BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1062


Chapter 1062 – A Sigh

The weapons that Tiande acquired were 1st-3rd level artifacts, inferior-grade goods. But despite so, these weapons were still formidable when used in the Underworld.

The materials used by the weapons were different than what Zhao Hai had seen in the Ark Continent or in the Divine Realm. These inferior-grade weapons used very advanced materials, some of which weren’t present in the Ark Continent and the Divine Realm.

Despite being inferior-grade weapons, these weapons were sharper than those found in the Ark Continent or the Divine Realm. It can be said that these items were very powerful.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about them. Although the buried treasures of the Heart Defending Clan weren’t complete, they were supposedly advanced-grade artifacts. Even if they were semi-finished, this didn’t mean that they couldn’t be used.

In fact, 1st-3rd level items only underwent the first three methods, there didn’t go through the last step. These advanced-grade weapons, although they had no spirit, were still much stronger than their inferior-grade counterparts.

The reason why Zhao Hai decided to take the Heart Defending Clan’s buried treasures was because he wanted to completely destroy Tiande.

Originally, Zhao Hai wanted to find these weapons after the Neutral Alliance had been dealt with. But now it seems like this matter needed to be taken care of immediately. Time was running out and Zhao Hai couldn’t wait, so he could only use the weapons now.

Although Zhao Hai had the Bone Armor Legion, he was still unsure if the bone armors were capable of blocking these inferior-grade weapons.

Zhao Hai was very clear about Tiande and the others’ strength. If it was only them, then he wouldn’t have been worried. However, now that these inferior-grade weapons had appeared, Zhao Hai began to feel a headache.

It was obvious that Tiande intended to hand the weapons over to the powerful undead. A team formed by these Undead was a force that shouldn’t be underestimated. The purpose of this team was the same as Zhao Hai’s Bone Armor Legion. To deal with this group, only something like the Bone Armor Legion would suffice.

However, Zhao Hai doesn’t know the attacking prowess of these inferior-grade weapons. If the Bone Legion couldn’t stop them, then the Bone Legion would lose a lot. This wasn’t what Zhao Hai wanted to see. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to take out the weapons made by the Heart Defending Clan. Magic weapons needed to be dealt with using magic weapons, otherwise Tiande’s team would become Zhao Hai’s biggest challenger in unifying the Underworld.

Zhao Hai wanted to use the magic weapons to kill Tiande, deal with the Neutral Alliance, and destroy the transmission formation as soon as possible.

For Zhao Hai, the biggest threat wasn’t just Tiande. He was afraid of Tiande’s backers as well as the transmission formation. If Tiande fails to kill Zhao Hai, then he might send another message to the Cultivation Realm. In turn, this would cause more and more of these inferior-grade weapons to be sent over.

In a battle for attrition, Zhao Hai would certainly suffer a loss. After all, compared to the Cultivation Realm, the things in his hands still fall short. Because of this, Zhao Hai needed to end this matter quickly!

Only after dealing with Tiande and the transmission formation would Zhao Hai be able to break the Cultivation Realm’s connection with the Underworld. Only then could the Underworld be his.

Since Zhao Hai was now in complete control of the Dark Temple’s domain, he naturally wouldn’t be discreet in his search. He dug in the open since the Undead in his domain wouldn’t be able to betray him. 

However, this bold and open digging was also still something Zhao Hai had to personally do. This was because the dots on the map didn’t represent a position, instead it showed regions of land. If Zhao Hai wanted to find these treasure rooms, then he would have to scour the area himself.

Extracting the treasure wasn’t a very difficult matter. The Heart Defending Clan’s treasure rooms were prepared for people on their own side. Because of this, there were no mechanisms nor traps on the path to the rooms.

While Zhao Hai went to pick up the treasures himself, he had Addison mobilize the army and station themselves on the border of the Neutral Alliance. Five days later, after Zhao Hai gained the treasures, the army had completely encircled the Alliance.

Zhao Hai’s harvest wasn’t small. The ores and plant essences that he took from the treasure rooms were all high quality goods. Not only did Zhao Hai gain these things, the Space had also levelled up to 120, it was a huge harvest.

Besides these, Zhao Hai also obtained 10 thousand advanced-grade artifacts. These artifacts were still incomplete, but in the meantime, they were still enough for Zhao Hai to use.

Zhao Hai prepared to hand these magic artifacts over to the Bone Armor Legion. With these weapons, as well as the bone armors, dealing with Tiande’s 3000 Undead would be no problem.

Tiande had been in the Underworld for many years. And during this time, he was not worried at all. He knew that although his weapons weren’t advanced-grade goods, they were still very useful in the Underworld.

The reason for this strong confidence was the fact that he had been a battle corpse back in the Cultivation Realm. After he was carefully refined, he was still able to maintain his memories. He was clear that magic artifacts were impossible to appear in the lower realms. Because of this, he knew that even 1st-level artifacts were extraordinary treasures in the Underworld. Now that he had 3000 of these artifacts, how could he be afraid of Zhao Hai?

Although Zhao Hai had already surrounded them, Tiande wasn’t too worried. Along with his high-ranked Undead, he just continued to look at the army outside the city. Both sides had a lot of undead, enough to blot out the skies. They were now ready to clash.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s bone carriage arrived just in front of Dry Bone City. He looked at Tiande on the city wall, he smiled faintly and said, “Tiande, I advise you to surrender. Or else you will surely die.” Tiande looked at Zhao Hai with disdain as he coldly snorted and said, “Zhao Hai, stop joking around. You should do the right thing and surrender to the Immortals. Or else, I will make sure that your soul will be crushed.”

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and smiled, “Good, good. Let’s see who’s souls gets crushed first.” After he said that, Zhao Hai waved his hand and beckoned towards Dry Bone City.

Tiande also waved his hand, making the army behind him charge. Wars of the Undead have always been like this. They rarely did other preparations, everyone just goes into a huge melee. If you lose, you lose. If you win, then you win. The more experience you gained, then the more advantages you would have.

Zhao Hai didn’t command the army, this matter has already been handed over to Lizzy and Megan. He was just paying attention to Tiande.

On Tiande’s side were several high-ranked Undead. These were the Undead who were armed with the Cultivation Realm weapons. Zhao Hai wanted to wait for them to move, or else they would become a hindrance. Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious to move. He wanted to see when Tiande would begin sending his people, and that would be the time that he would move as well.

Zhao Hai’s subordinates were very fierce. Moreover, although the army looked chaotic, with Lizzy and Megan as their commanders, the army was actually very well coordinated. This was very different compared to Tiande’s unsupervised Undead.

One side was coordinated while another was disorganized. With both sides having the same strength, victory and defeat could already be seen.

When Tiande saw that his Undead were being pressed by Zhao Hai’s, he couldn’t sit still anymore. He waved his hand as the 3,000 people team rushed out of the city. Each Undead in this team held magic weapons in their hands. Zhao Hai knew that Tiande’s final ace had appeared. It seems like he was planning on using this team to reverse the situation of the war.

As the team rushed out, Zhao Hai waved his hand. Then in front of Tiande’s Undead team, the Bone Armor Legion appeared, each one also having magic weapons in their hands. All in all, the legion numbered ten thousand people.

Tiande was anticipating to see his Undead kill in four directions. But now, a team of bone armored soldiers appeared. Tiande stared, especially at the weapons in the hands of the Undead. He couldn’t help but feel dizzy.

Tiande didn’t expect that, besides him, there was also another person who could obtain magic artifacts. Zhao Hai had artifacts! Moreover, he had more than him!

Tiande suddenly thought about Zhao Hai’s background. When he was reminded of this, he couldn’t help but feel annoyed. He was too proud to remember this matter.

Besides being annoyed, Tiande was also startled. His backer wasn’t just any small power in the Cultivation Realm, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to scare the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, making him keep his hands from the Neutral Alliance. But despite this, they were only able to send 3000 magic artifacts. Such endeavor wasn’t cheap. 

And now, Tiande was actually facing a battalion of ten thousand undead, each carrying a magic artifact. Ten thousand magic artifacts, more than three times as many as Tiande’s. Who or what was Zhao Hai’s backer in the Cultivation Realm? Were they extremely terrifying beings?

At the thought of this, Tiande suddenly lost the mood to stand on the city wall. He had his men defend the wall before he hurriedly left Dry Bone City.

Tiande was now planning to return to Holy Bone City and pass the information over to his backers. However, he didn’t know that Zhao Hai noticed him leaving. Although the battle was very lively, Zhao Hai didn’t make a move. He focused all of his attention to Tainde. Now that Tiande was planning to depart, Zhao Hai’s figure also disappeared from sight.

Tiande was currently flying, burning with impatience. He knew that he would certainly suffer defeat, and it would be a disastrous one. After seeing the enemy take out 10 thousand magic artifacts, he knew that he would have no chance to change the situation.

At this time, Tiande was hoping that Zhao Hai’s attention would be placed on the battlefield. This way, he would be able to reach Holy Bone City smoothly and relay the news to his backers.

Holy Bone City wasn’t that far from Dry Bone City. In order to cope with Zhao Hai, the alliance had concentrated their military force. At this time, the Neutral Alliance only had 10 cities under their control. These cities formed a circular defense system with Holy Bone City in the middle.

Because of this, it wouldn’t take long for one to reach Holy Bone City using flight. Upon seeing Holy Bone City’s walls, Tiande couldn’t help but relax a bit.

But at this time, Tiande suddenly heard a sigh. His heart contracted, he listened and noticed that this sigh belonged to Zhao Hai. Then along with this sigh, a spatial rift appeared a hundred meters away. Zhao Hai’s figure was seen walking out from the spatial rift.

After seeing Zhao Hai, Tiande’s heart sank. He pulled his own sword out and pointed it towards Zhao Hai, “Zhao Hai, do you really want us to fight?”

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and smiled, “Tiande, do you really think that I would give you an opportunity to report? You and I should know that we are just pawns, the real fight isn’t between us. Since my lord wants me to unify the Underworld, then I naturally wouldn’t want to make any mistakes. Otherwise, I would have a hard time explaining. I wouldn’t just let you report back to your superiors or else it might bring trouble to my lord. Because of this, you need to die today!”

Tiande’s heart sank deeply. He knew that today was his end. But then, he noticed that Zhao Hai was alone. As long as he can kill Zhao Hai, then everything else would be easy to do.

After thinking of this, Tiande sneered and said, “Zhao Hai, you really overestimate yourself, you even pursued me alone. Let me tell you this, I am from the Cultivation Realm. My body has been refined by my master, so I am far from an ordinary undead. It is you who will die today!”

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande with curiosity, “Really? Then prove it.”

Zhao Hai’s figure moved and proceeded to charge Tiande.

At the same time, Tiande gave out a grunt before throwing out his own sword. Despite seeing this, Zhao Hai didn’t stop. Instead, Zhao Hai’s body was suddenly wrapped by a layer of bones!

Clang! A loud sound was heard as Tiande’s flying sword hit Zhao Hai’s bone armor. But to Tiande’s surprise, the bone armor was actually able to successfully defend. The flying sword unexpectedly wasn’t able to puncture through the bone armor!


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