BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1098


Chapter 1098 – The End of the Exam

The Warriors weren’t naive enough to think that the ghosts and the beasts wouldn’t try to attack them again. On the contrary, the ghosts and beasts were now more dangerous since they were hidden.

The two Warriors that sent the sword qi were now very pale. They had just exhausted themselves and would need to recover for some time.

The group’s leader made a decision, “Let’s retreat immediately. The Adam Academy’s Mages are dead. Also, there are more enemies than reported. We cannot kill them all by ourselves. We need to head back and look for instructor.”

The others immediately agreed. The two Warriors who didn’t send sword qi proceeded to protect their two weakened comrades.

Seeing that the situation had reached a crucial point, Zhao Hai stood up before turning his head to Laura and the others and said, “It’s my time to enter the stage. Everyone, witness my performance!”

Laura and the others gave a warm applause, causing Zhao Hai to laugh before his figure flashed and left the Space. The next moment, Zhao Hai appeared back in the tunnel at a distance away from the battlefield. Naturally, he wasn’t stupid enough to appear directly in the middle of the fight. That would make people think that he was just watching all this time. Therefore, Zhao Hai appeared at a distance and pretended to have just arrived at the scene.

When Zhao Hai appeared in the tunnel, he immediately released light element magic. His light element magic was released using Magic Theory. However, this magic wasn’t an area attack. Instead, the light was concentrated, as though it was a searchlight from a lighthouse. 

After that, Zhao Hai roared as he flew straight into the battle. His speed was very fast. Currently on Zhao Hai’s hand was his blood ghost staff. He lifted his staff as the magic formation directed the light magic forward. The light looked like a sharp sword that was plunged into the darkness.

Zhao Hai made sure to have the Warriors notice his arrival, hoping that the Warriors would stop retreating and deal with the enemy together with him. With this, there would be no suspicions placed on him. If the Warriors left, then the Adam Academy might doubt his claims.

With how huge Zhao Hai’s move was, it was impossible for the Warriors to not notice him. Seeing the glaring beam of light, the Warriors immediately looked for its source. It didn’t take long for them to know who was coming over.

There were three academies participating in this trial. And the Adam Academy’s six students were already dead. The only person that has yet to show themselves was the Ashley Academy’s sole participant.

With this thought, the Warriors couldn’t help but hesitate. Then one of them said, “Khan, what do we do now? Should we keep retreating?” Khan looked at the beam of light and said, “That’s light magic, it should be able to suppress the Undead. We can use this opportunity to fight alongside him. If we retreat now, we will fail the exam.”

The other Warriors agreed, so all four of them stopped before they roared and joined the battle. Wu Qian and Lan Jiang put Fei Ni and Khan in the middle so that the two could recover their strength as soon as possible.

Zhao Hai was very fast. He also pretended to miss the Warriors’ location. After the Warriors roared, he immediately adjusted his course and flew towards them at the quickest speed.

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived where the Warriors were. Zhao Hai also discovered that the malicious ghosts and the beasts had already encircled them.

Zhao Hai looked at the Warriors and smiled as he gave his greetings, “So its our friends from Wild Academy. What happened? I just sensed a disturbance in the energy of this place. Did you manage to find the malicious ghosts?”

Khan and the others returned the greeting. Then Khan answered, “We’ve seen Mister Zhao Hai. Yes, we’ve met with the malicious ghosts. They’ve already dealt with the Adam Academy. At this time, it’s possible that we have been surrounded. Mister should be careful.”

Zhao Hai wrinkled his brows as he said, “Really? I didn’t expect malicious ghosts to be that strong.”

Khan quickly answered, “Mister, there aren’t just five malicious ghosts, but seven. There are also 12 poisonous beasts. But now, their numbers have been reduced to five ghosts and seven beasts. The others have already been killed by us.”

Zhao Hai said ‘oh’ then he laughed as he waved his hand. A magic formation appeared on his magic staff. This magic formation caused a huge explosion of white light. This explosion illuminated a kilometer of area. Naturally, this illumination revealed the presence of ghosts and beasts.

After seeing the forms of the ghosts and beasts, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “You dark creatures truly have skills. But unfortunately, it’s time for you to die.” 

Appearing in Zhao Hai’s had was a magic formation. This formation was different than the light element one he used earlier. When the formation was released, the dark energy not being hit by the light beam became absorbed into the formation. The formation got darker and darker before it became extremely black. Then Zhao Hai waved his hand, causing the formation to enlarge and cover the malicious ghosts. While the malicious ghosts were struggling to get free, Zhao Hai muttered, “Receive!” 

Just as his voice fell, the magic formation sucked everything into the middle. Khan and the others saw several shadows going out of the bodies of the Mages. Without the ghosts possessing them, the bodies of the Mages collapsed to the ground.

This was dark element magic. Dark element magic wasn’t strong by itself, but after passing through formations, their strength multiplied. Because of this, the ghosts were easily sucked in and sent to the Space.

Just as the group of malicious ghosts entered the Space, a prompt was immediately heard, “Mutant Dark Element Undead detected. Undead has a large tendency for violence. Sensing negative sentiment towards the Space. Subduing. Undead has been subdued.”

Zhao Hai wasn’t too surprised about this prompt. As long as the ghosts were sent to the Space, then there was no way for them to escape.

After dealing with the malicious ghosts, Zhao Hai turned his attention to the remaining beasts. Then he said, “You bastards also want to join in on the fun right? Then you might as well join them!”

Zhao Hai waved his hand, causing five formations to appear in front of him. As these formations appeared, the dark energy in the surroundings began to move once again. And this time, the suction speed was much greater. In a blink of an eye, the formations turned pure black. Zhao Hai looked at the formations and then said, “Dark being, tear the space open!”

After Zhao Hai spoke, the five formations broke the space. Shortly after that, an ancient savage roar was heard from the rift. Then two claws grabbed the rift, ripping a bigger hole. The spatial rift grew bigger and bigger. It was as if the world itself was being torn apart.

Then a head emerged from the rift.

The huge head was covered with black scales. It had a huge mouth enough to swallow ten people in one bite. It had teeth that seem like it could tear into one’s soul. This caused the head to send chills to a person. The eyes on the head had slits, appearing both cold and ruthless.

The huge head looked around before fully emerging out of the rift. After going through, it issued a loud cry, causing pressure on the beasts. The beasts couldn’t help but cower in its presence. They seem to be panicking at the sight of the monster.

Zhao Hai recognized the being at first glance. It turned out to be a Black Dragon. It looked similar to the dragons in the Ark Continent. However, the strength of this dragon was much stronger.

This dragon doesn’t seem to be able to fly. From its looks, Zhao Hai thought that it was a T-rex. It was about 15 meters tall. It had two short front limbs. However, its legs had sharp looking claws. All of these plus its sturdy-looking tail demonstrated the creature’s strength.

After the black dragon faced upwards and roared, its cold eyes turned towards the posionscale wolves and poisonous ironthread serpents. Then the dragon opened its mouth, breathing black flames towards the beasts.

The posionscale wolves immediately turned around and ran. However, the black dragon didn’t give them the opportunity to escape. It immediately charged over and overtook the wolves. Then it swung its tail, sending the wolves flying into the air. On the other hand, the poisonous ironthread serpents slithered towards a nearby tunnel to get out.

Khan and the others were looking at these events in a daze. They didn’t expect a single person to deal with the wolves and the serpents. Wasn’t this too easy?

In fact, they weren’t aware that after the poisonscale wolves were sent flying, Zhao Hai opened a spatial rift and caught them, sending them to the Space. The same outcome happened to the poisonous ironthread serpents. As the serpents ran into the tunnels, they didn’t expect a spatial rift waiting for them. Without even recognizing it, the serpents went towards the Space.

Seeing that the beasts had been taken care of, Zhao Hai gave a satisfied nod. Then he waved his hand, causing a spatial rift to appear, taking the black dragon in.

After he received the black dragon, Zhao Hai turned towards Khan and the other. He smiled faintly and said, “Everyone, I think there’s nothing else left here. I’ll be taking my leave first.”

Just as his voice fell, he heard a voice, “The exam has been completed. Students, please return to your own vehicles.”

Zhao Hai gave one last nod to Khan and the others before flying towards his car. It didn’t take long before he reached his car, rode it, and proceeded to leave the place.

When Zhao Hai left, Khan and the others let out a long breath. Wu Quan turned to Khan and said, “Big Brother Khan, that Zhao Hai, how could he be that strong?”

Khan sighed, then he said, “By his present standard, he should still be a level 1 Mage. However, he can use more than one element. If it came to combat power, he is more powerful than most people at his level. Things aren’t looking so good.”

Wu Quan said, “Big Brother? Isn’t the exam finished?”

Khan replied, “The Wild Academy and the Ashely Academy are in good terms with each other while the Adam Academy and the Ashley Academy are on bad terms. In this exam, all of the Adam Academy’s Mages died. Although Zhao Hai and us aren’t related to their deaths, I’m afraid the Adam Academy wouldn’t believe our testimonies. Even if we are safe inside our Academies, we might be met with revenge once we left. This would bring us endless trouble. It would be great if we could store their bodies inside a spatial item. This way, we might be able to find a way out of this.”

Wu Quan and the others understood what Khan wanted to do. However, when they ascended, they had already left their spatial item behind. They didn’t have one right now.

Lan Jiang looked at the Mage corpses and then said, “Big Brother Khan, maybe those Mages have spatial items on them. Let’s search their bodies first before we go back.”

Those words made Khan nod. He said, “Right, I forgot about that. Go and search their bodies.” Then the group flew towards the Mages. After they searched the bodies, they were able to get three pieces of spatial equipment. The group immediately placed the corpses inside a spatial item. Then they left the area and returned to their car.

As they flew, Wu Quan turned to Khan and said, “Big Brother Khan, since we’ve decided to join the Northwild Camp, how about we take two of these spatial items for ourselves? Let’s return only one of them to the Adam Academy.”

Khan shook his head and said, “We can’t touch these spatial items. I’m almost sure that they’re registered with the Adam Academy. If we take it, they would only doubt us. We’ll hand everything over. Rest assured, after searching the Machine Field’s network, it seems like spatial items aren’t that rare. We can buy some if we earn some money.”

Wu Quan and the others nodded. They agreed to this decision. When they returned to the car, the vehicle began to fly.

After a couple of hours, everyone returned to the tunnel city. Margaret and the others were already waiting for them there.

Seeing that Zhao Hai was safe, Margaret began to relax. Not long after Zhao Hai arrived, Khan and the others also came back.

After Zhao Hai gave Margaret his greetings, he stood behind her and didn’t say anything. And while Khan was greeting his instructor, he also whispered a couple of words to him. Upon hearing Khan, the instructor’s face couldn’t help but change. He turned to Khan and said, “Are you telling the truth?”

Khan nodded and said, “It’s true. These are their spatial items. There are three all in all.” Then he handed the three items to the instructor.

Seeing the spatial items on his hands, the instructor sighed before walking towards Jin Changji.


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