BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1063


Chapter 1063 – The Might of a Flying Sword!

While Tiande was stunned, Zhao Hai had already reached him. After which, Zhao Hai waved his blood ghost staff towards Tiande’s head.

Tiande immediately moved his body to the left. However, Zhao Hai already stretched his other hand and threw a net over.

The action was very sudden, Tiande simply didn’t have time to dodge. At this moment, his flying sword expanded in size and attempted to block the net.

Zhao Hai’s expression changed, he didn’t expect the flying sword to be this quick. The reason why he let the sword puncture him was in order to see the bone armor’s capabilities. And if the sword punctures through, it didn’t matter, he had already crystallized his body. It would be impossible for the other party to injure him.

Zhao Hai also wanted to use this opportunity to get close to Tiande while the flying sword was still away.

However, Zhao Hai seems to have underestimated Tiande’s flying sword. The sword was truly too quick. It seems like it had come back in just a snap. Zhao Hai never expected this.

Tiande also used this opportunity to quickly withdraw. He looked at Zhao Hai and sneered, “Zhao Hai, since you have a backer from the Cultivation Realm, then you should also be aware that there are different levels when it comes to magic artifacts. Although my subordinates are equipped with inferior-grade weapons, this weapon in my hand is an advanced grade weapon.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he smiled faintly and said, “It seems like your lord values you greatly, they even bestowed you an advanced-grade artifact. It seems like you weren’t just picking scraps in the Underworld all these years.” 

Tiande coldly snorted as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, this Underworld is too big. Do you really want to occupy all of it? Aren’t you afraid of choking?”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “This Underworld originally didn’t belong to anyone. Those who have the strength would naturally own it. There’s no need to talk nonsense. Receive my attack!” Zhao Hai’s figure proceeded to move as he threw himself towards Tiande.

Tiande looked at Zhao Hai’s move, then he sneered, “Zhao Hai, I really pity you. You have done all these things for your master, yet he didn’t even give you a decent weapon. Is it really worth it following a master like that?”

Zhao Hai pretended to be angry as he swung his magic staff towards Tiande. In order to block, Tiande also attacked using his flying sword.

The speed of Tiande’s flying sword was truly astonishing. Upon seeing it, most King-level characters would surely turn red with hate. Moreover, besides the strength of impact provided by the sword, it would also emit a hidden ripple when met with an enemy’s attack. This ripple would target the enemy and proceed to destroy their body from the inside out. It can be said that the attack was quite vicious.

Zhao Hai had already crystallized his body the moment he fought with Tiande, this even included his internal organs. Zhao Hai clearly knew how powerful advanced-grade artifacts were. Because of this, he wouldn’t dare underestimate the strength of Tiande’s weapon.

Zhao Hai’s magic staff could also be used as a flying sword. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to learn how to control flying swords. After all, he always felt that using the staff as a flying sword wasn’t something easy to do. Because of this, he was intending to wait until he reaches the Cultivation Realm to do so. At this time, Zhao Hai was still using his staff as a melee weapon.

In his fight against Tiande this time, Zhao Hai was planning to see how Tiande would use the flying sword. Zhao Hai would also want to see if he could learn from watching Tiande. Being able to control the flying sword freely and with such distance, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be astounded at the Zombie. This made him even more curious about Tiande’s identity.

Moreover, after a few clashes with Tiande, Zhao Hai discovered that the Zombie did indeed have the same aura as Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s beast skeletons. In other words, he underwent the Corpse Refining method of the Cultivation Realm. This was what Zhao Hai was most curious about.

On the other hand, Tiande was very surprised at Zhao Hai. He knew very well about how strong advanced-grade flying swords were, he didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s staff to be able to block his sword. And it seems like there wasn’t even a hint of damage.

What Tiande didn’t know was the fact that Zhao Hai already had a lot of advanced-grade weapons. But despite this, Zhao Hai still felt that the flying swords were useless to him, his magic staff was already enough. Nevertheless, after acquiring these weapons, Zhao Hai tried them a few times. 

After he tried the flying swords a few times, Zhao Hai began to understand the difference between advanced-grade and inferior-grade swords. Low-level swords only had basic functions such as turning bigger and smaller while also having the ability to fly. On the other hand, high-level swords had plenty of formations inside them. Additionally, the functions of these formations were different. Take Tiande’s flying sword for example. In addition to being fast, it could also use dark energy in order to wound its foe. Compared to low-level swords, this weapon was much more powerful.

What Zhao Hai wanted to do now was to mainly experience how people from the Cultivation Realm used their flying swords. It can be said that those from the Cultivation Realm had reached a superb level of control when it came to flying swords. Zhao Hai was sure that if Tiande was placed in the Cultivation Realm, then he wouldn’t be anything special. But one could see that the zombie’s control over his flying sword was still quite flawless.

Zhao Hai can also affirm that if nobody else appeared, Tiande could single-handedly dominate the Underworld. Nobody would be able to match his strength.

While Zhao Hai was feeling delight with his fight with Tiande, the battle at Dry Bone City still went on. Lizzy and Megan commanded the Undead Army in order to surround the Alliance’s Undead, the latter simply had no strength to push back. As for Tiande’s special team, they had already been overwhelmed by Zhao Hai’s much more superior Bone Armor Legion. The 3000 inferior-grade artifacts had already been sent to the Space.

But despite being sent to the Space, of the 3000 magic artifacts, less than 1000 had been perfectly preserved. As for the rest, they were all damaged, some of them couldn’t even be used anymore.

There was no other way to prevent this. Against Zhao Hai’s advanced-grade weapons, these inferior-grade ones would just crumble. It was lucky for these weapons to even survive a clash.

However, Lizzy and Megan didn’t feel bad about these damaged weapons. This was because they could still be recycled. With the Processing Machine’s help, these weapons would be patched up easily.

By now, Lizzy and Megan weren’t too frantic in their attacks. The two just sat in the living room alongside Laura and the others. The women looked like aunties shopping for groceries. They looked at the Undead on the monitor and would pluck any Undead they liked and sent it to the Space. Those who weren’t pleasing to their eyes were killed and harvested for their fiery souls.

The group treated the battle as a game as they pointed at several Undead. As for Zhao Hai’s battle, they simply didn’t care.

After going through a lot, they weren’t that worried about Zhao Hai anymore. They already knew that if Zhao Hai cannot beat his enemy, then he could just escape to the Space at any time. So instead of worrying about Zhao Hai, they might as well look for things they were interested in. Just like what they were doing at the present, as long as they find an Undead amusing, then they would just capture them.

If Addison and the others knew about what Lizzy and the others were doing, then who knows what their expressions would be like. It seems like the only ones capable of being this nonchalant in the Underworld would be Zhao Hai’s wives.

Zhao Hai didn’t know about any of these. He was currently trying to make Tiande go all out. In his estimation, Tiande was a bit stronger than Addison. But after using his flying sword, Tiande’s strength would be elevated by at least five layers. If Tiande used his flying sword to clash with Addison, then Addison would certainly die.

At the same time, Zhao Hai came to realize that using this battle to learn how to control flying swords was impossible. Presently he couldn’t even properly let the weapon fly. If he wanted to learn, then he would have to acquire a sword manual.

After coming to terms with this situation, Zhao Hai knew that there was already no use in trading hits with Tiande. It was time for the fight to end.

Upon thinking of this, Zhao Hai’s body moved as he began to turn back. To be honest, for Tiande, fighting with Zhao Hai gave him a lot of pressure. Although Zhao Hai didn’t have a flying sword, his weapon was no worse than one. Tiande’s sword could use dark energy in order to corrupt the opponent’s weapon, but this seems to be useless against Zhao Hai. After seemingly thousands of clashes, no damage could be visibly seen on Zhao Hai’s staff.

After seeing Zhao Hai turn back, Tiande was shocked, but he didn’t pursue. This was because he was very clear that Zhao Hai didn’t retreat because he didn’t have the strength. Zhao Hai just retreated because he wanted to.

When two people fight and one person suddenly retreats, then this meant that he might fully retreat or make a big move. Moreover, the outcome would most likely be decided by this move.

After thinking about this, Tiande became more careful as he made his flying sword go back. The sword proceeded to circle around his body, protecting him.

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and smiled, “Let’s end this.” After he said that, his hand moved and threw his blood ghost staff!


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