BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1097


Chapter 1097 – Malicious Ghost’s Possession


A poisonscale wolf pounced towards a Mage. Although the wolf couldn’t fly, its leap still covered a huge distance. It jumped a hundred meters in one go. The Mage didn’t expect the wolf to jump so far, so he wasn’t able to guard on time. This allowed the wolf to hit the Mage’s protective barrier.


The Mage’s barrier fiercely shook, causing his body to fly backwards. While the Mage was pushed back, his barrier shattered as well.

This caused the Mage’s expression to change. One should know that this protective barrier was made using Magic Theory. Although it was only a single-layer formation, it was still very powerful compared to normal barriers. How could such a barrier be destroyed by a poisonscale wolf in one strike?

However, it seems like the strike also exhausted the wolf. As it fell from the air, the wolf looked like a falling leaf as it fluttered to the ground.

The Mage relaxed. But just as he was about to arrange another single-layer barrier, he suddenly felt his back turn cold. He was startled and immediately flew forward.

But it was already too late. As the Mage was flying forward, he felt his neck turn cool, then his arms felt light, then his entire body completely shut down. At this time, the other Mages had yet to notice this, but Zhao Hai was able to see everything. A poisonous ironthread serpent just attacked. After tying down the Mage’s neck, the snake bit off one arm before proceeding to take the Mage’s life.

Not long after the Mage died, the snake wrapped around his neck tighter, slammed its body on the ground and then flung the body towards the darkness. At the same time, the snake used the momentum from throwing the Mage’s body in order to retreat and find an opportunity to attack another Mage.

Before the first Mage’s body hit the dark floor of the cave, a malicious ghost suddenly charged forward and slowly possessed the Mage’s body. The ‘Mage’ then opened his eyes. However, the eyes were completely black. Also, his body was filled with strong killing aura.

The possessed Mage fluttered back into the light magic. But as he entered the range of the light magic, he began to emit black gas. His eyes also showed a painful expression. However, he didn’t make any noise. Instead, he continued to get close to another Mage. This Mage turned out to be the Old Light Mage.

Zhao Hai calmly looked as all of these happened. After the poisonous ironthread serpent flung the Mage towards the darkness, Zhao Hai knew that the Mage was already dead. However, instead of being transformed into an Undead like he expected, the malicious ghost actually possessed the Mage’s body.

Back on Earth, it was well-known that ghosts were able to possess a body. However, Zhao Hai didn’t see any ghosts in the Ark Continent nor the Underworld that could do so. He didn’t expect to see this ability here.

The possessed ghost was already beside the Old Mage. Although the Mages from the Adam Academy weren’t united, they weren’t stupid. They were aware that the Old Mage was the only Light element Mage among them. If the Old Mage died, then they would have a very difficult time fending off the ghosts and beasts.

Because of this, the Mages grouped up with the Old Mage being in the center. 

But since these Mages weren’t able to see the action made by the poisonous ironthread serpent, they didn’t have any suspicion towards the possessed Mage. This allowed the possessed Mage to get close to the Old Mage without any difficulties.

The possessed Mage also pretended to hold off the assaulting poisonscale wolves. At the same time, he went closer and closer towards the Old Mage. Before long, the malicious ghost was already five meters away from the Old Mage.

Although the Old Mage noted this action, he didn’t attack the malicious ghost. The Old Mage’s magic now had reduced range. Also, the other Mages didn’t use light magic from Magic Theory, instead they used lower realm magic.

Zhao Hai knew that the old Mage’s spiritual force was beginning to be exhausted. It must be said that the Old Mage’s spiritual force shouldn’t have been exhausted this soon. However, the Old Mage still wasn’t familiar with Magic Theory, this caused him to consume more spiritual force than usual.

Another reason for this consumption might be the Mages’ underestimation of the Undead. These Mages had also met Undead in their own lower realms, so they didn’t take the Undead too seriously. Because of this, they attacked the Undead without thinking. As a result, they consumed their spiritual force too quickly before even meeting a malicious ghost.

While the Old Mage was distracted, the possessed Mage suddenly charged towards him. Then the possessed Mage stretched his hands out. These hands didn’t cast any magic, instead it became long black claws that looked very menacing.

The Old Mage wasn’t on guard against this surprise attack. When he discovered the attack, it was already too late. Before the Old Mage could react, the ghost’s claws had already ripped a whole on the Old Mage’s throat.

The Old Mage’s throat gave out a horrifying sound as he looked at the malicious ghost in horror. It didn’t take long before the Old Mage lost his strength. With nobody left to maintain it, the light magic began to vanish.

With the Old Mage dead and the powerful light element magic gone, the other malicious ghosts began to charge towards the other Mages. The poisonscale wolves and the poisonous ironthread serpents also pounced towards the remaining four Mages.

The four Mages panicked, they didn’t expect the Old Mage to die just like that. They were confident that as long as the Old Mage lived, even if they couldn’t kill the malicious ghosts, they could still escape. Now that the Old Mage was dead, their opportunity to escape was gone.

While the four Mages were still flustered, the ghosts and the beasts seized the opportunity as their roared and charged over. With the cooperation between the ghosts and the beasts, the four Mages were killed in less than ten minutes. 

After the remaining Mages died, the other malicious ghosts proceeded to possess their bodies. At the same time, the beasts hid themselves in the darkness. This was because they could feel other people entering the area.

This time, the team that entered were the Warriors from Wild Academy. Each one of them were now carrying lamps as they flew forward.

Zhao Hai looked at the four Warriors and then sighed, “If they came a few minutes earlier, they might have been able to unite with the Mages. Even if they can’t kill the ghosts, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to escape. But now, they are already too late.” Laura and the other nodded. Then Laura turned to Zhao hai and said, “Brother Hai, will you make a move now?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Not immediately. If I do, then wouldn’t I just be telling them that I have been watching all this time? At the very least, they should get injured before I make a move.”

Laura nodded, then didn’t say anything else. The experience that Laura and the others gained wasn’t any less than Zhao Hai’s. They also had their own ideas regarding human nature. And as they grew together with Zhao Hai, they were wise enough to know that they didn’t need to be polite to their enemies.

Before long, the Warriors of the Wild Academy met with the malicious ghosts. Although the ghosts had completed their possession, they didn’t use any of the Mages’ magic. And with the Warriors being extremely cautious, the group of dark creatures weren’t given any chances to sneak attack. The only thing they could do now was to attack head-on.

The four Warriors had impeccable cooperation. Naturally, this was taught to them by their academy. Because of this, they were able to hold on amidst the attacks of the seven ghosts and 12 beasts.

However, the faces of the Warriors were quite ugly. They had just discovered that the Mages were all dead. Also, there weren’t four or five malicious ghosts, instead there were seven. And of the seven, six of them possessed the Mages. Not only that, there were also 12 powerful beasts. They couldn’t win against this much enemies, the only choice they have was to retreat.

One of the four Warriors suddenly said, “Wu Quan, Lan Jiang, you two block them while me and Fei Ni attack them with our sword qi. We’ll try killing two of them at a time as we retreat. The situation here is much worse than what Instructor told us. We aren’t their opponents.”

The three other Warriors nodded. After that, two of them began to take their weapons out and blocked the ghosts and the beasts. Meanwhile, the other two also took their weapons out as they readied themselves to launch their attack.

The latter two’s aura got stronger and stronger as the swords in their hands shone. Then the two gave a shout as they waved their sword to cut the nearby poisonscale wolves.

The two poisonscale wolves just pounced. With their body still in mid-air, the wolves were unable to dodge. The sword qi slashed through the wolves as though they were paper. The wolves were immediately cut in half. They gave a pitiful sound as they hit the ground, their internal organs spewing out of their bodies. They only twitched for a few moments before they became motionless.

This wasn’t the end, the Warriors wielded their swords once more as they killed another two poisonscale wolves, two malicious ghosts, and one poisonous ironthread serpent. 

This attack caused the remaining malicious ghosts and beasts to be afraid. The dark creatures stopped their attack before retreating to the dark, plunging the cave into silence once more.


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