BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1088


Chapter 1088 – Unusual Level Division

Zhao Hai’s condensation of magic formations was getting faster and faster. At this point, he could already condense ten formations at once. But compared to the total amount of known magic formations in the Machine Field, his speed was still far from enough.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried as he continued to condense ten magic formations at the same time. Each batch needed ten minutes to be finished. He could now condense at least 50 formations every hour. Such speed has never been seen before and might never be seen again.

Moreover, Zhao Hai’s condensed magic formations weren’t as simple as that. Every magic formation that Zhao Hai condensed has been recorded by the Space. Then Cai’er would take these formations and run them under the scanner. This way, the Space could come up with the most appropriate combinations.

In the Machine Field, the level of a Mage depended on the number of magic formations they could layer on top of another. The overall division came in ten levels. The levels were divided as so: 1st level Mages were those who could layer less than 5 formations. 2nd level Mages could layer 5 to 10 formations. 3rd level Mages would be 10 to 50 formations. 4th level Mages needed 50 to 100. 5th level, 100 to 500. 6th level is 500 to 1000. 7th level is 1000 to 3000. 8th level ranges from 3000 to 5000. 9th level, 5000 to 10,000. And then 10th level was over 10,000 layered formations.

Nobody knew for how long the Machine Field has existed, but Magic Theory had existed for at least tens of thousands of years. But until now, the highest level Mage could only reach the 9th level. There has never been a 10th level Mage.

The most powerful 9th level Mage could only layer 9,999 magic formations. Achieving 10,000 layered formations seem to be impossible.

It can be said that layered formations were the symbol of strength in the Machine Field. Moreover, with the number of magic formations present in the Machine Field, layering them together was an almost impossible feat. 

In fact, in the current Machine Field, it was speculated that even the most senior mage couldn’t layer 3000 magic formations together. This meant that currently, nobody had reached 8th level. The most powerful mage of this generation was at the 7th level.

Layering 3000 magic formations together needed a massive amount of time to accomplish. Also, in the middle of battle, where would one find time to spend in order to arrange such a huge formation? It was practically impossible. But if you only use a few layers of formations, they would be too weak to fight against other experts.

In the World of Cultivation, the cultivation speed of every realm was almost the same at the early stages. In the Machine Field, Mages that can layer five formations could resist against a forged body expert. If you follow the Divine Realm’s metric, then forged body experts were equivalent to 9th rank or Demigod-rank experts.

As for Mages that can layer 10 formations together, they would be equal to qi condensation experts, God-ranks to Peak God-ranks. Cultivating to this stage generally wouldn’t take a long time.

Wanting to layer 10 to 50 formations wasn’t that difficult either. As long as one can layer 30 magic formations, then this meant that they had already reached foundation establishment. Most Mages would be stuck at this level.

There were a lot of Mages that would never go beyond 3rd level. But for the Cultivators, foundation establishment was just the beginning of their path of Cultivation.

It can be said that only one in a hundred Cultivators could reach foundation establishment, for Mages, this ratio drops down to one in ten thousand. In this case, Mages would find it hard to go against Cultivators.

The power divide between Warriors in the Machine Field was also the same as the Mages. However, the Warriors didn’t base their levels on how much magic formations they can layer on top of another. Instead, they base their strength on how far their sword qi could reach.

Their division of level was also very simple, it was just like the Mages but the numerical values were multiplied by 100. For example. 1st level Warriors could release their sword qi for less than 500 meters. 2nd level Warriors is 500 meters to 1 kilometer, and so on. The highest level Warrior could release his sword qi as far as 1 million meters. Naturally, this level only existed in legends.

One needed to note that the term ‘sword qi’ was only a generalization. This didn’t mean that it was energy released using a sword. There were Warriors in the Machine Field that use weapons that were not swords. As long as they can launch their energy to a certain extent, they would be similarly ranked.

Because of this system, Mages and Warriors of the Machine Field found it hard to go against experts from other realms. In the end, they could only rely on the might of battleships and magic mechs.

As for Zhao Hai, he was just concentrating on condensing magic formations in the meantime. He wasn’t planning to layer magic formations yet. He was planning to try it inside the Space and not in the academy.

Even if he was alone in a secluded part of the academy, Zhao Hai still thought that it wouldn’t be safe. Therefore, he could only do it inside the Space.

By afternoon, Zhao Hai managed to condense several hundred magic formations. After looking at the time, he stopped and went out of his room to head towards the cafeteria.

Seeing that Dins and the others were already in the cafeteria, Zhao Hai quickly called them over so that they could head to the shops. There was a small advantage to being in the academy. It didn’t matter if it was the shops or the cafeteria, all of them were open all the time. You can buy items and eat food whenever you want.

It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai and the others arrived outside the strange robot shop. Qi Yi was still busy inside the workshop and would be for a long time. When Zhao Hai arrived, he stopped working as he laughed and said, “A Hai, you’re here. As you can see, I’ve been busy with work..”

Zhao Hai smiles and said, “It’s alright. Let me introduce you. They are recent ascenders to the Machine Field. They’re just a little bit older than me. I’ll have to trouble you to modify their robots as well. We’ll be leaving their robots here for now. Just tell them when they can get them back.”

Qi Yi laughed and said, “You guys really want me to work huh. Alright, rest assured, I will complete everything in time.” Then after greeting Zhao Hai, he proceeded to greet the old men.

After the two sides exchanged their greetings, Zhao Hai brought everyone to the first floor restaurant. This time, the restaurant was chosen by Qi Yi. This restaurant was simply called Academy Restaurant. It wasn’t a large one nor did it look anything special.

Once they arrived at the restaurant, Zhao Hai turned his head towards Dins and the others as he said, “Everyone, there’s something I need to tell you. The Ascender Academy that we’re in is controlled by the Ashley Family’s Bone Symbol Camp. The people from the camp has already contacted me and hoped that I could join them after I graduate. I also told them that it would be great if everyone here can join.”

Dins and the others stared. To be honest, they were completely unaware about this matter. Zhao Hai scanned them and then continued, “From what I understand, besides the Bone Symbol Camp, the other powers that recruit ascenders employ the survival of the fittest mindset. They would carry on brutal training in order to eliminate the weak. Those who stay behind are recruited while the others would be dead. The Bone Symbol Camp doesn’t do the same program. As long as you join the camp, they will make sure that you play to your own strength. At the same time, they would arrange jobs that is appropriate to your abilities. Qi Yi is someone from the Bone Symbol Camp. Since he is only interested in robots, the camp leader had him manage a robot shop in the academy. Everyone should be able to understand what I want to say. You aren’t like the young ascenders, so people from the Machine Field wouldn’t place great importance on your existence. If you join other camps, then you will certainly be treated as cannon fodder. Because of this, I’d like all of us to join the Bone Symbol Camp. Then later on, we can take care of each other. What do you think?”

Hearing Zhao Hai’s words, Dins and the others turned silent. They weren’t fools. Conversely, they had gained rich experience from the lower realms, so they knew how people acted. There were a lot of stronger people among the young ascenders, therefore they couldn’t help but believe Zhao Hai.

Additionally, they were aware that joining a camp together meant that they can protect each other more effectively. The old men looked at each other before they nodded. After that Barlett said, “Rest assured little Hai, we understand what you’re saying. Since you want us to join the Bone Symbol Camp, then everyone will follow you.”

The others nodded, showing their agreement. Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s good that everyone agrees. Since Qi Yi is also from the Bone Symbol Camp, we will have to trouble him to modify your robot butlers. This is because there are monitoring devices inside each of your robots. Your every action and movement have fallen to the other people’s attention. We’ll have Qi Yi help use to remove these devices. After all, all of us are now part of the same family.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, the faces of Dins and the others changed. They turned to look at Qi Yi for affirmation. Qi Yi couldn’t hide his excitement. In the past, old Mages like them would join other camps to be cannon fodder instead of the Bone Symbol Camp. Because of this, the Bone Symbol Camp was lacking in numbers. Having this much people join at the same time naturally made him happy.

Looking at the old Mages’ expressions, Qi Yi immediately nodded and said, “Right, each of your robot butlers has monitoring devices inside them. And these devices don’t only send information to one or two people, but to multiple groups at once. These people would gauge you depending on your performance. If you can meet their standards, then they will contact you to invite you over to their camp.”

Dins and the others’ faces were somewhat ugly. They didn’t expect their day-to-day life to be monitored. This was basically like throwing their undergarments out into the streets, nobody would be able to endure it.

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions and said, “I know that a lot of people will contact you when the time comes. And they might give you a lot of good benefits, but you should also know that your lives are your most important possession. Under such brutal training, you cannot guarantee your survival. Also, we are a minority group, even if you get promised good conditions, nobody can guarantee that they will follow through with their promise. Therefore, I hope that all of us can enter the same camp so that we can help each other.”


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