BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1072


Chapter 1072 – Machines!

After a dazzling white light, Zhao Hai opened his eyes slowly. He stared at four directions only to see that he was inside a room. Moreover, this room had people inside!

This room was quite big, having a floor area of more than a thousand square meters. It also had a ten meter high ceiling. The floor was made out of the same bright silvery material.

In this room, whether it was the walls or the ceiling, they were all made out of metals. On these metals were magic formations, each as mysterious as the others. These formations were layered on top of each other, adding on to their mystery. Those who were dabbling in magic formations would surely go blank upon seeing this scene, this was how wonderful the formations were.

This ten thousand square meter room was almost empty. Besides the people standing inside, there weren’t anything else.

Zhao Hai inspected the people with him. All of these people were wearing Mage’s robes. Their robes seems to be made out of ancient standards, covering their entire bodies. Besides these people were their magic staffs. Zhao Hai hadn’t seen staffs like these before. These staffs were all made out of metal.

While Zhao Hai was observing these people, they suddenly took a step forward. Zhao Hai waved his hand, taking his blood ghost staff out in preparation of defending against these people.

But at the same time, Zhao Hai also noted that the energy here was much stronger compared to the Atlanta Plane. It can be said that the laws of the Atlanta Plane and even the Underworld couldn’t compare to this place. Zhao Hai also noticed that the pressure on him had completely vanished. This feeling of being unrestrained was something that he hadn’t felt in a very long time.

Zhao Hai observed the five other Mages inside this room. When he swept them using his spiritual force, he suddenly discovered that these Mages didn’t emit any energy, they didn’t even emit any signs of life. This made Zhao Hai stare.

At this moment, the five Mages arrived in front of Zhao Hai. When they came close to him, Zhao Hai discovered that these people had number plates on their bodies. And even more surprising was the fact that these numbers are in Arabic Numerals.

The Mage with the number plate of ‘1’ opened its mouth and said, “Greetings, ascended Mage. Welcome to the Machine Field. Please come with us.”

The voice that went out of the Mage’s mouth sounded female. It actually sounded very gentle. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t attracted to this voice. This was because the voice sounded synthetic, artificial.

It was at this point that Zhao Hai can affirm. These Mages weren’t people, they were robots!

Although he was able to see this, Zhao Hai still made a polite response, “Thank you.” After he said that, he followed the robots.

What made Zhao Hai feel even stranger was the fact that there were no doors nor windows in this room, it was just like a metallic cube. He really wanted to know how they were supposed to leave.

This was also the time that Zhao Hai discovered the reason why the room was bright despite the lack of windows nor doors. This was because on the walls of the room, as well as the floor, were sources of white light. The light was very gentle, it wasn’t overly dazzling.

Zhao Hai arrived at a wall alongside the five robots. This section of wall wasn’t any different than the other sections. However, Robot Mage Number 1 placed her hand on the wall and pressed a few magical symbols. After that, the symbols shone as a door opened right in front. This door appeared very quickly, Zhao Hai wasn’t even able to catch how it opened.

The door wasn’t that big, it could only accommodate two people walking side by side. After opening the door, Robot Mage Number 1 turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Respected Mage, please.”

Zhao Hai nodded before walking through the door. Upon coming out the other side, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but pause. What entered was another room, albeit smaller than the previous one.

This room wasn’t big, only about 100 square meters in floor area. The walls of this room seems to be made out of stone. On its ceiling was a very ancient lamp. This lamp comprised of iron chains as well as discs. It looked very sturdy as it held fluorescent stones that lit the place up.

The floor was covered with a layer of carpet that was very comfortable to step on. What attracted Zhao Hai’s attention the most were the five bookshelves. Each bookshelf was stocked up with books. However, the books looked like they haven’t been touched for a long time.

Behind a table on one corner of the room was a person. The person was flat on the table and seemed to be asleep.

Zhao Hai could feel a formidable strength coming out of this person. It was a level of strength that he hadn’t met before. Even at his present level, if he was against this person, he can see himself lose.

The five Robot Mages brought Zhao Hai to the table before Robot Mage Number 1 opened her mouth and said, “Mister, a Mage has ascended to the Machine Field. Please register his presence.”

The person groaned before slowly sitting straight. Then he stretched his body before saying, “Really, I couldn’t even sleep for a while…” Then after sobering up, the person looked at Zhao Hai and smiled before asking, “Name, plane of origin, and profession?” Zhao Hai looked at the person’s appearance. He couldn’t help but frown inside, but he still replied, “This one is Zhao Hai, from the Atlanta Plane, an all-element Mage.”

While he was giving his answer, Zhao Hai was also sizing the person up. This person seems to be a Mage. His build wasn’t small. He had white beard that contrasted with his black mage robe. The man was knitting his eyebrows, his hair and beard were completely unkempt. He didn’t look that handsome.

The old man wrote with his quill as he listened to Zhao Hai’s answer. But when he heard that Zhao Hai was an all-element Mage, his quill stopped. Then he looked straight at Zhao Hai as he frowned and said, “You say that you’re an all-element Mage?”

Zhao Hai was actually attracted to the old man’s quill. Zhao Hai discovered that the old man’s quill pen wasn’t a normal pen. Instead of having ink on its tip, the quill pen actually emitted beautiful, dazzling light.

At the same time, although the table looked like it was made out of ordinary wood, it actually had a small film on top of it. As the light fell on this film, the words that were written began to levitate.

Upon hearing the old Mage’s question, Zhao Hai recovered, then he nodded and said, “Yes, this one is an all-element Mage.”

The Old Mage’s two eyes shone, he smiled and said, “Alright, very good. Show me a spell or two.” Zhao Hai stared, then he looked around before turning back to the Old Man, “Right now?” The Old Man looked at Zhao Hai’s reaction and smiled, “Yes, right now. But don’t use too much magic.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He didn’t reject the request, he knew that this was some sort of test. He waved left his hand, summoning a tornado on his hand. As though like dancing elves, the tornado danced on his hand, drilling through his fingers as though it was a playful child..

This wasn’t the end, Zhao Hai waved his right hand, summoning a little fireball. This fireball also rolled about his hand. Then Zhao Hai threw the fireball over to his left hand. The fireball and the tornado met and proceeded to chase each other.

After that, Zhao Hai waved his right hand once more, summoning a ball of water. Then after tossing the ball of water to his left hand, Zhao Hai summoned a piece of stone, then a black and white mass. After summoning the six elements, Zhao Hai had them revolve around his body. They looked like six naughty children gathering around their father.

After showing this, Zhao Hai knew that he had shown his capabilities. He gave a snort as the elements vanished. Then he looked at the Old Mage and said, “Mister, is that enough?”

The Old Mage looked at Zhao Hai with shining eyes as he nodded again and again, saying, “Good, very good.” He said that while writing a few more lines on the table. After some time, he placed the quill down and then took out a piece of paper from the side. Taking a look at the contents of the paper, the Old Man nodded before handing it over to Zhao Hai, “Take this and follow them. Take a break for today. Someone will come and pick you up tomorrow morning. He will take you to a place, there you will know everything you need to know.” Zhao Hai looked at the paper and read its contents. The writing was in traditional chinese, but Zhao Hai could see that the contents of the paper were related to him. It had his name, the plane he came from, the fact that he was an all-element Mage, and then some appraisals about him.

The Old Man really wasn’t stingy in appraising Zhao Hai. Above the information that Zhao Hai was an all-element Mage, the Old Man also added that he had reached a high-level of control and it was suggested that he should undergo training.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but force a smile. He was an apex Expert in the Atlanta Plane. But in here, it seems like he needed training. He didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t dare to show that he was dissatisfied. This was because he felt that the Old Mage’s strength was no weaker than him, and might even be more powerful. If that Old Man saw him looking dissatisfied, then he might teach him a lesson. With no information about where he was, Zhao Hai naturally wouldn’t mess anything up.


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