BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1079


Chapter 1079 – The Fat Manager’s Attention

As soon as the middle-aged man heard the fat manager, he also couldn’t help but sigh, “Manager, this is because your heart is just too soft. If you let our members get eliminated, then the Bone Symbol Camp wouldn’t decline.”

The middle-aged man knew the fat manager’s temperament fully well. One shouldn’t look at the manager’s ugly and ferocious face. Contrary to what he looks like, the fat manager was actually a tenderhearted person. Moreover, he was friendly to all of his subordinates. It was also because of this that the middle-aged man dared to talk like this to the manager.

The fat manager looked at the middle-aged man’s eyes and sighed, “Tao Wang, you don’t understand. Our Ashley family is one of the top forces in the Church Alliance, this also means that the pressure on us is huge.There are a lot of talents and we aren’t really sure who and what abilities they have. Because of this, there are some talents in the family that wouldn’t be able to play to their own strength. If they did, then they would provide huge help for the family.”

“At this point, the family only looks for people who can fight. No matter who it is, as long as they are taken in, they would be sent to the outer hall in order to undergo a smelting trial inside the camps. A lot of people die during this time because they aren’t good at fighting. Talented people dying an undeserved death is truly a waste.”

“This is especially true for the lower realm ascenders. All of them are surely geniuses of their generation. And when they arrive in the Machine Field, they are treated with great importance. The ones most attracted to this attention are the young men. They ascended from the lower realms at a young age, so each one of them are arrogant. But there would only be a few of them who would integrate with the Machine Field and fully mature. And as for those older ascendants, they aren’t looked at with the same level of importance. Nobody wanted them. But they are also from the lower realms, so their talents are pretty good as well. Additionally, they have practiced for a long time, so they are experienced when it comes to fights. If we give them enough time, then their achievements would be higher than those young ascenders. It is just a pity that nobody sees this point right now.”

“This method of elimination might truly unearth talents, but the yields are too low. I remember someone mentioning this saying before, ‘a silly servant is useful, but a good servant is rare.’ But not many people remember this saying. All of them are just anxious in looking for benefits. They aren’t thinking far into the future!”

Despite his looks, the fat manager considers this matter differently compared to the other people. His word indicated how tenderhearted he was. He was much better compared to those who just look at weak people as prey.

Tao Wang looked at the fat manager and said, “Manager, so what do we do about Zhao Hai now?”

The fat manager thought about it for a moment before he said, “We won’t monitor him too much. Look for an opportunity to remove his robot’s internal surveillance system. We should get on good terms with a person like that. In order to avoid any mishaps in the future, we’ll stop spying on him. Let’s just observe his character from now on.”

Tao Wang nodded, “Alright, Manager can rest assured. I know what to do.”

The fat manager nodded, “Go, make sure to observe Zhao Hai’s actions. If there are other people who come in contact with Zhao Hai, don’t be polite to them. Make sure that they don’t get control over our ascendants.”

Tao Wang nodded. Then he said, “Manager, what if Zhao Hai is challenged inside the school? There are those who’ve almost done one year. Those guys have entered other camps. I’m afraid they would be instigated to challenge Zhao Hai.”

The fat manager sighed, “Looking at his actions, I reckon Zhao Hai isn’t a simple character. If he is unable to survive a challenge like that, then he wouldn’t be a huge help even if he enters our camp. And don’t forget that challenges in the academy only goes through if the challenged party accepts. We can see Zhao Hai’s character from this point. Right, also look for opportunities to recruit those old mages from the advanced classes.”

Tao Wang nodded before he turned around and leaving. The fat manager opened the video once more, after looking at Zhao Hai for some time, he muttered, “He’s really a talented person. I hope that he’ll become a blessing to my Bone Symbol Camp.”

Even if the other forces were aware of Zhao Hai, they couldn’t do anything. After all, this was the Ashley Family’s domain. The Ashely family wasn’t a group that could be underestimated. Although they weren’t a top force in the Machine Field, the power they held wasn’t small. Just for a single ascender, offending a force like the Ashley Family wasn’t worth it at all. Additionally, each influence had their own training academies. They had no shortage of geniuses like Zhao Hai.

However, the other camps of the Ashley family don’t have the same mindset. The Bone Symbol Camp might be powerful in the past, but now it was in decline. And now that there was a talent appearing in the Bone Symbol Camp’s area, how could these people let him off? These people would certainly make a move.

Although Zhao Hai knew that he would be getting attention, he was unaware of how big the focus on him was. In his mind, he was just an ordinary ascendant. How could he cause waves in the Machine Field?

But how could Zhao Hai know that he was already attracting attention the moment he entered room 2046? The matters he did from them on were brought into the attention of many powers.

After eating his meal with the Old Mages, Zhao Hai returned to his room. Then he entered the study and had Tinkle teach him how to use the computer.

The computer here was much more advanced than the ones on Earth. Although the computer itself was also placed on top of the table. But when it was used, it would retract into the table, allowing the use of the entire table as a workspace. One could directly use their hand in order to explore the computer. There were voice commands as well.

Naturally, this computer was better than the one Zhao Hai used before. And in order to improve the user experience, the table can also be moved up, allowing the user to stand up. It was manufactured in order to provide convenience to its users.

Zhao Hai didn’t feel strange as he used the computer. Although there were a lot of changes on it, the core principle was still the same. It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai was confident in using it.

Before long, Zhao Hai was using the computer. After that, he entered a few websites and read news from there.

There was no need to say whether Zhao Hai was able to understand the interface of these news sites. Zhao Hai absorbed news about the Machine Field nonstop. It was only until late at night that he began to sleep. But with his current level, there simply was no need for him to sleep. He just rested because of habit. It didn’t take long before Tinkle woke him up.

Zhao Hai arranged for Tinkle to wake him up every 7 o’clock in the morning. After he woke up, Zhao Hai would clean himself before sitting in the study and drinking two cups of tea. Then after reading for a while, he would proceed to the cafeteria to have a meal. After his breakfast, he would then go towards the classroom.

Zhao Hai already asked Tinkle and knew that there was no time limit in the cafeteria. You can eat whenever you want. Even if you ate at ten, the robots would still serve the same meal to you.

He was already done with scouring the net for news. So after he washed up, Zhao Hai sat in the study room and drank tea while reading a book. There were a lot of books inside the study. Some of these books were introductions about the six powers, some were history books, and there were also books about ascending to the Machine Field. Understanding these things was very important for Zhao Hai.

At about 8 o’clock, Zhao Hai put his book down and then went to the first classroom floor cafeteria alongside Tinkle. The Old Mages were also eating inside. Ever since meeting Zhao Hai yesterday, the Old Mages began to look into their own situations. In addition to their advantage in age compared to the young ones, they were also aware of their advantage in wisdom. At the same time, they also recognized that they too were peak experts in their own generations. They were demoralized in the past because they had just arrived at a strange place that wasn’t in their expectations. Now that they looked into themselves, they began to feel better. Their relationship with each other had improved as well.

In the past, when they woke up in the morning, they would just hole up in their rooms reading. Then they would go to the cafeteria to silently eat their meals before heading to class. Most of the time, they wouldn’t talk to one another.

But today was different. The cafeteria had become a small meeting place. These old people were now chatting as they ate their food. Even those who finished eating stayed around as they drank tea.

This tea was also one of the academy’s free services. Everyone in the room had their pipes, releasing smoke from their nose as they took sips from their teacup. It was just a pity that there was no liquor.

After seeing Zhao Hai arrive, the old men immediately offered him a seat. Zhao Hai returned their greetings before sitting down. Tinkle would get his meal from the kitchen so there was no need to worry about that.

After Zhao Hai sat down, Dins looked at him and said, “Little Hai, have you used the computer yet?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’ve used it. That thing is really convenient. It’s more convenient than books. If you want to look something up, you can do it immediately.”

Dins laughed and said, “It’s indeed good. Right, how was your first night?”

Zhao Hai replied, “I forgot the time, so I rested very late.”

The other Old Mages laughed. They knew what Zhao Hai was talking about, they experienced it themselves. One of the Old Mages named Barlett looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, you need to control yourself. Otherwise, you would easily get addicted.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Rest assured, I know. I can control myself.”

Berlett nodded, then he added, “Since it’s your first day, you will have someone provide you with independent counselling. You only have the entire morning as class, you can rest in the afternoon. Since that is the case, how about everyone exchange for some machine coins so that we can go to the restaurant? It’s been a while since I’ve drank some liquor.”


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