BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1059


Chapter 1059 – Backer from the Cultivation Realm

Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside Guli’s bone carriage. Holy Bone City was now quite close. Naturally, he was using his spiritual force to scan the city. Holy Bone City was just like any other city in the Underworld. It was unlike the Dark Temple that had the ability to keep the Dark Mist away.

Holy Bone City’s outer image didn’t differ too much from Dry Bone City, it was just slightly larger. However, Zhao Hai noticed that while city walls were made out of ordinary stone besides the gates, one shouldn’t discount the gates, they seem to be made out of the huge jade-white bones that Zhao Hai had taken into the Space. Although the city was low-key in its other aspects, this door shows how extraordinary the city was.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, he knew that this was hidden arrogance. It was like back on Earth where there were rich people who loved to act low-key. Things such as riding a bicycle, wearing normal looking clothes, without people knowing that the watch they were wearing was actually a limited edition luxury item. The watch would be so expensive that it would be enough to scare people. 

Zhao Hai didn’t have too many following him, only Guli and Jiang Zheng. They were one of the first people who followed him when he arrived in the Underworld. Naturally, his feelings towards them were more than normal. After they dealt with the Dark Temple, the two followed Zhao Hai.

Normally, the two would be inside the Hell Space practicing, they wouldn’t always follow Zhao Hai. But when they do, they would be in their human-form. They don’t appear as a zombie or skeleton in front of Zhao Hai.

This time, Zhao Hai took the two with him to see Holy Bone City and the Neutral Alliance. Naturally, the two would be in their zombie and skeleton form.

The bone carriage slowly went closer towards the city. When the carriage arrived outside the gates, a bang was heard before it opened. What met Zhao Hai’s eyes were two lines of skeletons wearing armor. However, their armor wasn’t the same as the bone armor that Zhao Hai had inside the Space. Instead they were just armor made out of ordinary bones. Nevertheless, these skeletons still looked quite majestic.

The weapons of these skeletons were also the same in the form of a long spear. Each Undead stood still, showing majesty and power.

After that, more Undead walked out of the city. These Undead were in all forms, skeletons, zombies, vampires, and many more. What was common between these Undead was the fact that they were all King-level experts.

Zhao Hai made the bone carriage stop. Then he walked out of the carriage followed by Guli and Jiang Zheng. The three proceeded to walk towards the Undead.

In front of this group was a zombie. It had black skin and its muscles had completely withered. With his dark and thin arms, he looked like an old tree root.

However, this shrivelled looking zombie actually made Zhao Hai’s eyes shrink. This was because he can feel a dangerous aura on this Zombie.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai felt the same energy on this zombie on the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s beast skeletons. This was what caught Zhao Hai’s attention.

Also, Yuri was following behind this zombie, showing that it held a high position inside the Alliance.

While Zhao Hai was sizing up the zombie, the zombie stepped forward to greet Zhao Hai. He laughed and gave a bow before saying, “Tiande has seen Mister ZHao Hai. Mister’s presence is a great pleasure.” Zhao Hai gave a smile as he replied, “Mister is too polite. Just call me Zhao Hai.”

The other Undead also gave Zhao Hai a salute. Even though these Undead had a hint of hostility, Zhao Hai didn’t care and just returned their greeting.

After the two sides exchanged greetings, Tiande gestured towards Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, please.” Then he led Zhao Hai towards the city. Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t too polite. He took Guli and Jiang Zheng as he followed beside Tiande in heading towards the city. 

Holy Bone City had five towers, of which Zhao Hai was taken to the top floor of the middle one. The room was cleanly arranged and had a lot of chairs inside. These chairs were made out of bones and were covered with animal leather. There was a magic formation inside the room to keep the Dark Mist out. There was also another formation on the ceiling, providing the place with a soft light.

After everyone has been settled, Tiande didn’t wait any longer as he began to talk, “We invited Mister over in order to discuss a future alliance. Mister destroyed the Dark Temple, fully intending to unify the Underworld. Although the Alliance had the same aspiration, we still hoped to see peace in the Underworld. We don’t want too many conflicts to occur in the Underworld. Because of this, we shall recognize Mister’s rule of the plane.” After he spoke those words, Tiande stopped and looked at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s face was covered, therefore nobody could see any of his expressions. Zhao Hai didn’t answer immediately, he knew that the other party still had more to say, so he waited.

After seeing that Zhao Hai didn’t respond, Tiande added, “The others and I would submit to Mister. However, we hope that we would be able to obtain freedom, maintaining our present life. Mister, what do you think?”

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande. He completely understood what Tiande wants, he wanted to be an autonomous state inside Zhao Hai’s rule. They would surrender to him, giving him reputation. However, with this set-up, Zhao Hai wouldn’t have much power inside the Neutral Alliance.

Zhao Hai was puzzled at Tiande. What gave this Zombie confidence to discuss terms with him? 

Although the Alliance had amassed a lot of Experts in these past few days, they still fall short compared to the Dark Temple. And after Zhao Hai conquered the Dark Temple, the resources in his hands had steadily increased. In normal conditions, the Alliance simply didn’t have the strength to discuss anything with him. However, the Alliance actually did, and with huge confidence at that. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be confused.

This time, Tiande looked at Zhao Hai, worry completely absent from his face. He just sat there and watched Zhao Hai, looking like a piece of black-colored bamboo.

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and said, “I need a reason. Why would I grant you this treatment?”

Tiande seems to expect Zhao Hai’s question. He smiled and Zhao Hai and said, “Mister you should have already seen the strength of the Alliance. We aren’t that weak. If we fight, then Mister’s losses would be huge.”

After he said this, Tiande stopped. Then Zhao Hai responded, “This isn’t a good reason. You and I both know that death doesn’t mean anything in the Underworld.”

Tiande nodded and said, “Mister is correct, in the Underworld, death doesn’t mean anything. But Mister, how much do you know about the Dark God?”

Tiande’s words made Zhao Hai’s eyes shrink. The Dark God that Tiande meant was naturally the Yin Wind ghost Emperor. But it seems like Tiande wasn’t talking about the Ghost Emperor’s incarnation, but the Ghost Emperor himself!

Zhao Hai was surprised because he was certain that the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor was from the Cultivation Realm. Judging by Tiande’s words, it seems like he knew about the ghost Emperor. Was Tiande also connected to the Cultivation Realm?

At the thought of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but probe Tiande. He nodded and said, “I know something. The Dark God used several mystical spells while fighting me. He also said that he was a Ghost Emperor, was he the Emperor of the Plane? But even if he was the Emperor, I still wasn’t afraid. If I can defeat him once, then I could defeat him twice.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, a smile couldn’t help but bloom on Tiande’s face. He looked at Zhao Hai and shook his head, “Mister, you don’t know much about the Dark God. He calls himself the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. And he isn’t the Emperor of the plane. Instead, he is an Expert from a higher realm.”

Zhao Hai pretended to be shocked, “Higher realm? There’s a plane higher than the Underworld? That’s impossible. I have been amassing subordinates ever since I was born. All of them might come from different planes big and small, but none of them described a plane higher than the Underworld!”

Looking at Zhao Hai’s reaction, Tiande couldn’t help but sneer a little. He said, “Then Mister has misunderstood. The Underworld isn’t the highest-level plane. There is a plane much higher, it is a plane called the Immortal Realm!”

“Immortal Realm?” Zhao Hai was startled, he expected Tiande to mention the Cultivation Realm. He didn’t think that Tiande would say Immortal Realm, is it a plane higher than the Cultivation Realm?

Tiande looked at Zhao Hai and nodded, “Right, the Immortal Realm. The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor is from that plane. And he isn’t an Emperor of that plane, but merely an ordinary expert. In the Immortal Realm, there are a lot more Experts like the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. Also, what Mister fought before isn’t the realm Ghost Emperor, but merely his projection. And that projection only had 1% of the real Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s strength.”

When he heard this, Zhao Hai could affirm that the Immortal Realm that Tiande was talking about was actually the Cultivation Realm, it was just another name to make it sound imposing. Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and said, “How did Mister know about these matters? How can I be sure that you’re not lying to me?”

Tiande looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, “Mister doesn’t have to suspect my words. The Neutral Alliance has a backer from the Immortal Realm. It is because of this backer that the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor didn’t dare to be ruthless against us.”

Although Zhao Hai had already guessed this result, he could still say that he was surprised upon hearing Tiande. Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and said ,”Is that really true?”

Tiande nodded and said, “Of course its true. Our backer is different from the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. While the Ghost Emperor is just an ordinary expert, our backer belongs to a huge group in the Immortal Realm. However, our backer’s group isn’t an overbearing influence, but instead a group that focuses on business. The Neutral Alliance is no more than an acquisition point that our backer placed in the Underworld. We aren’t even considered a branch. Ninety-nine percent of the things in our hands is useless in the Immortal Realm, this goes to show how little we are in comparison.”

Upon hearing Tiande, Zhao Hai knew that this so-called backer was someone from a trading company or something like that. However, the fact that they were able to penetrate the Underworld while having the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor ignore them means that their group is not small in the Cultivation Realm.

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and said, “Mister, I don’t know how any of these things could be useful to me. Is it because of your backer that I would have to give you face? Mister Tiande, don’t forget, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor only gave the Neutral Alliance face because he is from the Immortal Realm. He is afraid that your backer would retaliate against him. However, I’m not from the Immortal Realm. Any person from the Immortal Realm couldn’t come here. Even if they are strong, how could they eliminate me? If they really had the ability, then you wouldn’t have invited me over. Instead, your backer could just send someone to eliminate me.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Tiande stared. Zhao Hai’s words were on point. Those from the Cultivation Realm couldn’t come to the Underworld. If they were able to mobilize the power of the Cultivation Realm, then there wouldn’t have any discussion with Zhao Hai, they would have already came and occupied the plane.

Also, Tiande wasn’t telling the truth. The Underworld had a lot of things that were valuable to the Cultivation Realm. Otherwise, the forces behind Tiande wouldn’t have risked offending someone like the Ghost Emperor. Even if it was dangerous, they still went forward and made an acquisition point in the plane.

Despite his expression changing, Tiande still said, “Mister, think about the Underworld, this plane is poor in resources. Even if Mister becomes the plane’s ruler, what could you gain? Mister will just look at the Dark Mist and Blood Ponds all day. But as long as Mister establishes an alliance with us, then Mister would be able to trade and enjoy the unique items from the Immortal Realm. Mister can eat immortal fruit and drink immortal wine. That is a life a king should live, isn’t it?”

Zhao Hai pretended to be distracted, he looked at Tiande and said, “Can I have the good fortune of knowing the name of your backer?”

When Tiande heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but feel awkward. He wouldn’t dare say the name of their backer. He hesitated for a moment before he finally shook his head, “I’ll have to be unfair to mister. I cannot just mention the name of our backers. But Mister can rest assured, every transaction you do will surely be completed.”

Zhao Hai looked at Tiande and laughed, “Tiande, are you that naive? If I kill you, then what stops your backers from talking to me? Why would they need the Neutral Alliance?”


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