BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1092


Chapter 1092 – Tyro Planet’s Mining City

Engraving magic formations on their staffs allowed Mages to bypass using the void condensing technique. This way, they could launch magical spells instantly, strengthening a mage’s combat ability.

However, the more magic formations they engrave on their staffs, the more spiritual force they would need. Therefore, the number of magic formations a Mage could engrave was limited by their own strength. If they engrave too many, they wouldn’t be able to cast it. Their magic staff would burn and become useless trash.

This was also the difference between using staffs and using the void condensing magic formation technique. Magic formations from staffs required spiritual force to start. On the other hand, formations using the void condensing technique were already condensed using spiritual force. Because of this, there was no need for it to be started with spiritual force.

Besides magic staffs, there were also magic potions. Magic Potions had more uses in the Machine Field compared to the lower realms. In the lower realms, magic potions would generally heal wounds or enhance cultivation. But in the Machine Field, the most popular magic potion could rapidly restore one’s spiritual force.

It was normal for Mages to run out of spiritual force during a fight. And once their spiritual force dries up, they wouldn’t be able to cast magic formations, putting them in a dangerous position.

Having magic potions that can restore a significant amount of spiritual force greatly enhanced the capabilities of the Mages in the Machine Field. Ths allowed Mages to have more avenues for survival.


For someone who was focused on their job, three days would quickly fly by. In these three days, aside from having his meals inside his room, he would practice and rest inside the Space. 

On the third day, Zhao Hai left the Space and spent the entire time inside his room. He was afraid that Margaret would look for him. Therefore, he decided to wait for her inside his room. Although he came out of the Space, Zhao Hai still continued his nonstop condensing of magic formations. He can now condense more than 10 thousand formations at the same time.

After some time, while Zhao Hai was condensing formations, two faint knocks were heard on the door. Zhao Hai immediately got up and opened the door to see Margaret on the other side.

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Come with me to the hall. We’re about to arrive at our destination.”

Zhao Hao nodded, then he followed behind Margaret. Normally, people couldn’t casually go inside the ship’s command hall. Of course, Zhao Hai wasn’t aware of this rule since he stayed inside his room all this time. But since he can monitor the ship using the Space, he was able to find out that Margaret’s status wasn’t simple. Even the ship’s commander was very respectful to her.

Meanwhile, Margaret was thinking that Zhao Hai wasn’t only a genius and a clever person, he was also very patient. For three days, he was able to stay inside his room without leaving. Because of this, Margaret began to favor Zhao Hai.

From what Margaret had experienced, most people would be restless after entering a ship for the first time. On the other hand, Zhao Hai didn’t have such restlessness. He didn’t even seem to be curious as he just stayed inside his room. Such willpower made Margaret look at Zhao Hai in a favorable light.

The two quickly arrived at the ship’s command hall. The room wasn’t very large, it was only around a hundred square meters. There were about a dozen people inside operating the ship. However, these people didn’t look busy. Most of them had cups of tea on their hands as they chatted with each other.

In the middle of the hall was a table with a couple of chairs. Sitting behind the table was a man about 40 years old. He had a neat appearance and also held a teacup on one hand. Meanwhile, displayed on his table was the view outside the ship. A planet was getting bigger and bigger on the display, showing that the ship was getting closer. This man was the ship’s commander.

Seeing the two arrive, the commander quickly stood up and greeted Margaret, “Instructor Margaret.”

Margaret nodded, then she gestured towards Zhao Hai and said, “This is Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai, this is the ship’s commander, Kirk.”

Zhao Hai gave Kirk a salute, the latter did the same. During this exchange, the other people inside the ship were looking at Zhao Hai with curiosity.

Zhao Hai didn’t particularly care about their curiosity. Among everyone here, only Margaret and him had mage robes, showing that she was an academy instructor and he was the student. Therefore, it wouldn’t be strange if these people were curious about him.

Margaret arrived by the commander’s table and looked at the planet that was getting closer and closer. The planet was black and yellow. Zhao Hai came to know that this black part was actually the planet’s oceans. Instead of being blue, the planet’s waters were actually black. On the other hand, its lands were yellow. Scattered on these yellow lands were weeds. Moreover, there was no drinkable water on this planet, making it inhospitable.

The main reason why humans chose to develop this planet was because it had something that they need, Mithril!

This mithril was different than mithril found in the lower realm. In the lower realms, mithril was just a metal with magical properties. Mages wouldn’t necessarily make use of it. But in the Machine Field, mithril wasn’t just something used by Mages, it was something that they cannot separate themselves from.

In the Machine Field, mithril was a material with high conductivity. Whether it was magic or battle qi, both needed good conduction materials for their weapons. Therefore, both magic staffs and weapons couldn’t be made without mithril.

In the beginning, Tyro planet only had miners operating in its mines. They lived inside tunnels and rarely went above ground. This was because the planet had a lot of powerful magic beasts. In addition, the plants and even the planet’s water were toxic. These beasts had been eating and drinking these things while growing up, making them poisonous themselves. As long as they cut your skin, you’ve basically forfeited your life.

Afterwards, major powers from the Machine Field decided to develop the planet, establishing permanent residences. In these residences were water filtration systems as well as food manufacturing facilities. Although these residences were still inside tunnels, they gradually formed underground cities. Most people inside these residences were still miners, but their families also took residence in the planet.

At this time, besides its mining industry, Tyro planet also had a special tourism sector. They allowed tourists to explore the mines and stay in specially made tunnel hotels. There were also services that allowed people safe travel aboveground to kill the local poisonous beasts. 

Tyro planet wasn’t owned by any of the three major forces. Although those forces would want to swallow the planet, because of the other two, nobody was able to succeed. In the end, they granted Tyro planet its own independence. The planet would trade its ores for machine coins and other supplies from the three powers. Although the job was hard, the miners could earn a lot. It wouldn’t be strange for a miner to be rich after working here for more than ten years.

Although the tunnels in Tyro planet were safe, the areas where the miners work in weren’t. The underground had poisonous beasts as well as malicious ghosts. But since their population was little, and the density of spiritual qi was small, it wouldn’t be worth it if an army was stationed here all the time. Therefore, the tasks of eradicating this danger was handed over to the academies.

This information wasn’t something that Zhao Hai looked up, instead it was Laura and the others who found out about it. 

Zhao Hai wasn’t too concerned about this mission. With the density of spiritual qi not being strong, it would be impossible for powerful creatures to emerge from this place.

Although the ship seemed slow, it was actually approaching the planet quickly. But as it got closer to the planet’s atmosphere, the ship began to slow down.

As soon as they entered Tyro planet, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. The place was really desolate, there was an endless number of yellow rocks as far as the eye could see. Growing on the cracks on the ground and the rocks were grasses and shrubs. These plants were similarly colored as the rocks, yellowish.

One could often see beasts roaming the surface or fighting for food. Zhao Hai couldn’t see even a shadow of human civilization.

At this time, the spaceship descended on an enormous crater. It was at least a kilometer wide and was too dark to be able to see what was inside.

The ship slowly descended. Its speed got slower and slower and in about ten minutes, Zhao Hai discovered a beeping light. Then a staff turned towards Kirk and said, “Captain, a communication request.” Kirk nodded and said, “Accept it.”

Then the staff member nodded before tapping the desktop. Before long, an image of a person about 30 years old appeared. He appeared refined as he bowed and said, “Welcome, friends from the Ascender Academy. I am the station master of Tyro Planet’s space port. Please follow the lights as you land your ship on port number five. Thank you in advance for cooperating.”

Kirk gave a saute and said, “Yes, Station Master.” Then the image vanished. Shortly after that, lights appeared, showing signals to lead the ship to its landing point.

After the ship landed successfully, Margaret led Zhao Hai to exit the ship. On the other hand, the staff on the ship actually stayed. They still needed to settle things on the ship before they could leave. 

As Margaret led Zhao Hai out of the ship,  someone was already waiting for them outside. He was an old man with white hair and beard. Surprisingly, this person was wearing mage robes.

After seeing Margaret and Zhao Hai, the old man immediately bowed and said, “Instructor Margaret, welcome. Please follow me.” Margaret returned the greeting and said, “Mister Sim is too polite.” Then the three proceeded towards nearby car. The car was quite big. It had four rows of seats. Margaret and Sim were on the second row while Zhao Hai was sitting alone on the third row.

The vehicle also had tea for its passengers. After going in, Sim offered Margaret and Zhao Hai a cup each. Then he opened his mouth and said, “To the Academy Reception.” Zhao Hai knew that those words were meant for the computer driving the car. Just as Sim’s voice was heard, the car immediately moved.

At this time, Sim turned to Margaret and said, “Instructor Margaret. I apologize for the trouble. Is this the only student that will take the trial?” Margaret placed her cup next to her chair and then nodded, “Yes, this time, only Zhao Hai will participate in the exam. In addition to our academy, who else is here?” Sim lowered his voice as he replied, “In addition to your academy, there’s also the Adam family’s academy as well as the Wild academy. Altogether, they brought ten people for the trial. The Adam Academy brought six people while the Wild Academy brought four.”

Upon hearing the names of these two academies, Margaret couldn’t help but knit her brows. She didn’t say anything and just nodded. At this moment, the car stopped. The cave in front of them had ten layers overall. It looked like a ten-story building, but instead of floors it was made out of holes.

Besides the entrance and the exit, as well as the glass windows, the entire cave was made out of stone. It was a space of about a thousand square meters. There were already several cars parked inside.

Exiting the vehicle, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but inspect the surroundings. The place was very lively, completely uncharacteristic of a mining tunnel. It was more than 200 meters high. On its ceiling were magic formations that provided light. Aside from the columns, the other places were places where people live in. There were also flying cars going in and out. The street was full of traffic. The neon signs on the shops added to the liveliness of the place.

If this wasn’t a mining tunnel, it wouldn’t have been different to a city. But since it was a mining tunnel, instead of buildings, people dug into holes. Because of this, the place exuded a unique characteristic.

Zhao Hai just gave the area a glance before he followed behind Margaret and Sim towards the reception. As soon as they entered, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare for a moment. The inside was beautifully renovated. There was a bar inside the hall and even a lounge to relax. Carpet covered the floors and beautiful wallpapers plastered the walls.


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