BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1095


Chapter 1095 – Like Watching a Horror Film

Zhao Hai calmly sat inside the moving car. The vehicle he was riding on was modified with thick armor. But besides that, the inside of the car didn’t have too much change. The seats of the car could be levelled, allowing a person to lie down and rest. There was also a machine inside that automatically served tea.

While drinking tea, Zhao Hai used his spiritual force in order to examine the situation outside. In fact, the technique that he used was the same technique that was widely utilized in the Underworld. Because of this, he was quite familiar with it.

He didn’t release his flying needles because he didn’t know how people were monitoring this exam. It wouldn’t be good if a Master came and saw the flying needles. Being in a strange environment, Zhao Hai needed to keep his cards secret as long as possible.

The car was very fast and agile. After flying for more than three hours, the car entered the tunnel that Sim described.

As soon as he entered the mine, Zhao Hai’s brows couldn’t help but jump. This was because there was a lot of dark energy inside. The dark energy was very strong. Although it was incomparable to the Underworld’s level, on a planet with thin spiritual qi, it was still a strange phenomenon. 

The speeding car advanced without slowing down. However, the lights coming from the front seemed to stop short. Zhao Hai knew that this wasn’t because of the car’s lights. The place just had a very thick dark energy, affecting the distance illuminated by the light.

Zhao Hai felt the dark energy around him and discovered that this energy was different than the one present in the Underworld. The dark energy in the Underworld was calm and pure. On the other hand, the dark energy here had a wild property to it. It can be compared to an angered magic beast.

Zhao Hai knit his brows. He knew that dark energy with this wild characteristic couldn’t grow docile creatures. No wonder malicious ghosts were present here, so it was because of this.

Although Zhao Hai had some concerns about other things, he wasn’t worried about the dark creatures present here. He had been too exposed to dark energy that he had already familiarized himself with it. The dark energy here might be different, but it didn’t affect Zhao Hai at all.

After nearly another hour, the speeding car stopped. Once he was out, Zhao Hai swept the surroundings with his spiritual force. He had arrived at a fairly huge space, it should be a major mining tunnel. It wasn’t any smaller than the mining city that Zhao Hai just came from.

Zhao Hai didn’t stay by the speeding car for long. He quickly flew towards the tunnel. HIs spiritual force also scanned the surroundings. He wanted to see exactly how large the tunnel was.

With Zhao Hai’s spiritual strength, this wasn’t a difficult thing to do. His spiritual strength has been fully developed in the Underworld and could be sent thousands of kilometers away. 

This was also the special characteristic of those who live in the Underworld. Because they weren’t able to see anything, creatures in the Underworld needed to use their spiritual force instead of their eyes. Developing their spiritual force was very important.

Zhao Hai stayed in the Underworld for quite some time. In addition to his already formidable spiritual force, his stay in the Underworld made his spiritual force even stronger.

At this point, most Mages at the same level couldn’t defeat Zhao Hai’s spiritual force. And Zhao Hai had already reached level 4 as a Mage, he was considered as a minor expert.

Before long, Zhao Hai’s spiritual force covered the entire tunnel. The total space inside was quite large. There were a lot of small and large tunnels connected to it. Moreover, Zhao Hai already discovered the two other academy student teams inside the tunnels.

Zhao Hai swept one of the team with his spiritual force, they were the four Warriors from the Wild Academy. They had already withdrawn their weapons and formed a circle. The one in front carried a bright lamp.

He didn’t see anything wrong with what they were doing. After all, Warriors don’t have very strong spiritual force.

When Zhao Hai swept the Adam Academy with his spiritual force, he couldn’t help but smile. Although they came with six people, they weren’t grouped up. They were wary of each other and even held their own lamps.

Mages in a dark environment, but they were using lamps, weren’t they just making themselves a target? Warriors don’t have strong spiritual force, so it was understandable for them to use lamps. However, one shouldn’t forget that Warriors had formidable bodies. Even if an enemy gets close to them, they would still be able to defend themselves. As for Mages, they couldn’t achieve this point.

Mages were more suited to long-distance attacks. And with their weak bodies, illuminating themselves with lamps could only be described as courting death.

Fortunately, these Mages still had a bit of brain matter left. They arranged several layers of protective formations on their bodies. However, most protective formations shone. This might not be an issue in a well-lit environment, but in the dark, the shine from the formations just made them moving lighthouses.

Zhao Hai didn’t think about taking action against these people at this time. This was because he just discovered where the malicious ghosts and undead were. In addition to the malicious ghosts and the undead, Zhao Hai also found a few beasts. They were all inside small caves in the tunnel.

But what made Zhao Hai somewhat depressed was that the malicious ghosts and the Undead were very close to the Adam Academy’s students. Meanwhile, he was a bit far from them.

Zhao Hai didn’t know that this was actually because of Margaret’s request to Sim. Naturally, Margaret and Sim didn’t know where the malicious ghosts were. However, Sim can change where Zhao Hai would end up. Margaret requested Zhao Hai to be dropped far away from the Adam Academy. Therefore, the current situation happened.

Through the Space, Zhao Hai used a couple of jumps before arriving where the malicious ghosts were. However, he didn’t make a move. Instead, he waited for an opportunity.

Zhao Hai calculated that if the Adam Academy’s people were to continue going forward, it wouldn’t take long before they meet the malicious ghosts. Once both sides fight, Zhao Hai would see the Adam Academy’s level as well as the strength of the malicious ghosts.

If the malicious ghosts killed the Adam Academy students, then that would save Zhao Hai a lot of trouble. When Zhao Hai asked Margaret earlier, he was really intending to kill these Adam Academy students. Although they were both from the lower realms and didn’t share any enmity, Zhao Hai was certain that Jin Changji had instructed them to get rid of him once they meet in the tunnel. Zhao Hai wasn’t a saint, as long as a potential danger emerges, he will immediately eliminate it.

Zhao Hai had already dissolved into the dark energy around him. Even the malicious ghosts wouldn’t be able to sense his presence, much less the people from the Adam Academy.

Zhao Hai learned this move from the Lich. The Lich had the ability to transform the energy inside their body into dark energy and then integrate it with the Underworld’s dark mist. Actually, their bodies were still present during this time. Zhao Hai made adjustments on this trick so that he can use it for himself.

Before long, the Adam Academy’s students entered the territory of a malicious ghost. From what Zhao Hai sensed, this tunnel didn’t have five malicious ghosts, but seven. However, these seven ghosts weren’t in a group. They were in their own territories and there seems to be no evidence of a close alliance between them.

Each malicious ghosts had several undead as subordinates. However, these Undead weren’t only humanoid, there were also beasts among them.

When the group of Mages entered the malicious ghost’s territory, the malicious ghost immediately discovered their presence. The ghost proceeded to hide itself before sending out a loud shout. The shout was very sharp and ugly to hear. It was truly a ghost’s wail.

Hearing this ghost’s wail, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. This was because the ghost’s cry was actually a spiritual attack.

The malicious ghosts looked a bit like the Lich, they didn’t have physical bodies and were more ugly. They had horrific face and long fingernails. Zhao Hai didn’t expect them to look like this.

As the malicious ghost issued its loud cry, its undead subordinates also moved towards the group of Mages. Besides them, the other malicious ghosts also sent their subordinates over. The beasts inside the tunnel were beginning to move as well.

Although Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of these things, he wasn’t planning to offer his help. He wanted to see how strong the Adam Academy’s students were.

Naturally, Adam Academy’s six Mages were able to hear the ghost’s cry. The group stopped before beginning to group up, but there were still some distance between them. Zhao Hai looked at their action and couldn’t help but laugh. They were already in a predicament yet they were still wary of each other. It would be difficult for them to survive at this rate.

When he thought of this, Zhao Hai’s figure flashed as he entered the Space. These ghosts were pretty sensitive to dark energy. Zhao Hai didn’t want to risk himself being discovered and keeping disaster from happening to the Adam Academy’s people.

As soon as Zhao Hai entered the Space, he saw Laura and the others looking at the monitor. Displayed on the screen was the situation with the malicious ghosts and the Adam Academy. The women were sitting there with a nervous expression.

Zhao Hai knew that they weren’t really worried about the Mages of the Adam Academy. They were looking at the scene as though they were looking at a horror film.

Zhao Hai coughed lightly, causing Laura and the others to jump in fright. Seeing their reaction, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. When Laura and the others saw Zhao Hai laughing at their frightened expressions, they couldn’t help but scold him in anger. After some time, the group sat down and looked at the monitor.

Although the Adam Academy students kept some distance from the others, they could still see each other. At this time, an old Mage waved his staff, causing a magic formation to appear followed by a burst of light. The light condensed into a light ball that illuminated the surrounding area.

Zhao Hai nodded, seeing that it was light magic, it seems like the old Mage was a Light element Mage. Moreover, he seems to be able to use Magic Theory.

The younger Mages saw the old Mage’s move and also cast their own magic. But since all of them weren’t Light element Mages or all-element Mages, they can only use lower realm light magic.

Zhao Hai actually gave a nod. In this mining tunnel, only light energy can suppress the dark energy. Although Magic Theory was more formidable than ordinary magic, only light magic could suppress dark magic. Moreover, it wasn’t a wise choice to use magic that one wasn’t familiar with.

Ascenders like Zhao Hai could use almost all elements from the lower realms. Even if they weren’t skilled, it still wouldn’t be difficult to use low-level magic from other elements.

At this time, knowing that your enemy was a dark creature, the best choice was to use light magic of the lower realms other than using unfamiliar magic from Magic Theory. At the very least, they could guarantee their own safety.

Seeing that the Mages had used light magic, the malicious ghost didn’t go forward and stayed hidden in the darkness. Its mouth cried time and time again. Besides being a spiritual attack, this cry also instructed its subordinates to charge towards the enemy.

The ghosts’ subordinates were Undead, so they also have an innate fear of light magic. However, they couldn’t hold back the command of the ghosts, the only thing they could do was to slowly move forward.

When the Undead got in contact with the light element magic, their bodies immediately emitted black gas. Each Undead gave out a pitiful yell as their bodies slowly dissolved.

The Adam Academy’s students relaxed when they saw this happening. The magic in their hands went past the Undead but they weren’t able to hit the malicious ghost at all. The ghost just floated in place like a viper hiding in the darkness, staring at the six Mages.

At this time, the other malicious ghosts did the same as the other ghost. They commanded their Undead towards the Mages as they themselves hid.


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