BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1064


Chapter 1064 – Myriad Treasures Pavillion

After seeing Zhao Hai throw his weapon, Tiande couldn’t help but stare. However, he still heightened his senses. He knew that Zhao Hai’s weapon wasn’t anything ordinary. It seems to be harder than a flying sword. The only downside to this weapon was that it couldn’t be used as a flying sword, otherwise it would have been extremely formidable.

Tiande also knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t just throw his weapon for no reason. There would certainly be a more ruthless move afterwards.

Under Tiande’s gaze, Zhao Hai’s magic staff didn’t fall to the ground. Instead, it just floated in mid-air, albeit not as graceful as a flying sword.

Tiande continued to focus his attention on Zhao Hai, he didn’t dare be careless even for a little bit. He was aware of Zhao Hai’s accomplishments. Would someone who eliminated the Dark Temple be a simple character? Tiande knew that although that old ghost only had his incarnation in the Temple, the strength of that incarnation couldn’t be underestimated. The old ghost was able to govern the Dark Temple for many years, that wasn’t something ordinary people could do.

Because of this, Tiande was very careful when he was fighting against Zhao Hai. He was clear that even if he brought his flying sword to the Dark Temple, he still wouldn’t be able to conquer it.

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and chuckled, “Tiande, you said that I don’t have a flying sword. You’re correct. However, my master already told me that flying swords with no spirits inside are nothing. Because of this, he prepared another magical artifact for me. A sealing artifact!”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai speak about a sealing artifact, Tiande’s expression changed. He was aware about how terrifying sealing artifacts were.

These sealing artifacts weren’t used for sealing areas, but instead it can seal entities. It uses a secret method in order to seal the laws itself. Sealing artifacts were originally made by Cultivators in order to seal a demonic artifact.

In the Cultivation Realm, there were also distinctions between Cultivators and Demon Cultivators, like Lu Wei and Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. Powerful Demonic Cultivators would certainly use weapons with the yin attribute or something that was made with either ghost qi or demon qi. Wielded by Demonic Cultivators, the might of these items was formidable.

And after being used by Demonic Cultivators, these artifacts would be contaminated with demonic aura. If a weak Cultivator takes hold of these demonic artifacts, then they would certainly be corrupted. If this Cultivator doesn’t practice demonic arts, then they would surely die soon.

Because of this, people would generally destroy these artifacts once they acquired them. It was just too difficult to refine demonic items.

But there were a lot of advanced-grade demonic artifacts. The materials used to make these weapons were extremely valuable, it would be a pity to destroy them. Therefore, people could only find ways to refine these weapons. It was for this reason that sealing artifacts were invented.

The principle of these sealing artifacts was to seal a demonic artifact inside another artifact. Only then would the artifact be safe for others to use. While being sealed, the demonic qi would be refined bit by bit. When the demonic artifact was fully refined, then it could be reused completely.

Also, this sealing weapon had another use. It could effectively trick the enemy. If one was against a person with an inferior-grade artifact, then one might not treat the enemy seriously. However, what if that inferior-grade artifact suddenly turns out to be an advanced-grade weapon in the middle of a fight? This would surely change the tides of battle.

Zhao Hai didn’t hear about these sealing artifacts from the Heart Defending Clan, instead he got it from Lu Wei’s remnant soul. In the past, Lu Wei suffered a loss from sealing artifacts. Because of this, the impression of the artifacts on him was very deep. And due to this memory, Zhao Hai was able to know about them.

Zhao Hai intended to throw his staff and then saying that it was a sealing artifact in order to fool Tiande. Sure enough, upon hearing this, Tiande’s expression immediately changed.

If Zhao Hai really took out a sealing artifact, then that would truly be scary. Making a single sealing artifact wasn’t easy. Even in the Cultivation Realm, only elder-level characters would make these artifacts and hand them over for their younger descendants. This way, these younger generations would have life-saving methods when exploring the outside world.

It can be said that sealing artifacts weren’t simple items. And because he knew this, Tiande couldn’t help but be afraid.

At this moment, Zhao Hai murmured, “Transform, suppress!”

Just as Zhao Hai’s voice fell, the floating magic staff suddenly emitted massive amounts of red lights. Then the staff broke down and became a huge red cauldron. This cauldron immediately flew into the air and opened its mouth to cover Tiande. The cauldron moved too fast, even if Tiande wanted to defend using his flying sword, it was already too late. After a spark from the flying weapon, Tiande was swallowed up.

A spatial rift appeared before Tiande was thrown into the Space. However, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately follow. Instead, he quickly flew towards Holy Bone City and entered the small room on the ceiling. After having Cai’er record the transmission formation, Zhao Hai went on to completely destroy it.

Only after destroying the formation did Zhao Hai begin to relax. Zhao Hai knew that the Underworld was now his.

The reason why Zhao Hai didn’t reveal the truth while fighting Tiande was because he didn’t want to ruin the impression that he had a master in the Cultivation realm. He couldn’t risk everything over a simple mishap. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t showcase the strength of his staff too much. He acted every move he made, making sure that there would be no flaw.

Although Zhao Hai knew that the people from the Cultivation Realm got their news through that beast skin, he still didn’t dare to be negligent. The means of the Cultivation Realm were endless, and the people behind Tiande weren’t simple. In this situation, Zhao Hai would have to be careful. He was afraid that Tiande’s memories would be sent back to the Cultivation Realm. If that was the case, then it would be best to tell Tiande nothing. If people discover Zhao Hai’s secrets, then instead of causing trouble for Lu Wei, Zhao Hai would gain another powerful enemy!

Zhao Hai had always been a careful person. He would rather miss an opportunity than go too far. To be honest, this kind of temperament would never take anybody to great heights. It was only because of the Space that Zhao Hai was able to reach his current state.

After taking care of Holy Bone City’s matters, Zhao Hai returned to the Space. Upon entering, Zhao Hai saw that Laura and the others were still happily playing their game. Looking at their enthusiasm, Zhao Hai didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

However, Zhao Hai smiled in the end. Seeing Laura and the others like this made him relieved. As long as they were happy, then he was happy.

Zhao Hai didn’t disturb them, instead he returned to his own room and called Tiande over. Tiande had been sent to the Space’s warehouse, so now that he was summoned by Zhao Hai, the Space immediately issued a prompt, “Hostile being detected. Subduing, successfully subdued. Strange communication link detected on the Undead’s body, interrupting link. Link has been interrupted.” Then there were no other prompts.

But what made Zhao Hai’s heart jump was the bit at the end. Did the Space just discover a hidden communication link inside Tiande? After having thought of this, Zhao Hai quickly turned to Tiande and asked, “Tiande, could you directly contact the Cultivation Realm? Were you able to relay what just happened to them?”

Tiande shook his head and replied, “Replying to the Young Master. I cannot. If I want to contact the Cultivation Realm, then I would  have to write on the beast skin.”

Zhao Hai knit his brows and said, “That what was that unusual communication link about?”

Tiande immediately replied, “Young Master, that link was installed the moment my body has been refined. That link would activate the moment I die. After my spiritual imprint gets erased, the people from the Cultivation Realm would immediately see the scenes one hour before I died. It has been integrated into my body, there’s no way for me to remove it.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he finally understood. This communication link was the same as things he read back on Earth. There would be bombs that would be connected to a person’s heart. Once the heart stops beating, then the bomb would explode. Tiande had the same thing, once his spiritual force dissipates, then the communication link would immediately activate.

But as the matter stands, Zhao Hai could feel relief. As long as Tiande wasn’t passing information over to the Cultivation Realm in real time, then everything was fine. Otherwise, Zhao Hai wouldn’t know what to do when the people from the Cultivation Realm found his flaws.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath. Then he turned to Tiande and asked, “Tiande, which influence from the Cultivation Realm do you belong to?”

Tiande nodded and answered, “Young Master, I belong to one of the five biggest trading companies in the Cultivation realm, the Myriad Treasures Pavilion. In the past, the pavilion obtained some coordinates. After finally deciding to try looking for it, an Elder managed to see the Underworld. And after seeing the special properties of the plane, they immediately thought of sending someone to collect yin attribute materials for them. And thus I was sent over.”


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