BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1102


Chapter 1102 – Pirates

Zhao Hai paused for a moment before he quickly exited the Space and reappeared inside his room. And just as he arrived in his room, Zhao Hai immediately heard knocks coming from the door.

Zhao Hai quickly went to the door and opened it. Margaret was on the other side, her facial expression somewhat anxious. She looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, come with me to the command hall quick. There are Space Pirates, we might have to retreat.” Then she turned around and walked towards the command hall.

Zhao Hai hastily followed behind. Before long, they arrived at the ship’s command hall. The atmosphere inside the room was completely different from before. The last time Zhao Hai was here, everyone was very relaxed, some were even drinking tea. Even those who controlled the ship didn’t look busy.

But now, the place was extremely active. Those who controlled the ship were very busily typing on the keyboard as they shouted information. The entire hall was noisy.

Margaret didn’t make any noise as she just led Zhao Hai towards the ship’s commander. The commander stood in front of his table, looking at the display. His expression was very strict. He would also issue commands from time to time.

Zhao Hai looked at the display on the table. From what Margaret said, Zhao Hai expected space pirates to be driving their own spaceships, just like those written in fiction back on earth. However, it seems like this wasn’t the case at all. They were just people who were flying in space.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t expect people to be able to fly in space. Moreover, these people were wearing Mage and Warrior clothes. This was completely out of Zhao Hai’s imagination.

Zhao Hai turned to Margaret and said, “Instructor, these are pirates? And are those Mages?”

Margaret didn’t turn her head to Zhao Hai, but she still nodded and said, “Yes, those are the pirates. Some of them are also ascenders from the lower realms. Their strength should be level 3 or above, since that is the level you need in order to fly in space. They rob people for a living. With their strength, the Mages and Warriors are powerful enough to damage ordinary ships. The academy’s ship is also an ordinary spaceship, but with a little bit more defense. However, it would still be difficult for us to get rid of them.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He was now level 4. If level 3 allowed one to fly in space, then this means that he could fly in space as well.

Margaret hasn’t been paying attention to Zhao Hai’s expressions. She was still looking at the space pirates. Then she added, “Commonly, space pirates don’t attack academy ships. This is because they know that academy ships don’t hold anything valuable. Even if they take an academy ship, it would still be useless for them since it is just a common ship. Nobody would buy it from them.”

Zhao Hao knitted his brows. From the information he checked online, the status of ascender academies were very high. Moreover, academy ships were protected by the three major powers of the Machine Field. Anyone who dared to attack academy ships would be jointly pursued by these powers.

Margaret then said, “The way they appeared is strange. We just left Tyro Planet and now they’re here. It seems like they were waiting for us.”

Upon hearing Margaret, Jin Changji’s image suddenly appeared inside Zhao Hai’s mind. So he immediately said, “Instructor, is this Jin Changji’s plot? Since nobody from the Adam Academy came back, he won’t allow any of us to safely return.”

Margaret stared, but she shook her head and said, “That’s impossible. Jin Changji knows about my status. He wouldn’t dare do anything like this!”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but pause, then his two eyes shone. Margaret’s words just made him understand that her status wasn’t simple.

But Zhao Hai didn’t dwell on it for long as he said, “Instructor, I can think of four possible reasons . First, they are just pirates and met us coincidentally. But that’s not very likely to happen. It’s common sense for pirates to leave academy ships alone unless some strings are pulled. Second reason is that they are people that are hostile to the Adam Family. They want to attack us in order to frame the Adam Family. If this succeeds, then the Adam Family and the Ashley family would fight and they would profit.”

“The third possibility is that these people are from the Adam Family. They can attack us because they could just claim that they are being framed by other people. People would think that they wouldn’t blatantly attack like this and set themselves on fire. In this case, people might even believe them.”

“The fourth possibility is that these people are other enemies of the Ashley Family. They attack us here so that we would blame the Adam Family, causing a war in the process.”

It wasn’t just Margaret who heard Zhao Hai’s words, the captain was listening as well. When they heard this, they couldn’t help but think that this pirate attack wasn’t as simple as it looked.

Margaret turned to Zhao Hai and said, “So who do you think these people belong to?”

Zhao Hai answered, “First of all, these people cannot be pirates. Tyro Planet being an examination area isn’t a secret. Us being here isn’t strange as well. Therefore, pirates wouldn’t be lurking in this place. Secondly, they couldn’t he from the Adam Academy. Even if the Adam Academy’s students were wiped out in the exam, it didn’t cause too much loss to them. They will not risk damaging themselves just by this event alone, it just isn’t worth it. Third, It is also likely that they aren’t Adam Academy’s enemies. Although killing us would incite a fight between the Ashley Family and the Adam Academy, the two families aren’t stupid enough to not understand the implications of this fight. Both would certainly launch investigations about this matter. And if the perpetrator is found, they would definitely meet a violent retaliation.Therefore, although it seems like it would be a good move to attack us, it is in fact a stupid action. So in the end, I think that the only possibility is that these people are the Ashley Family’s enemies. With enough grudge, people wouldn’t let off any opportunity to attack a member of the family.” Zhao Hai made a careful analysis of this matter. Because of this, Margaret couldn’t find any point to rebut. In the end, Margaret and the Commander nodded.

After nodding, Margaret asked Zhao Hai, “What do you suggest we should do?”

Zhao Hai looked at the Mages and the Warriors on the screen and said, “I think we should return to Tyro Planet. We just left the planet, so it wouldn’t take long for us to head back. Being in Tyro Planet would be the safest move we could do. Upon arriving at the planet, we can send word back to the family and ask them for support.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Margaret nodded and then turned to Kirk and said, “Kirk, what do you think?” Kirk thought about it for a moment and said, “It’s reasonable. We’re not far from Tyro Planet. As long as we turn around, we should be able to reach it if we use our shields. Even if we take damage before arriving at the planet, it wouldn’t be too heavy. At the very least, we can guarantee everyone’s safety.”

Margaret nodded, “Then let’s head back to Tyro Planet at our maximum speed.” Kirk complied and then gave the order. Since the ship wasn’t overly large, it wasn’t difficult for it to turn around and leave.

The attackers didn’t expect the ship to make a sudden turn. They were too surprised that they weren’t able to respond for some time.

Just when they were about to start attacking the ship, it was already quite a distance away. Although these people could fly in space, they weren’t as fast as spaceships. The reason why they can ambush the ship was because the ship was already heading their way. It was the same concept as train robbers. It was impossible for them to catch up to the train, but it was possible to wait for the train to come to them.

However, now that the ship suddenly turned around, these people were left behind. Also, the ship’s defensive shield wasn’t just for decoration. It was a shield that had evolved with Magic Theory, allowing it to block level 5 attacks. Because of this, after the Mage and Warrior attacks hit, they still weren’t able to make a substantial damage.. The ship was now using almost all of its energy on propulsion, but this didn’t mean that they slacked on using their shield. Blocking attacks from these pirates wouldn’t be a problem.

Margaret and Zhao Hai didn’t expect that just as the ship turned around, Kirk suddenly said, “Increase energy use to 100%. Place 80% on propulsion while 20% are on shields.”

At this moment, the ship began to shake. Then a staff member reported, “Commander, cabin 5, 7, and 11, have been damaged. The cabin pressure is beginning to change.” Along with this report, the ship began to slow down.

Kirk quickly made an order, “Close the emergency doors outside cabin 5, 7, and 11. We don’t need them anyway. Make a straight course towards Tyro Planet!!”

And with Kirk’s command, the ship’s speed increased once more, leaving the Mages and Warriors far behind.


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  1. I like how Zhao Hai actually seems smart. The author actually gives multiple reasons for enemies to behave the way they do, and they are more plausible than ‘hurr durr, I’m stupid and evil.’

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      1. Yeah, but it’s still better than other cultivation novels. all the enemies in those tend to act like sociopathic, mentally challenged third graders with superpowers, not multiple century old members of factions that are constantly jockeying for position among themselves.

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