BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1081


Chapter 1081 – Shops

Zhao Hai had a metal element divergent ability. However, he had no way to integrate this kind of ability into his own attacking system. He can use both martial arts and magic, but he can’t use his metal element in them. So as soon as he heard Margaret saying that runes were divided into nine major departments, of which the five elements were part of, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but ask.

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai. She also knew that the lower realms generally had no metal element magic. Because of this, she knew how to answer Zhao Hai’s question, “Correct,there is metal element magic here. Unlike the lack of metal element magic in the lower realms, the Machine Field was able to develop metal element magic by studying the Cultivation Realm’s five element energy.”

Zhao Hai nodded, it seems like the Machine Realm’s Magic Theory had absorbed some aspects of the cultivation realm’s spells. Then they slowly evolved their methods in order to arrive at their current state.

Actually, it can be said that in the World of Cultivation, most cultivation methods have aspects that tie them back to the Cultivation Realm. Take the Machine Field, for example, their two strongest means of attack were through battleships and magical mechas.

It was needless to say that battleships came up through studying the Cultivation Realm’s crafting techniques. After being baptized with magic formations, it became a weapon. But even if its might was formidable, it needed to be mentioned that it still fell short compared to the Cultivation Realm’s magic artifacts.

As for magical mechas, to put it bluntly, they were enlarged version of the Cultivation Realm’s golem techniques. And naturally, it wasn’t as good as the Cultivation Realm’s golem techniques. Golem techniques allow control over multiple golems. Moreover, when a golem was destroyed, the damage to the controller was limited. As for magical mechas, they are a combination between golem techniques as well as the Cultivation Realm’s armor refining techniques. Although its might wasn’t small, each pilot can only control one mecha. And when a mecha gets destroyed, the pilot would certainly die.

The machine field’s Magic Theory was also conceived with the same principle. It was partly based on the Cultivation Realm’s five elements. As for how they managed to extract that aspect, nobody knows.

Although Zhao Hai managed to figure these out, he didn’t say anything. Instead he just nodded. Margaret saw Zhao Hai’s understanding and then asked, “I heard that you’re an all-element Mage. Which rune department do you want to study?”

There was no need for Zhao Hai to think as he immediately answered, “Instructor, I want to study runes of the dark element. It would be best if they are related to summons.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Margaret’s eyes couldn’t help but shine. She was someone from the Ashley family, a heritage of Dark Mages. Naturally, she hoped that Zhao Hai would study dark element runes.

However, Zhao Hai has to decide which department he would study in. Even if Zhao Hai wanted to learn runes from other elements, the Ashley family would still take him in. The Ashely Family were a group of Dark Mages, but they would still recruit Mages from other departments. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the family to grow. It was only because the core members of the family were Dark Mages that they were titled as a Dark Mage family.

Margaret took a deep breath in order to calm her mood. Then she said, “Actually, if you want to progress with Magic Theory, you would need to learn all runes. It’s just unfortunate that there are too many runes in existence. Only a few could achieve such an endeavor. Magic formations with one element aren’t too strong. But if you fuse runes from two departments, their might would increase a lot. It’s not just a simple matter of adding one and one.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod. Then Margaret continued, “You certainly are familiar with dark element summoning magic. But in the Machine Field, in order to display its biggest strength, you would need to study dark element runes as well as space element runes. I’ll teach you dark element runes first. Then after a few days, we’ll tackle runes of the space element. Dark element summoning magic focuses mainly on dark element runes while space runes act as auxiliary.” Zhao Hao nodded once more. Margaret began to draw a symbol on the wall. Each stroke of the rune were clearly stated. The interpretation of the rune was also well detailed.

Although Zhao Hai just looked like he was listening, he was actually informing Cai’er to record everything. Not a single character should be missed. This was very important for their future.

Although he had Cai’er record the runes, this didn’t mean that Zhao Hai couldn’t understand them. Each rune might look simple, but a single change would have an impact on the rune. It was clear that the Machine Field’s understanding of these runes was beyond his imagination. The emergence of these runes was truly priceless in the use of magic formations.

The people inside Zhao Hai’s Space were also researching magic formations. However, compared to the Machine Field, they were still too far off. The people from the Machine Field researched for who knows how many years before coming up with Magic Theory. But in order to be an expert in this system, one needed to cross a certain threshold, studying magic runes. The reason why there were a lot of runes was because people would create new runes. Because of this, the number of runes wasn’t fixed. One could also study magic formations itself. However, it would be better if you created your own formation that suited your style. And in the process, creating a new rune was much easier than creating your own magic formation.

As he listened to Margaret’s lecture, Zhao Hai nodded. Creating new runes was just like inventing something new, nothing very special. However, creating a new magic formation was different. It was just like the difference between creating a new word and creating a new sentence.

What made Zhao Hai happy were Margaret’s words telling him that the runes could be found on the computer. This was absolutely good news for Zhao Hai.

Others might not remember all of the runes, but he can. He has the Space to do it for him. This was equal to Zhao Hai having the computing power of a computer. 

Average people might remember all of the runes, however they would find it hard to use the most appropriate ones when necessary. It was just like how a person who knows how to write might not know how to write an article.

Although Zhao hai had learned a lot of runes, the time he spent doing so was actually a lot. It took about two hours for Margaret to introduce the runes. Margaret concluded the class at around 11 o’clock.

Zhao Hai expressed his gratitude before walking out of the classroom and heading towards the cafeteria. All this time, runes had occupied his head. He was itching to obtain those runes.

However, he also knew that he shouldn’t be too anxious about this matter. After waiting in the cafeteria for some time, Dins and the others arrived. Zhao Hai stood up as he was warmly greeted by the Old Mages.

Although Zhao Hai was young, these Old Mages were experienced in human interactions, so they didn’t dare to underestimate Zhao Hai. If not for Zhao Hai, they might still be depressed.

Zhao Hai hastily returned their greeting. After exchanging courtesies, Zhao Hai looked at Dins and the others and said, “Everyone. Why are you still on this floor? Couldn’t you request a transfer?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Dins and the others couldn’t help but turn red. Each one of them had been dejected until recently. Because of this, they didn’t have the motivation to transfer floors. Moreover, they ascended earlier than Zhao Hai, so they shouldn’t be present on the first floor. When they heard Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

Zhao Hao looked at their reactions and knew what they were thinking. He didn’t laugh at them. They were in a poor condition, so laughing at their state was useless. Zhao Hai just gave a friendly chuckle as he said, “Tinkle, lead us to the store to have a look. Right, let’s look for a bank first.” 

Tinkle replied, “Yes, Young Master. The shops and the bank are on the first floor of the academy. Please follow me.” Zhao Hai nodded and then turned to Dins and the others, “Today’s my treat. We’ll explore the shops to look. I’ll buy you anything you want. Sigh, it’s a pity I wasn’t able to go shopping with beautiful women. Instead, what I get is a group of old men. It’s unfair!” As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Dins and the others felt their hearts warm up. But after a moment of staring, the group began to burst into laughter.

Dins looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You smelly brat. It’s your fortune to have us accompany you. What are you being sad about. Let’s go!” Zhao Hai chuckled before shaking his head. Then along with the smiling old men, Zhao Hai walked out of the cafeteria.

While the group was chatting, they quickly arrived at the elevator. This time, they rode one of the bigger elevators as they headed to the first floor.

When the elevators opened up, Zhao Hai saw two beautiful women in professional attire standing in the front. They were smiling as they said to the group, “Welcome, everyone!”

Zhao Hao nodded before inspecting the scenery ahead. Before him was a very large market with a lot of people inside. A large part of these people were staff. The staff weren’t wearing mage robes. Those who were wearing mage robes were ascenders who were buying stuff with their robots. 

Zhao Hai didn’t bother the two women for long as he led the old men towards the market. This was also the first time for the old men, all of them couldn’t help but be absorbed by the atmosphere.

As the group were walking along, Zhao Ha inspected the shops. All of the things that Mages generally used were here. Some of the items offered were even beyond what Zhao Hai expected.


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