BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1077


Chapter 1077 – A Splendid World

Zhao Hai’s mind was completely glued to the book. Under the book’s guidance, the enormous World of Cultivation slowly unraveled before Zhao Hai’s mind.

It was an incomparably mysterious world. Moreover, it was different than the novels that Zhao Hai had read before. Back then, people from the Cultivation Realm would be riding their swords as they flew in all directions. But this wasn’t the case here, the technology of this world was very developed. People could still ride their flying swords, of course, but if they want to hurry then they would be using something else. They would either use transmission formations or some vehicles.

The World of Cultivation was also very dangerous. Even powerful cultivators would find themselves in danger at any time. If they fly using their swords all the time, then they would need to keep providing energy. If their enemy knew about what they were doing and then used a transmission formation ahead of time, then the cultivator would be fighting with a deficit in energy. The end result of this wouldn’t be good for the cultivator. Therefore, cultivators who wanted to hurry along would just use cars and other transportation vehicles rather than waste their energy in flying by themselves.

It was just like how a normal human would ride buses when going long distances. Who in their right mind would jog from city to city? The same principle applies in the World of Cultivation.

But Zhao Hai also understood that the level of technology between places differ. It can be said that the science and technology in this world wasn’t purely mechanical. Instead, technology would be the base and then other aspects would be added to it.

Take the Machine Field for example, their mechanical technology was unified with magic formations, creating a unique civilization. But the mechanical technology in the Machine Realm was only a partial part of their civilization, magic formations was also added to it.

On the other hand, in the Cultivation Realm, cultivators give cultivation priority. Because of this, their usage of technology was entirely different.

While the Machine Field had fast cars, mechs, and battleships, the Cultivation Realm was still left with the cultivators themselves equipped with magic artifacts.

But currently speaking, the Cultivation Realm’s civilization was much better than the Machine Field. Although the Machine Field had powerful battleships, these battleships still fall short compared to the Cultivation Realm’s magic artifacts. 

Besides the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm, there was still the Devil Realm, Monster Realm, Spirit Realm, and the Elven Realm!

The entire World of Cultivation was mainly composed of these six powers. They were situated at the middle of the world, becoming its central powers.

There were other powers in the World of Cultivation as well, but these weren’t as huge and as powerful as the Cultivation Realm and the others. However, these powers still held influence in their respective territories. And with the central powers being hostile to each other, they were able to survive up to now.

Although these six central powers were in a hostile relationship, this didn’t mean that they didn’t communicate with each other. There were transmission formations connecting their territories. At this time, the six were cautious about fighting lest they risk the lives of the innocent. Because of this, on the surface, the six powers were maintaining peace.

Although peace was needed to maintain trade, this didn’t mean that small skirmishes had stopped.

Naturally, these small battles were left unrecorded. However, Zhao Hai had experienced quite a lot of things, so from reading the book, he knew that these battles were constantly happening.

After reading, Zhao Hai understood that the Ark Continent belonged to the Divine Realm that was controlled by the Cultivation Realm. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Plane was under the Machine Field’s control. Although the place he ascended was different, he still ascended into a common major plane, the World of Cultivation.

In addition to Zhao Hai’s fast reading speed, the introductory book was also quite short. So in just a breath of time, Zhao Hai was done. After reading the book, Zhao Hai let out a long breath before his eyes lit up with sparkling light.

He didn’t expect to end up in such a splendid world. This world had battles between battleships and immortal cultivators. And battles between monsters and men was somewhat common. Compared to this huge World of Cultivation, the Ark Continent, Atlanta Plane, Divine Realm, and the Underworld just couldn’t catch up.

Zhao Hai let out another breath as he returned to his usual mood. Then he turned to Tinkle and said, “Tinkle, what’s my schedule for tomorrow?”

Tinkle nodded and said, “Young Master, you have a class tomorrow at room 1. There, you will receive basic ascender briefing.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod, then he said, “Can I go to the cafeteria to eat now?”

Tinkle replied, “You can, Young Master. As long as you present your ID Card, the cafeteria will prepare a meal for you to eat.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Good, then let’s eat. Right, Tinkle, what energy do you need? Do you need to consume anything?”

Tinkle said, “Young Master, this Tinkle doesn’t need to eat anything. I could just charge myself every evening. There’s no need for you to worry.”

Zhao Hao nodded. To be honest, he didn’t expect Tinkle to sustain itself by charging. He expected the robot to have a huge battery, allowing him to maintain its function for many years. Who would’ve thought that the Robot Butler would charge itself every night.

Zhao Hai proceeded to wear his Mage Robe. Naturally, this robe was a transformed version of Zhao Hai’s battle suit. Of course, he wouldn’t transform his clothes under anyone’s gaze, or else people will start to suspect.

Although Gu Mingyue didn’t say much, Zhao Hai was able to hear a lot of things from his words. A lot of ascenders from the lower realms use spatial equipment, so the academy shouldn’t be suspicious about him having one. But if he had two or more things that shouldn’t be in a lower realm, then the academy might not let him off easily.

Upon wearing his Mage Robe, Zhao Hai went out of his room along with Tinkle. As the two were walking, Zhao Hai turned to Tinkle and said, “Tinkle, how long will one charge last? Once I leave the academy and explore the world, wouldn’t it be troublesome if you just suddenly lose power?”

Tinkle replied, “Young Master, I’m a Robot Butler, so it’s impossible for me to be far from home. If Young Master brings me along inside a car, then I can charge using the vehicle. If Young Master wants to take me to a place with no electricity, then you might as well leave me behind. I can maintain two days of work with one charge. I also have a spare battery inside my body, allowing me to work for a total of five days. I will be completely drained after five days.”

Zhao Hai nodded, it seems like Tinkle was just a normal home robot. With this information, it seems like robots were inferior to Undead.

When he thought about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but pause. Then he tapped his head. He forgot that he revealed that he was an all-element mage yesterday. This means that nobody would suspect him if he had an Undead helping him with his matters.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai immediately turned to Tinkle and said, “Tinkle, I’m an All-element Mage. Will the Academy allow me to summon my Undead?”

Tinkle quickly replied, “It is allowed, but you can’t summon a lot. Common ascenders can summon at most five Undead to work for them.”

Zhao Hai nodded, the actually didn’t expect the Academy to permit this action. But after hearing the answer, he suddenly thought about another matter, Faith power.

Using Undead meant using Dark Energy as well. If the Machine Field was like the Divine Realm, then they might suppress Dark Mages. That wouldn’t be good.

However, this matter wasn’t something that Tinkle could answer. Zhao Hai could just delay this matter and find the right time to ask the instructor tomorrow.

The two entered the elevator and before long they arrived at the cafeteria. The academy’s cafeteria was very huge. The academy’s classrooms occupied ten floors, and there was a cafeteria on each floor. Since Zhao Hai was having his classes on the first floor, he could only go to the first floor cafeteria.

The first floor was where the most recent ascenders go to. They were all Mages, but since they came from different places, they each have their own differences.

Just like Zhao Hai who ascended while still young, there were also talents from other planes that ascended at an early age. Naturally, there were also less talented people who ascended late into their lives. One could see a person’s talent from this point. After all, one cannot hide their age. 

Each floor’s cafeteria could accommodate 200 people at the same time. But from the day the academy was established, the cafeteria had never been full. Aside from those wise old men, there were young ascenders that were used to the life in their previous plane where each of their needs were being fulfilled. And since meals in the cafeteria were just ordinary, how could these people eat it? Because of this, those young ascenders would exchange their lower realm coins for machine coins. After that, they would go to the restaurant and have their meals there.

When Zhao Hai and Tinkle entered the first floor cafeteria, they saw several people already inside. These people were in Mage Robes. Most of them were quite old, with white beards and hair.

These Old Mages quietly ate their ordinary meals. Their quiet attitude made the cafeteria quite a spiritless place.

Looking at these Old Mages, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh inside. He can understand the mood of these Old Mages. They took great pains cultivating their entire life in order to ascend and be treated as deities. But after they ascended, they actually discovered that they weren’t treated as deities. Instead, they arrived at an advanced society that didn’t look at them as anything special. Faced with this situation, the attack on their spirits would surely be enormous.

Zhao Hai also noted Robot Butlers beside these Old Mages. Moreover, their robots had the same model as Tinkle. There were only a few advanced looking Robot Butlers.

Although these Old Mages were quietly eating, they were still aware of their surroundings. Seeing newcomers coming in, they couldn’t help but look at the entrance. Upon doing so, they couldn’t help but stare. They didn’t expect a young man like Zhao Hai to come to the cafeteria. Moreover, this was someone they haven’t seen before.

However, they quickly changed their mind after they understood. This was definitely a new ascender. After that, they didn’t care about Zhao Hai anymore as they proceeded to face their food.

Zhao Hai understood the moods of these Old Mages. These Old Mage discovered that they didn’t ascend to a holy place. Moreover, they were old, so improving their strength would be very difficult. Because of this, they didn’t spend their money extravagantly. Instead, they saved their money so that when they leave the academy, they could use this money in order to live their remaining years in happiness.

Zhao Hai lightly sighed when he thought about these Old Mages. Moreover, he didn’t think that these Old Mages were not talented. After all, they were still able to ascend, this meant that they had potential. Moreover, after living in the Lower Realms for many years, they surely had a lot of accumulated wisdom. And sometimes, wisdom was the most precious thing one could have.

Zhao Hai never looked down on these old people. As he stood at the cafeteria’s entrance, he looked around the cafeteria before greeting the Old Mages close by, “Hello, I’m Zhao Hai. I just ascended here from the Atlanta Plane. I hope you can take care of me from now on.”

The Old Mages didn’t expect Zhao Hai to take the initiative to talk to them. Moreover, he was so polite. One must know that the other young ascenders would just arrogantly look at them before snorting. It was as though they had grown eyes on their foreheads. And now, there was this unfamiliar young man being polite to them.

After seeing that the Old Mages weren’t replying, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile faintly as he added, “Everyone here is an ascender from the lower realms. It can be said that we came from the same place. The only thing different between us is our age. Other than that, we are the same group. I hope that we can help each other. After all, the Machine Field is a very strange place for us.”

The Old Mages stared at Zhao Hai. It took a while before someone spoke out. After some time, an Old Mage stood up and courteously bowed, “I’ve seen Mister Zhao Hai. This one is Dins from the Ole Plane.”


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