BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1060


Chapter 1060 – Tiande’s Instruction

When Tiande heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but gawk. He looked strangely at Zhao Hai, he didn’t expect him to turn ruthless this quickly. The other Under also looked at Zhao Hai with strange expressions, it seems like they were watching a good show.

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t really intend to replace Tiande’s position. The reason he acted this way was because he wanted to force Tiande’s last hand. Only then would he make a move.

Tiande looked at Zhao Hai, then he suddenly smiled, “Mister Zhao Hai is truly realistic, thinking about this too quickly. However, I would have to disappoint you. Our backers fully support me and would only work with me. Besides me, they wouldn’t work with other people. So if Mister really wants to trade with the Immortal realm, then it would be incorrect to dispose of me.”

At this time, everyone turned to look at Zhao Hai to see what his next move would be. Zhao Hai looked at these people and smiled, “So you’re saying that your backer wanted you to monopolize the transactions in the Underworld?”

Tiande looked at Zhao Hai, his two eyes flashed a cold glint as he replied, “Correct, that is what I am saying.” He wanted to give Zhao Hai a lesson. He wanted to let Zhao Hai understand that if Zhao Hao wanted to live a better life in the Underworld, then he would have to rely on the Alliance.

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande’s expression. He gently sighed as he waved towards Guli and said, “Guli, tell him. We’ve been playing for some time now, I’ve run out of patience.”

Guli just received Zhao Hai’s message mentally, naturally he knows how to respond. He nodded to Zhao Hai and said, “Yes, Young Master.” Then he turned to Tiande, “Tiande, the person behind you is too greedy. Also, your understanding of the Young Master is too little. Do you really think that the Young Master is unaware that your Immortal Realm is just the Cultivation Realm? Do you really think that the Young Master is clueless about the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor? The Young Master initially wanted to find out who your backer is, but since you won’t tell, the Young Master has lost interest. To be honest, the Young Master’s presence in the Underworld is also because of a Cultivator. Our backer is in control of the Divine Realm, the Demon Realm, the Ark Continent, and other big and small planes. Or do you really think that the Young Master reached his current position by relying on his own ability? You want to monopolize the plane’s resources? Stop dreaming. The Young Master is here to take the entire Underworld. As for our backer, I have to apologize but I can’t tell you. Now, are you ready to die?”

If Lu Wei heard these words, then he would be mad to the point of spitting blood. Zhao Hai just pointed two powerful enemies his way, and these were people who shouldn’t be provoked.

Of course, Guli said all these things because Zhao Hai told him to. Zhao Hai was going to put out an arrogant demeanor, showing that someone from the Cultivation Realm was truly behind him. This will prompt Tiande’s backers to look into it and bring trouble to Lu Wei.

Now that things had reached this point, even if Lu Wei wanted to explain himself, he wouldn’t be able to. From what Zhao Hai can see, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor as well as Tiande’s backers weren’t pushovers. They wouldn’t give Lu Wei any opportunity to explain.

Lu Wei was Zhao Hai’s greatest worry. After Zhao Hai enters the Cultivation Realm, Lu Wei would be his greatest threat. After all, Lu Wei had already lost too much face by dealing with Zhao Hai. As long as Zhao Hai ascends, Lu Wei would certainly chase him down.

Because of this, Zhao Hai would take every opportunity to splash filthy water towards Lu wei. If the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor or Tiande’s backer kills Lu Wei, then Zhao Hai’s greatest threat would be eliminated.

As soon as Tiande and the others heard Guli, they were shocked. Then their expressions changed, they didn’t expect Guli to say this.

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande’s expression and smiled faintly, “Tiande, the Underworld belongs to us. Wanting autonomy is just courting death. In any case, I can’t blame you. I will be taking my leave. The next time we meet will be in the battlefield.” After saying that, Zhao Hai waved his hand, making a spatial rift appear. The rift took Zhao Hai, Guli, and Jiang Zheng in before vanishing.

Seeing Zhao Hai vanish, Tiande’s face turned dark. He can affirm that Zhao Hai was playing with them. The Neutral Alliance had just been played.

Tiande looked at the Undead around him, then he sighed and said, “Everyone, we’ve been played by Zhao Hai. There’s no need to ponder over it, you all go back and prepare. There is going to be a fight. In the meantime, I will relay this matter to the Exalted Immortal. Let’s hope that the Exalted Immortal would help us.”

The Undead complied before they turned around and left. After seeing that everyone had left, Tiande flew towards the ceiling and knocked on several spots. The ceiling immediately opened up, allowing entry. Tiande proceeded to fly in.

Inside the opening wasn’t a large space, just a normal room inside a building. Only a few people knew about this place. But on the floor of the room was a formation. The formation was made out of glowing, glittering stones. With the sparkling light that they were emitting, they looked more attractive than gemstones.

This was a unique stone to the Cultivation Realm called the spirit stone. This formation actually needed spirit stones to function. Besides the formation, there was also a table with a beast skin and bone pen on top.

Tiande went towards the table and then wrote on the beast skin, “My lord, we’ve found out that Zhao Hai has been sent by someone from the Cultivation Realm. His master has control over the Divine Realm, the Demon Realm, and the Ark Continent that is near the Underworld. As for who the person was, Zhao Hai didn’t give any other clue. At this time, Zhao Hai has decided to fight against us. I ask my Lord for guidance.”

After he finished writing, Tiande curled the beast skin and then placed it on the formation on the ground. Then he injected his own energy into the formation. After the formation flashed a few times, the curled beast skin disappeared.

Seeing the curled beast skin disappeared, Tiande sighed and said, “This transmission formation is really good. It’s a pity that the formation isn’t powerful or else I would have returned to the Cultivation Realm. Meanwhile, they could send an expert to deal with Zhao Hai. Leaving us with great resources to sell.”

Right, what Tiande just used was a transmission formation. It was a paired formation, specifically used for transport. As long as an energy was provided, the transmission formation would send things towards the formation it was paired with. It would arrive almost instantaneously, it was very convenient.

However, this transmission formation has a weak point, it cannot transport life nor could it send things with spirituality. It can only send ‘dead’ items. Even if the item had intellect, as long as it possessed spirit, it would be broken by the formation, losing its soul in the process.

Actually, there were transmission formations in the Cultivation Realm that allowed the transport of people. However, this type of formation also had its own weakness, it cannot transport people across planes. Just like in the Underworld, one couldn’t send people from the Cultivation Realm  across a transmission formation. It was precisely because of this that Tiande could only send inanimate objects through the formation.

But even if one removes the limitations of the formation, Tiande’s hope of sending Experts to deal with Zhao Hai was still impossible; the laws of the plane just wouldn’t allow it. One must know that the stronger a person is, the more the plane would want to reject them. Just like travelling from the Divine Realm to the Ark Continent. If a God-rank went to the Ark Continent, they would definitely be repelled by the plane, they wouldn’t be able to stay too long in the continent.

This rule would affect the people from the Cultivation Realm more. The difference in strength between the Cultivators and the God-ranks was very huge. Because of this, it was practically impossible for them to step foot in the Underworld. At the same time, if they came, then their strength would have to be reduced to the point where they would be as strong as the Underworld’s residents. In this case, nobody from the Cultivation Realm would want to do it. Not only would they be punished by the plane, they would also be taking a risk on their lives.

The reason why the people from the Cultivation Realm only sent incarnations to the lower realms was because these incarnations weren’t too strong and wouldn’t be punished by the plane.

As for Tiande’s existence, it was an expensive matter. Since the transmission formation couldn’t transport spiritual beings, the force behind Tiande had to refine his Zombie body first and had it sent to the Underworld. After that, they used a special artifact to send Tiande’s soul over. And using the magical connection between the body and soul, Tiande was able to recover his body. This made it possible for Tiande to exist.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor used the same method to send his beast skeletons. This process didn’t need transmission formations. Instead, they would use techniques in order to find weak points in the firmament. Then they penetrate these weak points in order to send things through. This method consumed too much resources, therefore not a lot of people could do it. 


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