BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1094


Chapter 1094 – Killing Intent from Slaughtering a Million People

The academy reception looked similar to any commercial hotel. And in addition to rooms, there were also areas that allowed Mages and Warriors to practice as well as conference rooms.

This conference room wasn’t the room with a round table that normal people might think. Instead, this room looked more like a classroom. There was one person in front while the others sat on the chairs.

Sim was standing in front of the room while Zhao Hai and the others sat on the chairs. Besides Zhao Hai and Margaret, Jin Changji’s group of seven was also present. In addition, there were also five people that looked like Warriors. They were people from the Wild Academy.

Just like Margaret said, the people from the Wild Academy were very polite to them. Just as they entered the conference room, their Instructor greeted Margaret and shared a few words with her.

When everyone had sat down, Sim gestured towards the wall behind him. On the wall was a stretch of map. In this map were dazzling amounts of mining tunnels.

Fortunately, in this cobweb of a mining network, there were green lines that ran through them. There were also tunnels that had red lines and red dots.

Sim referred to the red lines and said, “These are old mining tunnels. Malicious ghosts appeared in these tunnels before so we send people to check them often. As soon as a malicious ghost is spotted, we will immediately inform the academies so that they can send people to destroy them.”

After that, Sim pointed at the red dots and said ,”In this particular tunnel, malicious ghosts and creatures frequently appear. We don’t know what is going on inside. What we know is that some severe change occurred and some Undead creatures appeared. Sometimes, mutant beasts appear as well. At this time, there are five malicious ghosts and more than 100 Undead inside. We haven’t fully explored the tunnel so we cannot rule out other dangers.”

Margaret wrinkled her brow and said, “Mister Sim, how long has it been since you explored this tunnel? Why are there so many malicious ghosts?”

Sim immediately answered, “We explore the tunnels every other month. It isn’t necessary  that these malicious ghosts were produced in this tunnel. They can come from other tunnels and just ran here. This tunnel is very big and the dark energy inside it is strong, very suitable for dark creatures to live in. I think it’s because of this reason that there are so many malicious ghosts.”

Margaret nodded and said, “Is it necessary to be in teams during this exam?”

Sim shook his head and said, “This old man wouldn’t require that. It depends on the arrangement your academies make. If you want to team up, then you can do so. It would also be fine to do the exam alone.”

Margaret frowned, “Aren’t all those malicious ghosts inside the same tunnel? How can one take the exam alone?”

Sim forced a smile and said, “Instructor Margaret, I think you misunderstood. This tunnel is very big, it isn’t smaller than a mining city. In fact, this tunnel was intended to be used to make a mining city. Because of this, there are holes in this tunnel that led to other tunnels. It can be said that this cave tunnel extends in all directions, like a maze. Teams might have more trouble catching a malicious ghosts, but they are safer. On the other hand, those who are alone might find malicious ghosts easier, but they are in more danger..”

Hearing Sim’s words, Margaret understood what he meant. Whether it was Sim or Margaret or the others, they all knew that the most dangerous element in this exam weren’t the malicious ghosts, it was the other examinees. Because of this, going in a team was much more dangerous than going alone.

At this time, Jin Changji coldly snorted and said, “Some people really want to take advantage of others once they see their only candidate in trouble. Our Adam Academy already has six people as a team. We can’t have any more people enter.”

Anger flashed in Margaret’s eyes. However, she didn’t show her anger. She was just asking what being in a team meant. Taking the exam in a team and taking it individually was different. Teams weren’t allowed to attack each other. Margaret also wasn’t aware of Zhao Hai’s current strength. In her mind, Zhao Hai was at most a 1st level Mage. Being able to layer five formations would already be good for him. But with his current strength, entering the exam without a team would be dangerous.

Now, after Jin Changji spoke, it was impossible for Margaret to prepare a team. She couldn’t help but sigh. Zhao Hai was the best talent that the Bone Symbol Camp had seen in many years. She didn’t really want to lose Zhao Hai in this exam.

As she sighed, Margaret began to have thoughts about withdrawing Zhao Hai from this examination. However, she knew that it would be impossible. Once people entered the examination area, participants were no longer able to withdraw. It was even impossible to admit defeat ahead of time.

Margaret began to blame herself for not preparing enough. She should have investigated the exam in advance. She didn’t expect to run into the Adam Academy. Zhao Hai might get unlucky this time.

However, since things had developed up to this point, Margaret can no longer back down. Margaret just snorted as she stood up and approached the Wild Academy’s leader and said, “Hello, Mister Dan, how about forming an alliance with my academy?”

The Wild Academy’s instructor couldn’t help but gawk upon hearing Margaret. Then he turned his head towards Jin Changji. Normally, he would agree to Margaret’s request. After all, a Mage-Warrior team could display even bigger might.

But this time, the Adam Academy was present, and they brought six people with them. On the other hand, the Wild Academy only had four examinees. The Ashely Academy and the Adam Academy had a grudge against each other. Having Zhao Hai with them would definitely bring danger the Wild Academy team.

After seeing the expression on Instructor Dan’s face, Margaret’s heart couldn’t help but sink. She knew what he was thinking. However, Margaret couldn’t  blame him, so before Dan could answer, Margaret just nodded and said, “It’s fine if Instructor doesn’t want to.” Then she turned around and left, incurring Jin Changji’s ridicule.

Seeing the look on Jin Changji’s eyes, Zhao Hai turned his head to Margaret and whispered, “Instructor, will it be a problem if too many people die in the tunnels?”

After hearing Zhao Hai, Margaret couldn’t help but stare. Then she turned to look at Zhao Hai. Although Zhao Hai’s smile stayed the same, Margaret’s heart turned cold.

Margaret knew that Zhao Hai was intending to kill upon hearing his words. However, no killing intent can be felt from Zhao Hai’s body. His body language seemed as if he was talking to a friend. This kind of performance showed that Zhao Hai had been killing people in the lower realm.

The more one kills, the heavier a person’s killing aura would be. If one killed 100 people, the killing aura on their body would be very heavy. If ordinary people met them, the killing aura would be enough to frighten them. However, once one killed more than a million people, they would be able to learn how to hide their killing intent. Even if they killed, they wouldn’t exude any intention of murder.

It can be said that if a person can hide their killing intent well, then they were definitely butchers, people who killed a million people!

Margaret had seen a lot of devils that have ascended from the lower realms. However, these people were still far from killing a million people. These people couldn’t hide their killing aura. In Margaret’s case, she only saw one person who was able to hide their killing aura. This person was a core member of the Ashely family who had went to the six realm’s battlefield for many years. People who came back from this smelting trial became extremely powerful. But even so, this person would still show his killing aura once he lost his temper. He was unlike Zhao Hai could completely hide his killing aura.

This only meant that Zhao Hai hadn’t just killed a million people!

Thinking about this number was terrifying. One person killing a million people, what was this concept? Average people would have long turned insane from killing this much people. And now, Zhao Hai seemed like a normal person. He even gave people a very sunny feeling. Such a person was actually scary, he was certainly an abnormal character.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect that his few words would invoke this many thoughts from Margaret. If he knew about Margaret’s thoughts about his killing aura, he would definitely be rendered speechless.

Margaret’s thoughts ended in an instant, then she replied, “No, there would be no problem if you kill those people.” Zhao Hai nodded.

At this time, Sim looked at Margaret with sympathy. Then he turned his head to the others and said, “There are more than a dozen entrances to this tunnel. Will everyone go together or separately?”

Although Margaret knew that Zhao Hai had killed a lot of people, she still wasn’t assured about his strength. So she was the first to reply, “We’ll be going on our own.” Sim nodded and then looked at the Adam Academy and the Wild Academy. The two also chose to leave separately.

Sim nodded and said, “Alright, then you three groups should prepare things and then eat. I will arrange three cars for you. These cars will send you down the tunnel and wait for your return. Although we can’t see what happens in the tunnel, our people had set up an alarm inside it. Once you kill the malicious ghosts and the undead, the alarm would stop. We will then come and inform you that the exam is over. You have three hours to prepare. After three hours, come back here and I will lead you to your cars.”


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