BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1103


Chapter 1103 – Full Support In Cultivation

Spaceships had protective shields, but this didn’t mean that these shields were omnipotent. In outer space, danger was in every corner. They may be attacked by space junk, cosmic rays, or anything else at any time. There even some cosmic rays that could tear apart a ship’s shield like paper.

Because of this, most ships had emergency doors installed on its outer cabins!

These emergency doors were there to be used whenever the ship gets damaged. Once the hull gets breached, these emergency doors would immediately be activated, isolating the affected compartments. Even if the pressure on those compartments shred and rip apart everything inside, it still wouldn’t affect the ship’s overall operation.

Those three cabins had been damaged because they had been targeted by the pirates. Therefore, Kirk immediately ordered the emergency doors of those cabins to be closed. This way, it ensures that the ship continues to fly normally.

If the emergency doors were left open, then the pressure on the ship would get bigger and bigger. It might even cause the ship to break in two. If that happens, then they would surely be finished.

Seeing that the pirates had been shaken off, Kirk and the others began to relax. Then Margaret and Kirk looked at Zhao Hai with an unusual gaze. They didn’t think that Zhao Hai would stay calm in such a critical event.

One shouldn’t underestimate the decision to turn back. In their position, it wasn’t an easy task to calmly choose to turn around and head back. Although they were indeed closer to Tyro Planet, they weren’t that close. They had already been travelling for close to day, and were now one-third of the way back to the academy. Most people might just bite the bullet and push through.

Zhao Hai also thought about going forward. However, if the Ashley family’s enemy really did want to deal with them, then it’s possible that they would stage multiple ambushes along the way. Because of this, Zhao Hai knew that going back was the only solution that could provide them with an assured chance of survival.

And his choice was correct. As the ship turned around, the pursuing Warriors and Mages couldn’t catch up. This allowed Zhao Hai and the others to escape with their lives.

Zhao Hao saw Margaret and Kirk’s gaze, but he just smiled and didn’t say anything. Margaret didn’t ask Zhao Hai anything as well as she turned to Kirk and said, “I’ll send news back to the family and ask them for assistance as soon as possible. Meanwhile, let’s stay in Tyro Planet and recuperate.” Kirk nodded.

Although they still haven’t arrived at Tyro Planet, Kirk knew that they were as good as safe. And as long as they reach the range of the planet’s defenses, nothing would happen to them.

Planetary defenses were quite common in the Machine Field. And on a planet with mithril ore, Tyro Planet had defenses much stronger than most.

After landing on Tyro Planet, the people on the ship were finally able to let out relieved sighs. Margaret took Zhao Hai back to the reception area and told Sim about the situation. Then she asked Sim to provide them with a place to stay.

Naturally, Sim immediately agreed to the request and arranged a room for them. After the rooms had been assigned, Margaret went to Zhao Hai’s room.

After being invited inside by Zhao Hai and offered a cup of tea, Margaret sat opposite her student. She looked at Zhao Hai for some time before she said, “Zhao Hai, I need to thank you for your calm thinking. If it weren’t for you, we would’ve decided to proceed.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Instructor is too polite. I’m just thinking for myself. If we really continued going forward, then not everyone in the ship might have survived.”

Margaret nodded, then she said, “I reckon you’ve already known about the Bone Symbol Camp. To be honest, the camp’s present state isn’t the same as the past. There’s nothing in the camp that could attract an expert. However, I still hope that you can join the camp. At the very least, you will be safer if you join us. And after you enter, I will tell the camp leader to concentrate the camp’s resources into cultivating you. With your talent, you will definitely be a famous expert in the region.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Instructor, there’s no need to go that far. I will join the Bone Symbol Camp because I want to. I definitely won’t regret this decision.” 

Margaret nodded, then after a moment she said, “I’ll give you more freedom when we go back to the Academy. This way, you can adapt to the spiritual qi at your own pace. Once you adapt to the normal density, you can tell me and I will let you graduate in advance.”

Zhao Hao nodded. To be honest, he didn’t want to stay in the academy anymore. And he also wanted to adjust to the Machine Field’s normal spiritual qi density as soon as possible so that he could strengthen himself more effectively. He wanted to advance quicker so that he could gain a footing in the World of Cultivation, as well as providing Laura and the others with an identity This way, they would be able to boldly move about in the Machine Field and not stay inside the Space all the time.

Margaret added, “I’ve already informed the family. They will be sending support but they would arrive the day after tomorrow. You need to be careful in these two days. Although nobody would dare make a large-scale assault on Tyro Planet, this doesn’t mean that they won’t send someone to do assassination. If you have nothing to do, it would be best if you stay inside your room.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright. Instructor can rest assured.” Margaret nodded before she stood up and left.

Through this event, Zhao Hai was able to confirm that the Bone Symbol camp had already settled on recruiting him. Otherwise, Margaret wouldn’t have told him that they would allocate all their resources in order to cultivate him.

Besides this, Zhao Hai also discovered something from Margaret’s words. First, it seems to be true that the Bone Symbol Camp lacked experts. And second, Margaret’s was certainly someone of considerable status.

After Margaret left, Zhao Hai immediately entered the Space. Seeing Zhao Hai return, Laura and the others quickly welcomed him. Then Laura said, “Brother Hai, that was dangerous. You need to be more careful.” Zhao Hai just smiled and said, “It’s fine, you don’t need to worry. You heard Teacher Margaret, after returning to the academy, I will be able to adapt to the normal level of spiritual qi quicker. This way, I could leave the academy earlier. Once I leave, I will find a way so that you can go out. You don’t have to stay inside the Space every day.”

When they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others immediately cheered. For them, this was a very important matter. They’ve already seen how colorful the Machine Field was, so they all wanted to explore the place with their own eyes. It was just a pity that they had yet to gain the opportunity to do so. So when Zhao Hai told them about this, they couldn’t help but be happy.

Seeing their happy expressions, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be happy as well. After everyone had calmed down, Zhao Hai said, “However, we still have to stay in Tyro Planet for a couple of days. I plan to use these days to take a look at the tunnels and take normal mithril for ourselves. It would be a waste if I couldn’t get some mithril after coming here.’ 

Laura smiled and said, “You don’t need to worry yourself about this. Since we’ve been here already, you can return at any time. I think what you need to focus on right now is to improve your combat effectiveness. Right, if you have time, you should go to the mining city and buy some gifts for Dins and the others. If Brother Hai really wants Dins and the others to follow you in the future, you need to increase their strength and provide them with formations to practice on. Take Dins for example, he’s a Fire Mage so he should be studying fire element formations. You can give him a combined formation and have him condense a formation that suits him best. Not only would he get stronger, he will also feel indebted to you. Although Margaret said that the Bone Symbol Camp would concentrate on cultivating you, there would still be people inside the camp that will feel dissatisfied with this decision. Therefore, you need to cultivate your own group.”

After listening to Laura, Zhao Hai felt that her words were justified. If he joins the Bone Symbol Camp in the future, he would need to cultivate his own influence. Otherwise, he would be isolated. Although Dins and the others were older, Zhao Hai didn’t find any problems with them. The Space had potions that can extend life so they should be able to live a couple of hundred years more. Moreover, as their cultivation increased, their lifespan would also increase. When the time comes, they would be experts that nobody would dare underestimate.

As long as Zhao Hai shows them favor now, then when he joins the Bone Symbol Camp later, he wouldn’t be afraid of being surrounded on all sides. He would have his own group to rely on.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll listen to you. I’ll use these days to practice. Right Cai’er, I was thinking of using potions to break through my bottleneck. Help me look for herbs that can allow me to break through to the second layer of the Stellar Transformations art. I always felt that breaking through the second layer would bring me a huge benefit.” Cai’er nodded. Then she turned around and flew away. At this point, Little Silver had become Cai’er’s assistant, following behind her all the time. As for Bubble, the fellow actually liked to hang around in the villa alongside Laura and the others. The women were already used to its existence. They even use Bubble as a pillow from time to time.

By this time, Zhao Hai had lost interest in dealing with Bubble. Although this fellow looks lazy, its strength was actually pretty good. Zhao Hai had already placed a lot of things inside Bubble’s body to undergo water refining. Among these things were two grown azure dragon snails as well as the column of ice where Bubble was originally taken from.

It needs to be said that Zhao Hai was able to learn about the azure dragon snails in the Machine Field. As long as the snails were refined to a certain degree, they could be used as a warship. As for the column of ice, it was born from Bubble and was very rich in the water element. This type of material had numerous uses in the Machine Field. There would definitely be great uses for it in the future.


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