BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1069


Chapter 1069 – Maximum Benefit to Ascending

A blood red needle was flying through the sky. The needle was very fast as it flew through the air. It was almost unnoticeable, leaving only a very thin line along its path. Most people might even just think that it was an illusion.

Of course, at this point, nobody would be able to see this needle since it was flying above an ocean. The seas of the Atlanta Plane were very dangerous. Besides appropriate times, people going across these areas would be killed.

The residents of the Atlanta Plane were very peculiar. Although the Magic Armor Continent, Warrior Continent, and Mage Continent were hostile to one another, their people still trade with each other. But since the three continents were enemies, trading was still quite difficult.

In the beginning, there were some big companies that traded between the three continents. These traders would bring numerous guards in order to defend against the assault coming from the enemies.

But before long, people from the three continents decided that trading this way brought more peril than benefits. The number of merchants who did business with the three continents decreased, causing a lack of commodities between the three landmasses.

Naturally, this lack of commodity didn’t mean that the people would find it hard to live. Instead, this was a shortage of rare materials in each continent. In turn, this made it difficult for them to progress in their civilization.

After they discovered this situation, the three continents reached an agreement. Each year, they would allocate a couple of months specifically for trade. In these months, people from the three continents could freely exchange goods without the fear of being attacked. Anyone who dared attack these merchants would receive collective retaliation from the three continents.

But besides these months of peace, the seas would become a battlefield the rest of the months. People from the Atlanta Plane treat the seas as a smelting trial. They would either go search for ores or try to temper their cultivation.

Hidden in this body of water were formidable Warriors and Mages. Naturally, on the side of the Magic Armor Continent, there were also powerful magic armor pilots present. These people were doing their best to kill the people on the other two continents.

They kill people not just for the sake of slaughter. These people do this mainly because they would receive bounties every time they kill an enemy. Once they return to their clans, they would be handsomely rewarded. Because of this, there were countless amounts of people who would come to this region every year.

Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t too anxious to go outside. He knew that the moment he came out, he would be attacked immediately. Therefore, he just sent the blood needle instead of himself.

Besides this blood needle, Zhao Hai also released other blood needles. These needles were divided into two groups, one heading to the Warrior Continent while the others would head to the Mage Continent. Zhao Hai wanted to see the situation with the two continents as soon as possible.

Zhao Hai’s action produced excellent results. At this moment, Zhao Hai had already mapped some areas, showing hidden Warriors, Mages, and Magic Armors. Naturally, they were being monitored by the Space.

This action also went according to Zhao Hai’s current situation. Every minute he stays inside the Space, his cultivation would be accelerated. If he kept being inside, then he would ascend one month later. And even if he didn’t practice, his body would be full in less than two months. Because of this, Zhao Hai had no other choice but to hurry.

It didn’t take more than five days before the blood needles entered the Warrior and Mage Continents. The two continents have distinct architectural and fashion styles. In the Warrior Continent, one would be able to see people wearing warrior clothing everywhere. There would also be weapons hung on the backs of these people at all times. Even some commoner families would have weapon frames somewhere in their houses, holding a weapon of sorts. At the same time, despite being commoners, each household still had a set of dumbbells, sandbags, and exercise materials in their homes. In the Warrior Continent, these things were deemed to be essential to their lifestyles. Even the poverty stricken folks weren’t exempted from this custom.

As for the Mage Continent, in almost every city, one would be able to see a magic tower. These magic towers were places where the mages live. 

Actually, in both the Ark Continent and the Divine Realm, magic towers were things from ancient times. These things had long since been out of fashion. Of all the places Zhao Hai had been to, besides the Mage Continent, only the Underworld had magic towers.

The towers that protect each city in the Underworld, where high-ranked Undead live in, were actually magic towers. In the Ark Continent, magic towers didn’t exist anymore. And even if there were, they were mostly used as a decoration or as a historical ruin.

However, these seemingly ancient magic towers were actually present in almost all cities in the Mage Continent. And most importantly, through the Space, Zhao Hai was able to see that around these magic towers were the liveliest places in the city.

What made Zhao Hai even more surprised was the fact that, in the Mage Continent, two to three people out of ten were wearing mage’s robes. The proportion of mages to common people was quite high.

In the Ark Continent, if a Mage could emerge every thousand people, then that was already seen as a good ratio. But here, in ten people, two or three Mages could be seen. It would be very hard for people to accept this statistic.

This wouldn’t be strange if it came to Warriors. After all, most people could practice martial arts. Even if one didn’t practice too deeply, they could still become a common Warrior. But as for Mages, one needed innate skill to dabble in the elements. But even if this was the case, the Mage Continent seem to have a lot more talents.

Even Zhao Hai, with his talents and capabilities, couldn’t help but be speechless when he saw this. In the end, he could only let out a helpless sigh.

If he had the time, he would certainly do a thorough investigation on these two Continents. He might even go and buy some land in these two continents to play around from time to time.

But it was a pity that Zhao Hai was about to ascend, he didn’t have time to play around in these two continents. And as long as he ascends, he would no longer have this opportunity.

Although the needles had arrived at the two continents, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately exit the Space. Instead, he would wait until the terrain of the continents were fully mapped inside the Space. This took five days to be finished. Unknowingly, Zhao Hai had already spent ten days inside the Space. If he continued to stay inside the Space for a month, then he would immediately ascend.

After finally mapping the two continents, Zhao Hai let out a long breath as he stood up. It was already night, but he still wanted to take a look.

Laura saw Zhao Hai stand and immediately said, “Brother Hai, it’s already dark. How about you go outside tomorrow?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’ll just go out and feel the laws. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to sleep.”

When she heard Zhao Hai, Laura knew that she couldn’t stop him, so she said, “Alright, but Brother Hai needs to be careful. If the laws are just like in the Magic Armor Continent, then you need to come back. We’ll just snatch an ascension magic armor so that you can ascend.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Rest assured, I will be careful.” After he said that, his clothes changed into warrior clothing and his staff shifted into a greatsword. 

After seeing Zhao Hai’s change in attire, Laura and the other knew that Zhao Hai was planning to visit the Warrior Continent. In the Warrior Continent, people with Zhao Hai’s attire could be seen everywhere, nobody would suspect him of anything. Additionally, with Zhao Hai’s strength, nobody in the Warrior Continent would be able to defeat him. The only thing that can threaten him were the laws.

Zhao Hai gave Laura and the others a glance before he smiled and vanished. The next moment, he was already in the Warrior Continent. Upon appearing, Zhao Hai immediately felt the laws pressuring him, it was even stronger than the pressure he felt in the Divine Realm.

But even if this was the case, Zhao Hai was still ecstatic. This was because the laws in this continent was different than the Magic Armor Continent. In the Magic Armor Continent, the laws made Zhao Hai feel sick. But here, the laws were pressuring him, the same as the pressure back in the Divine Realm. In other words, Zhao Hai can choose to ascend here.

Zhao Hai carried his greatsword and arrived at a tavern in the city. He listened to the Warriors boasting about their accomplishments. Although these were just mere boasting, Zhao Hai could still find obtain useful information.

However, Zhao Hai only stayed at the city for one hour before he returned to the Space. After finding out that he can ascend in the Warrior Continent, Zhao Hai decided to take a look at the Mage Continent. If he could ascend in the Mage Continent, then he would have another choice.

Zhao Hai turned into a Mage before teleporting to the Mage Continent. Just like the Warrior Continent, Zhao Hai was able to ascend here. With this matter taken care of, Zhao Hai began to relax. With the Mage and Warrior Continent present, he didn’t need to worry about ascension anymore.

However, he was left with deciding on where to ascend. He needed to understand the two continents before making a decision.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t know where he’ll end up upon ascending, he still needed to consider where he would ascend. He would analyze their laws and find out where he would benefit the most from ascending.


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