BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1067


Chapter 1067 – Strange Laws of the Atlanta Plane

People from the Cultivation Realm couldn’t truly control a plane. Rather they had something that was either related to a plane or something that can communicate with it. This way, they can send a trace of their spirit into the plane and collect faith power.

But not all Cultivators need to send their own incarnation in order to collect faith power. Some of them could have the residents of that plane worship them like a god. In turn, this would produce faith power. The only thing they needed to do was to find means to collect it.

This was a very easy matter. Generally, Cultivators who reach a small plane could easily become a god-like existence due to their overwhelming strength. Even if they only send an incarnation, they could still dominate the plane.

Now that the Underworld has been transformed, even the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor couldn’t find the plane. The Underworld has been changed by the Giant Heart from being a stationary plane to a moving one. Because of this, the Underworld’s original coordinates could no longer be used. Things that could link to the Underworld had been rendered useless as well. 

Also, Zhao Hai discovered that the spatial rift connecting the Underworld and the Ark Continent was being patched up by the Giant Heart. He believed that before long, the spatial rift would completely vanish.

The reason for all of this was because the Giant Heart wanted to protect itself. Although the spatial rift to the Ark Continent benefits the Underworld, it could also be used as a passage to enter the plane. How could the Giant Heart allow such a thing? Therefore, it began to fix the rift little by little.

Zhao Hai didn’t oppose this decision. Conversely, he agreed to the Giant Heart’s action. The Underworld was now his domain, it would be good if nobody else enters it.

And no matter what changes happen to the Underworld, it wouldn’t affect Zhao Hai. His heart has been inherited from the Giant Heart. And there was also a map of the Underworld in the Space. It was impossible for Zhao Hai to lose contact with the Underworld.

But Zhao Hai wasn’t in the mood to take care of the Underworld right now. With Addison managing the plane, he didn’t need to worry. And although the Giant Heart couldn’t actively attack, Zhao Hai knew that as long as it was willing, it could use the entire Underworld’s laws. It can be said that the core of the Underworld’s laws was the Giant Heart. Nothing else had a stronger control over the Underworld.

The reason why the Giant Heart accepted Zhao Hai was because he wasn’t subjected to the Underworld’s laws. It can be said that Zhao Hai was beyond the five elements and even the planes. And with Zhao Hai’s strength, there was no reason for the Giant Heart to drive him away.

At this point, Zhao Hai’s most important task was to plan his ascension. Naturally, the Underworld wasn’t a good choice. Not to say about the possibility of ascending now that the Underworld has been cut off from the Cultivation Realm, if he could ascend, then the Underworld would once again be connected to the Cultivation Realm. With this new connection, both the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor and the Myriad Treasures Pavilion would naturally want to grab this fat piece of meat back. 

As for the Ark Continent, Divine Realm, and the Demon Realm, these three planes belong to the same group of planes. Ascending here was equivalent to sending Zhao Hai to Lu Wei’s mouth. Zhao Hai naturally wouldn’t want this.

Although Zhao Hai had thrown filthy water over to Lu Wei, what can two years do? It might seem like a long time for Zhao Hai, but in the Cultivation realm, two years happen in a blink of an eye. Zhao Hai didn’t believe that Lu Wei would be killed by the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor and the Myriad Treasures Pavilion in just two years. He wasn’t even sure if Lu Wei would be found in just two years, much less killed.

Therefore, the Divine Realm, Ark Continent, and the Demon Realm were excluded from the selection. In the end, the last choice for Zhao Hai was the Atlanta Plane.

Although the Atlanta Plane had been interlinked with the Ark Continent, Zhao Hai can almost affirm that the Atlanta Plane was the same as the Underworld, besides the sentient Giant heart. The Giant Heart was aware of its being, so it did its best to close the connection. As for the Atlanta Plane, it seems like this wasn’t the case.

Zhao Hai also discovered that whether it was the Divine Realm, the Ark Continent, or the Atlanta Plane, even if their laws changed, these changes were methodical, like a computer program. It would change according to the rules, there was little to no deviation.

The Giant Heart was different. Being the core of the Underworld’s laws, it wasn’t like a computer, it had sentience. In other words, it was close to being human, making the Underworld different than the other planes.

Zhao Hai also discovered something strange with the Atlanta Plane’s laws. Take the Magic Armor Continent as an example. If someone from the continent wanted to ascend, then they would have to use a magic armor in order to do so. Other methods were useless.

At the same time, the repulsion force of the Atlanta Plane was different. In the other planes, Zhao Hai felt their repulsion as though it was an angry mob, punching and kicking him all over. It was as though they were adamant to kick him out.

But in the Atlanta Plane, the feeling was not the same. The repulsion here made one feel as though they had entered an uncomfortable place, making them leave as soon as possible. The contrast between the two repulsions could be categorized as passive and active. Two different concepts. Just like the difference between being thrown into prison and wanting to go to prison. The outcome was the same but the process was different.

This was what Zhao Hai was stressed about. If he was in the Divine Realm, he would know when he would be ascending. As long as his strength has accumulated to a certain degree, then the plane would immediately force him to ascend.

As for the Atlanta Plane, as soon as he entered, he would immediately feel annoyed. He would always have this nagging feeling that he didn’t want to be here. But even so, the plane still didn’t exert any strength to force him out. This made Zhao Hai extremely puzzled.

Because of this, Zhao Hai was left not knowing what to do. This was the reason why he was stressed out. If it was before, then he can wait a while and look at the result. But now it can no longer be done. Zhao Hai calculated that he only had a couple of months left before his energy reaches the threshold. When this time comes, he would need to ascend. In other words, he only had a few months left to Understand the Atlanta Plane’s laws.

Several months wasn’t short, but it wasn’t long either. Moreover, with Zhao Hai wanting to figure out the plane’s laws, these months would even feel shorter.

Figuring out the laws was something that even those in the Cultivation Realm couldn’t understand. Finishing his goal within only a few months would be very difficult for Zhao Hai.

Not knowing what to do and being in a dilemma, Zhao Hai decided to take a walk. Unconsciously he arrived in the Central Continent.

The Central Continent was left with zero management, causing it to become a paradise for magic beasts. One could see various beasts wandering around the once prestigious Connecting Heaven Palace.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. Although all of this was caused by him, he still couldn’t help but lament.

Humanity seems to be born with two conflicting abilities, creation and destruction. On one hand, Humans can make brilliant civilizations. And on the other, one can see Humans destroying similar civilizations. They were like the treacherous heavens. With the constant creation and destruction, one would wonder how the Humans would develop in the end.

Without knowing, Zhao Hai’s mind wandered to his cultivation method, the Yin Yang Myriad Stellar Transformations art. From the moment he obtained this manual, every time he practiced, Zhao Hai always felt that something was missing. 

Zhao Hai was completely lost about this in the past. But after seeing the stretch of ruins, Zhao Hai’s eyes were suddenly opened. During his cultivation sessions, he failed to look at the universe, the stars, and the yin-yang pair.

These things were the major components of the Yin Yang Myriad Transformations Art. In the past, Zhao Hai only practiced the art according to what was depicted inside. Although the art’s effects were manifolds more than ordinary cultivation methods, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to grasp the true meaning of the cultivation method. One could say that Zhao Hai’s knowledge of the art was just superficial.

Zhao Hai stood in place as though he was frozen. He was completely immersed in this new revelation, completely isolating himself from the outside world. One must know that doing this was extremely dangerous. Now that the Central Continent was teeming with magic beasts, one could attack Zhao Hai at any time.

However, something unusually strange happened. Even if they were beside the unmoving Zhao Hai, the beasts seem to see nor sense nothing. It was peculiar.


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