BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1084


Chapter 1084 – Condensing a Formation

Zhao Hai is currently sitting inside his room with his eyes closed. In about half a meter in front of him was a magic formation slowly coming to form. This magic formation looked mystical as it is composed of multiple magic runes. However, the process was very slow as each rune needed to be formed individually.

Zhao Hai immediately returned to his room after his class. What he learned today was too important for him. It can be said that he now had a certain understanding about Magic Theory. The lesson was actually very simple, just the condensation of magic formation using spiritual force as a base, how the perimeter circle needed to be made out of runes, and then how to establish a formation so that it could exert its maximum power.

Deciding on which formation he wanted to condense, Zhao Hai finally settled on a summoning formation from the dark element. The formation belonged to a two-element formation with the space element as an auxiliary. It was because of this arrangement that the formation was quite difficult to condense.

For Mages in the Machine Field, condensing their first magic formation was the first hurdle to their path to mastering Magic Theory. As long as they were able to condense their first magic formation, they would then have an idea on how to condense others later on. 

As for two-element formations, they were much more difficult to condense compared to formations that only had one element. Zhao Hai also asked Margaret about the Undead summoned using this summoning formation. It seems like the Undead that were called over weren’t ordinary undead, but they were at least King-level in strength.

At this time, Zhao Hai wanted to see what a summoned King-level Undead looks like. If he could really summon King-level Undead, then he could surely bolster the Space’s strength.

The magic formation slowly condensed. When the last magic rune was completed, the formation suddenly shone before an outline of a humanoid was seen.

Upon seeing this outline, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. This was because he summoned a Gold Skeleton!

Gold Skeletons might be powerful to others, but in front of Zhao Hai, they were nothing. Crystal Skeletons and Skeleton Kings were the true powerhouses in Zhao Hai’s eyes. As for Gold Skeletons, Zhao Hai didn’t even know how many he had inside the Space. He didn’t have to work so hard just so that he could summon a Gold Skeleton.

But Zhao Hai changed his mind when he began to understand what was happening. Mages in the Machine Field would often layer formations one after another. If he layered several formations together, then he would surely be able to summon more powerful Undead.

Actually, Zhao Hai didn’t care much about what Undead he could summon. What was important to him was the process of condensing a magic formation.

In order to smoothly condense a magic formation, Zhao Hai didn’t divide his spiritual force but instead concentrated his mental energy and condensed the formation slowly.

The magic formation that Zhao Hai condensed wasn’t self-created. The formation was already a wide-spread format in the Machine Realm. With Zhao Hai’s current understanding of Magic Theory, he didn’t have the means to create his own formation. However, this didn’t stop him from believing that he would be able to create his own formation later on.

Zhao Hai collapsed his formation. However, he didn’t immediately go on to condense another one. Instead, Zhao Hai closed his eyes and sensed the feeling of condensing his first magic formation.

As for the Gold Skeleton that he summoned, Zhao Hai can be sure that it wasn’t summoned from the Underworld. As for which plane it came from, he didn’t know.

Almost all of the Undead in the Underworld had been turned to Zhao Hai’s subordinates. If his formation summoned an Undead from the Underworld, then he would be the first to know. Since he didn’t feel anything from the Gold Skeleton, then Zhao Hai was certain that it didn’t come from the Underworld.

Also, after sending the Gold Skeleton to the Space, he discovered that it was stronger compared to the Underworld’s Gold Skeletons. This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised.

From this point, Zhao Hai could see how extraordinary Magic Theory was. Even if one reached Zhao Hai’s strength, summoning magic in the lower realm didn’t allow a person to summon Gold Skeletons. If you wanted a Gold Skeleton, then you can only subdue one and form a contract with it.

As for the Machine Realm, even if Zhao Hai used the same amount of effort, since he has ascended to a place with a higher concentration of spiritual qi and has used Magic Theory, his summoning magic can now bring forth Gold Skeletons. This just shows how terrifying Magic Theory was.

However, one shouldn’t see Zhao Hai’s number of Gold Skeletons as normal. If he didn’t have the Space, he wouldn’t have this much Gold Skeleton subordinates.

Zhao hai sat in his chair as he looked back at the process of condensing a magic formation. He immersed himself in the feeling so that he could be more relaxed on his next attempt.

As soon as he felt that he was ready, Zhao Hai immediately tried to make his second formation. But this time, his thoughts just accelerated as a formation appeared in front of him in no time. It was a fully condensed magic formation.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare before calling Cai’er inside his mind, “Cai’er, what just happened.”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, don’t forget that your spiritual force is one with the Space. Since the Space has the ability to record, it functions just like a computer. When you condensed your first magic formation, the Space recorded the entire process. Even if the process was difficult, as long as it was compiled and saved inside, you will then be able to use it any time. Therefore, later on, if you want to arrange a magic formation, you can do so with just a thought.”

Upon hearing Cai’er, Zhao Hai burst with happiness before he said, “So that’s the case. Fantastic! Cai’er, can the Space help be condense the magic formations?”

Cai’er replied, “Young Master, you’re getting lazier and lazier. The space can’t just help you condense magic formations. Since it is like a computer, you will need to write a program so that it could run. Condensing formations is just like writing a program. Therefore, you need to condense the formation on your own before it can be recorded and saved.”

Zhao Hai also felt that he was being a bit greedy. He was certain that no other Mage had this ability. He could essentially condense a magic formation once and then use it over and over again. It was extremely convenient.

After he thought about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile, “It seems like I need to condense more magic formations. Laura, how are you doing?”

Although he cannot enter the Space, Zhao Hai can still communicate with Laura and the others. As soon as she heard Zhao Hai, Laura nodded and said, “Brother Hai, rest assured, we’re doing just fine. The Machine Field isn’t the same as the lower realms, you have to be careful. There’s no need to worry about us.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod, “I can’t do anything in the meantime. Later, I’ll inspect the room for some surveillance devices. If there aren’t any, I will have you come out to get familiar with the environment. Right, did father-in-law and the others receive the magic runes?”

Laura smiled and said, “They’ve seen them. In fact, their very happy that they haven’t gone out of their rooms for quite a while now.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but chuckle. At this time, Wild Dragon Island’s laboratories were almost abandoned. Karen and the others moved to the small asteroid that was connected to the Hundred Spirit Tree. The small asteroid was close to where Zhao Hai’s villa was located, it had a surface area of about 100 thousand square meters. 

A 100 thousand square meter area was quite huge, so Zhao Hai had Karen and the others move into the asteroid. Not only Karen’s group, the other people in Wild Dragon Island also decided to move. After all, the asteroid was many times bigger than Wild Dragon Island.

Besides the asteroid, there were also 99 other fruits that the Hundred Spirit Tree produced. But Zhao Hai didn’t immediately use them. Although these 99 fruits weren’t as huge as the asteroid, their use was still quite significant. They can be used as a spatial item, it can be farmed, and it can also help one’s cultivation. It was a product that went against the will of the heavens. These fruits would surely have great uses in the future.

Zhao Hai exchanged a few words with Laura and the others before stopping. After that, Zhao Hai began to focus on magic formations. There were countless magic formations in the Machine Field, and every magic formation was its own magic spell. These formations can be layered on top of one another in order to create even more varied effects. At present, it’s highly probable that nobody in the Machine Field knew just how many magic formation effects there were.

With the Space’s storage function, the more magic formations Zhao Hai condensed, the better. Naturally, he must take this opportunity and condense as much magic formations as he can.

Zhao Hai understood that even if the academy was safe, once he left, nobody would be able to guarantee his safety. He didn’t believe in the Machine Field’s laws either, they were just there for the common people to follow. For those huge powers, these laws were simply useless.

Moreover, Zhao Hai had offended Frey who was from the Wind Spirit Plane. People from this plane were pivotal beings in the Wind God Palace. Frey and his people might not deal with him inside the Academy, but once Zhao Hai left, it was difficult to say whether these people would try to attack him or not. If his strength was insufficient, even if there was the Space, Zhao Hai would still have to turtle in order to survive, and that wasn’t what he plans to do.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai was somewhat afraid. If he always hid inside the Space, then sooner or later, someone would get wind of its existence. When that time comes, he the troubles coming for him would be even bigger. Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to use the present time to promote his fighting strength.


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