BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1058


Chapter 1058 – Does the Neutral Alliance Have Cards to Play?

The Dark Temple’s territory has been settled. The lands of the Resistance Army and the Dark Temple now belonged to Zhao Hai, the only one remaining was the Neutral Alliance.

Completely out of Zhao Hai’s expectation was the Neutral Alliance doing nothing as Zhao Hai continues to swallow the Dark Temple’s territory. Instead, they just defended their lands. It seems like they’re planning on holding on to it for a long time.

Zhao Hai couldn’t understand the Alliance’s decision. The Alliance went all out in making experts, putting out a message that they would desperately go against the Resistance Army. So why were they quiet now? This caused Zhao Hai to be puzzled.

But now that the Dark Temple has been taken over, the damages caused by the war needed to be repaired. There were many things that needed to be restored, and the Undead needed to be restructured. Only after completely consolidating the territory could Zhao Hai’s group begin to deal with the Neutral Alliance.

Zhao Hai was now quite relaxed. He has handed almost all of the management problems to Addison to take care of. 

The same was true for Lizzy and Megan. After they dealt with the Dark Temple, the two returned to the processing machine to resume their research. Zhao Hai didn’t prevent the two from going. To be honest, the processing machine was still a mystery to them. This machine needed to be completely understood in order to unleash its true capabilities. Zhao Hai’s understanding of the machine was still very small. He had been too busy to give time to this matter. And now that Laura and the others were interested in studying the machine, he just let them continue doing so.

It took five days for the Dark Temple’s influence to be fully eliminated. In these five days, Addison and the others were rebuilding the site where the Dark Temple used to be. This wasn’t an easy task because they weren’t just rebuilding the structure, they were also expanding it.

Zhao Hai knew about the perils of the Underworld; the acid rain, the winds, and so on. And whenever these disasters occur, a lot of low-level Undead were killed. Zhao Hai decided to expand the cities in order to provide shelter to the Undead who lacked the strength to survive on their own.

However, Zhao Hai also knew that this was a long-term project, it cannot be achieved in a short time even with his current strength. Because of this, he wasn’t too anxious about its completion. Also, this reconstruction was just a form of disguise. What Zhao Hai wanted to do in the meantime was to study the Neutral Alliance!

The only lands that didn’t belong to Zhao Hai were the ones that were under the Neutral Alliance. Moreover, Zhao Hai began to feel that the Alliance was hiding a secret. How could these Undead do business so smoothly? Thinking about it, it was too strange. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately make a move and instead decided to take some time to investigate the Alliance.

Zhao Hai was currently sitting in his study, contemplating. At the same time, he was also scouring through the Heart Defending Clan’s inheritance inside his mind. Zhao Hai has to recognize how good the clan’s inheritance was. It can be said that he profited a lot. 

Then all of a sudden, he felt that Addison was calling for him. Zhao Hai stared, he had given Addison an order to not disturb him unless it was an important matter. Addison wasn’t someone who would disobey instructions. Now that Addison was asking for his attention, it seems like this wasn’t an ordinary matter. After he thought about this, Zhao Hai immediately contacted Addison using his mind.

Addison was akin to Zhao Hai’s contracted creature. Therefore, Zhao Hai could contact the vampire using their connection. Addison could also use this method to call Zhao Hai.

After getting Zhao Hai’s response, Addison immediately said, “Young Master, someone from the Alliance just approached me. He says he wanted to meet you.” Zhao Hai stared, he gently knit his eyebrows and said, “Someone wants to see me? How did they know about my existence? Did you tell them?”

Upon hearing that Zhao Hai was somewhat unhappy, Addison quickly replied, “We didn’t. They discovered it on their own. Its possible that they were able to remember our transaction from last time. Because of that, they asked for your presence. Young Master, how do you want me to respond?”

Zhao Hai gave a nod. He also believed that Addison wouldn’t talk irresponsibly. The man was perfectly discreet, he wouldn’t do such a foolish thing.

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and then said, “They want to see me? Good, then I will meet them. Tell them I agree. I also want to know why they came.”

Addison complied, then there were no other news. Zhao Hai waved his hand as a monitor appeared in front of him, showing the place where Addison was currently in.

Addison was currently in the Divine City. In place of the destroyed Dark Temple, Zhao Hai constructed a church. Zhao Hai didn’t choose to make the church according to Chinese customs, instead, he used European design, making the structure look extraordinary and full of artistry.

The reason Zhao Hai used European architecture instead of Chinese was because he wanted to distance himself from the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. He wanted the people from the Underworld to understand that he was different from the Ghost Emperor.

Not only can this church be used to exchange goods, it was also a dwelling place. Addison was currently living inside the church.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but find it interesting that a vampire was living inside a church. At this moment, Addison was inside the reception hall meeting with a Lich.

Zhao Hai carefully inspected the Lich and discovered that it was Yuri, the City Lord of Dry Bone City. It was the merchant that Zhao Hai once bought goods from.

When Addison returned to the hall, he sat down and said, “May I ask why City Lord Yuri wants to meet with the Young Master?”

In any case, it seems like Yuri had guessed Zhao Hai’s status, so he didn’t bother hiding anything and just called Zhao Hai ‘Young Master’. When Yuri heard Addison, his eyes shone for a moment before he quickly concealed it, “I came because the high-ranks of the Alliance wanted to meet with Mister Zhao Hai to discuss a matter of alliance.”

Addison looked at Yuri and said, “May I know what this alliance means?”

Yuri smiled faintly and said, “The Neutral Alliance always believed in freedom, naturally we are hoping that we could maintain our autonomy. We’re hoping that Mister would agree to this request.”

Addison coldly snorted and said, “City Lord Yuri should know your current state, and you still think we can agree to this request?”

When Zhao Hai heard Addison’s words, he couldn’t help but praise the Vampire King in his mind. The Resistance Army had the absolute advantage, so how could they give up the prospect of unifying the entire Underworld? Addison’s question was very good.

Yuri seems to expect Addison’s response, so he smiled faintly and said, “This is why we wanted to invite Mister Zhao Hai. If Mister visits the Alliance, then he would surely change his mind.”

Addison didn’t know what the Neutral Alliance was planning. Therefore, he couldn’t help but hesitate to answering Yuri. At this time, Addison heard Zhao Hai’s voice in his mind, “Tell him that making a lot of high-ranked Undead in a short time is useless against us.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Addison’s eyes shone. He looked at Yuri and said, “City Lord Yuri, you just used your stockpiled resources to make a lot of high-rank Undead. Are you thinking of using them to deal with us? Let me tell you that it’s useless. If you’re planning to do that, then I would suggest that you should stop.”

Yuri gawked when he heard Addison. His expression changed as he looked at Addison and said, “I didn’t expect Mister Addison to know this despite being very busy. But the Neutral Alliance didn’t only do that, we also have another thing prepared. I’d bet Mister Zhao Hai would be interested in it.”

Not only Addison, even Zhao Hai was moved by Yuri’s words. What does Zhao Hai need to see in the Alliance? Do they still have another card to play?

After thinking of this, Zhao Hai told Addison, “Tell him I’ll go. Let him set a time and place. I will personally go there for a discussion.”

Addison complied, then he looked at Yuri and said, “City Lord Yuri, I have nothing else to ask. Please set the date and time. The Young Master said that he will go.”

Yuri stared at Addison who accepted the request. In the Underworld, it was rare for someone to be unaware about contracts. And as long as a contract was made, the master and his subordinates would be able to mentally communicate. Yuri looked at Addison, it seems like he was communicating with Zhao Hai, could it be?

Addison’s reputation in the Underworld was quite resounding. Not only because of his formidable strength, it was also because he was an unruly fellow. In Yuri’s eyes, people like Addison would rather die than enter into a contract. Therefore, Yuri was surprised when he saw that Addison seems to be in a contractual relationship.

However, Yuri didn’t dwell on it too long. He quickly replied, “That would be best. We’re inviting Mister to visit Holy Bone City in three days. Is that fine?”

Addison received Zhao Hai’s confirmation, naturally he nodded and said, “Alright, then three days later the Young Master will visit Holy Bone City.”

Yuri nodded, then he stood up and gave Addison a bow before saying, “Then I will say my goodbyes. I will be waiting for Mister Zhao Hai three days later in Holy Bone City.”

Addison also stood up and said, “Alright, City Lord Yuri can go. I won’t be escorting you out.”

Yuri nodded, then he fluttered towards the exit. Addison looked at Yuri’s back and coldly snorted. In his mind, he told Zhao Hai, “Young Master, we should teach him a lesson. This guy is too impolite.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “No need. I’ll see what they plan to do in three days. You will remain here.” Addison complied.


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