BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1076


Chapter 1076 – The Massive World of Cultivation!

When Zhao Hai left the registration office, the Robot Butler clunkily went to greet him. Seeing the mechanical being approaching him, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but admit that this robot was very ugly. And with Gu Mingyue’s reminder, he knew that he wouldn’t be keeping this robot by his side.

However, he wouldn’t replace this robot immediately, it would be too suspicious if he did so. Also, it wouldn’t be too late to exchange this robot later on. And the robot wouldn’t be following him at night, so he can just go to the Space then.

Zhao Hai wasn’t polite as he told the butler, “I’ll be calling you Tinkle from now on, and you’ll call me Young Master. Understood?”

The Robot Butler bowed and said, “Tinkle understands. Young Master can rest assured.” 

Zhao Hai nodded before he said, “Tinkle, take me to see my room.”

Tinkle complied before leading Zhao Hai to the side. Zhao Hai was now able to see that there were several elevators. Moreover, the numbers on top of these elevators reached three digits.

To be honest, the level of technology in the Machine Field had exceeded Zhao Hai’s imagination. At the same time, their level of magic formations was also beyond his expectations.

Whether it was an elevator or a speeding car, all of these things had traces of magic formations in them. These magic formations weren’t just ornaments, they really had a purpose. This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised.

Developing technology and magic formations to this degree wasn’t an easy feat. While he thought of this, Zhao Hai and Tinkle entered into the elevator. As Tinkle pressed a few buttons, Zhao Hai noticed that alongside numbers, there were also guides on the panel. For example, on the button with ‘12’ in it, the word ‘store’ was printed out. And on floor 14, ‘restaurant’ could be read. 

Zhao Hai looked at the elevator panel and saw that there were 110 floors altogether. Ten of which were used as classrooms, another ten were for dormitories, and five for the library. There were even some floors allocated as practice grounds, which made Zhao Hai somewhat confused.

But after recalling what Gu Mingyue said that the academy built like a small city, Zhao Hai began to understand. This practice ground wasn’t actually outdoors, it was just built inside the building. This way, they really had no way of going outside for a year.

Zhao Hai didn’t need to find the dormitory floor, Tinkle already took care of it. After the elevator doors opened, Tinkle led Zhao Hai out.

Zhao Hai was quite curious about the elevator. He felt that the elevator was much faster than he expected. Upon heading out of the elevator, they were met with an illustration showing the different blocks present in the floor. There was the calming block, clear block, silent block, and common block, a total of four regions.

Zhao Hai looked at the characters of the four regions and couldn’t help but murmur, “Clear and calming? Interesting.”

Seeing Zhao Hai stop, Tinkle stopped as well. Zhao Hai turned to Tinkle and said, “Tinkle, which block do we live in?”

Tinkle quickly answered, “Young Master, we live in the clear block. Please follow me.” Zhao Hai nodded as Tinkle led him in. Tinkle turned corners about seven or eight times. Zhao Hai didn’t expect this place to be huge, there might be dozens of rooms on this floor alone.

Tinkle brought Zhao Hai to a room that had the number ‘13’ on it. Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, we’re here. You can open the door using your ID card.”

Zhao Hai nodded and took his ID card out before inserting it on a hole beside the door. A ‘ding’ was heard before the door opened for Zhao Hai and Tinkle to enter.

Zhao Hai took a deep breath before entering his room. He inspected the place and estimated it to be about 50 square meters. But this was already pretty good. After entering the door, he was met with the small living room. On the living room was a set of sofas and a television. The living room and the bedroom wasn’t partitioned by walls, instead a shelf was used to divide the two. On the shelf were a few decorations such as figurines of cars and other things.

The bedroom was also simple. Besides the bed, closet, and a cabinet, there were no other things inside. Next to the living room was another room. Upon entering, Zhao Hai saw a set of sanitary items inside. It seems like this was the bathroom. There was also another room right next to the living room. Zhao Hai looked in and there was a chair and a table as well as some shelves with books on them. It was the study.

Although his living quarters was quite small, it was fully equipped. This place was really well-made.

After his simple exploration, TInkle introduced Zhao Hai to the facilities built into the room. There weren’t really a lot of advanced things in this room aside from a computer connected to a wide network. For someone who used the internet a lot in his past life, this computer was already good for Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai explored the room a few times before he returned to the study and scanned through some books. Sure enough, these books had relatively simple contents. Most of them were about the Machine Field. Naturally, the books were specially prepared for ascenders from the lower realms. It was also possible to know about these by using the computer. But since most of the ascenders didn’t know how to use computers, they could only place the books here.

Since this room was present, Zhao Hai wasn’t too anxious about understanding the Machine Field. He could just read them anytime. What he needed to do now was to gain an understanding of the academy.

Zhao Hai turned to Tinkle and said, “Tinkle, lead to me to explore the classrooms, then we’ll head to the cafeteria.” Tinkle complied and brought Zhao Hai out of the room. Locking the door was very simple, it only took a press of a button in order to lock it. Moreover, the button identified the room’s owner by fingerprint. This way, other people wouldn’t be able to lock the room’s owner in his own room.

Tinkle proceeded to bring Zhao Hai to explore the classrooms. Upon seeing the rooms, Zhao Hai knew that they were different. The classrooms that ascenders entered in were pre-arranged. Inside each classroom was an instructor that would teach you. Then after a while, you would be tested. If you pass the test, you would proceed to another classroom. But that classroom didn’t have a living instructor inside, instead you would be taught by a robot.

Zhao Hai didn’t oppose to this arrangement. After that, Tinkle brough Zhao Hai to the cafeteria. Actually, the cafeteria wasn’t too far from the classrooms. This way, it was convenient for the students coming from their classes. Robots were specially assigned in this cafeteria in order to serve the students. The meals here were free but were fixed. In other words, if you don’t like the food, then you would have no choice but to eat it.

After visiting these places, Zhao Hai returned to his room. The stores as well as the other places could be delayed and visited at another time. After all, one couldn’t just understand everything in one go. The technology level of this place was more developed compared to earth. He needed to digest everything first.

When Tinkle and Zhao Hai returned to their room, Zhao Hai went to the bathroom and took a good bath. He also noticed a set of night clothes that was hung inside the cabinet. He changed into these night clothes before throwing his own clothes into the automatic washing machine. Tinkle can take care of these things, Zhao Hai didn’t need to do anything else.

Zhao Hai proceeded to the study, stopping himself from touching the computer. After arriving at the bookshelf, he took out a book introducing the Machine Field.

Zhao Hai slowly and calmly turned the pages of the book. However, deep inside, his heart wasn’t calm. This book didn’t only introduce basic things about the Machine Field, there were other things as well. He also understood how he came to ascend in this realm.

Mentioned in this book was the relationship between the Machine Field and Lu Wei’s Cultivation Realm. The two were like the Mage Continent and the Magic Armor Continent of the Atlanta Plane.

However, the distance between the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm wasn’t just an ocean, but a huge span of void!

There were more than 1,200 planets that can be inhabited in the Machine Field. But there were a lot more planets in the Cultivation Realm, about 10 thousand. Also, the two places weren’t peaceful, they were hostile to each other.

The reason the Machine Realm was called as such was because it was not only an advanced Mechanical Civilization, it was also very adept in magic formations.

Back in the Underworld, Zhao Hai discovered that magic formations and the Cultivation Realm’s Arrays were completely different systems. Zhao Hai thought that after reaching a very deep realm in magic formations, one would arrive at magic arrays. But afterwards he discovered his mistake. Magic formations and arrays work with two completely different laws. In the Machine Field, magic formations were developed to an extreme level. Arrays used in the Cultivation World were completely different from these magic formations.

It can be said that the Machine Field was supported by two major systems, the mechanical system as well as the magic formation system. This was the reason why it was called the Machine Field.

Besides the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm, there was also the Devil Realm, Spirit Realm, Monster Realm, Elven Realm, and the other smaller groups. They were the influences in this world. Moreover, these realms weren’t spread out in one plane. This plane was composed of countless big and small planes connected to each other by transmission formations. 

After reading the book, Zhao Hai began to understand that these groups of small and big planes composed this extremely huge entity. It can be said that they composed the very massive World of Cultivation!


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