margaret didn’t know was that Zhao Hai didn’t treat Undead as mere tools. To him, they were living people who had their own identity. They were treated as Zhao Hai’s subordinates. Currently, Zhao Hai just felt the death of several hundred Undead. Because of this, his expression turned serious.

The fight didn’t last long. These Undead were Zhao Hai’s elite. In normal days, they would be in the Hell Space. They didn’t only cultivate, they also practiced battle formations and coordination. Because of this, the Mages and Warriors simply couldn’t do anything amidst the assault of the Undead.

In less than an hour, the 80 pursuers were completely eliminated. Margaret stared at the performance of the undead. The coordination between each Undead were simply fantastic. Even the Machine Field’s best army would have trouble mimicking such coordination.

With the fight finished, Zhao Hai waved his hand and received the Undead. The killed Undead were also taken back to be sent to the Hell Space and buried under the Bone Mountain. This has become a tradition among the Undead.

After receiving the Undead, Zhao Hai turned his attention to the corpses of the slain Mages and Warriors. After a short pause, Zhao Hai waved his hand and surrounded those bodies with black gas.

Zhao Hai’s didn’t use his ordinary black gas to turn these corpses into Undead. Instead, he added a 100-layer formation to amplify the effect.

Zhao Hai originally didn’t intend to go through so much trouble. He could just turn these bodies into Undead and then throw them into the Space. However, the scanner had analyzed this formation a long time ago. This was also the first 100-layer formation that Zhao Hai learned.

There wasn’t anything wrong with turning the corpses into Undead using Zhao Hai’s usual method. However, this formation wouldn’t only preserve the corpse’s intellect and memory, it could also minimize the loss of strength. For example, if a level 4 Mage were turned into an Undead using Zhao Hai’s old method, even if it was improved by the Space, it could only reach 9th rank strength. And in the Machine field, 8th or 9th rank Apprentices weren’t able to use Magic Theory.

But if he used this 100-layer formation, the Undead would keep their level 4 strength. This was why Zhao Hai’s settled on using this method. And since he didn’t want Margaret to see his 100-layer formation, he decided to cover himself with a thick dark mist.

Before long, Zhao Hai finished his magic. The dead Mages and Warriors were now standing, their weapons in their hands. Their strength had also been preserved. But since Zhao Hai didn’t want Margaret to know about his ability, he had the Undead be in their skeleton form.

Zhao Hai immediately interrogated the Undead. After getting the needed information, Zhao Hai turned to Margaret and said, “Instructor, does the Ashley Family have a grudge against the Fire Temple’s Zhang Family?”

When she heard Zhao Hai, Margaret couldn’t help but stare. Then her expression changed, “Fire Temple’s Zhang Family? They sent these people?” The Undead were in their skeleton form, so naturally they couldn’t talk. Zhao Hai communicated with them using his spiritual force. Margaret wasn’t able to hear anything.

Zhao Hai gave a nod and said, “They did. The Zhang Family’s target is you. Once they dealt with you, they would bring a calamity to the Adam Family. And once the Ashley Family and the Adam Family went to war, the Zhang Family would greatly benefit.”

Margaret coldly snorted and said, “Zhang Family, so it’s the Zhang Family. Good, good.”

Zhao Hai looked confused at Margaret’s reaction. Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, I won’t hide anything from you. I’m actually the sixth daughter of the Ashely Family’s Current  Patriarch, Thunder Ashley. My mother was a lower realm ascender and married my father later on. However, my father didn’t treat mother well, causing mother to be depressed. When my mother ascended, she became a member of Bone Symbol Camp. And since I don’t want to join family struggles, I decided to join the Bone Symbol Camp as well and be a teacher at the academy. And when I was young, my father ordered me to marry the Zhang Family’s third son, Zhang Ming!”

When Zhao Hai’s heard this, his eyes couldn’t help but rise up as he said, “So the Ashley Family and the Zhang Family had a very good relationship?”

Margaret sneered and said, “Not only good, they’re known as our most faithful ally. I didn’t expect that this ally was actually the family’s biggest enemy.”

Zhao Hai looked at Margaret and said, “Instructor, what are you planning to do now?”

Margaret coldly snorted, “What else do I have to do? After I head back, I will immediately report this to father. Although he didn’t treat my mother well, he is still my father in the end. And I’m a member of the Ashley Family. If the family falls, then I won’t have a good life.”

Zhao Hai looked at Margaret and said, “Instructor, I suggest not telling your father about this yet. He wouldn’t believe you immediately. And even if you tell him, will he wage war with the Zhang Family? If your two families go to war, then only outsiders would benefit.”

Margaret stared, then she lightly frowned and said, “That’s true. But if I don’t tell him, then the Ashely Family wouldn’t be guarded against the Zhang Family.”

Zhao Hai also frowned. He knew that what Margaret said was true. But if they tell the Patriarch now, then the Ashely Family would be disadvantaged with the fallout.

Moreover, Margaret already said that her relationship with her father wasn’t good. Her father might not even believe the report.

But as a Patriarch, would he neglect this matter completely? Even if he didn’t believe it, he would still be wary of the Zhang Family. In this case, it would be good for the Ashley Family.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Reminding your father would be fine. But remember, you’re just reminding him. Don’t get too angry at the Zhang Family and make this matter known to everyone. The Ashley Family wouldn’t benefit if it wages war with the Zhang Family.”

When Margaret heard this, she couldn’t help but frown. Although her relationship with her father wasn’t very good, she knew her father well. The current Patriarch was a self-contained person. He wouldn’t easily listen to anyone else’s words. If she really told her father, then her father wouldn’t immediately believe it. And just like Zhao Hai said, they shouldn’t spread this matter.

Upon thinking about this, Margaret sighed and said, “Alright, I’ll deal with this matter. I won’t mention this matter to anyone.”

Zhao Hao nodded. When he saw Margaret’s expression, he knew that there were some underlying matters he was unaware of. However, these were things that were out of his hands.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent the Undead to the Space. However, there was no response from the Space, which surprised him.

In the past, when a strong Undead enters the Space, a prompt would always come up. But this time, after formidable Undead entered, there was nothing.

However, Zhao Hai changed his mind when he understood what was going on. Actually, this wasn’t the first time this has happened. Ever since he received Undead from the Underworld, the Space began to adjust.

For the Undead who haven’t reached demigod-level, the Space would automatically upgrade them. However, after they become demigods, they would have to rely on their efforts in order to progress.

This matter might also stem from the Space treating the Undead as their own independent race. In the past, the Space treated the Undead as robots, allowing the Undead to be upgraded.

Although it was a bit disappointing, Zhao Hai accepted the Space’s new way of handling the Undead. After all, he was the one who thought the Undead to be their own race. Therefore, he wasn’t opposed to the Spaces’ decision. In fact, it seems like the Space was adjusting to his own wishes.


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