BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1093


Chapter 1093 – Provocation from the Adam Academy

The cave was actually this beautiful. Zhao Hai didn’t expect this. If he didn’t see what it was like outside, he would’ve thought that he had just entered a hotel.

Sim, Zhao Hai, and Margaret proceeded to the counter. Behind this counter wasn’t a human, instead it was a robot. Sim said, “Bring the room card prepared for the Ashley Ascender Academy.”

The robot nodded before pulling out two cards and handed them over to Sim. After receiving the two cards, Sim gave them to Margaret and said, “Instructor Margaret, these are the rooms prepared for your academy. Please take a rest first.”

Margaret took the room cards and then gave a polite nod, “Thank you, Mister Sim.” After that, Margaret led Zhao Hai towards their room.

Just as the two arrived in front of the elevator, the elevator doors suddenly opened. On the other side of the doors were seven people wearing mage robes. This group ranged from young to old. At the center of the group was a middle-aged man. This man was very thin with a mouse-like moustache. He looks particularly annoying.

The man had expensive-looking golden yellow mage robes. Seeing this person, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. The man was one of the very rare metal element Mages.

There wasn’t any magic for the metal element in the lower realms. Only people born in the Machine Field would have a talent in this area. Moreover, it was recognized by many people that metal magic was the hardest to deal with.

Naturally, this didn’t mean that the other magic elements were inferior to the metal element. Their might also depended on the Mage’s ability. Even if one had a peerlessly good sword, if it fell into the hands of an idiot, it was still impossible for the idiot to use the weapon’s might. Magic was also the same. It was just that metal element Mages were rare than Mages from other elements. And with the metal element’s strong attack and defensive magic, it was considered as the element that was the hardest to deal with.

In the past few days, Zhao Hai had also consumed knowledge about metal element magic. However, he was left disappointed. There wasn’t anything special about metal element magic. It was just like any other magic in the Machine Field. It was only because metal element magic required a special physique that it was very rare.

Actually, one could study metal element magic in the lower realm. As long as one has physique compatible with metal element magic, they were able to study metal element magic.

People in the lower realms with metal element physique were heaven defying beings. Although they didn’t have any cultivation methods, their bodies alone made them formidable. Therefore, they were slowly able to make their mark on society. In the Ark Continent, they were known as Divergent ability users. It was just a pity that there weren’t any cultivation methods for the metal element. Or else there would be metal element Mages in the lower realm.

Behind this Metal element Mage were six other Mages. The ages of these people were greatly varied. The oldest of them already had white hair while the youngest seems to be nearing 30 years old. Their expressions were also varied. The old Mage had a gloomy look as though he had lost interest in everything. Dins and the others had this same look in the past.

As for the youngest Mage, he looked very arrogant, just like the Mage Frey that Zhao Hai ran into. Seeing these expressions, it seems like the Ascender Academies had the same atmospheres.

Still, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to make any contact with these people. After all, he wasn’t a saint. If he wasn’t trying to survive in the academy, he might not even care about Dins and the others.

In such an unfamiliar environment, it was unwise to meddle in other people’s business. It wouldn’t bring you any benefits, only risks.

Zhao Hai didn’t plan to meddle with these people, but the other party actually stopped after going out of the elevator. With the thin Mage at the lead, he looked at Margaret with shining eyes. It seems like he was harboring evil intentions.

This caused Zhao Hai’s heart to sink. Zhao Hai was able to see Margaret’s reaction when Sim told her about the other academies present. Seeing the expression on the thin Mage’s face, it seems like there was going to be a confrontation.

The thin Mage looked at Margaret and suddenly smiled, “Margaret, I didn’t expect your academy to send you for the exam. Generally, it was those old turtles who would come here. Seeing you is rare, really rare.”

Margaret looked at the Mage, and with a cold voice she replied, “Jin Changji, why are you talking to me with your stinky mouth? Want me to teach you a lesson?”

It was obvious that this Jin Changji somewhat dreaded Margaret. After a brief pause, he coldly snorted and said, “Margaret, don’t forget where this is. This isn’t your academy. If you dared to make a move here, then if not me, other people will deal with you. Right, it seems like your academy’s talents have gotten less and less. This time, only one came to take the exam. What a pity.”

Margaret jus coldly snorted and didn’t say anything else. Then she turned and entered the elevator. All this time, Zhao Hai stayed silent and just followed Margaret to the elevator. Seeing that Margaret didn’t care about him, Jin Changji coldly snorted, then he led the other mages forward.

Sim arranged the Ashley Family academy to be on the eighth floor. After Margaret settled things in her own room, she entered Zhao Hai’s.

Zhao Hai quickly invited Margaret to take a seat and then offered her a cup of tea. He then sat opposite Margaret, he knew that she had something to say, so he waited.

Sure enough, Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You should have heard what Sim said. In addition to our academy, there’s also the Adam Academy and the Wild Academy. Wild Academy is an institute for warriors, they have no conflict of interest with us. The Northfield Family behind even has a friendly relationship with the Ashley Family. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about them.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He wasn’t quite clear about the relationship between various influences in the Machine Field. Although he had looked things up on the internet, he couldn’t believe anything online. 

Margaret continued, “However, you need to pay attention to the Adam Academy. Behind the academy is the Adam Family. Our two families have a grudge against each other. Because of this, no matter which academy, if an extraordinary talent emerges, the other party would do their best to exterminate that talent. This time, Jin Changji saw you, he should be aware that you will be joining the Ashley Family. They have six people this time, so they will definitely try to make a move during the exam. You need to be careful.” Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Rest assured, I will pay attention to them.”

Margaret sighed, “I didn’t want you to do the trial at this time, but your strength has already reached this level. It would be useless to let you learn the basics. Even though the Bone Symbol Camp didn’t employ brutal training methods, exams like these are inevitable in the academy. And you can only join the camp after you pass the exam. In this exam, the most dangerous ones aren’t the beasts and malicious ghosts. Instead, you need to be alert against those who will take the exam with you. You won’t know when they’ll make a move, so don’t trust anyone. If necessary, kill them. Understand?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes, I understand.”

Margaret gave a nod, then she added, “Take a good rest. Sim will tell you about the contents of the exam tomorrow. You should prepare as well. You can go outside and buy things that you need. The money you have on your ID card can be used here as well.” 

Seeing Zhao Hai nod, Margaret turned and left the room. Zhao Hai immediately used his anti-surveillance device to see if there were any monitoring devices inside the room. Sure enough, he was able to discover monitoring devices. Moreover, it seems like these devices weren’t installed recently. This caused Zhao Hai to be curious.

After removing the monitoring devices, Zhao Hai took a good look at his room. The place wasn’t very big. There were only two rooms; a living room and then a small bedroom that had a bathroom inside.

Zhao Hai knew that Margaret was just next door. Moreover, the soundproofing wasn’t good. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t make Laura and the others come out. Instead, he went to his bedroom, pulled down the curtains, and then entered the Space.

After returning to the Space, Zhao Hai immediately started cultivating. He just discovered that the exam might be more dangerous than he imagined. Because of this, he needed to be more familiar with his strength as soon as possible. 

Condensing magic formations, experimenting with magic formation combinations, and even trying out sword qi. Zhao Hai’s workload has increased.

Although Laura and the others felt worried about Zhao Hai, they didn’t stop him. They knew that Zhao Hai’s hard work would only make their lives in the Machine Field much better and comfortable.

Because of this, they decided to be diligent in handling Zhao Hai’s other affairs. They made sure that Zhao Hai ate well, rest well, and was always at his optimum condition.

After practicing for several hours, Zhao Hai proceeded to take a rest. He will understand the contents of the exam tomorrow. Perhaps, it might even start immediately. Zhao Hai didn’t dare to tire himself out at this time since it would affect his condition tomorrow.


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