BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1068


Chapter 1068 – Role-play

Meanwhile, Laura and the others were quite worried inside the Space. Zhao Hai just stood motionless in a completely wrong place. And there was also no indication that he would do it, which was very abnormal.

Cai’er was aware about Zhao Hai’s situation, but she wasn’t anxious. She knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t in any real danger, he was just comprehending something.

After looking at the worry on Laura and the others’ faces, Cai’er immediately said, “There’s no need to worry. The Young Master is just comprehending something, so there’s no real danger. And if we take the Young Master to the Space at this time, we would be cutting him off from his current mental state. This is more dangerous than just leaving him there.”

Upon hearing Cai’er, Laura and the others immediately gave out a sigh. But Lizzy looked at the screen before turning to Cai’er and saying, “Cai’er, have some Undead protect Brother Hai. There are a lot of magic beasts around him, he may be attacked.”

Cai’er just smiled as she replied, “Sister Lizzy, there’s no need to worry. If I guessed correctly, then the Young Master is currently comprehending his cultivation method. Young Master’s cultivation method is very unusual, and when he is cultivating, his body would merge with the surrounding environment. These magic beasts would just see the Young Master as though he is part of the scenery. If we send the Undead, then the magic beasts might attack them instead. If that happens, then we would be breaking the Young Master’s concentration.”

Lizzy quickly nodded. However, Megan seems to be angry as she said, “Does Brother Hai really need to scare us every time he comprehends something? Hmph. Elder Sisters, I guess we should teach Brother Hai a lesson when he comes back.”

When Laura heard Megan say this, she couldn’t help but tease her, “Alright, then let’s teach him a lesson. And the first to do that will be Sister Megan!”

Upon hearing Laura, Lizzy and the others immediately chuckled. Meanwhile, Megan’s face went completely red. She threw menacing look at Laura and said, “Sister Laura, you actually dared to ridicule me?” After she said that, she went on to throw herself towards Laura.

Laura squealed before running away. Lizzy and the others joined in on the fun before long, causing a mess in the villa. Zhao Hai was fully immersed in his comprehension, who knows when he would be done.

Currently, the ever changing universe and the stars kept flashing inside Zhao Hai’s mind, displaying the essence on yin-yang. The universe was made up of the yin and the yang. If there was yang in the world, then yin would surely be present.

At the same time, the yin and the yang components of the five elements comprised a myriad of things in the universe. It was both a simple and a very complicated process, but this process went according to the universal laws.

Similar to the depiction of the yin-yang fish, the yin has yang, and yang has yin. It was an endless cycle that permeated all things in the universe.

Zhao Hai didn’t know for how long he spent inside this profound state before he suddenly woke up. Upon turning sober, Zhao Hai discovered that his cultivation of the Yin-yang Myriad Stellar Transformations art had grown deeper. Moreover, he noticed that his command of his body had become much more smooth and natural.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath. To be frank, he was somewhat afraid of what just happened. If he kept with that state for a long time, then its possible for his strength to quickly reach the peak. If that happens, then Zhao Hai would have to prematurely ascend.

He looked all around him and saw that there were still a lot of magic beasts. However, it seems like these beasts weren’t afraid of him or maybe they simply didn’t think of him as an enemy. There were even some magic beasts who only gave Zhao Hai one glance before resuming to handle their own matters. There wasn’t even a point of hostility in their gazes.

Zhao Hai looked at these magic beasts and smiled. Then his figure vanished as he entered the Space. But as he entered the Space, Zhao Hai’s brows couldn’t help but wrinkle. He was still worried about his ascension.

He had decided on the Atlanta Plane, but the plane had very unusual laws. This caused Zhao Hai to feel his head ache.

While Zhao Hai was thinking, he entered the villa. But upon entering, he was immediately met with fierce expression coming from Laura and the others. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel puzzled at the sight.

He pretended to feel guilty as he asked, “My lovely wives, what did I do wrong?”

Laura and the others looked at Zhao Hai’s reaction and couldn’t help but smile. However, they still went according to what they planned. Megan stood up and said, “Big Brother Hai, you might not know, but you gave us a scare when you suddenly blanked out like that. So how would you like to be punished?”

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately replied, “This. Right, that’s right. How do you want to punish me?”

Megan gave out a snort before saying, “Come with us.” Then she turned around and walked to the villa’s interior. Upon seeing where Megan was heading, Zhao Hai’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. Megan seems to be heading towards the villa’s basement, to where the hot spring was.

Laura and the others also pretended as though they were escorting a criminal. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but chuckle inside as he saw their conduct. He saw that Laura and the others just wanted him to relax, so he just cooperated.


After several hours of this role-playing, Zhao Hai and the others relaxed on the hot spring. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, are you still worried about ascending?”

Zhao Hai sighed and said, “The Atlanta Plane’s laws are just too strange. I know that people who want to ascend would need to use the ascension magic armor or else they wouldn’t be able to succeed. But even if I was given an ascension magic armor, I still feel like it would be difficult for me to ascend. It was as though I don’t like to ascend there. I really don’t know why.”

Megan frowned as she asked, “What do we do? Big Brother Hai, will you really ascend in the Divine Realm? We don’t know where we’ll end up, but if we go straight into Lu Wei’s hands, then wouldn’t we be like sheep walking straight into a tiger’s mouth?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “If we ascend in the Divine Realm, then its possible that we would be chased by Lu Wei. Although preserving our lives wouldn’t be a problem, I still prefer to do it in the Atlanta Plane. It is much safer to ascend there.”

This time, it was Lizzy who frowned, “How about we have Bluewell gather news about ascension magic armors? We can try this out first. Elder Brother Hai, what do you think?”

Zhao Hai nodded, but he forced a smile as he said, “The issue with your idea is that we don’t have the time. After that period of comprehension, I calculated that with the rate of increase in my energy level, I only have two months before I would need to ascend. Otherwise, I would have to hide inside the Space. And I doubt Bluewell would get something in just two months.”

Megan made another suggestion, “Brother Hai, what about directly stealing the magic armor? We know that the strongest in the Magic Armor Continent is physically weaker than the God-ranks in the Divine Realm. With our current strength, it would be very easy to flatten the Magic Armor Continent.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Forget it. If we really go and steal an ascension magic armor while killing a lot of people, then we might offend the Atlanta Plane’s controller. Then if we ascend, then we might be chased down. This is also the reason why I haven’t made any moves in the Atlanta Plane.”

Laura seems to have realize something, “So this is why Brother Hai has been polite to the Atlanta Plane’s residents. It seems like we can’t just snatch the magic armor or else we would be in trouble. But if this is the case, then I’m afraid ascending in the Atlanta Plane would be hard.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “If there’s really no other way, then once I am going to ascend, I’ll try forcing my way in the Atlanta Plane. Let’s see how the plane’s laws handle me then.”

Meg, who hasn’t spoken all this time, opened her mouth and said, “Young Master, why don’t you head to the Warrior Continent or the Mage Continent?”

Zhao Hai replied, “It’s still the Atlanta Plane, what’s the difference?”

Meg gave a smile and said, “Young Master, the Atlanta Plane is divided into three continents. If the Magic Armor Continent uses an ascension magic armor to ascend, then shouldn’t the Warrior and Mage Continents have their own methods? Moreover, the Warrior Continent and the Mage continent doesn’t have a good relationship with the Magic Armor Continent. I’m almost certain that people from the two continents don’t use ascension magic armors to ascend. So if they don’t, what method do they use?”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare as he heard Meg. To be honest, he completely forgot about this point. He thought that the Atlanta Plane’s laws would be uniform all throughout.

Now that Meg reminded him, Zhao Hai began to think it through. Right, the Atlanta Plane doesn’t only have the Magic Armor Continent, there’s also the Warrior and Mage Continents. These two continents use the same system as the Ark Continent and the Divine Realm, the martial and the magic system. 

Moreover, ascension was considered to be the most noble goal that a practitioner could accomplish. If the people from the Warrior and Mage Continent couldn’t ascend while the people from the Magic Armor Continent could, then what was the point of studying martial arts and magic? If the two Continents could ascend, then they surely wouldn’t use ascension magic armors. If that was the case, then Zhao Hai’s issue might be solved.

Zhao Hai laughed as he rose from the hot spring and hugged Meg before flying in the air. Laura and the others couldn’t help but laugh. They knew very well that Zhao Hai was very glad at Meg’s reminder.

After some time, the group walked out of the Hot Spring. They headed to the living room before opening up a map of the Magic Armor Continent.

As he looked at the Magic Armor Continent, Zhao Hai’s tone fell, “Who would’ve expected that I would forget about the other two continents.”

Laura nodded and said, “Brother Hai, do you want to head there now?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, show us the map of the entire Atlanta Plane. Let’s see which the two continents we should go first.”

Caie’r nodded before she opened a map on the monitor. This map wasn’t the same map that was made from the blood ghost staff’s explorations. Instead, it was just a common map bought from the Magic Armor Continent. After scanning the map, it was then saved inside the Space. Because of this, the map wasn’t 3D like the ones before. It can only be read as thought it was a normal map.

After seeing this map, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately set out to see the two continents. Instead, he looked at the basic information about the locations and topography inside the two continents. This way, he would have a rough idea on where to visit.

Zhao Hai carefully scanned through the map. From the map, he could clearly see the distribution between the three continents. The three continents formed a triangle on the map. The other two continents wasn’t much smaller than the Magic Armor Continent. Northeast to the Magic Armor Continent was the Warrior Continent, and on the southeast side was the Mage Continent. The distance between the three wasn’t that much. There were also small islands dotted around the three landmasses.

Zhao Hai tried to imagine what it would look like if these three continents were combined. From the legends, it seems like these three continents were once one huge supercontinent. 

Looking at the three continents, Zhao Hai said, “We’ll go to the Warrior Continent first to take a look. If it had the same laws as the Divine Realm, then we wouldn’t need to worry anymore.”

Laura nodded and said, “Two months should be enough for us to put the Warrior and Mage Continent on the Space’s map. As long as their laws are suitable for ascension, then Brother Hai can just go to either continent in order to ascend.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “We should also find a good place to ascend. I reckon the disturbance caused by the ascension wouldn’t be small. It would be great if we can find a desolate area. But let’s put that aside for later. We still don’t know if the laws of the two continents would be favorable to us. If it was, then it wouldn’t be too late to find an appropriate place.”


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