BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1078


Chapter 1078 – Ashley Clan

Being ascenders from the lower realms, these people certainly weren’t simple characters. And for these Old Mages to ascend, it only meant that they were somewhat geniuses among their people. It was only a pity that they were already old when they ascended. This caused their future development to be filled with challenges.

But at the same time, these Old Mages were people who achieved the peak of their realms. And it was impossible for their hands to not be stained with blood. Because of this, their mental states would surely be very solid.

It was only because they had ascended to the Machine Field that these Old Mages began to feel temporarily dejected. In the future, they would just casually find a place and live a countryside lifestyle.

Zhao Hai’s words were a faint proposal for an alliance. These Old Mages were wizened individuals. Therefore, they were able to read Zhao Hai’s intention from his words.

All of them came from the lower realms. Although they had been received well after ascending to the Machine Field, this didn’t mean that they would be treated well in the future. Perhaps the people from the Machine Field would treat them as cannon fodder in future battles. These Old Mages didn’t have Zhao Hai’s Space. Because of this, they had no means to decline arrangements from the Machine Realm. In this case, it’s quite possible for them to meet miserable ends.

But if they unite, then the situation would be different. Of course. their alliance doesn’t have the means to contend against the entire Machine Field, but if they band together, they wouldn’t be abused in the future. There were gangs who lived long lives because of this principle.

These Old Mages were still outstanding individuals, they were only demoralized at this time because of their status as well as the fact that they were plunged into a strange world. Upon hearing Zhao Hai’s words, these Old Mages immediately introduced themselves. But in the entire cafetaria, there were only 15 Old Mages present.

After the Old Mages introduced themselves, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Grandmasters, this young one has just ascended, so I basically know nothing. I’m just like you. I hope that we can mutually support each other in the future.”

These Mages naturally complied as they smiled. Zhao Hai promptly went to the robots in order to get his meal before gathering together with the old men.

The food wasn’t phenomenal and there wasn’t any liquor. Additionally, the  room that was built for 200 people was only occupied by a few people, making it very desolate. But despite this, the spiritless atmosphere of the room had vanished.

Zhao Hai knew that with Tinkle present, this matter would certainly be known to many people. However, he wasn’t worried because there were only a dozen or so people. It was impossible for them to threaten the Machine Field. He was also doing this in order to catch the attention of the major forces.

Zhao Hai believed that no matter where, a force that wants to grow and develop would always need a lot of talents. And it was quite appropriate to say that Zhao Hai was such a talent.

And what just happened was indeed like what Zhao Hai thought. What Zhao Hai did today has been noted by the various powers from the Machine Field. Those who didn’t get a video would get a printed report.

And a Dark Mage Clan, the Ashley Clan, was one of them. The Ashley Clan was quite famous in the Machine Field. And Clans of Dark Mages were quite unique.

In the World of Cultivation, the six influence weren’t only hostile to each other. Besides the six, there were also enemies that they needed to defend against. These were some malicious ghosts produced by extreme lands or powerful magic beats.

Up until now, nobody could explain exactly how malicious ghosts came into being. Some said that they were souls of people who had grievances when they died. Upon death, their souls slowly absorbed resentment before forming into malicious ghosts. This theory was also deemed as the closest one to the truth. Aside from these resentful souls, special conditions also needed to be met. It was just like in the Underworld where dark energy was strong, eventually producing Undead. 

These malicious ghosts or powerful magic beasts pose threats to the Machine Field as well. In order to live peacefully, these enemies needed to be dealt with. Normally, this work would be managed by Mages or Warriors. Therefore, Mages and Warriors would take care of it in the Machine Realm.

There were plenty of churches in the Machine Field. Naturally, churches didn’t only belong to light element Mages. Each Mage group had their own church. In addition to this, there were also aristocratic families with Mage or Warrior lineage. These families had their own unique magic or martial skill. After developing for many years, they were able to slowly influence the realm.

However, there were only three powers that really held major influence in the Machine Field. The first power was the Church Alliance. This alliance was composed of Mages. The high-ranks of the Alliance were almost made out of Mages. Their main objective was to train and take in Mages. In the Magic Field, the Church Alliance doesn’t only composed of various churches. They also take in other Mage groups into their fold.

The second power was the Martial Arts Assembly. Similar to the Church Alliance, the Assembly was composed of Warriors. They opened this assembly in order to take in Warriors who ascended in the Machine Realm. Naturally, Warrior Clans would become members of this assembly.

The third power was the Machine Field Army. It can be said that the Machine Field Army was the largest force in the realm. Since it was an army, it had battleships, mechs, Mages, and Warriors among their members. They were the most powerful fighting force in the Machine Field.

If the Machine Field was the country, then the Machine Field Army would be the country’s regular troops. Meanwhile, the Church Alliance and the Martial Arts Assembly would be forces that were recognized by the government. These two powers had complicated relations to the government, but they had certain influence in the overall governance of the realm.

The Church Alliance and the Martial Arts also had their own battleships and mech battalion. However, their quantity and quality was lower compared to the Machine Field Army. And in the Machine Field Army, the strongest divisions were the battleships and the mechs, never the Warrior and Mage divisions.

The Ashley Clan was one of the members of the Church Alliance. They were a famous Dark Mage Clan, and they had 100 members working inside the Alliance.

One shouldn’t underestimate these 100 people. One must know that the Machine Field only had a bit more than 1,000 administrative positions in the government. These positions would be divided by the three major powers. The Ashley Clan holding 100 of these positions meant that they had terrifying strength.

The place where Zhao Hai was at now was the Ashey Clan’s domain. In the Machine Realm, there were also a lot of places where ascenders end up. Zhao Hai was just someone who happen to ascend in the Ashley Clan’s domain.

Since the Ashely Clan was a Mage Clan, naturally they had a special fondness regarding Mages. This was especially true for Mage ascendants. The Ashley Clan attached great importance to people from the lower realms because the Ashley Clan’s founding patriarch was an ascender himself.

Zhao Hai’s actions have been sent to the Ashley Clan’s external hall manager. This manager was also a Dark Mage. He sat there with his black robe. But unlike most thin Dark Mages, this manager was fat. He was 1.9m tall and should be about 300jin(150kg). He had brown hair and silver gray eyes. But he didn’t have the honest and simple look of a conventional fatty. Instead, his face looked ferocious, not something a good person would have at all.

Currently on the manager’s table was a recording of Zhao Hai’s actions. A middle-aged person stood in front of him. This person had a normal nose and was also wearing a mage robe. However, aside from his eyes and his robes, there was nothing noteworthy about the man.

This person was respectfully standing opposite the fat manager. One wouldn’t want to take a heavy breath with the atmosphere inside the room. 

Zhao Hai didn’t do a lot of things in the two days that he had been here. Moreover, the recording didn’t show everything that Zhao Hai did. All the irrelevant parts were cut out, only the valuable recordings were kept in.

As soon as the video had finished playing, the fat manager looked up at the middle-aged man and said, “This one is interesting. He didn’t have any arrogance despite being an ascender. Moreover, he’s quite good at communication. He’s also talented.”

The middle-aged person bowed and said, “He is. This Zhao Hai has been assigned to room 2046. He also gave the receptionist a gift as thanks. Then he united the Old Mages into an alliance. We could see his talent in these actions. Because of that, I recommend him to Manager. Manager, our Bone Symbol Camp has slowly lagged behind our other battalions. We should attract more talents to this clamp.”

The fat manager nodded before he sighed and said, “Our Bone Symbol Camp is the first battalion of the external hall. But it is precisely because of this status that they always get the most dangerous missions. Additionally, our Bone Symbol Camp could only be replenished if there are deaths. This caused the Bone Symbol Camp to hold too few ascenders. I hope this Zhao Hai can be a gift to the camp.”

Despite his ugly and ferocious face, the manager’s voice was actually peaceful. It made people have a favorable impression of him. One couldn’t even associate his voice with his face.


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