BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1083


Chapter 1083 – The Core of Magic Theory

When evening came, Zhao Hai had already saved all of the runes to the Space. While Cai’er went on to classify each one of them, Zhao Hai took a rest. The next day at exactly seven o’clock, he woke up, read a bit, ate his meal, and then proceeded to the classroom.

Not long after Zhao Hai entered the classroom, Margaret entered. Zhao Hai quickly stood up and gave his greetings, “Zhao Hai has seen Instructor.”

Margaret nodded, then she said, “Take a seat. I heard you had a conflict with Frey yesterday?”

Zhao Hai stared, he looked at Margaret with confusion. Then he said, “Is Frey that young man from the shop?”

Margaret nodded, “Correct. Frey is a young expert that ascended from the Spirit Wind Plane. The plane is quite a good one in the lower realms. It’s rich with spiritual qi, so quite a few people had ascended from there. Moreover, people from the Spirit Wind Plane are being especially cared for in the Machine Realm. Each one of them are arrogant. Since you offended Frey yesterday, people might look for you to cause trouble. There are already people from the Spirit Wind Plane that had become famous here. You should be more careful in the future.”

Zhao Hai gawked, then he smiled faintly and said, “Maybe I won’t be meeting any of that when I leave the academy. In any case, since I’ve offended him, I can’t do anything. Are the people from the Spirit Wind Plane domineering?”

Margaret sighed, “This time, you really made a mistake. The people from the Spirit Wind Plane are very domineering. Their pride didn’t only come from their origin, they also have a very close relationship with the Wind God Palace. Almost every ascender from the Spirit Wind Plane are Wind Element Mages and are very gifted in the wind element. Therefore, most of their ascenders gets recruited by the Wind God Palace. After you head back, make sure to read about the Wind God Palace. This way, you’ll know what you’re up against.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he gave Margaret a salute and said, “Thank you Instructor.”

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and sighed, “Zhao Hai, you’re talented. However, there are a lot of talents like you in the Machine Realm. Before becoming true experts, nobody would treat you with real respect. A dead genius is a useless genius. You need to remember to protect yourself.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Margaret added, “The waters in the Machine Realm are much deeper. When you go back, make sure to read about the churches. I want you to be intelligent in your actions. After you exit the academy, you need to enter under the umbrella of a strong power. That way, you will be safer.”

Upon hearing Margaret, Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but be moved. He wasn’t a fool, so he was clear about the darkness of this world. Therefore, when he heard Margaret, he immediately understood that Margaret was also from one of those strong influences.

Margaret didn’t express which power she was from. She just turned to Zhao Hai and said, “I won’t say anything else, you will understand them later on. Let’s proceed to studying magic formation runes. Did you remember anything we went through yesterday?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Instructor, I’ve already studied and remembered the runes from the dark element and the space element.”

Margaret couldn’t help but stare. Her expression changed as she made sure, “Remember? You memorized them?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes instructor, I’ve memorized them all.”

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Alright, since you memorized them all, I’ll give you a test. As long as you pass the test, we’ll begin studying Magic Theory. If you miss anything and are deceiving me, then you will be penalized.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Instructor, you can rest assured.”

Margaret nodded, then she went around Zhao Hai’s table and said, “Dark and space element tests.” As her voice fell, the table turned into a screen with test questions in them.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything as he just nodded. Then he became absorbed in answering the questions on the screen. Actually, most of these questions were being answered by Cai’er. But since Cai’er was one with his mind, this was equivalent to answering it on his own. As soon as a question appeared, he was able to effortlessly answer them.

It took about half an hour before Zhao Hai was done answering all questions about dark and space element runes. Naturally, it was impossible for all the runes to be present, only a part of the runes appeared on the test. This was just a test to see Zhao Hai’s understanding about runes.

While Zhao Hai was answering the questions, Margaret was quietly watching by his side. To be honest, Zhao Hai’s ability exceeded her imagination. Moreover, it seems like Zhao Hai provided the correct answers to the questions. This gave here quite a shock.

She already looked highly upon Zhao Hai before, but now it seems like she was still underestimating him. Zhao Hai wasn’t just an ordinary genius, he was an extraordinary genius!

After waiting for Zhao Hai to complete the test, Margaret nodded and said, “Good, it means you can now study magic formations. Let me give you an introduction about the Machine Field’s magic formations.”

While she said that, Margaret went to the wall opposite Zhao Hai and turned it into a screen. Margaret turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Magic formations are actually magic runes combined together, forming a structure that can tap into the energy of the heavens and the earth. Aside from the special formations, most magic formations are circular. Materials in making magic formations have also been heavily researched. After many years of study, we found out that the runes are the main reason we can control the world’s spiritual qi. The materials used to make the formation are just auxiliary.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Just like Margaret said, the relationship between the magic formation’s might and the material used was quite significant. However, the ones that had a major impact on the formations were the runes that the Machine Field had studied.

Margaret continued, “Magic formations is a path itself, magic is also its own path. However, by themselves, the two aren’t very strong. Compared to the Machine Field’s magic theory, each of those paths are weak.”

When she spoke up to here, Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and said, “If you have read the introductions, then you should be aware that aside from the Machine Field, there are also other powers in the World of Cultivation. Moreover, these powers aren’t peaceful with each other. In the beginning, the Machine Field has been heavily bullied by the other powers. But when Magic Theory was invented, and we began making battleships and magic mechs, we slowly gained the qualifications to be treated as equal to the other major powers.”

Zhao Hai quietly listened to the lecture. He was already aware of these matters, therefore he wasn’t startled. Margaret went on, “However, battleships and mechs have always been the weakest part of the Machine Field. Magic Theory covered for this weakness. Because of Magic Theory, it made it possible for us to use our spiritual force in order to make magic formations out of thin air. The more powerful the spiritual force, the quicker the formation is created, and the more powerful it would be!”

Boom! A thunderclap resounded inside Zhao Hai’s mind.

Zhao Hai began to understand the core of Magic Theory. It uses spiritual force as a base of magic formations, this was the main pillar of Magic Theory.

Zhao Hai wasn’t new to using spiritual force. However, he didn’t think about using spiritual force in order to arrange magic formations. 

When he thought about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but close his eyes, digesting Margaret’s words carefully. The words she said were very simple, anybody would be able to understand them. But those words couldn’t be underestimated, they were essential to Zhao Hai’s current enlightenment.

As she said those words, Margaret was also observing Zhao Hai’s response. Upon seeing Zhao Hai’s reaction, Margaret couldn’t help but smile. Intuition was very important to a Mage since it could bring forth enlightenment. Margaret hasn’t met anyone who became enlightened by those few words. This alone explained how uncommon Zhao Hai’s talent was.

Not only was Zhao Hai digesting Margaret’s words, he was also trying to use his spiritual force to arrange a magic formation. His spiritual force was much stronger compared to most Mages. He can also direct his spiritual force to perform certain functions. Just like Berry’s ability to control hair-like spiritual force, Zhao Hai could also use his spiritual force as minute strands. 

Not only was Zhao Hai’s spiritual force formidable, he also had good control over it. But even if this was the case, he wasn’t able to find an appropriate use for this characteristic. As a person, his movements were limited. It was just like tying a rope to a tree, he still wasn’t able to reach the skies. Even if he was skillful, he wasn’t able to make use of it.

Margaret’s words opened a whole new world in front of Zhao Hai. Upon hearing about this new application, Zhao Hai was impatient to try it out.

Zhao Hai and an ordinary Mage’s control over their spiritual force had a huge difference. While most Mages could control their spiritual force as one unit, Zhao Hai was able to divide it by strands. This way, Zhao Hai’s attention was divided into small strands.

Dividing one’s attention in order to control these strands of spiritual force might sound simple, however, it was incomparably difficult. Not to say multiple strands, controlling two strands alone would prove difficult. One might not even find one capable of doing it among 10 thousand people. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai can control countless strands. This wasn’t only because he had a powerful mental strength, this was also because he had learned the Succubus Clan’s methods of controlling spiritual force. And with the help of the Space, this became possible.

Zhao Hai was currently using his spiritual force as a base of a magic formation. Zhao Hai had a basic understanding about magic formations. He also knew that he cannot be ambitious and tie multiple magic formations at the same time. Because of this, he can only arrange a simple formation.

However, Zhao Hai was quick to discover that the magic formations he learned didn’t allow for spiritual force to be their base. This caused Zhao Hai to be puzzled. He slowly opened his eyes and discovered that Margaret was sitting down while drinking tea.

Seeing Zhao Hai opened his eyes, Margaret smiled faintly and said, “Were you trying to arrange a magic formation? Did you fail?”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then Margaret gave another smile and said, “Most Mages will try it when they heard those words. But in the end, they failed. Do you know why?”

Zhao Hai shook his head, Margaret gave the answer, “It’s because magic formations in the lower realm and the Machine Realm are different.  The magic formations used to make magical mechs and battleships are also different from Magic Theory’s formations.”

When he heard Margaret, Zhao Hai’s spirit couldn’t help but shake. He finally began to understand. Machine Field’s Magic Theory was much more complex than he thought. He couldn’t just use it just because of a small realization.

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Although there are also circular magic formations in the lower realms, their perimeter circle are mostly just lines. However, nobody knew that the perimeter circle was actually the most important part of the formation. If a magic formation was a building, then the perimeter circle would be the ground where the building was built on. The preparation of the ground dictates the life of the building. For magic formations, the perimeter circle is the foundation where it was built into. A magic formation’s might is directly related to this.”

Zhao Hai’s eyes became brighter and brighter. Margaret was satisfied with Zhao Hai’s expression. She now knew that Zhao Hai didn’t just dabble in magic formation, he had certainly given it some time to study. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such an expression.

However, Margaret didn’t comment about it as she continued, “In the lower realms, the perimeter circle are just lines. But in the Machine Field, perimeter circles are made out of magic runes!”

Zhao Hai suddenly felt refreshed. He began to believe the difference between the lower realm’s magic formations and the Machine Field’s Magic Theory. No wonder he was unable to use his spiritual force to create magic formations. 

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and smiled as she said, “If formations are used in ordinary magical mechs and battleships, perimeter circles could just be made with lines. At most, it would affect the might of the formation. But in Magic Theory, the perimeter circle needed to be made out of magical runes. Otherwise, even if you have a powerful spiritual force, you still won’t be able to arrange magic formations.”

Zhao Hao nodded, he just experienced it so he believed Margaret’s words. But this time, he wouldn’t easily attempt to arrange a magic formation. This was because he became clear about the complexity of Magic Theory. 

Seeing Zhao Hai stop himself from trying it out, Margaret couldn’t help but give a gentle nod. Zhao Hai’s performance made her satisfied. She said, “When arranging magic formations from different departments, some changes needed to be made in the internal pattern. Today, I will tell you about the nine most basic patterns of magic formations.”


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  1. Well no shit, you were just taught magical runes. Of course you’d have to use them in the formation. Zhao Hai should have known that. I thought he would try to create a new formation out of magical runes and not use spiritual force on formations he already knew

    1. That’s not the problem at all.

      Just look at any magical circle image. Generally, it’s a circle, then inside the circle there are runes/letters/signs/etc. within it close to it, then there is another circle, then there is some shape inside. This is the magic formation of the lower realms.
      They DO use runes, it’s just that they don’t know what they mean individually, so making magic formations is purely blind trial and error.

      However, in the case of the magic theory, there is no circle on the outside. The very first layer is already made of runes as the foundation, then probably there are even more runes that define the function as a second layer. Basically, magic theory uses several layers of runes in comparison to lower realms magic formations that use just one.

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