BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1085


Chapter 1085 – Laying Cards Out on the Table

Zhao Hai stopped condensing formations when dinner time came. During this time, Zhao Hai managed to condense more than 20 magic formations. People would be shocked by this speed. But to Zhao Hai, this was nothing.

After condensing his first magic formation, Zhao Hai managed to get the feel of the process. Because of this, he was able to condense magic formations much easier later on.

At this point, Zhao Hai could branch his spiritual force out into five threads while maintaining their accuracy. This allowed him to condense more than 20 magic formations in such a short period of time.

These magic formations weren’t just from the dark element, he also condensed formations from the other departments. After all, he was an all-element mage, it wouldn’t be strange for him to use magic from the other elements.

Zhao Hai proceeded to head towards the cafeteria. After seeing Zhao Hai arrive, Dins and the others gave him their greetings. Seeing Zhao Hai’s beaming appearance, Dins couldn’t help but smile as he asked, “Little Hai, did you do anything worth celebrating?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he replied, “I just learned some beautiful magic. Of course its a happy event”

When Dins heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but stare, then he laughed and said, “You boastful brat. Today’s your second day of class, what magic could you have learned? Aren’t you still learning about magic runes?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Right, I just didn’t expect that magic formations would be this strong. For the people of the Machine Field to reach this level of research regarding magic formations, I really admire their efforts.”

Dins sighed and said, “The upper realm is really the upper realm. Their magic formations have completely surpassed our expectations. Moreover, these past few days, I’ve been reading about their Void Condensing Formation Technique in my computer. To be honest, it looked extremely formidable.”

The others agreed with a nod. Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he turned his hand, making a pile of snacks appear. These snacks were famous in the Ark continent, therefore Zhao Hai’s Space didn’t lack these things. In order to avert suspicions, the snacks were cold. He also took out several bottles of liquor.

Dins and the others couldn’t help but stare at what Zhao Hai took out. After some time, Dins pointed at the items and said, “Little Hai, where did you get these things?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I got it from the lower realms. Where do you think I got them from? These are famous snacks back home. Everyone have a taste of our liquor too.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Dins quickly said, “Since that is the case, then we would have to be impolite. I didn’t expect an ascended expert like you to bring these things along. It’s quite strange.”

Zhao Hai just faintly smiled as he replied, “I’m still quite young, so naturally I still enjoy these things. Unlike you old deities who don’t eat commoner food.”

Even if these old men knew that Zhao Hai was ridiculing them, they couldn’t say anything back. When they were about to ascend, they didn’t know that the upper realms would be like this. They thought that they would become immortal gods. Since this was the case, then they won’t need material possessions anymore. Some of them even left their spatial equipment with their families.

Zhao Hai didn’t tell them that he had started condensing magic formations. From what Zhao Hai can see, it seems like these old men had yet to condense their first magic formation. If he tells them that he has, then they might feel down.

After sharing a meal and chatting with everyone, Zhao Hai returned to his own room. But this time, he didn’t immediately condense magic formations. Instead, he sat in front of the computer and looked up information about the Spirit Wind Plane and the Wind God Palace. He offended Frey, so its possible that he had already become their enemy.

The news he gained made Zhao Hai almost jump in fright. Just as Margaret said, the Spirit Wind Plane couldn’t be underestimated. It was a plane that specialized in producing ascenders, almost every year someone would ascend from that plane. Moreover, these ascenders were very close to each other. Offending one of them equated to offending all ascenders from the Spirit Wind Plane. Additionally, almost all of the Spirit Wind Plane ascenders were talents in the wind element. Because of this, Wind God Palace had been recruiting them year after year. This allowed the plane to gain a pivotal position inside the church.

Also the Wind God Palace was one of the major churches in the Church Alliance. At the same time, their strength inside the alliance can be said to be one of the top. It was a huge power.

The entire Machine Field was controlled by three major powers, with the Church Alliance being one of them. With the status of the Wind God Palace inside the Church Alliance, it certainly held great power. Zhao Hai never expected that he would offend such a huge group!

Upon thinking up to here, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly. It seems like being low-key in the Machine Realm wouldn’t do him any good. With that thought in mind, Zhao Hai turned the computer off and then began to condense more formations.

Zhao Hai stopped at midnight. At this point, he had already condensed about 50 magic formations. Even locally born experts of the Machine Realm wouldn’t be able to do that.

The next day went accordingly. After eating with Dins and the others, Zhao Hai proceeded towards his classroom. But to his surprise, Margaret was already waiting for him inside.

Zhao Hai hastily gave his greetings, “I’ve been unfair to instructor Margaret. I’m sorry for being late.”

Margaret shook her head and said, “You’re not late. I just came early. Take a seat, I have something to tell you.” Zhao Hai complied immediately and sat down.

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and said, “It is a custom in the Ascender Academy to study magic formations during the first month. Generally, if you still haven’t learned anything after the first month, you will be turned over to a robot instructor. After learning magical runes, your instructor would then teach you about Void Condensing Formation Technique. After that, you will go to a church in order to further study. However, your progress has surpassed my expectations. Have you learned how to arrange magic formations?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes, I have learned how to arrange formations.”

Margaret gave a nod, “I have already contacted the school about this, so you don’t have to come here anymore. In the future, I can just directly contact you. Here, this is for you. It is a small computer with a call function.” Then Margaret threw a wristband-looking thing towards Zhao Hai. It was silvery and bright.

Zhao Hai wore the wristband and then tried to operate it. Honestly, it was more convenient to use than computers. When operating it, there was a light screen that acted just like a monitor, it’s very good.

Zhao Hai stopped playing with the wrist computer after a while. Meanwhile, Margaret just left him to explore the device. When Zhao Hai stopped, she said, “My contact number has already been saved in that device. You can use it to talk to me directly. What you need to learn right now is how to condense magic formations. The more familiar you are to condensing magic formations, the quicker you would be. After you leave the academy, your speed will decide whether you live or die.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he already understood this aspect. But with the Space, the matter of speed was nothing.

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I will be open to you. You ascended inside the Ashley Family’s Bone Symbol Camp’s domain. Later on after you leave the academy, someone from the Bone Symbol Camp will invite you to join the camp. I’m also from the Bone Symbol Camp. it seems like our leader has been paying attention to you, so he sent me over. Our Ashley Family is also a member of the Church Alliance and is one of the most important members of the Dark Church. The Bone Symbol Camp was the Ashely Family’s most famous outer sect camp, but now it has fallen. However, this ascender academy is still controlled by us. I hope that you will choose our camp when you graduate. Our leader has already told me that we have stopped monitoring you at school. The surveillance device inside your robot butler has also been removed. You can rest assured.”

Zhao Hai stared. He already knew that Margaret was from a powerful group, but he didn’t expect her to lay everything on the table. But he still believed Margaret’s words. If she really wanted him to join the Ashely Clan, then she wouldn’t deceive him with this matter. Moreover, with the innate skill that he showed, he was certainly worth being groomed by the Ashley family.

Zhao Hai looked at Margaret and said, “Instructor, rest assured. If nothing happens, then I would like to join the Bone Symbol Camp. However, I hope that the instructor could help me look after Dins and the others. If you can, please recruit them to the camp as well.”

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and nodded, “If I tell the camp leader, I’m sure he will agree. Since I’ve already interacted with you, the other powers would know to not get in touch with you. But since our Bone Symbol Camp has been very low-key recently, there would be some blind fellows who will try to contact you. I hope that you can make your decision clear to them. After you head back, read about the Bone Symbol Camp’s situation. Don’t just look at the overall statistics, also pay attention to the casualty rates of the camps in recent years. You are a smart one, you should understand what I mean by this.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Instructor can rest assured, I understand. But instructor, I managed to offend someone from the Wind God Palace. If I join the Ashley Family, won’t I bring trouble along with me?”

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and calmly replied, “The Ashley Family is a Dark Mage family, we aren’t afraid to face trouble!”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes, instructor, I understand.”

Margaret nodded, then she said, “It might be inconvenient for you to condense formations inside your room. You can go to the grounds to condense your formations and then try to see its power. I’ll give you two things. This first one will allow you to use a special room in the practice grounds. Besides you, nobody would be able to enter this room. This other one is a formation used to adjust the density of spiritual qi. After one month, this formation will adjust the concentration of spiritual qi around you. This way, you will be accustomed to the normal amount of spiritual qi by the time you graduate.” Then she threw two things over to Zhao Hai.


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