BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1105


Chapter 1105 – Assassination!

Zhao Hai had experienced countless killings, so he was very sensitive when it came to killing intent. Therefore, upon sensing the killing intent directed at him, Zhao Hai knew that these people were the pirates.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything, instead, she contacted Cai’er with his mind, “Cai’er, pay attention to those Mages in the teahouse. Record their faces and see if they’re the same as the pirates we met before.” Cai’er immediately complied.

After this exchange, Zhao Hai carried on and strolled with the ship’s crew. Then suddenly, Zhao Hai’s attention was taken by a magic staff in a nearby shop. Also, the ship’s sign looked like it had been there for many years, making the shop look ancient.

The signboard was made of wood, contrasting the other high-tech signboards of its neighbors. The signboard’s print was also very common, making it look like the ugly duckling among the group. 

However, Zhao Hai was dazed by this sign board. This was because he could feel magic coming from the piece of wood. It seems like the signboard wasn’t made with simple methods.

Seeing Zhao Hai stop, the crew became confused. One of them looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Zhao Hai? What are you staring at?”

Zhao Hai recovered. Then he looked at the others as he smiled and said, “Everyone, let me take a look at that shop for a moment. I want to buy some things for my friends back at the academy. Mithril is very cheap here, so I want to see what that shop has to offer.” The crew were originally invited by Zhao Hai to play. So upon hearing him, they immediately nodded and joined him in entering the shop.

The shop wasn’t big. So when Zhao Hai’s group of more than ten entered, they immediately made the place cramped.

Zhao Hai proceeded to examine the shop. It was very ordinary. It had wooden shelves and containers that looked like they were made a long time ago. They were also covered with glass, adding to their unique look. The staff displayed on these shelves and containers were also very plain. Beneath each staff was its name and then its price.

As soon as Zhao Hai’s group entered the shop, a robot quickly received them. The robot bowed and said, “Welcome. What can I help you with?”

The robot looked ordinary, just like the shop. Although it was a bit more advanced than TInkle, it still wasn’t advanced. Zhao Hai didn’t care as he replied, “I need several magic staffs. Let me see your catalogue.”

The robot immediately complied as it said, “Please wait a moment.” Then the robot went to one side of the store and took out a book from a cabinet. After handing the book over to Zhao Hai, it said, “All of our magic staff are listed here.”

Zhao Hao nodded, then he opened the book. Although it looked like a book, it was actually an electronic display. Once a page was opened, a projection of the magic staff would appear. Then a voice would be heard, introducing the staff’s functions as well as the magic formation recorded inside.

This kind of things was rare in the Machine Field. Zhao Hao flipped the book as he paired them with the numbers below the staffs on the cabinets. He was looking for staffs suited for Dins and the others.

Honestly, the mage staffs in this store were really good. All of the staff were made of wood that were suited for Mages to use. They were also engraved with five-layer formations for level 1 Mages and formations for level 2 Mages. The shop didn’t have staffs surpassing level 3. However, this selection still caught Zhao Hai’s eyes. After all, Dins and the others had yet to reach level 1. Giving them too advanced staffs wouldn’t be good. 

Margaret stood at the back, observing Zhao Hai earnestly scanning through the staffs. She couldn’t help but sigh, she began to understand Zhao Hai less and less. A month after ascending, he was already a level 1 Mage. It can be said that he was a genius. It was normal for these kinds of people to be arrogant. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t arrogant at all. Not only did he befriend Old Mages like Dins and the others, he could also mingle with the ship’s crew. Such a person was truly rare.

Margaret couldn’t help but wonder what kind of place could train someone such as Zhao Hai. One must know that each young ascender from the lower realms were very talented individuals. They most likely had powerful influences supporting them back in the lower realm. Besides cultivating, all of their other needs were well taken care of. Because of this, these talents developed arrogant behaviours.

Zhao Hai was a genius among geniuses. Since he was able to ascend at a young age, this meant that he also had a huge background. However, Zhao Hai was experienced in battle. He also had well-developed social skills. Margaret even suspected Zhao Hai of killing more than a million people. Putting these facts together, it seems like Zhao Hai was different compared to the others of his kind.

Zhao Hai bought 15 level 1 staffs. After paying nearly twenty thousand machine coins, the group proceeded to walk out of the shop.

And just as they came out, Cai’er’s voice resounded inside Zhao Hai’s head, “Young Master, we’ve investigated those people. They were indeed the pirates that attacked the ship. There’s no mistaking it.” 

Zhao Hai nodded, then he stepped back two steps to Margaret’s side and said, “Instructor, the pirates that attacked us are close by. Moreover, we’ve already been surrounded. We need to see that our brothers are safe..”

Margaret stared, then her expression turned cold. She turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Are you sure?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ”I’m very sure. I’m quite sensitive to killing intent. Moreover, their glares didn’t stop. Before we went into the shop, I saw a few Mages at a teashop. At that time, I thought that they looked like the people that attacked our ship. And now, I feel their murderous intent. It seems like they’re ready to take action.”

At this point, Margaret already had great trust towards Zhao Hai. So she immediately replied, “Alright, I’ll tell the crew to return.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and whispered, “We can’t just abruptly retreat. Otherwise, the pirates would make their move. We need to divert their attention. Instructor, as long as we guard the crew, it’ll be fine.”

Margaret nodded, she couldn’t help but raise her spiritual force. Zhao Hai looked around him and sneered. Then he turned to the crew and laughingly said, “Brothers, I managed to buy a lot of good staffs today. I want to celebrate. How about we drink at that bar over there?” Then he pointed at a roadside bar.

Although the crew couldn’t understand why Zhao Hai suddenly decided to have a drink, liquor was always welcomed. The crew didn’t become polite and just cheered as they ran towards the bar.

Upon seeing the crew running, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh as he shouted, “You heard drinking and you ran faster than anyone I know. If I don’t follow behind, who would pay for your drinks?”

Knowing Zhao Hai was just having a playful banter, one of the crew replied, “We’ll just tell them to put the drinks on your tab. Brothers, let’s run faster. We must drink at least two bottles today!”

Zhao Hai pretended to be anxious as he ran after them towards the bar, saying, “Brothers, don’t drink too much. I might not be able to afford it all.” Then he showed the physical weakness of a Mage. Even when the crew had entered the bar, Zhao Hai still fell behind.

Looking at Zhao Hai’s acting, Margaret couldn’t help but commend him secretly. Zhao Hai’s words made the crew run faster and his acting was on point.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly cast a formation in front of him. Then a big sword flew out of the formation and went straight towards the bar’s second floor.

Just as the sword was about to hit the bar’s window, a barrier appeared and blocked Zhao Hai’s attack.

However, after releasing the sword, Zhao Hai followed up with a five-layer formation. A fiery spear emerged out of the formation and chased behind the sword and also hit the barrier.

One could see a faint silhouette of a person right behind the barrier. The person easily blocked the sword, but the fiery spear caught him off-guard. The fiery spear tore through the barrier as though it was paper and then stabbed the person behind it. The man screamed for a moment before the fiery spear exploded.

After the loud explosion, the person’s entire body was erased. However, what was strange was the fact that although the person was killed, and the bar’s window was damaged, nothing else was affected by Zhao Hai’s attack.

Zhao Hai didn’t stop. He released another five-layer formation. When the formation appeared, a burst of dark mist suddenly spread out, covering the entire street. One couldn’t even see their own fingers if they stretched it out.


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