BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1099


Chapter 1099 – You’re Lying!

Jin Changji was currently feeling strange. The Wild Academy and the Ashley Academy’s students had already returned. However, the Adam Academy’s students had yet to arrive.

He didn’t believe that the Adam Academy’s students would have no survivors. After all, there were six of them, how could none of them survive?

Instructor Dan went to Jing Changji and said, “There’s no need for Instructor Jin to wait. The Adamy Academy’s students wouldn’t be returning.” Then he handed over the three spatial items.

Jin Changji stared at the spatial items in Instructor Dan’s hand. His expression changed as he said, “Why do you have their spatial items? Did the Wild Academy kill them?”

Instructor Dan didn’t expect Jin Changji to turn hostile this soon. He coldly snorted before taking out six corpses. These corpses belonged to the Adam Academy’s six Mages.

After releasing the corpses, Dan looked at Jin Changji and said, “Surnamed Jin, don’t just bark like a wild dog. Act like your position. You aren’t an idiot, you can look at their injuries to see how they died. Take these three spatial items, my Northwild family has a lot of them.” Then he slammed the spatial rings into a nearby table. It might even be said that he embedded the rings into the table. One could see from this point how strong Dan really was.

Seeing Dan’s conduct, Jin Changji’s eyes couldn’t help but shrink. But he just coldly snorted before turning his head to the six Mages.

After carefully looking at the corpses, Jin Changji’s expression sank. This was because the injuries seen on the bodies indicated that they had been killed by malicious ghosts and beasts. And there wasn’t any indication of tampering.

This wasn’t the first time Jin Changji brought students to an exam. Therefore, he could see injuries caused by ghosts and beasts. 

After some time, Jin Changji stood up slowly. He looked at Dan and said, “What happened?”

Although Dan was mad at him, that was only a momentary anger. Even so, he didn’t look at Jin Changji’s face and just answered, “There aren’t just five ghosts in the tunnel, but seven ghosts and twelve beasts. It was your team that met them first. As for the state of the battle, Khan and the others only arrived when it was finished. When they sensed fighting, they immediately headed over. But when they arrived, the battle was already over. At that time, the six bodies had already been possessed by the ghosts. Khan’s team was also surrounded by the ghosts and the beasts. They have no choice but to retreat. And just as they retreated, Zhao Hai appeared, killing all the ghosts and beasts.”

Jin Changji quietly listened to Dan. Not only him, Margaret also took note of Dan’s words. Upon hearing that Zhao Hai appeared and killed the ghosts and beasts, Margaret’s eyes shone with happiness. She turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, is Instructor Dan telling the truth?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “When I appeared, the friends from Wild Academy had already killed five beasts and two ghosts. Therefore, I only killed five ghosts and seven beasts. As for what happened before, I haven’t seen anything.”

Jin Changji looked at Zhao Hai and said, “How could you possibly kill five ghosts and seven beasts? You’re lying!”

Zhao Hai just coldly snorted and didn’t answer. At this moment, Khan lightly coughed and said, “Instructor Jin, Mister Zhao Hai can certainly kill five five ghosts and seven beats. This is because he is already a level 1 Mage.”

Jin Changji and Margaret who were listening to Khan couldn’t help but gawk. Margaret felt pleasantly surprised at Zhao Hai. She turned to him and said, “Zhao Hai, are you really a level 1 Mage?” Jin Changji and Dan might not know how significant Zhao Hai’s current level was, but Margaret did. Zhao Hai had just ascended last month. One month after ascending to the Machine Field, he was already a level 1 Mage. If others knew about this, it would certainly cause huge waves.

Not even waiting for Zhao Hai to answer, Jin Changji interfected, “Stop talking nonsense. How could he possibly be a level 1 Mage? I don’t believe it.” Then his hand moved, causing a ten layer formation to appear. Immediately after the formation appeared, a huge sword appeared and pierced towards Zhao Hai.

Margaret was able to see Jin Changji’s movement. However, when she noticed it, the sword had already attacked. She just stopped thinking and went in front of Zhao Hai. Then she waved her hand, summoning a five-layer formation. The formation immediately activated, causing a water shield to appear.

With Jin Changji’s sudden action, Margaret could only use this method to deal with it. A five-layer formation versus a ten-layer formation, their difference was a level. In this case, Margaret’s water shield could only block the sword for a moment.

It didn’t take long for the sword to cut through the water shield. WIth a force as strong as lightning, the sword cut towards Margaret. Seeing this development, Jin Changji’s face turned pale as a corpse. But it was already impossible to stop the magic at this time.

Jin knew very well that Margaret wasn’t just any other Instructor. Her true status wasn’t simple. If he really killed Margaret here, then even the Adam Family wouldn’t be able to save him.

At this time, a fiery red formation suddenly appeared in front of the sword, melting it slowly.

Fire magic just so happens to subdue Jin Changji’s sword. Additionally, fire element magic was inherently strong. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been able to deal with the giant sword.

Repulsion between the five elements was also relative. Even if water counters fire, pouring a cup of water over a mountain of fire was still a useless move. At that time, it would be the fire repelling the water.

Seeing his sword being blocked, jin Changji couldn’t help but feel relieved. But at the same time, he could also see that the fire magic came from a five-layer formation. Moreover, it can be seen that this magic shield was made by Zhao Hai.

This discovery made Jin Changji’s expression sink. He can now affirm that Zhao Hai was truly a level 1 Mage. Moreover, it seems like his spiritual force was strong. Level 1 Mages were usually unable to melt his sword. Although the sword was blocked by Margaret’s five-layer water shield,  its energy was mostly preserved after piercing through. At least, the sword should still have seven-tenths of its power. Nevertheless, Zhao Hai’s fire shield was still able to block it. This meant that Zhao Hai’s five-layer shield was able to block a seven-layer sword’s strength. This was enough to show Zhao Hai’s strength.

Margaret also responded at this time, her pale face turned towards Jin Changji and said, “Jin Changji, good, good. You actually dared to attack here. It seems like we’ll see more deaths today!”

After she said that, she began to wave her staff. Upon seeing Margaret’s expression, Jin Changji knew that if she went through with this, things wouldn’t turn out great. He immediately bowed and said, “Instructor Margaret, you misunderstand. Please, calm down. Please calm down. I didn’t do it on purpose!”

When she saw Jin Changji’s helpless expression, Margaret decided to stop. Then she said, “What? You believe it now?”

Jin Changji smiled bitterly and said, “I believe it. I just didn’t expect the Ashley Family to send a level 1 Mage for an exam. Instructor Margaret, how many months has it been since he ascended? How did he get so strong?”

The reason why Jin Changji asked this was because people who came to Tyro Planet for the exams were ascenders who had ascended for three or four months. And generally, three to four-month ascenders had yet to reach level 1.

Margaret looked at Jin Changji, she seemed to be dissatisfied with how things turned out. But she still replied, “Five months. He’s the most talented genius that Ashley Academy had in the past ten years. Therefore, we had him participate in the exam a bit later. You’re unlucky. If he met your students sooner, then those ghosts might not have killed them. I really didn’t expect the ghosts to increase at this time.”

After she spoke, everyone turned their attention to Sim. After all, it was Sim that gave them information about the ghosts. If Zhao Hai wasn’t strong enough, then nobody would have survived the exam.

Although lower realm ascenders still needed some training, it was undeniable that they were geniuses. Especially those like Zhao Hai and Khan’s group. After they develop in the Machine Field for several years, it would be possible for them to become intermediate level experts, capable of handling important matters. So if they died in this place, the losses incurred would be huge. This situation wasn’t something that Sim would permit.

Receiving the gazes from Margaret and the others, Sim immediately knew what they were thinking. He couldn’t help but force a smile and said, “Everybody, you should know that I wouldn’t permit such things from happening. We really aren’t aware that there would be that much danger. We’ve already known each other for many years, you already know that I wouldn’t dare harm ascenders from the lower realms.”

Margaret and the others nodded upon hearing Sim’s words. Sim certainly wouldn’t harm ascenders since he was an ascender himself. It has been 30 years since Sim had ascended. And he was also considered as someone with talent. It was only when he suffered a severe wound that his strength stopped progressing any further. In the end, he could only become an official responsible for exams. Because of his origin, Sim held special sentiments towards fellow ascenders. It was impossible for him to cause them harm in this exam.


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