BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1066


Chapter 1066 – The Space’s New Discipline: Magic Branding

Zhao Hai calmly stood on his blood lotus. In front of him was a rich and solid continent. Growing on the land were various strange grasses, shining amidst the rays of the sun.

But if one carefully looked into the land, one would see remnants of destroyed buildings beneath the lush vegetation.

This continent was none other than one of the Divine Realm’s 13 continents, the Central Continent. It was the land Zhao Hai attacked in the past.

The Central Continent was left unmanaged for a long time. After destroying the continent, Zhao Hai left zero people here. Even if the Foreign Races ruled the entire Divine Realm, they would still find it hard to send people here. And since the Foreign Races were at war with the O’Neal family, it was even more pointless for them to send people to this continent.

Zhao Hai came to the Divine Realm because he wanted to see the situation here. It has been two years since he had unified the Underworld. In those two years, the development of the Space went as usual. And since he had scoured almost all of the lands he went to, the Space didn’t level up, it was still level 120.

The Space’s development was very good. There were even Experts that emerged from the Ark Continent and the Goblins. These were out of Zhao Hai’s expectations. This was especially true for the Goblins. The physique of the Goblins was unsuitable for practice. But despite this, the Goblins found their own means to cultivate. And this method gave Zhao Hai a great surprise.

The Goblins knew about their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Their near extermination had dug deep into their minds. Because of this, there were a lot of Goblins that went all out both in researching magic formations and in cultivation.

However, one has to know that the Goblin race’s innate skill in cultivation wasn’t much. Although they could exchange for manuals from the churches that Zhao Hai built, their initial progress was very slow.

Zhao Hai wanted to urge the Goblins to stop cultivating and instead focus on researching magic formations. However, he decided to give up on this idea. He wouldn’t go in the way of the Goblin race’s learning. So he stationed a few more instructors into the Goblin Academy. These instructors were members from the other races that could teach the Goblins about martial arts and magic.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect too much from this arrangement, he was clearly aware of the Goblin race’s capabilities. He was like a giant patiently teaching a dwarf how to play basketball, despite knowing that the dwarf would never be good at it.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t expect that among the instructors that were sent, one of them would be a Demon that dealt with potions. This instructor cooperated with the Goblins and made a new method that Zhao Hai had never heard of.

This method combines potion-making and magic formations. The Demons and the Goblins gave this method a name, Magic Branding.

This so-called magic branding method was actually very simple. Plants would be refined into special potions, then using a needle, the potion would be branded on the body of a Goblin. This branding couldn’t just be done freely. One had to find the body’s meridians before inscribing a magic formation for it to take effect. And in the end, this effect was extraordinary.

As long as a Goblin was branded in their meridians, then no matter martial arts or magic, their practice speed would be doubled while the effort needed was halved. They became no worse than the other races. It was an exceptionally good invention.

Naturally, after he came to know about this, Zhao Hai didn’t become stingy. He immediately rewarded that Demon instructor as well as the Goblins. Moreover, he complied their findings into books and distributed them to the other Academies. This way, not only would they gain rewards, their fame would also increase.

Of course, magical branding wasn’t so easily studied. First, one would need expertise when it comes to potions. One would also need large amounts of high-grade medicinal ingredients. Second, one would have to know magic formations. Mistakes during branding should also be avoided otherwise everything would turn to waste. Finally, one should also have knowledge about the body’s meridians. These distinct methods weren’t gained from the Ark Continent nor the Divine Realm. These were derived from the Cultivation Realm’s methods. All these things put together made it possible for magic branding to exist.

Zhao Hai was very appreciative about this creation. This magical branding gave him a realization. Currently, the magical brands used ordinary magic formations. If the formations used were from the Cultivation Realm, then what would its effect? Its might should be even greater.

Just like the Space, the Underworld was developing normally. And just like Tiande said, because of the Giant Heart, the plane was slowly transforming. At this point, the Cultivation Realm’s experts shouldn’t be able to find its coordinates.

In the past, the Giant Heart didn’t dare to transform the plane too quickly. First because it was afraid of being found out. And second, because it didn’t have much strength.

But after so many years of progress, things were now different. Now, the Cultivation Realm’s influence had been cut off, and the strength of the Giant Heart has increased. Because of this, the transformation of the Underworld increased. In just two years, the Cultivation Realm should have already lost track of the Underworld; which was absolutely good news for Zhao Hai.

As long as the Cultivation Realm couldn’t find the Underworld, then the Underworld was safe. With one less worry, Zhao Hai’s heart began to lighten up.

Unlike the Underworld and the Space, the Divine Realm wasn’t doing too well. Ever since the Dwarves had moved out, the Beastmen and the Elves continued their war with the O’Neal family. Although the war turned into small skirmishes later on, the battles didn’t stop all these years.

Moreover, the Foreign Races had underestimated the O’Neal family. The magic armors were not to be trifled with. Their fighting strength was formidable and they were all extremely quick. As long as there was a war tank supplying them with energy, their fighting strength wouldn’t fall. Because of this, the Foreign Races had been at a disadvantage during the small encounters.

Zhao Hai cared about the war in the Divine Realm. After all, he was the one who started it. He wanted to see who would win between the two sides.

But after two years of observation, Zhao Hai finally couldn’t wait. Although the two sides remained fighting, the scale of the battles were very small. The overall status of the war was left unchanged, there wasn’t too much development.

Zhao Hai wasn’t satisfied with this result. Although Zhao Hai had some misgivings against the Beastmen and the Elves, if they asked for a chance to enter the Space, he would still give it. In Zhao Hai’s mind , when the O’Neal family greatly injures the Beastmen and the Elves, there would be a good chance for the two races to enter the Space.

But now, the Foreign Races and the O’Neal Family seem to be in a stalemate. In this case, the Beastmen and the Elves wouldn’t enter the Space.

Just like the Divine Realm’s stagnant situation, there was also not much development in the Atlanta Plane. If there was, then it would be Zhao Hai’s factory. After two years, the factory had turned into a large-scale factory, capturing business from established forces.

This was a very good outcome. One must know that these established forces had Noble backgrounds. Being able to do business with them wasn’t an easy matter.

And with this, Zhao Hai was able to see Bluewell’s capabilities. Bluewell had great talent in management. In just a short two years, he was able to expand the factory’s operation to this degree. It was truly astonishing.

Naturally, the one with the greatest harvest these two years was Zhao Hai. Because of his Dao Lotus, Gold Core, Spirit Incarnation, and the Yin Yang Myriad Stellar Transformation art, he was still making fast progress despite doing nothing. At this point, Zhao Hai’s strength had reached the peak of the art’s first layer. He was on the cusp of breaking through.

Zhao Hai started to feel the laws of the Divine Realm repelling him once more. Zhao Hai knew that he was close to ascending.

It needed to be said that Zhao Hai wasn’t being repelled in the Underworld. After all, his heart was once one with the Underworld’s Giant Heart. In this case, it was impossible to repel him. However, Zhao Hai knew that he could not stay in the Underworld for a long time otherwise he might induce some changes to the plane’s laws. His continued presence in the Underworld might form a connection with the Cultivation Realm. If this happens, then his back garden would once again be in danger.

Zhao Hai wasn’t generous enough to share his family’s properties to others. Because of this, Zhao Hai left the Underworld despite not being repelled.

At this point, Zhao Hai had a certain understanding of the laws of the Heavens and the Earth. Normally, the laws were unchangeable. In a plane, a mountain, a rock, a sea, or a small blade of grass might induce some changes, but this change was very minimal. There wouldn’t be much of an impact.

However, when a super strong expert appears, then the laws of the plane would be greatly affected.

Any plane had its own unique laws. Even if there was something that can control a plane’s laws, the laws would still stick to its core.


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