BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1089


Chapter 1089 – Connecting to the Network

Dins and the others nodded. They’re already late into their ages, past the times when one would want glory and power. To the current them, survival was more important than anything. Therefore, as soon as they heard Zhao Hai, all of them thought that his words were reasonable.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “Earlier, I looked up the situation with the Ashley Family’s Bone Symbol Camp online. Although they don’t seem to differ compared to the other camps, they were even seen as declining, but after going through the Bone Symbol Camp’s casualties in the past ten years, their ratio only came up to 1:1000. And when carrying out special tasks, they would have a casualty rate of 1 to 5. In other words, in five people, only one would die. Meanwhile, the other camps would have a casualty rate of 1 to 1. This means that there are times that all of their recruits die during missions. It’s a very brutal statistic. If everyone is interested, you can look it up yourselves.”

Dins and the others nodded. They will look it up, but this didn’t mean that they didn’t believe Zhao Hai. They just wanted to see this casualty rate with their own eyes. They believed that Zhao Hai wouldn’t deceive them with this matter, there simply was no need to do so. As long as they go back, they can prove it themselves.

Zhao Hai looked at the others and said, “We didn’t ascend here just to die. Therefore, joining the Bone Symbol Camp is our best choice. Even a low allowance wouldn’t be a problem. And from what I had looked up, the Bone Symbol Camp’s allowance wasn’t even that low.”

Dins nodded and said, “Just like what Little Hai said, we didn’t ascend in order to become cannon fodder. It would be best for everyone if we can enter the Bone Symbol Camp. This way, we can take care of each other.” The others also gave their agreement.

Seeing that everyone has agreed, Zhao Hai said, “Good, since everyone agrees, then I don’t have anything else to say. Come, let’s drink. Let’s work hard together and enter the Bone Symbol Camp.” The others raised their glasses and cheered.

The reason why Zhao Hai dared to say all of this at this time was because the robot butlers were currently left behind in Qi Yi’s shop. Moreover, the restaurant that they were currently in didn’t have any monitoring devices. Of course, this was something that Zhao Hai asked Qi for.

The Ascender Academy that Zhao Hai was currently in was closely monitored by the Bone Symbol Camp. There were only a few places that didn’t have any surveillance device. Zhao Hai knew about this point so he asked Qi Yi for a restaurant that wasn’t monitored. Because of this, they were now inside this specific restaurant.

After eating their meal, Zhao Hai and the others returned to their own rooms. Zhao Hai checked the internet for a while before going back to condensing formations. 

For the following days, Zhao Hai’s life went normally. Every day, he would go to the cafeteria to have breakfast, then he would go to the classroom in order to get a lecture. After that, he returned to his room and whatever he liked.

Zhao Hai had yet to release Laura and the others. However, he kept monitoring Qi Yi in the past three days. He wanted to see whether Qi Yi really didn’t want to monitor him or was he just feigning ignorance.

It didn’t take a long time before Zhao Hai knew that Qi Yi was a genuine ally. The man seems to have a heavy obsession with robotics. He always stayed inside his shop. When it was time to eat, he would just have the cafeteria deliver food to him. Most of the time, he was in his workshop tinkering with robots.

Dins and the others’ robots were done being modified the day after they were sent in. Qi Yi didn’t ask them for money. After all, in Qi Yi’s eyes, Dins and the others were already people on his own side.

Besides looking at Qi Yi’s actions, Zhao Hai was also monitoring Dins and the others. Zhao Hai wanted to see if they would agree to being recruited by other people.

Three days went by fast. Zhao Hai got up early to eat before going to Qi Yi’s shop. Today was the day he would get his new advanced robot.

Zhao Hai didn’t know what kind of robot Qi Yi had prepared for him. Although he was monitoring Qi Yi, the moment Zhao Hai knew that he was an ally, he stopped. 

When Zhao Hai entered Qi Yi’s shop, Qi Yi wasn’t there. Zhao Hai didn’t need to be polite and just went straight to the workshop.

Qi Yi had already modified the robot in his shop to allow Zhao Hai entry. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t encounter any troubles as he went to the workshop.

When he arrived at the workshop, Zhao Hai saw Qi Yi being busy tinkering with a robot. This wasn’t the robot that Zhao Hai saw back in that room three days ago. Instead, it was a robot with a high degree of human appearance.

The body of this robot was covered with a biochemical skin. Its two eyes looked like genuine eyes. If not for its lack of emotion, one might mistake it as a real person.

Zhao Hai can affirm that this wasn’t his robot. This was because Qi Yi’s robots never had biochemical skin. To Qi Yi, robots were robots. They were their own lifeforms and they didn’t need to cater to humanistic standards regarding appearance.

Although Zhao Hai thought otherwise, he didn’t say anything. For people like Qi Yi, this aspect was regarded as very important.

Zhao Hai looked around the room and saw a robot at the side. He had seen this robot in the room back then. Its whole body was made out of shining metal. It wasn’t very tall, only at about 1.8 meters. It had a somewhat human face but it was still very far from robots with biochemical skins.

Seeing that Qi Yi was completely focused on his task, Zhao Hai gave out two light coughs. Qi Yi quickly turned his head towards Zhao Hai. After grabbing Qi Yi’s attention, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Ah Yi, I’m here for my robot. How is it? Is it done?”

Qi Yi immediately said, “It’s done. Take a look. It has everything you requested. What do you think? Do you want to leave your old robot here? Having this one is already enough.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s alright. There’s no harm in having two robots. You seem to be busy, I’ll take my leave.”

Qi Yi nodded and said, “Alright, come over later in the evening. How about we share a cup or two?”

Zhao Hai agreed, “Get two meals delivered and we’ll drink here.”

Qi Yi nodded. Then Zhao Hai turned around and left the shop along with his two robots.

Since it was still time for classes, there were very few people wandering the shops. Zhao Hai didn’t meet anyone as he was returning to his room.

When he arrived at his room, Zhao Hai had Tinkle inspect the new robot. Finding that there were no monitoring devices on the robot, Zhao Hai began to feel relieved. Then he waved his hand and had Laura and the others come out.

As soon as they came out, Laura and the others immediately cheered as they threw themselves towards Zhao Hai. Being hugged by several women, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel incomparable satisfaction.

After some time, Laura and the others calmed down. Zhao Hai looked at them and smiled as he said, “You’re still unable to leave this room. However, you can browse the internet on the computer so that you can understand this world more. After I leave the academy, I’ll find a way to provide all of you with Machine Field ID Cards.”

Laura waved his hand and said, “It’s fine, we like being inside the Space anyway. Brother Hai, I had father study the plate that Margaret gave you. He believed that it wouldn’t take long before they can duplicate it. When the time comes, we would also be able to adapt to the Machine Field’s spiritual qi.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Good. After you go back, I’ll also have Tinkle go along with you so that father and the others could see it. However, I can’t have Tinkle enter the Space for long. It wouldn’t be good if people see me without my robot butler for a long period of time..”

Laura nodded. Zhao Hai took out several wrist computers and then handed them over to Laura and the others. This way, they could access the internet on their own.

Computers in the Machine Field were much better than the ones in the Space. Computers in the Space didn’t have any network connection. Because of this, computers can only perform basic functions. But in the Machine Field, computers were connected to each other, and in a degree one hundred times more advanced than Earth. Therefore, it didn’t take long for Laura and the others to be immersed on the internet.

Zhao Hai just discovered that connecting to the Machine Field’s internet didn’t require any payment. Whether they were robots or computers, connecting to the network was free.

While Laura and the others were accessing the net, Zhao Hai was on the side condensing magic formations. When dinner time arrived, Zhao Hai stopped what he was doing. Then he turned to Laura and the others and said, “Alright, it’s already late. You should go back. You can come over to play tomorrow.”

Laura and the others looked at the time, and it was indeed already late. However, some of them were still reluctant to leave. Zhao Hai just smiled and had them download some content to their computer so that they could do something when they return to the Space.

After waiting for Laura and the others to be done, Zhao Hai sent them over to the Space along with Tinkle. But just as Tinkle entered the Space, a prompt was suddenly heard, “Robot from a high-rank Science and Technology civilization detected. Space upgraded to level 130. Host can now buy ten high-ranking science and technology backgrounds and 50 ordinary backgrounds. Since the robot has advanced wireless connection to its source civilization, the Space has now obtained the civilization’s advanced wireless network function.”

Zhao Hai stared for a moment before a wave of happiness washed over him. He had always wanted to make a network inside the Space. However, the computers had yet to become popular inside the Space. Moreover, he didn’t have any experience in making networks. He didn’t expect the Space to solve the problem for him.

However, Zhao Hai suddenly thought that the Space was now connected to the Machine Realm’s network. Did this mean that the Space was now exposed? When he thought about this, he immediately called Cai’er, “Cai’er, what does this mean? If the Space can connect to the outside world, then does this mean that the Space’s secret will soon be discovered?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, there’s no need to worry. Although it can connect to the outside world’s network, the Space will not emit any signals. The Space can only receive information, it cannot send.”

Upon hearing Cai’er, Zhao Hai relaxed. Then his two eyes shone as he said, “Cai’er, can you connect to secret bases of the Machine Field and steal their secrets?”

Cai’er shook her head and said, “I’m afraid we can’t, Young Master. I just tried it. It seems like the Machine Field’s public network is just a place to play around. Real secrets aren’t connected to the public network and exist on isolated networks.”

Zhao Hao nodded. Although he felt helpless, he could also accept this fact. Nevertheless, this network would be extremely useful for the Space. 

Turning his head to Cai’er, Zhao Hai said, “Cai’er, popularize the use of computers in the Space’s academies. Let everyone know about the Machine Field and let them see what kind of place it is.”

Cai’er nodded. Looking at the time, Zhao Hai said, “Alright, I need to head out. It wouldn’t be good if I stay here for longer.” Cai’er nodded. Then Zhao Hai returned to his room. After reorganizing his thoughts, he proceeded towards the cafeteria.

The Space’s connection to the internet was a crucial development for the people inside the Space. This connection became a bridge that allowed the people to be aware about the massive World of Cultivation outside. 

Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid that these people would want to leave. Because of the Space’s benefits, it was already common sense for them to stay inside.

Compared to the intense competition in the Machine Field, the Space was incomparably peaceful and rich. How could someone from the Space think of leaving? At most, they would look at the situation outside as entertainment.

Even the people inside the Space couldn’t help but pity the people in the Machine Field. These people were going all out in order to become stronger. Average people were also working extremely hard. 

The new technology was very helpful to Karen and the others. They can now get direct access to magic formations. This caused their research to be more relaxed than before. Being able to gain the Machine Field’s foundation had saved them a lot of trouble.

The only regrettable thing to all of this was the fact that the network was only limited to the Machine Field. Because of this, Zhao Hai was still blind about the situation of the other realms.


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