BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1101


Chapter 1101 – Terminator?

Zhao Hai wasn’t attracted to the ghost mithril ores, he wanted the ghost mithril essence. If he can get his hands on the ghost silver essence, the Space might be able to create endless amounts of ores. It might even provide experience, allowing the Space to level-up.

For Zhao Hai, there was nothing more important than levelling up the Space. After all, if the Space levels up, his strength would increase. And nothing was more important than increasing his strength.

Although Zhao Hai wishes the Space to level up quickly, he wasn’t too anxious about it. This was because being anxious was useless. Worrying would just cause him to make mistakes. And in the World of Cultivation, mistakes were closely related to death.

Zhao Hai let his spiritual force loose as he sat inside the blood lotus. At this time, the blood lotus had reduced its size to a person’s fist. It was currently on a crack in the ore vein.

Behind him, the mithril ores were vanishing in a constant rate. With the Undead coordinating with the Space, receiving the ores was very simple

As Zhao Hai proceeded forward, he suddenly felt a trace of spiritual waves in front of him. This spiritual movement was very well hidden, but Zhao Hai was still able to feel it.

Zhao Hai immediately stopped in place. There was no possibility of any creatures in this place. Sensing spiritual movement only meant one thing, the ghost mithril essence!

Zhao Hai carefully pushed his spiritual force towards the direction of the waves. He controlled his spiritual force to be as discreet as possible. This was because he was afraid of making the other side discover him.

Before long, Zhao Hai’s spiritual force arrived at its destination. But when he saw what was giving out spiritual waves, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. This wasn’t what he expected. In his mind, he expected either a rock or a humanoid, or an animal-shaped ghost mithril. In the end, it turned out to be an egg!

Zhao Hai scanned the egg. It wasn’t a huge egg. It was about half a meter high and a diameter of 30 centimeters. Its body was also bright silver.

There were no ores nor dirt surrounding this egg. The egg floated in the void appearing both peaceful and strange.

Zhao Hai paused for a moment before leading the blood lotus to approach the egg. As soon as he reached the egg, Zhao Hai stopped because not only was the egg emitting spiritual waves, it was also physically shaking. It was as though it was afraid.

Zhao Hai had the blood lotus slowly approach the side of the egg. He reached out and gently touched the egg. After touching the egg, Zhao Hai was shocked once more. This was because the egg’s shaking had reduced. He could also feel a breath of life inside!

Zhao Hai stared, he couldn’t help but extend his spiritual force towards the egg. He wanted to sense the inside of the egg.

Just as Zhao Hai’s spiritual force reached the egg, the egg suddenly sucked the spiritual force in. Zhao Hai was surprised, he wanted to retrieve his spiritual force but found out that he wasn’t able to. The egg seemed to produce a huge cortex, sucking up Zhao Hai’s spiritual force into the egg.

Zhao Hai suddenly found out that he had no longer any control over his spiritual force. When he tried to pry his spiritual force away from the egg, he felt that there seems to be a connection that tied his spiritual force to his egg. This connection gave a steady stream of spiritual force for the egg. And it was impossible for Zhao Hai to sever this connection.

Zhao Hai was more surprised to find out that he wasn’t able to enter the Space. If he cannot enter the Space, then his greatest advantage was gone. He can only wait for death.

It was at this point that Zhao Hai discovered that the Space cannot guarantee his safety all the time. If other people could deal with him with the same method, then he could only wait to die.

Just as Zhao Hai thought that the egg would suck him dry, a stream of spiritual force suddenly spread out from the egg. This spiritual force was sent to Zhao Hai’s head, making up for the spiritual force that was just consumed.

Zhao Hai stared as he felt the spiritual force that the egg had sent back. At the same time, there were some information being sent over. Zhao Hai closed his eyes and comprehended this information.

To Zhao Hai’s surprise, he found nothing. The egg just sent information about its loneliness, its fears and so on. It was like a child being locked up in a dark room all alone.

Zhao Hai gawked, he didn’t know what was going on. At this moment, he suddenly felt the egg sending an expression of joy. Then the egg shone with beams of light as its shell melted in Zhao Hai’s hand. Before long, the egg transformed into a molten metal version of a human.

Zhao Hai discovered that this figure of molten metal didn’t have any evil intentions towards him. Although it was in his hand, it didn’t hinder his movement at all. Moreover, he could feel a warm feeling from the figure.

Then the liquid figure suddenly flowed to Zhao Hai’s arms before it gathered on his shoulders. After that, the molten liquid slowly turned into a child.

Zhao Hai curiously watched the little thing. It was smaller than Cai’er. Its upper body had a small belly band while its lower body had baby shorts. It looked quite adorable.

Zhao Hai stared blankly at the kid. Although it was very adorable, its entire body was bright silver. It looked like a baby robot.

At this time, the kid sent another wave of spiritual force. This spiritual force passed its sentiment towards Zhao Hai stating that it was going to depend on him.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but let out a helpless smile. He really couldn’t understand what was going on. But in the end, he changed his mind and saw that the kid had just been born, and that it had already labeled him as his family.

Zhao Hai didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. But in the end, he rubbed the kid’s belly. In turn, the kid rubbed its small face into Zhao Hai’s cheek. Although the kid looked like a metallic being, its skin was actually very soft.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly before he brought the kid into the Space. Just as the two entered, a prompt was heard, “Metallic man discovered. Metallic man is accepting of the Host. Extracting the metallic man’s ability to improve the Host’s genes. The Host now has the ability to turn into liquid metal. Because the metallic man is the ghost mithril’s essence, the Space can now produce ghost mithril ore veins.”

“Ability to analyze and store detected on the metallic man. Space’s Universal Scanner has levelled up. Hoping the Host to continue working hard.” Just as the prompt was heard, the Space’s scanner had been improved. It was much taller now at ten stories high. 

After seeing this development, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. Ascending to the Machine Field showed his how important the Universal Scanner was. At this moment, he already had several hundred thousand magic formation combinations gathered. All of this was because of the scanner’s ability. Now that the scanner has been upgraded, things would only get better.

However, with this thought, Zhao Hai’s brows couldn’t help but wrinkle. Although this aspect of his strength has been improved, his overall status didn’t increase that much. This could help him get stronger indeed, but Zhao Hai still haven’t found out a way to increase his spirit nor advance in the Stellar Transformation art.

At this time, his Myriad Stellar Transformations art had reached the peak of the first layer, he had yet to enter the second layer. He was able to break through to the second layer at any time, but he seems to be unable to.

Taking a deep breath, Zhao Hai calmed down. He knew that even if the scanner had leveled up and can analyze more layered formations, it was still useless to him. This was because he didn’t have enough spiritual force to support it. With his current strength, 100-layer formations was his limit.

Nevertheless, getting his hands on the ghost mithril essence and allowing the Space to produce ghost mithril ore veins was already a good harvest. He wasn’t too greedy to expect for more.

Zhao Hai didn’t go to see the scanner, there was no need to. He didn’t have much involvement with the machine. It was Cai’er, Laura, and the others that used it frequently.

Upon returning to the villa, Zhao Hai needed to stop his jaw from falling. Laura and the others were in front of their computers and commanded the Undead to move the ghost mithril to the Space. It looked just fine as it was, but looking at the computers, it seems like they were competing in a computer game.

While Zhao Hai was shocked, Cai’er suddenly flew over. Looking at the kid, Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, is this the kid the prompt mentioned?”

Zhao Hai nodded, he turned his head to the kid and said, “Kid, this will be your companion from now on. She’s your elder sister Cai’er. Treat her and also my wives as your family. Since you’re silver colored, we’ll start calling you Little Silver from now on. Go on, play with Cai’er.”

Little Silver looked like he couldn’t understand Zhao Hai’s words. However, it could understand what Zhao Hai wanted to say. Therefore, it giggled before a pair of silver wings appeared on its back. The wings fluttered as Little Silver flew crookedly towards Cai’er.

Looking at Little Silver’s appearance, Cai’er smiled before leading the kid to play around. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai went to Laura and the others and looked at the game they were playing. Each one of them were commanding ten Undead creatures and competed on who could mine the most ghost mithril ore.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about their conduct. They had been inside the Space all this time, bored. Being able to find things that could amuse them was good. Zhao Hai didn’t disturb them as he teleported to an uninhabited area in order to try his newly gained ability.

Zhao Hai already discovered that ever since he took Little Silver with him, the dark energy in the tunnel had decreased. It seems like all those dark energy had been supplied by Little Silver. Therefore, there should no longer be any danger in future examinations.

Liquefying his body into metal was Zhao Hai’s new ability. In order to understand more of the ability, Zhao Hai tried to use it. He immediately felt his body turn silver up to the cellular level. Moreover, he could feel his bones and internal organs dissolve. He was now ready to transform.

Then Zhao Hai thought about turning his hand into a sword. And before long, a bright silver sword was in place of his hand. Zhao Hai suddenly thought that he was now like the terminator, being able to turn into liquid metal at ease. At this point, his personal appearance held little meaning.

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly. He began to think that he was becoming less and less human. However, he didn’t necessarily need to become metallic being. For Zhao Hai, this ability was just one means among the many that he already had. It was just like a sword. He didn’t need to use it all the time. 

After letting out a long breath, Zhao Hai began to cultivate. He had already decided on his schedule moving forward. Besides sleeping, he would condense magic formations nonstop for two hours. Then after that, he would familiarize himself with formation combinations. This way he would know which ones were the most appropriate to use in future battles.

Like this time, for example. Besides the formation he used to defeat the beasts, the other five-layer formations he used were the most appropriate ones to use at that time. If the Mages from the Adam Academy knew which formation to use, then they wouldn’t have died.

It was one thing to have power. It was another thing to hold complete control of that power, making it your own. Because of this, Zhao Hai made sure to familiarize himself with formations every day.

Besides his condensing formations and familiarizing himself with formation combinations, Zhao Hai also allotted time to practicing sword qi. He’s both a Warrior and a Mage. Not using sword qi would be a waste of his talent.

Zhao Hai saw how Khan and the others utilized their sword qi in order to destroy even the hardest defenses. As long as he gained a good grasp on sword qi, then Zhao Hai would have more cards to play in the future.

Besides magic formations and sword qi, Zhao Hai was also sharpening his usage of spiritual force. In the Machine Field, spiritual force was also very important.

And lastly, Zhao Hai also practiced in his Stellar Transformation Yin-Yang art. In the past, Zhao Hai didn’t deliberately practice this technique. But now that he was actively cultivating this method, his fundamental strength would certainly increase.

While Zhao Hai was learning formation combinations, Cai’er’s voice was suddenly heard, “Young Master, return to the ship quickly. Margaret is looking for you.”


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