BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1071


Chapter 1071 – The Bright Sword Severs The Emotions, Finally Ascending!

Zhao Hai was currently standing on a desert island. This island was quite a distance away from the Mage Continent. Moreover, it was in a location where ship routes never pass through. One could only see stone on weeds on the island. Describing it using a proverb, it was an island where birds wouldn’t even defecate in.

This island was the place Zhao Hai chose to ascend in. Although it was far from the Mage Continent, it was still considered to be part of the continent. Not only was it far from the Mage Continent, it was also very far from the Warrior and the Magic Armor Continent. It was fitting to call it a desert island.

With no use as a supply point nor could it be exploited for its resources, the island was naturally unoccupied by humans.

After collecting books from both the Mage and Warrior continent, Zhao Hai used the rest of the time to look for a place to ascend in.

Ever since Zhao Hai discovered that the laws of the Magic Armor Continent and the Mage Continent were different, he knew that he was now left with the decision on where to ascend. He also knew that ascending on a different place would also send you to a different place in the Cultivation Realm. And in the end, Zhao Hai chose to ascend under the Mage Continent’s laws.

The reason Zhao Hao chose the Mage continent was because Mages were still less numerous than Warriors. Mages need talent to cultivate whereas Warriors had easier requirements. Because of this, there were fewer Mages compared to Warriors.

The less of a thing there was, the more precious it was. Although Zhao Hai doesn’t know the status of Mages in the Cultivation Realm, in his opinion, Mages were still more valuable than Warriors.

Additionally, he was always dressed in his robe and staff. And from the past few days, Zhao Hai came to understand the level of magic in the Mage Continent. Although the magic in the Mage Continent was more beautiful compared to the boring magic of the Underworld’s researchers, it was actually weaker. And with his knowledge of the Undead researchers’ magic, the magic level of the Mage continent was nothing to him.

As he stood on the desert island’s shore, Zhao Hai quietly gazed at the tumbling waves. His heart was a bit melancholic. Although he had been in the Atlanta Plane for some time, he was still aware that the plane was connected to the Ark Continent. With the Continent being his birth place, he felt sad that he would be leaving it probably forever. 

Zhao Hai took in the scent of the sea’s gentle breeze. As he breathed in, he also felt that he only had two days before the energy inside his body reaches a critical point. When that time comes, then as long as he remains here, he would ascend.

Zhao Hai sighed before he sat down cross-legged. He was concentrating on his Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art. To be honest, besides that time in the Central Continent, Zhao Hai rarely practiced this cultivation method. He just let the method run its course.

Zhao Hai looks like he was just standing there, but in fact he was analyzing his own self. He discovered that he was actually a timid person. It was a deliberate decision for him to not practice the art. He wanted to delay his ascension as much as possible, and stay here for a long time.

There were two reasons for him to do this. First was because he came to love this place. And the second reason was because he was afraid!

He was afraid of the new environment. He was afraid of facing a formidable Cultivator. Perhaps he might not realize this, but it was what his subconscious wanted. It was because of this that he didn’t practice the Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art.

After discovering his own true nature, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but inwardly shout in shame. No wonder people said that the only person who might not know you would be you. This seems to be the case for him.

If he wasn’t about to ascend and tried to clear his mind, then he wouldn’t have realized this point. But fortunately, this realization didn’t come too late. Zhao Hai immediately used his divine sense to form a sword in order to sever this fear.

In the past, Zhao Hai heard the phrase, “the bright sword that severs the emotions”, but he couldn’t understand its meaning. But at this moment, he finally understood those words. When the mind reaches a complete phase, it can feel one’s seven emotions and six desires. One would then be able to distinguish each of these and gain complete understanding. It was because of this that Zhao Hai, with no hesitation, used his divine sense as a sword in order to sever the fear in his heart.

Besides this fear, Zhao Hai also used his divine sense to sever any other negative emotion. This didn’t mean that he wouldn’t have a negative mood from now on. Emotions take root deep into one’s heart. Even if you wanted to prevent it from coming out, you couldn’t. Zhao Hai just temporarily cut these emotions off, they would come back later on.

The reason Zhao Hai did this was because he wanted to welcome his ascension in his best state. As his ascension gets closer and closer, he began to feel some things. These feelings made it known to him that having too much emotion during his ascent wouldn’t be good. Ascension still carried some danger. If one cannot maintain their peak state, then their ascension might very well fail.

Natives from the Mage Continent who failed in their ascensions died. Even Zhao Hai might be seriously injured if this happens. Zhao Hai wasn’t hoping for this to happen to him.

After Zhao Hai severed his emotions, he immediately felt an unprecedented sense of clarity. This clarity didn’t come from the neatness of his body. Instead, it was a feeling that came from inside.

Not only did Zhao Hai feel comfortable. He also felt that his mind became much more insightful. The rocky parts of the Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art seem to be easily broken through.

The bright sword that severs the emotions was truly worth its reputation!

A whirlpool began to slowly form around Zhao Hai. This energy whirlpool got bigger and bigger until it turned into a small tornado and then into a giant tornado. In the end, it became like a black hole that wantonly absorbed all of the energy around him.

And in the center of this maelstrom of energy was a calm and steady Zhao Hai. He didn’t feel anything other than the repulsion of the plane getting stronger and stronger. This tremendous pressure seems to be bent on expelling his from this plane.

Then all of a sudden, dark clouds began to gather on top of Zhao Hai. The clouds began to clump up as it slowly shone with lightning. These lightning snaked through the clouds as if they were ready to strike down at any time.

Zhao Hai also felt the dark clouds forming, causing him to stop his cultivation. He stood up and looked at the clouds right on top of him. He was aware that this was his tribulation before he ascends.

Zhao Hai didn’t dare to ignore these clouds, he quickly held his blood ghost staff. This staff went through a lot of transformations in Zhao Hai’s hands. At this point, it was a very attractive piece of work. The staff had a blood red body and on it were symbols of the constellations. It looked both attractive and mysterious. The entire staff was about three meters. The body itself was 2.4 meters long, with the constellations hovering 20 centimeters away from the staff. The rest of the 60 centimeters were taken up by the blood red lotus. The lotus had seven cores and was divided into 18 layers. At the end of each lotus flap was a small red ring that held bells that swayed gently with the breeze, emitting a delightful ringing sound.

Zhao Hai’s original staff was just a meter long. At that size, it was still very convenient to hold on to. With the lotus on top of it, the staff became bulky to hold. Because of this Zhao Hai normally had the staff head become a skull.

But this long staff was actually something that Laura and the others designed. Zhao Hai also agreed to the three-meter long design. For a Mage, this staff wasn’t short nor was it very long.

There was a lot of Mages who use staffs longer than three meters. There were even some who held staffs that were four meters or longer. These were used to arrange formations in order to resist the enemy.

However, after Laura and the others showed him their design, Zhao Hai felt that the staff looked more like what Buddhist Monks use. Also, this staff wasn’t only used as a staff, the giant lotus can also be regarded as a weapon. Upon seeing the staff, Zhao Hai thought about a weapon he saw back on Earth, the spiked mace!

Naturally, Zhao Hai’s magic staff was much more attractive than spiked maces. Zhao Hai took his staff and looked up as the sky turned darker and darker.

He knew that there was no way to avoid this tribulation, it was a requirement to all those who wanted to ascend. If he hid inside the Space, then this dark cloud would vanish, only to reappear when Zhao Hai went out once more.

Zhao Hair revolved his gold core, providing massive amounts of energy to his body. At the same time, his dao lotus revolved gently. With each revolution, the energy in the gold core became more and more compressed. With the help of the dao lotus’ mysterious energy paths, Zhao Hai can oppose any enemy he would come across.

Zhao Hai stood in place, his magic staff on his hand. The wind from the whirlpool disturbed his hair. But despite this, his eyes were stuck on the dark clouds overhead. He was waiting for the tribulation to come down.

Laura and the others were also inside the Space, looking at the dark clouds. They were worried for Zhao Hai, they also knew that this was a tribulation that he couldn’t avoid.

Not only Laura and the others, Karen, Green, and the other members of the Buda Clan were also looking at the situation outside. They stopped what they were doing in order to observe the spectacle.

After accumulating to a certain degree, the dark clouds began to rumble. And along with a very loud thunder, a lightning bolt crashed down on Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at the lightning bolt and coldly snorted before he waved his magic staff. A yellowish light went out of the staff. As it went out of the staff, the yellow light began to absorb energy. Before long, a yellow hammer appeared in the air as it opposed the incoming lightning bolt.

The yellow hammer that the staff projected out gave people a very heavy and strong feeling. The hammer shone in the air as it welcomed the approaching lightning.

Boom! A loud sound was heard as smoke and fire began to erupt overhead. After the collision vanished, the lightning bolt nor the hammer can be seen.

However, this wasn’t the end. After the first collision, another lightning bolt came down. This time, Zhao Hai’s staff issued a purple light as it formed a huge shield. This shield looked incomparably sturdy. As the lightning hit the shield, it seems as though the earth was about to break.

Despite the strength of the lightning, Zhao Hai’s huge shield miraculously survived. Then Zhao Hai emitted, blue, green, purple and golden lights from his staff. These lights formed a huge stick that sunk 100 meters deep into the desert island. 

Just as this giant stick was formed, the third lightning bolt went down. The shield immediately dispersed. However, the lightning was attracted to the giant stick. Before long, the lightning dispersed.

Right after the third lightning went down, the fourth followed soon after. Since Zhao Hai didn’t have time to cast magic, he transformed his staff into a large glaive as he hacked through the lightning bolt. 

The dark clouds seem to contain infinite amounts of energy. As Zhao Hai dispersed the fourth lightning, the fifth immediately crashed down, not giving Zhao Hai any time to prepare. But this time, Zhao Hai already crystallized his body. Although the lightning bolt hit Zhao Hai’s body, he still kept standing. The staff quickly formed into a shield as he blocked the incoming lightning.

And just as the shield has been formed, the sixth lightning came down. The shield shivered gently, but it didn’t sustain any damage. Then the seventh strike came, then the eight, and then the ninth. Each strike as strong as the previous one. However, the blood red shield protected Zhao Hai through them all. It only shivered slightly with each strike.

After the ninth lightning strike, the dark clouds began to disperse. Then Zhao Hai turned his blood ghost staff into its original appearance. Once the dark clouds have dispersed, a ten meter tall, three meter wide spatial rift appeared in the sky. The rift let out a sucking force that pulled Zhao Hai in. Zhao Hai’s present strength couldn’t resist this pulling force, so he could only let go and let himself be absorbed.

After Zhao Hai entered the rift, the desert island went back to its desolate state. But this time, Zhao Hai can no longer be seen!


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