BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1091


Chapter 1091 – 4th-level Talent

Zhao Hai sat by the window and looked outward. He didn’t know when the ship took off, he simply didn’t feel it moving. He couldn’t help but praise the technology of this world.

After looking at the window for some time, Zhao Hai turned away and faced his room before taking out a small device. The device was an anti-monitoring device that Qi Yi had made for him. It had the most advanced anti-surveillance technology in the Machine Feild. As long as a room had monitoring devices, this device would immediately issue an alarm before emitting an electromagnetic signal that causes the monitoring device to malfunction.

In the Machine Field, there were two ways to monitor a person. The first method was through monitoring devices. There were plenty of monitoring devices in the Machine Field, the same was true for anti-monitoring devices. But compared to monitoring devices, anti-monitoring devices were much easier to make.

Anti-monitoring devices were ingeniously crafted. As long as they emit their electromagnetic waves, they would certainly disturb any monitoring device in the vicinity. This way, the person who set-up the monitoring device wouldn’t be able to get anything.

Besides monitoring devices, the other method used to spy on other people was through magic. This method was difficult to guard against. Surveillance magic was generally very secretive and difficult to detect. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t really afraid of surveillance magic.

Zhao Hai’s spiritual force was very formidable. And with the existence of the Sace, monitoring him using magic was almost impossible. Because of this, Zhao Hai only needed to worry about monitoring devices for now.

Seeing that there were no monitoring devices inside his room, Zhao Hai began to feel relieved. His figure immediately flashed as he returned to his room back at the academy. Laura and the others were also inside his room, waiting for Zhao Hai to bring them information.

When they saw Zhao Hai come out from the Space, the women couldn’t help but stare. Then Laura stepped forward and said, “Brother Hai, why did you use the Space to come back? Are you starting your test? What kind of test is it?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “My test this time seems to be on a planet called Tyro, killing malicious ghosts. I won’t be taking it in the academy, you can go with me on the ship.” 

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others cheered before following Zhao Hai out of the Space. Zhao Hai also took the robot that Qi Yi had made for him. Zhao Hai named this robot ‘Number Nine’.[1]

Bringing Laura and the others as well as Number Nine to the ship made Zhao Hai’s room look cramped. However, they only stayed inside for a short while before they returned to the Space. In any case, if someone came to look for him, it wouldn’t be too late to head back to his room.

Upon returning to the Space, Zhao Hai let out a long breath before going to the hot spring to take a nice bath. When he returned to the living room, Meg had already prepared a delicious meal for him.

Zhao Hai hadn’t entered the Space recently since he needed to adapt to the environment outside. Now that he had returned to the Space, he can finally relax.

After eating, Zhao Hai went on to condense magic formations at the side. Meanwhile, Laura and the others were browsing the internet. There wasn’t anything wrong with the Space, Laura and the others just preferred to stay beside Zhao Hai. They spent most of their time going to Zhao Hai’s room to accompany him.

Zhao Hai also understood their feelings. Therefore, he would accompany them while condensing his magic formations. Zhao Hai can spend more time with Laura and the others since he now has more control over his spiritual force. 

Currently, Zhao Hai had already condensed nearly a hundred thousand magic formations. He had also gathered several hundred magic formations combinations. These combinations had been provided by the scanner. The least powerful combination he had composed of five layers while the most powerful one was actually a hundred layers.

A hundred layered formation was a symbol for level 4 Mages. There were only a small amount of people who had reached this stage in the Machine Field. If people become aware that Zhao Hai, who has yet to graduate from the academy, could use a hundred layer formation, they would certainly die from shock.

However, wanting to use the scanner to analyze formations with more layers would be impossible. This was because the Universal Scanner was still level 1. The most it could do was 100 layers.

Zhao Hai also accessed the net to look at how strong hundred-layer formations were. Take a small fireball for example. On its own, it was a weak magic. Even if Zhao Hai reached his current level, his fireball still wasn’t strong. At the most, the fireball would be as strong as an anti-tank grenade.

However, after passing through a hundred-layer formation, its might would become similar to a missile. Killing several hundred people with it wouldn’t be a problem.

The current issue for Zhao Hai at this moment was how to upgrade the Scanner. Only when the Scanner gets upgraded would his strength increase.

But as he was worrying about this, Zhao Hai discovered something. His spiritual force was just enough to use a hundred-layer formation. If he used anything more than that, his spiritual force would be extremely stressed out.

Because of this, there was no point for Zhao Hai to worry about upgrading the Scanner. Even if the Scanner could analyze more powerful formations, Zhao Hai still wouldn’t be able to use them.

Although Zhao Hai’s body was being constantly improved by the Stellar Transformations Art, it was still not enough for him to use magic with more layers.

Of course, Zhao Hai wouldn’t idle because of this. Besides condensing formations as well as trying to compile formation combinations, Zhao Hai also did one other thing. He was looking into how Warriors in the Machine Realm fight.

In the Machine Field, combat methods of Warriors were very simple. They just need to increase the energy inside their body and then their groups would provide them with corresponding weapons. However, these weapons were different than what Warriors from the lower realms used. These weapons were specially made in the Machine Field to contain magic formations. These formations allowed the energy inside a Warrior’s body to concentrate so that they could send it out.

Warriors in the lower realm would use their energy in order to coat their weapons, making them sharper. On the other hand, Warriors in the Machine Field can actually send their sword qi out, providing them with long-ranged attack.

Moreover, the sword qi that was sent out would be supported by the formation inside the weapon, increasing its attacking power. But in the end, how far the sword qi would travel still depended on the user’s strength. It was said that there was once a legendary Warrior in the Machine Field that used his sword to slaughter his enemies in all directions unhindered.

Although this legend might be fake, Zhao Hai still took it with caution. He had already found some magic formations used for engraving weapons. After having it go through the scanner and then combining it into a hundred-layer formation, Zhao Hai had it engraved on his staff. This would be another one of his cards in the future.

Zhao Hai also conducted tests inside the Space. He used his staff and turned it into a sword in order to send a sword qi out into the distance. His sword qi reached ten thousand meters, which was equal to a level 4 Warrior. After testing both paths, Zhao Hai can confirm that his strength was indeed at level 4.

The current strongest being in the Machine Field was about level 8. Being only level 4, Zhao Hai still fell short.

However, if people from the Machine Realm knew that Zhao Hai had level 4 strength, they would certainly be startled. This was because, generally, lower realm ascenders would at most only reach level two upon graduating. There were a minority that reached level three, but never level 4. 

Zhao Hai was constantly condensing magic formations inside the Space, he was also familiarizing himself with arranging layered formations. Although he can now use hundred-layer formations in almost a flash, he would still need to practice on it for a long time.

Being able to use layered formations wasn’t a direct indicator of a person’s strength. Layered formations were just like weapons, some were like spears, some were like shields. As long as one practices to the point where they knew the most appropriate way to use formations, only then would they effectively grasp its power.

At this point, Zhao Hai’s everyday program has been arranged. Besides eating and sleeping, he spent most of his day practicing his layered formations while also practicing how to launch his sword qi.

Zhao Hai had just discovered why the swordsmanship in the Machine Field was so strong. This was because he can attach a bit of his spiritual force on the qi as it was launched. This allowed him to make the sword qi change directions.

This skill was new to Zhao Hai, so he needed to digest how to use it effectively. Zhao Hai was very clear that these things would be the basis of his survival in the Machine Field.

Although it looks like Laura and the others were leisurely browsing the internet, Zhao Hai actually knew that they were scouring for information. They were looking for things related to the Cultivation Realm as well as any methods to make the Undead stronger.

Even if there were a lot of information that were deemed confidential in the Machine Field. Information that was public was already enough for Zhao Hai and the others to use.

Information about Magic Theory, magic formations, alchemy, and other disciplines were definitely useful. This was especially true for alchemy.

Although Warriors still had their weapons in the Machine Field, lower realm magic staffs and magic potions were useless to Mages. However, Mages still had their weapons. The first of these weapons were magic staffs. Magic Theory was different than magic formations in the lower realms. According to their spiritual force, Mages in the machine field were able to engrave a number of magic formations on their staff. 

  1. Don’t know why it was named like that.


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